Friday 30 December 2011

Christmas time

We had the paper parcel day. In fact, it's all be happening all at once. We've had EVERYONE living here and the house was really full. I liked it very much cos I saw alot of my other favourite people as well - theFriendPeter, Nan and Grandad G, Uncle Ted and Aunty Joy and all my other aunty and uncles took me for a good walk. Well, sort of good. There was a lot of banging going on somewhere so I wasn't too happy.
I had to spend some time in the car as well hiding from little people who came to my house. I don't mind and would rather be there than worrying about what they're going to get up to next.
We took Sam and Abimaro all the way back to London just to make sure they really went. I like it there and had a bit of a snooze on their carpet.
Just when I thought it was all going quiet again that Beth turned up here and slept in one of our beds. I think she's gone again now even though she left her socks behind. Always something left here.
Maybe now I can have peace and quiet to recover from it all.
I didn't eat too much paper as my tummy was a bit iffy on the day it all came. I have had some very nice left over bits of meat though and they're still happening

Friday 23 December 2011

Paper parcels

Sam and Abimaro have come here to live. It's nice and there's lots of music. I like her singing and she brought me some special songs although none of them were called MillieDog.
I can feel a paper day coming on. There's been lots of secret rustling and there's a lot of parcels under the tree picture that the she boss put up. I hope there's one for me. I haven't noticed my name on anything yet. And yes, I can read.
I think they must have forgotten that we shut all the rooms at night and they left the room open with all the parcels. I know I'm not supposed to go in there at night and CERTAINLY not supposed to go on the comfy furniture. It was really tempting and I was scared I'd give in so I went upstairs and slept by the he boss for a little while. I went to tell him the door was open but he was snoring so didn't hear me. I went to my bed after a while as I knew I could be in just as much trouble if he found me there as I would have been if I was found on the best comfy settee.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Winter coat

It's gone very cold. So cold, the she boss dug my coat out. Such an embarrassment. As you can see, I'm not happy. There were other dogs around when I went out looking like this. I know they were staring at me and having a snigger. I must admit I was warmer with this when I'm on the lead and can't run fast to keep warm. When I got let off later, I went and had a word with the other dogs and explained. They were very understanding. If I'm going to wear something to keep me warm, I could really do with some sleeves as well. There's not much on my legs to keep them warm - fur or fat.