Thursday 26 April 2012

More lopping

Uncle John's been back to climb our trees. He did a lot more throwing bits in the garden - big bits this time. The he boss climbed up as well. One of our trees has nearly gone now. While the he boss was climbing, Uncle John played in the garden with me and we had a good run round and round and round. I'm definitely getter heavier and older. I've really hurt my ankle and can't walk properly now. The she boss put something really cold on it for a while and it feels a bit better but I'm not sure I fancy any long walks.

Wednesday 11 April 2012


Uncle John's been to see me but I don't think he's my friend any more. Or I'm not his. Look what he did to my garden. He went climbing up one of our trees and threw bits of it on the garden! We can't get on my field when it's dark now cos we can't see where to put our feet. It's a good job I know a secret way through to the bottom of my garden. And he brought a scary noisy thing with him that the she boss played with. I kept out of the way of that one. Worst of all, Uncle John trod on me and it really hurt. I've never worried about where his feet go before not like the he boss. I have to be really careful around him especially when we're in a flappy house.
 We found way through later to go on the field and this was the sky.
Very pretty eh. Wonder if the BBC weather might like it.

Monday 9 April 2012


It's been raining! That hasn't happened for a long time. I hope Sammy and Abimaro are OK by the seaside. We went for a good walk before all the rain stopped and saw loads of new little lamby things. Some were very new and still not standing up. They were very sweet and friendly like these two.
I wasn't so scared of everything this time and we all liked the walk. I still felt safest on the lead so stayed close to the she and he boss.
That Beth came to see us when we got back and we had a nice cosy fire to have a sleep in front of. Life is good