Saturday 29 November 2008


Take a look at this: It's set me thinking. When I'm gone, my breed of dog will be extinct as I've never carried on the family line thanks to some man from before I came to live here. I don't know if that makes me doubly special or if it's a bit sad. What do you think? Halifax, any thoughts?

Saturday 22 November 2008

Potential film star?

The she boss cleared off and left me all day yesterday and didn't come home till pretty late by which time the he boss had gone as well. With no sight nor sound of Sammy all day either I was getting a bit worried. THEN there was only me and the she boss ALL night. I've never known that before. I didn't sleep too well as I felt abit responsible for her with no one else there to look after her. She went to bed very late. I kept telling her as well but did she take any notice. Then of course, she lay around in bed for ages in the morning. Still, we had really good walk today. Somewhere completely new to me again to a place where there was a big spike in the ground
I thought we were only going a little walk cos the she boss wasn't really dressed for it but we were out for hours. It was very cold.
They're all coming back now in dribs and drabs and I'm sure I heard them say we've got Jimmy James going to sleep in that other bed tonight. That'll be a novelty. I hope he'll be warm enough in there. I don't mind cuddling up to keep him warm
Apparently, the she boss disappearing was something to do with the friend Peter and his cameras. I think he's making movies again. I'd like to be in a movie but no one ever asks me. I think I'm pretty photogenic myself

Wednesday 19 November 2008

More walking. Sigh

We went somewhere new today and took the he boss as well!! We found one of those posts again so had to have a picture. I think the he boss thinks he's a he dog
I like this:

Thursday 13 November 2008

Strange walkies

Well that was the strangest walk the she boss has ever taken me on yet. Instead of nice fields and grass, we walked all round the shops and other places where all the people go. I never realised how many people like shops at night. There was this markety thing with lots of nice smells and pretty lights.

We didn't hang around there though. We kept stopping to talk to lots of people and gave them sandwiches and cups of coffee. They were really friendly and liked me lots. Some of them had other dogs with them too and we were all very well behaved.
When we got back to the car, who should we see but my friend Robin. He makes nice clothes called Sacclothanashes that the she boss and Sammy like. I haven't seen him in aaggeess and boy, were we pleased to see each other. He smells different from last time. I think he's got a little person at home now.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

A fellow dog after my own heart I wouldn't mind meeting her. We could do some chewing together

Sunday 9 November 2008


I think the flashy, bangy things are finished now. There's hardly any tonight. We've been trying to fit in good walks in the day as it's too scary at night. The she boss did take me one night to see my new friend Zsoka up the road but it wasn't much fun. It's a good job it was a nice, safe place to go. Or is was. The she boss had been there again tonight. I knew cos I recognised the smell but there was a new one with it. That Zsoka has been a traitor and gone over to the other side. She's got a cat!! How could she. I thought she like me and others like me. I won't be going there again in a hurry

Tuesday 4 November 2008


It's making a come back. The he boss will be pleased
And what about this one eh? It must be hard for some dogs. I'm alright. I play on the computer for hours as well as good runs in between :-D