Monday 29 June 2009

Visitors & visits

Today my old friend Jane came to see me. I haven't seen her in a long time. I believe she's been living somewhere very foreign that sounds like Swoozilands and I think there's something about the she and he boss going all the way to see her there. I'm not sure I want to go if it means going in one of those big buses without wheels that go in the sky over our house. I hope I go somewhere I'll like instead like back to Claire's.
Tonight we went in the car a long way to see that Beth & Ed. They were in a house I've never seen them in before. It was really nice and had a garden with a cat in for me to keep my eye on. That Beth and the she boss took me for a bit of an explore round the roads as well. I hope I get to go there again. They said my behaviour was impeccable. Maybe I could stay there when the he and she boss go a long way away. I'd miss my big garden though but I hope no one forgets about me and leaves me on my own.
The she boss was looking at some photos with Jane and found a photo of me that they hadn't noticed. Can you see me? It's from when it was really cold but good fun. Today was really hot and the she boss gave me a bath which was good for cooling off. I'm soft and fluffy again now and smell sweet apparently

Saturday 27 June 2009


The she boss is getting very lazy about helping me write up my happenings. I keep telling her but she is far too busy doing other things. Like stuff to do with photos of that Beth. I must admit, she does look very nice though. I would hardly have recognised her
The she boss has just been out on that 2 wheeled thing that she tried to give me a walk with once. I hope she doesn't mean to use it lots. She'll be neglecting my walks and I won't be able to keep up with her for long enough if she goes on that. I know she went to see my favourite uncle John & Bobby. I could smell them and she tells me that Bobby isn't very well. I hope she gets better soon

Sunday 21 June 2009

Summer nights

Today was a real BBIIIIIGGGGG day. It seemed to go on for ever.
Last night though, the he and she boss had one of those party things with fires in my garden and lots of nice smelling food. I had to go in the car while all the people came. It was a bit of a shame in one way cos I saw loads of my friends come but there were a lot of people and they're right, it probably would have been a bit much for me. I did go and see some of them at the end when there weren't so many. It was especially nice to see my good friend Robin but all the food I found in the grass was more interesting. That and waiting for the fires to get cold so I could eat some of the things that had ended up in there.
The she boss put my bed in the big boot of the car but I don't like it there. I thought I'd be in trouble cos when she came out to see if I was OK, I'd climbed over all the seats to sit in my favourite cosy place on the floor in the front. She didn't seem to mind too much and was just surpised cos she thought I'd disappeared.

Friday 19 June 2009


Grrrrr I think they're both nutty

Sunday 14 June 2009

Dog holiday

I've just had a holiday of my own without the he and she boss!! How about that then? I've never done that before. It started a couple of days ago when we loaded the car up with some really strange stuff and fancy clothes for the peoples. We went in the car to a really nice place in the country and who should be there but that Beth! We spent all day in a big room with a field outside for me to wander in (although I mostly followed the she boss around to help her) and they all made it look really nice. Doesn't it look great? Something to do with weddings and getting a new name. I did that once, long, long ago when I came to live here. It's so long ago, I can't even remember my old name now
The she boss took me then to see my old friend Claire just like we did a few weeks ago only this time she took all my holiday stuff - food, bed, toys, lead and she left me there! The he and she boss collected me again today but me and Claire have had a fantastic time. We went on some good long walks in some new places, had a ride in her car and I looked after her house for her when she went out for a bit. It was great!
It's nice being back home too but everyone's very quiet. I think they must be tired or something

Tuesday 9 June 2009


Well that's it then, back to the routine with naff weather thrown in. We have had a few visitors to brighten my evenings but the terrorist crows are still waiting to dive bomb me every time I got down the end of MY garden so I can't get over the field for a walk. That makes life REALLY boring

Saturday 6 June 2009

Holiday at last

I was right and we've had a lovely time even if it was short. We went back to one of our favourite places. I think it was the first place the she boss took just her and me for a holiday. We had loooonnngg walks as Her Guest or should that be Hergest? Something to do with the queen anyway. If it's good enough for her, it's certainly good enough for me. I don't look as happy as I really was on the photo by the tent but we have to have one of that to prove things.
I tell you what, me and the she boss are either both getting older or not as fit as we were when we went there 2 years ago. I wasn't running up the hills like I used to. See on that photo? I'm lagging way behind the she boss even. Mind you, I am nearly old enough to get my pension now.

We saw loads of the woolly white silly sheep running around on the hills so I couldn't do loads of running. On one hill, we saw a dog having a ride on the back of some noisy motorbikey thing with 4 wheels and then saw him jump off down the hill and round all the sheep up. I was very impressed how quickly he did it. We had a bird's eye view from our hill. But not a skylark cos they all go just too high.
Talking of birds, we stopped for some lunch and could hear 2 birds making a right racket. We could see a hole in the tree and hear squeaks so guessed there were some babies. Eventually we saw mum and dad and they were some very handsome spotty woodpeckers. Once we knew who they were, we left them to get on with it before the babies strangled themselves squeaking.
We heard a cuckoo cuckooing too. Just when the she boss had been thinking there weren't any around this year. The thing is, when the babies are big enough to fly away from their pretend parents, do they have to find their own way to south countries for the winter or does someone take them?
Last night, there was another dog on our field and his he and she boss wouldn't let him in their flappy house with them so he was howling in the car. I felt very sad and upset for him as he was very unhappy. I did ask the she boss but she said 1 dog in a flappy house was enough for anyone.
In the night and today it rained loads so we went home. I would have helped the she boss take our wet tent down but she shut me in the car in the dry. She got very soggy.
I hope we manage more holidays soon

Thursday 4 June 2009

Big excitement!

The she boss is taking me on holiday today! Yay!!! See you soon to tell you all about it

Monday 1 June 2009

More on crows

They've gone at last thanks to the he and she boss who crept up behind him with a big sheet. They threw it over the fence into our neighbour's garden but she won't notice cos she never goes in it and the grass is taller than me over there. It will be nice to do what I like in my own garden again and to not feel as though we're in a horror movie.
I helped the she boss get some things down the ladder from the hole in our ceiling tonight too. It looks very much like flappy holiday stuff to me. Maybe this is what I've been waiting for for so long.