Thursday 24 March 2016

From the she boss

Today has been a very sad day. As the sheboss, it falls on me to let you know that theMillieDog left this world this afternoon after a short mystery illness. Last week, we had a lovely holiday in the Peak District with her where she enjoyed long walks over hill and dale despite not wanting to eat her dinners all week. She was happy enough to scrounge our snacks but refused any 'real' food  and defied temptations of fresh meat and gravy. We thought she just didn't like being away from home but was no better on return so had a trip to the doctor man. She was very brave through various treatments and investigations but nothing was obvious. We did not feel it fair to put a 15 year old very dignified (sometimes) lady through anything too traumatic so today we made the decision to let her go. She'd been enjoying lots of fuss and cuddles this last few days but not really been in the mood for much else.
She's been a great dog, lots of fun and seemed to have taken to the now 2 little people that have taken over her home and life putting up with a lot of sleep disturbance especially from the second one despite not being able to hear the little footsteps approaching for the last year or so. We've all been too busy keeping them in check to do much on here but theMillieDog has accepted all the changes and shift in attention. She's going to be missed for her scrounging, clearing up the floor after everyone, paper eating (including £20 notes if not careful), hairs, warning off garden intruders very effectively, exuberance, company on camping trips, following me around, looking very sorry for herself left to wait outside shops, eater of EVERYTHING (except sprouts & mushrooms), incredibly fast running (when younger), her ability to spot squirrels at great distance, sitting on guard in the back window every evening behind the curtain, her bed as a plaything for the 2 boys, poos to hunt for on the grass, getting in the way (when older), sitting curled up on my lap for the occasional, brief cuddle, inability to stay still for more than 2 minutes, wanting to go in and out to the garden in the evenings when we want to sit still, sitting by me watching as I wrote her blog. What a dog.
A few pictures taken on her last day here that sum up exactly how she was. Can't believe she looks so well and I'm in danger of feeling guilty for everymore for being part of the decision to end it as a result although she is very thin and she couldn't be much longer for this world at that great age:
 So often peeping round the door when she knew she shouldn't be in the room. Usually just the tip of her nose you could see but she'd lost the interest in food to do this
Wondering what was going on outside the window
 A classic shot. Always the lady. As I said, she could be very dignified. (pic courtesy of
 Still looking noble even when she must have been feeling pants (pic coutesy of
Thanks to all for following. Who knows, maybe another dog in the future. But not just yet