Monday 29 September 2008


They forgot to feed me!!! The she boss only has to go out for the evening, leaving everyone else here including that Beth and they forget all about my needs! That Beth got through 2 whole boxes of cakes while she was here and didn't even give a thought to my belly. It's not as if there's a lot of weight on me to risk losing any of it. I'm glad the she boss was here this morning cos she gave me a really good dinner to make up for yesterday

Saturday 27 September 2008

Fun Saturdays

I like Saturdays. I'm not sure that the he and she boss do. They seem very busy but I like it cos they're there and they do stuff that makes me laugh and is good for games. I do get told off sometimes though; especially when I attack the noisy thing in the garden that they push round.
Last night was exciting too. The she boss came home very late. She'd been somewhere for ages with my friend Peter. It was one of those times I thought he'd come to see me but then went off. He wasn't here long when they came back either but then Sammy came home and I went up with them to talk. THEN that Beth came home even later. She seems to be living here again. I wonder how long for. She had a friend come round today but the squirrel in the garden was more interesting
While I'm here, take a look at this and no, I'm not going with him next time: I'm just a bit puzzled how it all works and why the setting the jets off while he was still in that little plane

Monday 22 September 2008

Abandoned again

The she boss disappeared off somewhere nice without me. One place I know she went was the seaside cos I could smell it. I didn't recognise the smell of anyone she went with this time though. I hope she had a horrible time to serve her right for not taking me. I was lonely without her and had a good cuddle when she got back

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Rings and things

We've caught up on our sleep at last. You wouldn't believe that Beth. Sammy went out in the middle of the night which he does occasionally but then he brought that Beth and Edward back with him with loads of stuff! They seemed very excited. I noticed pretty quick that she'd got a new ring and I think that was what the excitement was about. I think Ed gave it to her. I was more interested in the other stuff they brought - chocolate and things but no one let me have anything. They stayed for about an hour then cleared off again with it all in her little car. At least that makes it easier for me to get in a car now hers has gone off the drive. It's been a real squeeze.
The he boss has been making a lot of noise down the end of the garden lately - tap tap tapping and it seems he was making something for that Beth and Edward. They were very excited about this too. I don't understand the point of it. It's not like the other thing he made once that puts water out of for me to drink. Much more use.

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Edible house Have a look at this. This would be alright for me eh. They'd never have to feed me again. I'd be happy to just take nibbles whenever I needed a snack. It would have to be proper paper though. I'm not too keen on ink flavour

Sunday 14 September 2008


I've had a weekend of 2 days of trouble. Yesterday, me and the she boss went for a brilliant walk in the park because it was sunny!!!! I always go off and do my own thing because I know how fast (or slow) she walks and can guess where we'll meet up again. Only this time she'd stopped. Something to do with crabby apples off a tree. I didn't know that was why we'd gone there. I thought we'd just gone so I could chase some rabbits. I lost her for a long time and kept running backwards and forwards on the path waiting for her. I didn't want to got too far back in case she'd really gone a completely different way and I didn't know she's stopped way back and was shouting me. She came looking for me in the end cos a nice guy said he'd seen me running around looking for her. I had a good rest under the tree then while she shook the apples down for me to eat to make up for it. It just goes to show you can't trust these people to do what you expect.
Today was a different kind of trouble and I was in it. I'd seen a squirrel in our garden taking liberties so I went to give him what for. Only he wasn't having any of it. He just sat in the tree looking at me. What a nerve. I think they got a bit fed up of me shouting at it so the she boss came out with my lead. I thought we were going for another walk but instead of that, she walked me into the house and locked me in!! I was furious, especially as the she and he boss were out in the garden doing some stuff to plants. Eventually I calmed down enough not to be trying to get out of the window and the she boss let me back out. It was too late then though and that squirrel had gone. Till another day. I'll get him back sometime.
A strange thing happened tonight after all that. I heard Sammy's voice coming out of the radio talking to his mate and someone else! And it's not the first time it's happened. I wonder how they got in there? I know he goes in the computer, but I'm used to that one

Wednesday 10 September 2008


We're all still here then! And it's still raining. I'm getting bored with all this rain cos I don't get to go out for any long walks. I have just been shopping with the she boss though and she bought me some biscuits instead of the usual grapes. Mmmmm

Saturday 6 September 2008

Reflections on friends

I've been thinking and I've decided I've got three, no four types of friends. The fourth one I've just thought of are those I only ever see when we go on walks together. So friends like Paul with Leo and Janet. Another type of friend is those who come to our house and say a really good 'hello' then are busy doing things. People like Bob who used to spend ages in our garden. Where did he get to? I haven't seen him in ages. And another Paul who's come today and seems to be spending all his time in the bathroom using lots of noisy things.
The third type are those who come and see me and spend the whole time sitting talking or wander round the garden and things like that. I like them. They're usually people who spend alot of time talking to me to. But not always. Just sometimes people come who I don't think like me very much. We had some nice friends come and eat here yesterday. They really liked me and I really liked them and they were here for ages talking, eating and looking at those stones the he boss keeps bringing home in a different shape every time. The one I like best is the one in the garden with the water coming out of his head form me to drink.
The last type are the ones who come here and then go again, usually taking someone from my family with them and very occasionally me as well. Aunty Linda does that although she never takes me with her.
People like the friend Peter fit in two types like the last two - sometimes they come and go and sometimes they stay. The friend Peter sometimes messes about doing things too like on the computer or taking lots of pictures around. Very occasionally I have a walk with him there too.
I'm not sure where little person Sara fits. Perhaps there's a little person group all of their own.
I like having all these friends. I wonder if, when it's my special birthday, like 10, I'll have a party like the she boss when all these types of friends all come at once. That would be very exciting. Especially if they all brought me lots of paper. And sometimes a nice surprise in the paper. But mostly paper.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Different sort of mountains

A man came today with a big truck and made a mountain on our front drive. Good job the he boss had moved his car. He wouldn't have been happy. I had the feeling he'd been expecting it but didn't expect it to be quite that big. Shame the she boss wasn't there cos then you'd have had a photo. The he boss spent hours then moving all the mountain to the back garden. It was all very exciting and I couldn't wait until the she boss came home to tell her all about it. I went mad telling her when she came. Then she helped move some of it too and everywhere looks back to normal already. I'm impressed. Luckily it didn't rain all the time the he boss was outside for a change. The she boss took me for a walk (to get some chocolate really) tonight and we got soaked. Again. All this rain isn't funny any more.