Friday 28 August 2009

Little people

There was a little person in my house today. I was very good. I even let the she boss bring him into my garden with me and let him have a look around. That's progress that is. You ask the she boss :-)

Thursday 27 August 2009


I'm not happy. I want to go back to that Beth & Ed's. I had a real good time there with Gary Cat for company, lots of long walks and going out with Ed in his car every day. He even let me sit on the seat so I could see out when we were moving!
Things are different her now I'm back. While I've been gone, someone's been and put different colours on some walls and shiny white on my favourite window sill where I look out. I don't think the she boss wants me to put my paws up there any more cos she's sat a teddy up there. He's in the way of me seeing out properly and I don't like the way he looks at me funny so I'm a bit scared of getting too close. Life's not fun here now. And the she boss has been walking funny and doesn't seem keen to take me out good places any more.

Tuesday 25 August 2009


I never thought I would have heard myself say this but I'm missing Gary the Cat!!

Friday 21 August 2009

MY holiday!

Have you missed me? I've just had a really long holiday all of my own for the first time. The she and he boss have been off somewhere far far away that they said I wouldn't like. It sounded like Suziland or someone like that and they said there were lots of big animals. When I say big, I mean BIG. Even things like heffalumps but not friendly ones and geeraffes. They said there were loads of children as well so they're all things I wouldn't like. I've seen the pictures though and I know there were some dogs too that they were fraternising with. They said I would have got on well with them but it was too long away to take me. Here's the he boss even chilling with other dogs. Their she boss is my old friend Jane and she'd told me about them. They live somewhere hot and have a great life.
My holiday was fab. I stayed with that Beth and Ed and Ed took me out nearly eveyday in his car and to the forest. Not just woods like I'm used to but a real forest with lots of trees and masses of squirrels to chase. I had to share the house with Gary the cat but we behaved together. In fact, he worred me a little bit cos he's got a nasty spit and sharp feet when he's in a bad mood.
I'm glad me and the bosses are safe back home again but it's been really nice have holidays

Saturday 1 August 2009

Shopping trip

I took the she boss shopping today. I have to wait outside some shops but that's OK cos it's interesting watching the world go by. Did you know that there are co-operative strawberries? I saw them and the she boss told me what it said. I think there were a few other co-operative things in that shop too. Can strawberries be anything else? I've never heard of any running away from being picked. I'm co-operative too. Usually. Eventually.
And now it's pouring down again and feels as though the sky might make noises so I'm hiding. It could be worse. I could have paid to go and watch a cricket match.
AND the she boss caught another one!! With no help from me this time. She's getting good.