Wednesday 27 February 2008

Did YOU feel the mountains or wardrobes tremble?

I've just had a really strange night. There I was, nice and cosy in my bed in the hallway with one ear open for anything that might come and get the family in dark when the floor started to wobble and shake. I wasn't sure what to do. It seemed like it was all the floors, not just mind as I could hear the cupboards upstairs rattling as well. Then just as soon as it started, it stopped again. I think the birds must have been shaken awake in their nests as they started whittering to each other as well. No one seemed too bothered about it in this house so I went back to sleep again. I still don't know what it was but I did hear about some people in a town called Dudley where I've been through once or twice in the car that went to see the police at the police place in their pyjamas when it happened! At least no one embarrassed me that much here. Perhaps it was the police that pressed a wrong switch in the first place to make it happen and that's why they went there. At least they realised their mistake and turned it off again pretty quick so we could all get back to sleep.

Saturday 16 February 2008

New house

I've been to live in a different house for a week. I think I've been there before with the he boss and Beth but I was very young then. This time all five of us went. It's a brilliant place with great walks down to the beach every day as long as the cows don't get in the way on the field on the way there.
I slept upstairs the first night to make sure they were all OK up there but there was a nice cosy space for me that I remembered from before in Sammy's room so he let me sleep in there after that. This is the view on the first couple of days from the room upstairs:

You can see the horses I went over the wall to say hello to but got told off.
It's good having all of us cos everyone has a go at driving which means I get to sit by someone different every time.
We went to the theatre by the sea and I had a practice at being the exhibit on the empty plinth in London. I think I'd make a good work of art:
We saw some great sunsets and went for walks high above the sea to sit and watch some of them. I must admit, I was more interested in the rabbit smells but I did have a quick look: One day, they took me to a place with lots of other dogs and left me all day!! They went in one of those cars that go in the sky. I know because I saw them waving out of the window. I'm glad I didn't go on there with them but I was really scared where they left me. The other dogs did alot of barking and it got late. I was worried they might not come back to me although the man was very kind and gave me a walk. One of the mornings, we all walked down to the beach and we had breakfast there! That was a novelty. I like the beach very much and have some good run rounds. It's good job as sometimes, I had to wait quite a while in the car for them to come back if we went somewhere but I was usually glad to have a good sleep after a walk. Here's me on the beach:
And on one of my long walks. That sandy beach has always had stones all over it the he and she boss said when they've been here before:
And this was me at Land's End. The man there wouldn't let me go and have my photo taken properly so this was the best we could do:
One evening, we went to eat dinner with Estella and Paul which was really nice as I don't see them very often. I can see why now if they live all that way away. I was very excited to see them and embarrassed myself by keeping on falling over on their slippy floor like a baby.
One day we had a long drive to somewhere I got left in the car again but we saw Jenny who came to the she bosses party and her boy Cameron who came to our house once. It was worth waiting in the car to see them. They'd been round some sort of garden centre by the sound of it so I didn't miss much.

I really liked it down by the sea side and am a bit sad to come home again especially as it is so cold here. We had a lot of fun and it was good having all of us together. I hope we go to the beach again soon but I would like to live in the flappy thing next time instead of a house.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

In trouble again

Something's not right and I don't understand it at all. The she boss keeps going to sleep here, there and everywhere. She's not playing with me when I ask either. It's not like her at all. I hope she gets back to normal soon. They all forgot to feed me this morning. Beth's been here this week and she's been remembering but I think she was in a hurry today. That's the trouble with having black fur. No one notices you're there although I do my best to make my presence known.
Tonight the he and she boss had eaten dinner and then left one for me on the table. I'm never allowed to eat until they've finished and I know they always feed me out by my bed but I assumed this one was for me to make up for the morning especially as it was so nice. I must have got something wrong as I seem to be in real trouble. I sat up nicely at the table to eat it. Maybe it was because I didn't bother with the knife and fork they left me. I wasn't too sure about drinking my water out of the narrow glass either

Saturday 2 February 2008


What a flippin pants morning. It's bad enough that the she boss gets that noisy sucky thing out that I don't like but then she did other stuff to upset me. You know those big white cupboards that hum and you keep tasty food in? Well, ours stopped humming today. The she boss had taken all the food out and shut it in the garage out of reach and then left it open. I thought it was OK as I could drink the water in the bottom and eat the cold hard bits until one fell on my head. I got a bit scared of it then as it kept making noises when I was least expecting it every time another bit fell down. I'd have liked to have hidden in the house somewhere but then little person Sara came round so it was too scary to be inside as well. What's a dog supposed to do? The she boss ended up letting me in the other room from where Sara was so I hid in there out of the way of everyone and everything.
They've all gone out this afternoon to let me have some peace and quiet.