Sunday 15 June 2014

Millie in Scilly. Or should that be ON Scilly

I've had a holiday! Not in the flappy house this time or only for some of it. We had a very nice house by the seaside. I went on LOADS of walks; so many that I got a bit sick of them in the end. After all, I am getting very old now - well into my 90's. I don't do so bad.

There was no one on the beaches so I had lots of time to explore and plenty of space to myself as you can see on the picture. I'm the little speck keeping cool on the wet sand near the sea. It was very beautiful and even the birds were friendly and I could go up and sniff their bums. Well almost. If I wasn't careful, they'd come and nick my food while I was eating it.

The only downside was the windy steps going up to where the she boss and he boss went to sleep. There were great big gaps in them and they were a funny shape so I was a bit scared to go up and check upstairs out. That kept me in my place. It was OK for getting a drink in the night though if they forgot to fill my bowl as I had the bathroom and toilet thing to go to.

I even went on lots of boats including a really small one over the bouncy waves that was only big enough for the three of us. I was very brave. I hope we go there again while I'm still around. I get pretty tired these days so I'm not sure how long that will be.

When we had come back on the big boat and put the flappy house up again, I was just glad to be back with my own car and things really and tried not to have to get out of the car but the she boss was having none of it. She was kind really though and didn't make me go on any more long walks. In fact, I think she went on one on her own yesterday. She looked like she'd been outside in the sun for a long time anyway and smelled of lots of fresh air. Me, I'm just glad to be back with my field. That's plenty for me even though the seaside was very nice.

The little person Bertie comes with us sometimes on the field but has to have a lift on the she boss's back. I show him all I know about it and all my favourite bits but he seems more interested in the planes and even goes to sleep. He moves fast now and I have to keep out of his way.