Saturday 23 June 2007


The squirrels that live at the back of the garden have been having a high old time while I've been away. I've been out there today and they've really been taking liberties. It seems that they've forgotten in the 3 days I've been away that it's MY garden and they're not allowed. I don't mind sharing with birds as long as they're not too big, but other furry things are another matter. So, I've been out there patrolling ALL day today, making sure they know who's boss. The friend Peter called and someone else I haven't met before but I only gave them a passing 'Hello' as I had more important things to do. I never quite manage to catch those squirlies but when I do, I'll give them what for. Just like that rat I caught in the garden once. He won't be trotting round my patch again. Maybe I should have got the bosses to leave it out as a warning to other furries but even I was disgusted. Yuk!


Well, that took me by surprise! The she boss packed everything up a couple of days ago and took me away in the tent. Even more surprising, Aunty Joy came with us. I didn't see that coming.
We had a great time and went back to our old haunt of Kington so did lots of walking along Offa's Dyke or something like that. I wasn't too keen on the cows although they seemed very interested in me. I've got some bad memories of cows. I have a job to keep up with Aunty Joy, she don't half give it some welly. Keeps me in line too! Two of them telling me what to do!

I thought I'd got my own back when I found some REALLY lovely smelly stuff to roll in but the joke was on me as the she boss dropped me in the river to wash if off. It wasn't deep thankfully but the smell was better than that so she used all sorts of different smells on me when we got back to the tent. I think it's gone now. The he boss certainly didn't seem to notice anything when we got home. It was nice to see him again and be back in my own home although I do like camping.

Wednesday 20 June 2007


Something's definitely going on. The she boss disappeared for a night 2 nights ago without any warning and without telling me. Boy, was I glad to see her again when she came back. Now tonight, she's been packing up the car with the stuff for what looks like one of those holidays she takes me on - you know, the ones where we sleep under this piece of flappy cloth in a field. It's a funny time of day to be thinking of going off anywhere though. I hope she takes me if that is what she does. I love those holidays - just me and her chilling and doing long walks. There's usually plenty to watch and a river to paddle in while the she boss potters about and reads her books. Last time, we had one of those noisy things with the flashes and bangs in the sky though which was a bit scary as there was no table to hide under. It's one thing that I don't feel like protecting anyone from. I'm the one who needs looking after then

Sunday 17 June 2007

Life and recycling

This she and he boss of mine are very busy - always coming and going. Still, it keeps life interesting and it's been a really nice weekend with lots of visitors. The friend Peter has been to see me a few times this week and this weekend there's been Beth with a fancy new car and even Ed! Haven't seen him in a while. AND they all had chicken today so I've had a lovely dinner tonight with the promise of more to come. I do like having friends. Hope you like the pic. It's me waiting very patiently and politely for food otherwise I know they won't give me any!

Since that picture was taken, we've had these boxes arrive which haven't left me alot of space to sit for my food. It's something to do with 'recycling'. Alot of fuss about nothing if you ask me (not that anyone does - they're too busy telling me what to do or telling me all their troubles) Anyway, back to recycling. What everyone needs is a dog. I eat anything although mostly it has to be organic, but I'll still give it a go. My favourite (apart from food in my bowl) is paper. So there you go. If everyone had a dog to eat most of it for them, especially the food scraps, they wouldn't need all these boxes.
I did hear the bosses might get charged for putting out too much rubbish. Even more reason to have a dog to eat it all.

Friday 15 June 2007


This weather's a bit naff ennit? I can't win. When it was hot, they wouldn't let me off the lead. Said 'I get too hot running around' Grrrr! NOW it just keeps raining all the time and making scary noises and lights in the sky. When it's this wet, I hate going on the field. I'm soaked even before I've got there, wading through all the undergrowth to get in.
Mind you, I REALLY like these big days. It means everyone's doing interesting stuff nearly up until bedtime. Why do they have to go little and colder just when you're enjoying yourself?

Thursday 7 June 2007


Aaah Beth's come to see me. I hope she stays a bit. It's always nice to see her and she seems pleased to see me too
And Candice came to see me last night and was here AGES. I'm not sure that she's quite so keen on me as a friend as Beth is but she always says "Hello" anyway. I think she's just done a big bike ride with Sammy. There are LOADS of bikes here. It's just like Holland

Saturday 2 June 2007

Saturdays again

It's one of those Saturdays again when they fuss around the house doing stuff with bits of rag and the noisy thing. It's not so bad as at least they're all here for company and it can be good for a wind up. My bed's always nice and clean afterwards as well but look what else she did with it today! How am I supposed to sleep on that up there? They've not got the sense they were born with