Friday 29 January 2010

Dirty stop out?

The she boss up and left again yesterday and didn't come home all night. I don't know what she's been up to but when she came back she smelt real funny and is walking worse than ever. I wonder if she got into trouble with someone. I hope she won. I'd have helped her out if it was a fight.

Tuesday 26 January 2010

More paper days

The she boss was kind enough to have a paper day for me. It took until the evening to undo them all though cos she went out all day. I like these sort of days especially cos it usually means my friends come round as well. That Beth came again, Sammy was here anyway and eventually Uncle Ted and Aunty Joy came. Brill :-)

Sunday 24 January 2010

Travels (everyone else)

The she boss left me for ages - days, weeks even. I thought that was it but last night, who should walk in the door with lots of smelly washing, but her. What a relief. I missed my cuddles. Not that the he boss did a bad job of looking after me. I've had lots of walks and he didn't forget to feed me once.
The she boss said she went somewhere pretty cold with lots of snow and had a go at getting down the hills very fast. I'm not sure she did it very well. It would have been nice if she'd have taken me instead or as well as our friend Jane.
I hear Gary Cat's given himself a holiday too. He should have told that Beth and Ed he was going though cos they were very upset and worried. He's marched back in as though nothing ever happened today though. I'll have to have a word.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Comings and goings

Something's afoot, or in my case, apaw. When we had the big Christmas paper day at that Beth and Ed's, the she boss took a BIG bag out of some paper. It's a good job too cos they ended up putting lots of things in it to bring home - silver cutlery, jewellery, few pictures that might be worth something. Well that's what made sense to me but what they really brought home was all the things they'd taken out of the paper.
Anyway, the big bag had disappeared but it's suddenly reappeared in our nice fire room with all the she bosses clothes in! I really hope she's not leaving me. That Beth reappeared as well and has now gone out in the night with the he boss. You never know what's going to happen next here.
I'm off to keep an eye on that bag and the she boss

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Snow house See, I could still go on holiday outside with the she boss when it's cold. We could do this on my field or maybe go on holiday here. This is near my old friend Leo. We could have a holiday together

Friday 8 January 2010

Mush I wonder if they'd like me on their team. I can certainly go pretty fast

Tuesday 5 January 2010


This was my field tonight. We had masses of the white stuff fall out of the sky today and it keeps coming. My field is great. I wasn't sure if it was getting light or gettin dark. Either way, it wasn't properly light and it wasn't properly dark although it was night time. I could run really fast everywhere and the she boss could still see me when I was a long way away. If you look very carefully, you might be able to see me too.

Monday 4 January 2010

Back to the routine

I have been having such a fab life lately. The she and he boss have both been around and taking me lots of walks and I've had so many people come and see me, little and big. Some people came with 3 little people who I said "hello" to then went out in my bed as they were a bit too little and made scary noises. FriendPeter's been a couple of times to eat dinners and things which was nice. Jane who the he and she boss went to see in Swazi came too which was exciting. I haven't seen her for ages. It's a shame she didn't bring Maxine and Roxie to meet me. I'm sure we'd get on well.
I think things are starting to get back in the old routine today cos the she boss went out early even though it was really cold and didn't come back till tea time when she brought me an apple core.
Sammy's come back yet again and everyone's been excited. Something to do with a pretty ring he's bought for Abimaro. I'd like to see her again sometime soon. And the ring to see if I like it.
We spotted this today and thought you might like him. I wouldn't mind some whiskers like that.