Wednesday 30 April 2008


I'm getting fed up of this weather now. We've had loads of rain every day ever since the she boss put the flappy holiday house up and took it down again. Perhaps we're not supposed to go on holiday yet.
I suppose I shouldn't complain though. I heard the he and she boss talking about a family who lived in a strange house for years and years and didn't have windows and couldn't go out! That must have been horrible. I'm glad they can see the sky now even if it is grey. I'd like to take them to see my hills and breath in all the fresh air.

Saturday 26 April 2008

Friends and walks

Yesterday was great. The she boss took me to Malvern hills and took a couple of friends for her as well as one for me! His name was Leo. He's still a young one and I had to put him in his place a fair bit especially when he got a bit close to my grapes at lunch time. It was a good day though

Today I had a nice surprise. Little person Sara came round and I stayed well out of the way even when she was in the garden. I could hear her saying 'Hello MillieDog' though so I know she likes me. When I went out in the garden later, one of those nice flappy houses was out there that me and the she boss go on holiday in. It was a new bigger one that she must have bought me and wanted to surprise me. I got quite excited as I thought we might have been going away in it now but it doesn't look like it. She's put it away again now but I hope she takes me soon

Saturday 19 April 2008

Walks on bikes

Where does the she boss get her ideas from? Today she put me and her bike both in the car at once and took us both to Sutton Park. The idea was great but it was a bit stressful for me as I was never sure where she was going to be when I came back out of the woods.
I think she did it to give herself some exercise but I definitely got the most as she had to wait for me to catch up after I'd gone after rabbits a few times. If we do this too often, I'll be losing weight and I don't think it's me who needs to (say no more!)

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Malvern AGAIN!!

I can't believe the she boss took me again today. This life is so brilliant! No rain today but it was chilly. I had to keep on the move. We had the place to ourselves nearly. I think there's something in the offing. I had a new friend called Paul come round this morning and I think they were talking about a really big walkies. I'm sure I heard something about 35 miles but I must have that wrong. It would explain why we keep walking up all these hills though. I'll need to do some training for that one and be ready for a long sleep afterwards.
I met my little brother there today. He was a nice little chappie and it was nice to see he lives with a good family who look after him. He was exactly the same as me except for a white stripe down his tummy. He's only 2 so really a very little brother. He was a bit quick on his feet or the she boss would have taken a picture of both of us to show you

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Home alone

I had a day to myself today which was quite nice as it gave me time to reflect on life. I'm 56 now but don't feel a day over 8. I still enjoy a bit of fun and winding people up. I still play with my toys and can keep up with the best of them on the playing field. Life's not bad at all.
The she boss kindly phoned me today. She asked me to make sure she had put the oven on as she had done the timer ready for dinner but thought she had forgotten the heat setting. It was OK, she hadn't but I was ready to let the he boss know when he came home if she had. It was nice of her to phone me for a chat. She said I'd have a good walk when she came home but it was pouring down so I didn't want to go much further than the garden.
Someone saw me and mistook me for a Belgian Shepherd dog:
I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. I mean, people pay alot of money for those ones. I don't understand why. After all, I'm a unique MillieDog. How could anyone mistake me for anything else?

Saturday 12 April 2008


So much for the brilliant time I'd been having. Why do they all have to go back to work? No one takes any notice of me now again and the walks have got shorter. The only person who's been to see me all week is friend Peter. Even little person Sara hasn't bothered. There were two other fellas who came with Sammy today but they didn't say much to me. What's a dog s'posed to do?
On a good (musical) note, the she boss had some music on today when she was wiping everywhere over with a cloth like she does for some reason. We had a good dance together which was good fun. I recognise Sammy's voice on some of the music but I didn't know he'd got a friend called Jack Jones. I haven't met that one yet.
Check out

Sunday 6 April 2008


Yeah! This was my garden when I woke up this morning but it's nearly all gone now :(


This week's been really interesting for me. Why can't the he and she boss be at home all the time to pay me all this attention? We've had some really good walks over lots of hills. I've got the feeling this might be building up to something. A couple were quite eventful. Yesterday, I went off to check out some rabbits but got my collar caught in a hedge which was scary as the he and she boss weren't sure where I was I don't think. I managed to wriggle out of my chain and left it hanging on a branch. I hope it wasn't valuable as it's still there somewhere. It turned out the she boss wanted to borrow it that night as well as she was going out and it would have completed her outfit. I don't know where her mother is to let her go out dressed like that!

She had me worried but she's all back to normal now.
We've had little person Sara staying at our house and they said I'd been very good. I basically keep out of the way and if that's been good, I'm not complaining as I get extra fuss when she's gone to bed to say 'thank you'.
We saw these funny animals in a field I've never seen before but they looked abit like furry camels without the humps. They didn't look scary in any way and actually looked quite cuddly. There was something this week in the news about camel beauty contest but I think they should have let these enter as well. They would definitely have won.
We had a strange walk another day. We went out in the car but then left the he boss and the she boss took me to the park again. When I say 'park', it's more like the countryside and I have a real good run. While we were there, who should come by, but the he boss riding that thing with 2 wheels! That really confused me and I tried to keep up with him. I got in a bit of trouble over that and had to go on the lead for a while. I was really quite worried though until we got home and I saw he had got there first.

Wednesday 2 April 2008

Y Millie Dog disgruntled

Y she boss disappeared for y day a couple of days ago. I wouldn't mind but I know she went to y seaside and I LOVE y traeth. I read her smells like a book when she came home. I know she went with my friend Peter, I know she had an ice cream, I know she went for a paddle, I know she walked on y traeth for a while and worst of all, I know she gave a foreign dog with funny accent some fuss and here's y proof.........
You can tell a mile off that he's Welsh. Grrr. Why didn't she take me? All she brought me was a handful of measly shells .....
I did have a really good walk for miles and miles the day after though in Sutton Park with the he and she boss which made up for it to some extent