Thursday 23 April 2009


I think that Sammy might really be gone for proper now. He hasn't been back in his bed for all week now and his room's still nearly empty. I know cos I go and have a look every night. I've eaten all the bits of paper he left for me on the floor and it looks tidy now. After I've checked his room when the she boss says "Bedtime", I come downstairs again to wait for Sammy at the front door but he never comes so I'm not getting much sleep really. I'm really missing him. I wonder if he misses me

Saturday 18 April 2009


Me and the she boss have been back over some of our favourite hills today. We haven't been there in ages and it was good to be back. I was a bit edgy though. I kept hearing bangs. The she boss said she thought they were bird scarers. More like MillieDog scarers. We didn't walk as far as we used to. I think the she boss is out of practice. We had some rests where the she boss stayed a long time taking in the view. She did some writing about something for a while until I told her it was time to move. I'm sure she even dozed off at one point. So did I if it comes to that but I was getting rather tired by then. It was a real nice day.
It's been a bit strange here with comings and goings so it was good to get to something familiar. I had some visitors last night called Mark & Kathy although I don't think they came to visit me or were really that pleased to see me. Sammy went out yesterday and took nearly everything from his bedroom so I thought he wasn't coming back but he came today for a little while with a friend called Abi who was pleased to see me. I'm glad Sammy came back as I was feeling a bit sad about him taking all his things. He still seems to be friends with us all so it's not because of that that he's gone. I hope he comes again soon

Tuesday 14 April 2009

VID's See, all the best dogs are black :-)


Well, considering the he and she boss don't seem to be going out to work these days, I'm not doing brilliantly for walks. I've been over the field alot with the she boss, mostly in the dark and not much more. Are they ashamed of me that we only go out at night? We went visiting to Nan and Grandad's in the dark too. That was a pretty good walk. I did take them for a really good walk today though. It was sunny, the birds were singing, the lambs were skipping. Shame about them really even if they are sweet cos when they're about, I'm not allowed to have a real good run around.
The big news though is that Bill is back in action. Remember him? I've shown you a picture before. He's not been serving up the drinks for a while but we went shopping today to buy something that made a lot of very smelly work for the she boss in the garden and now he's good again. The birds will be happy too as they like his water as well.

Sunday 12 April 2009


I like my milkman. He's nice to me even if his van does make more noise than this one

Monday 6 April 2009

Sea or home sick?

Read this:
All the more reason to not like boats if you ask me. Nasty rocky things that make me fall over

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Big bird

How about this eh? Cool. Last time we saw one of these, it was all the way down in my favourite hills and they were very noisy. It's right near us this time and if I go far enough down my field I might even be able to see it. I'll have to get the she boss to take me a walk right by there to have a look. I hope me or my eyeballs don't look like a tasty morsel for it though.
Isn't it cheating a bit though when they've built it's house for her. It would be more interesting if she'd have had to make her own