Wednesday 29 December 2010

Sutton Park

I went for a really nice walk today in Sutton Park with lots of my friends and a new dog called Darling Dutch. What sort of a name is that for a great big dog? TheMillieDog is much cooler. As you can see, nearly all the cold white has gone but it was very slidy on the paths and people with 2 legs were struggling to get along. It was very foggy and mizzly as well but I enjoyed it

Sunday 26 December 2010


One of the things that arrived all wrapped up in paper was a usurper. Here he is ......
He's been sitting on the she bosses lap just too much. I'm pretty scared of him and am keeping well out of the way. Every time I go anywhere near he looks at me in a threatening sort of way and then just sits there smirking. It's at times like this I hate paper parcel days.

Saturday 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas day

Well it looks like it's the big day for lots of things in paper. I get to have the paper and everyone else gets excited about what's inside it. Oh and the food. Lovely smells coming from everywhere! I hope they remember to go for a walk with me somewhere in all this. Apparently it's someone's birthday and not just Aunty Linda's. Whoever it is, I'm glad we're included in the celebration. Thank you. Maybe it's the baby we saw born on the picture box last night. We all enjoyed those programmes and even I sat and watched them from the she boss's lap. It was very special.
 And here's my Christmas greeting card - one of me eating the snow. I will miss it when it's gone. And one of my field. It was beautiful today

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Cat and chips

The she boss has had me really worried today. I wondered what was going on when we went for a walk on my field and she took a dustbin bag with her. I thought she was expecting me to do enormous poos. Instead, would you believe, she collected that dead moggy I told you about that we found a couple of days ago. She said something about chips. Cat and chips?! If that was what was on the menu, I could see I was going to come in for a heck of a lot of leftovers and even I couldn't stoop to that. I don't know about a hundred and one uses, right at that moment I couldn't think of even one good use for a dead cat.
We brought it home with us and she left it in the garage. I heard her talking something about getting a a turkey to put in there as well. I kept out of the way under the table while I waited to see what would happen. Later on, the she boss went out on the snow in the car and took the cat with her and I'm very relieved to say that she didn't come back with it. Or a turkey for that matter either. At least we won't be having moggy with our chips tonight. I can breathe again now for the moment at least.

Sunday 19 December 2010


We went for a walk over my field again in the snow today and saw something that made me very sad. There was a dead moggy cat who looked like he'd frozen in the cold weather. If only he'd had a nice coat like me and a warm fire to sit in front of. Someone's going to be very upset when they find where their little friend has gone.

Saturday 18 December 2010


There's white stuff everywhere and it's really deep. I had a nice time on my field running around keeping warm in my new coat. I hope it doesn't go much deeper. I might get buried. At least I'm easy to see in it

Wednesday 15 December 2010


What d'you think of this guy then? Apparently there aren't many around in the world or even in Tanzania where he lives. So few in fact, that they didn't know there were any at all until a few years ago. Considering he's about half the size of me, I think he's done pretty well to have kept hidden for so long. With a stonker of a nose like that, I think I would have kept out of the way of anything. You're bound to get a mocking. I'd be his friend though as long as he knows how to be nice.

Monday 13 December 2010

Christmas shopping

The he and she boss left me to look after the house while they went shopping for Christmas today. It seems like they didn't manage to buy it but they did bring lots of bags home with them.
The she boss took me across the field to a shop tonight to buy more Christmas but she only bought chocolate. She forgot to help me put my coat on before we went and it was a bit cold while I was waiting for her outside the shop. I warmed up on my run back across the field though.
There were lots of pretty twinkles with the frosty moon in the sky and the she boss said there were giants, dogs, bears and all sorts of others up in the twinkleys. She didn't know where they all were and said we need someone with a fancy phone with a night sky app.le on but I didn't understand what she was on about. Again.

Sunday 12 December 2010

So popular

What a lovely day. All it needs to round it off is a good walk over my favourite hills but it's dark now.
There have been lots of friends round our house today. There were old friends like friendPeter, Patrick, t'other Patrick n Marj and quite a few new ones who really liked me especially someone called Ben who friendPeter brought. I didn't know he'd got friends other than me cos I never see any. I'm glad he has cos he's a long way away and the she boss doesn't take me to see him very often and he hasn't been here in a while.
When lots of little people started coming, I put my coat on and waited in the car until they went again. That was OK cos they left lots of tasty things on the floor for me to eat and there were still some people to play with me in the house.
It's all quiet now but I think there are some pretty good leftovers waiting for me to have. Can a MillieDog's day get much better than that?

Saturday 11 December 2010

Strange things

The she boss does the strangest things. Today she brought a whole tree into the house! I must admit it's quite a small one by any standard but it is still a tree. She had to put it on a table otherwise we'd have fallen over it. Mind you, she's put a load of lights on it so we would have seen it if she had left it on the floor somewhere.
Then she cut up and folded lots of bits of paper and put those on it. The best bit is the noisy stuff she made in the kitchen and tied together to go on the tree. It smells nice and definitely tastes real good. I know cos she kept dropping bits while she was putting the string through it.
She's put some bows on as well to help hold it everything together. I think the little people at the bottom are to keep guard in case I feel like eating anything off the tree. I must say it looks very pretty and I think she's done a good job even if it is a bit of a strange thing to do.  I vaguely remember her doing something strange like this before. 

Thursday 9 December 2010

Walks at last

It was warmer at last today so I had a really good run round the field to make up for lost time. The he boss took me and we took his friend Mark to have a look as well. He likes me and plays with me lots. I think he likes coming out for a walk with me as well. All the white stuff has nearly gone now even though a bit more fell out of the sky this morning.

Wednesday 8 December 2010


I'm getting fed up of this cold now. It's been colder than I can ever remember in my 10 and a bit years. I've hardly been out at all cos I start shivering as soon as I stop running even with my coat on. I wouldn't go out at all if my legs were long enough to be able to sit on that white thing in the little room like the he and she boss do. Maybe they should think about getting a MillieDog sized one so I don't have to go out in the garden when I don't want to. I've never got the hang of using the one in the ground down the garden but even if I had, it would still mean going out in the cold

Saturday 4 December 2010


Did you notice the cold white stuff on the last picture of me? Well we've had lots more of it so I've been really glad of that coat. It's going away a bit now but it's still cold and it's rainy. I've found out it keeps me dry as well as warm. Aren't I a lucky dog?