Wednesday 28 May 2008


Today I've been on the worst walk ever with the she boss. I can't believe she took me out in that weather to nowhere very interesting. It started out OKish as we walked through the field at the bottom of the road but from there on in it was pretty miserable. It rained loads for one thing and all of it was by really busy roads with cars and bigger things splashing us. Even the noisy things in the sky were even noisier on this walk. It was alright for the she boss. She was wearing those noisy clothes that keep her dry but I was soaked through to the bone. We walked to this place with loads of cars standing around and found ours there but it seemed a silly place to park it. I'm glad to be home and they've put those warm wall things on again to help me dry out. I'm recognising some signs about holidays but I'm not sure I want to go if it stays like this.

Tuesday 27 May 2008


The she boss has been sad today. She's just taken me for a walk and told me and God all about it. She heard on the news this morning about some horrible things happening to children done by people who everyone thought was looking out for them. She said she feels ashamed of being a human being when they do things like that to each other. I'd let her be a dog if she wanted but that would make life difficult for me so I guess I'll just carry on listening to her when she wants to tell me about it. It must be hard being human with so many things to think about

Sunday 25 May 2008


I'm glad blobby Bobbie had a good holiday. At least she had one. I was right about the she boss going on holiday. The bad news is, she didn't take me. I can't believe she could leave me behind. I tried to go but I picked the wrong car door to sneak in. I should have realised she would notice I was sitting on the pedals! :s I was really pleased to see her back tonight though.
I've had a bit of an adventure while she was away. I managed to catch one of those big black birds in the garden. One of them was shouting at me in the park the other day, so I thought I'd get them back. I didn't do too much but he seemed to be having trouble flying afterwards. When the he boss went out in the garden afterwards, there were a load of them all flying down over him. Scary. All my fault.

Thursday 22 May 2008


I think I might be going on holiday. I heard the she boss talking to Aunty Joy. Yeah! I hope it's soon

Wednesday 21 May 2008


Friday 16 May 2008


It's raining today. The she boss MADE me go for a walk anyway. Do I look like I'm bothered?

Wednesday 14 May 2008


They all went out and left me tonight. They came back smelling like they'd had something nice to eat. Shame they didn't take me. Do you know what I eat every day? Look at it; how boring can you get? ........

Then by contrast, have you seen what these guys get to eat? I saw the she boss looking at it on here. They didn't invite me.

Mind you, I had a look at the paper when they all went out. There were some interesting things in there today. The paper people were telling whoever reads it to stop putting out bread for the birds because it doesn't do anything for them. They're saying they need cake instead. That suits me. The she boss puts nuts out for ours and they're right messy eaters - far worse than me - and always drop some so if she starts giving them cake instead and they drop that ........
The other thing I saw was about someone getting in trouble for knitting. Something to do with making the right copies.
What they need to know is that the she boss got in there first and made a knitted copy of me a long time ago. Pity she got the colour wrong

Tuesday 13 May 2008


The she boss says everyone has got to sign this.
If everything goes up too much, she won't be able to take me nice places in the car any more

Big scary things

Look what I saw tonight! I was brave enough to run up to them but then changed my mind when I got close. They really are VERY big. The she boss and me took the he boss back to where we went last week because he wanted to see bluebells! I showed him around because I remembered where to go. We saw lots of bluebells and lots of buttercups. Must be the season but I don't really care. There were far more interesting things to smell

Saturday 10 May 2008

Ramblings - of mind and body

This weather is fab. The she boss took the picture of me chilling. The only thing is, when it gets really warm, they won't let me run much off the lead when we go out for a walk because I just can't resist chasing those pesky squirrels and I must admit, I get very hot.
I did get a great walk yesterday though and it wasn't TOO hot. We went for miles and I think the she boss got pretty tired. I know my feet were sore never mind hers. Can you see them in the picture?
We had company on the walk. We took Ian and Janet who I have met before so they're good friends and another she person as well who I didn't know. I heard her say she didn't like me to start with but then decided I was better behaved than her children so I wasn't so bad! I could have told her that to start with! We lost her and Janet!! That scuppered the walk for a while. I think they'll keep up with us next time. Leo joined us half way through for a while with his he boss. We got on OK this time as he wasn't in my face so much.
Remember the Belgian Shepherd dog I got mistaken for (15th April)? Well, I saw one today and they're about 3 times the size of me! I know I look younger than my years but I don't think I look like a puppy to be one of them. Behave like one maybe according to my bosses. They're fine ones to talk though.
I spent a fair bit of time this afternoon waiting down my garden for the squirrel to come out that keeps daring to come near the house. Just when I was enjoying the peace and quiet, the sky made that horrible rumbly noise. I was scared and ran pretty quick to hide in my favourite corner. It seems safe enough now.
I believe my friend blobby Bobby has gone on holiday (of sorts). Her bosses have gone to the seaside and have taken her to stay with some other people in the city for a week. I'm sure they're very nice but it sounds like the short straw to me. I hope I get a holiday soon

Monday 5 May 2008

Dirty dogs

EVERYONE was having a holiday today. We saw them all when we went out. Something to do with the banks being closed. I took the he and she boss for a nice walk somewhere new and we ended up at a house called Haden Hill. I waited very patiently outside for the he and she boss and attracted a lot of attention for sitting so nicely.
I heard that people with dogs don't get ill so much with nasty infections and allergies. I thought that sounded good until I heard the next bit which was something about dogs being dirty and so it's because people are used to the dirt!! What a thing to say about us dogs. I'm not dirty. I get bathed at least once a year, any mud falls off me once it's dry, I have a good roll on the carpet or grass regularly to give my coat a rub. What more can anyone want? Just because sometimes the grass is a bit smelly where I roll and no one else seems to like the smell. Bit like beauty in the eye of the beholder, smells are in the nose of the smeller.

Saturday 3 May 2008

Post No. 100

I am very tired but had to do this one when I realised I'd reached 99. I've been over Malvern ALL day and walked lots of miles. My legs are very tired now and also very fidgety. Do you get restless legs as well?
I went with yet more new friends although we lost two of them. But where was Leo? I missed him winding me up