Tuesday 30 March 2010


Had to go back to mouse tails. He's still there. We thought we'd got him this morning and the she boss took one of her little boxes with the doors on for a ride in the car. She said she stopped by some horses cos she thought the mouse inside would like to live near them but then he wasn't there at all. HE'S STILL IN MY HOUSE! And what's more, he can read. We know because he chooses very carefully which packets he likes and he doesn't like everything. Tonight's the night. I can feel it in my bones

Monday 29 March 2010


Sit - how could I forget that one? (17), lie down (19), stay (20), come here now which is different to come here NOW (26), over here (28), this way (30), good girl (32), naughty girl (34), all the different tones of Oh Millie Dog must put it up to at least 40. Then there are all the different whistles. See, I am intelligent really.
I'm confused today. The she boss has just taken me for a walk and it's really late but it's still light even though it's very rainy and cloudy. I don't know what's going on. Isn't time time whatever. Why is everyone doing things at a different one?

Sunday 28 March 2010


How about this fella then? I'm pretty clever myself. Words I know: Food (1), walkies (2) take it out (5) squirrel (6) wait (7) come here (9) dog (10) come on then (13) theMillieDog (14 or 16) ummmm. There must be more. I'll think of them. Just give me a minute. Actually, there's LOADS more I know but if I let on they'd take advantage and get me doing things like the washing up


I don't know what was going on today but the she boss woke up REALLY early. When she came down, she was looking at all the clocks so I think she got something wrong. I didn't mind though cos we went for a good walk on our field. I met 2 friends there who had got up early too so it was worth missing some sleep.

Saturday 27 March 2010


I saw a butterfly flutter by in our garden today. A bit like this one. I thought it was about time there was another picture on the blog so thought I'd share that. I really did see it though and it was quite pretty

Wednesday 24 March 2010


Dunno bout you but I'm getting bored with this mouse now. There must be more to life than this. Squirrels and pigeons for starters.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

House guest

That's better. It was all quiet here last night and I caught up on sleep. Perhaps mouse guest has found his way out at last.

Monday 22 March 2010

Life here

Two ladies came to see me yesterday and to eat some of our food. They seemed very nice but the she boss wouldn't let me too near them to say 'hello' properly and kept me on my lead. I suppose they did look a bit scary. Or was that scared?
One really good thing is that they left some really nice food which has been going in to top up my dinners and make it interesting ever since.
One bad thing is that I think they disturbed our mouse guest and I was up nearly all night last night following his smell around under the landing and bathroom floors. He's still not come out to check out the chocolate buttons the she boss put in the little boxes for him. I'm thinking maybe he's stuck in the floor. Maybe if we whistle.

Thursday 18 March 2010

Moving house

I think that mouse has moved house and is living over my kitchen. It must have been all that smelly stuff we put in the hot water when we cleaned the pantry out. I thought I'd heard him coughing.

Wednesday 17 March 2010



Tuesday 16 March 2010

Spring day

The she boss went for a walk with thefriendPeter yesterday and didn't take me. I just know it. She's made up for it today though and took me somewhere nice that I remember before except this time there was a scary noise of a bear or a beasty in the bushes and I tried to run back to the car but the she boss shouted at me cos she thought I wouldn't stop at the road even though I'm not really that stupid and she made me go on the lead for a while to look after her so the beasty wouldn't get her and let me off again later but I didn't like to go very far from her in case it got scary again and she was still walking funny and got slower and slower but I didn't mind cos it was just nice to be out in the air blowing and the sun shining and the birds singing and the stream babbling. Big contented sigh

Sunday 14 March 2010

All quiet

Everyone's been living back in our house the last couple of nights. Except the mouse! We haven't seen sight nor sound of him until this morning when that Beth heard something in the kitchen ceiling so we think he might have gone exploring. I just hope he doesn't get a taste for our wires and things or we/he? could be in trouble.
It's all quiet again now cos they've all gone back to their own houses which is a bit of a shame. They left some nice flowers and other things for us though.

Saturday 13 March 2010


That Beth's here again. She should have brought Gary Cat with her. Between the two of us we could have cracked this mouse. I don't feel we're making much progress at the moment. Feels like a stalemate.

Friday 12 March 2010

Ongoing mouse tail

Still no joy. I've been trying but me and the she boss were beginning to wonder if he'd moved out. I got her to help me clean the pantry out today cos I said it was starting to get a bit smelly and she saw him! He was gone before I spotted him so I really was pretty useless today.
We thought up a few plans between us. 1. Put the hosepipe in through his front door and make a mouse size tsunamai to wash him out. Not too clever an idea because of the hall carpet out the back of his den. 2. Light something and hose the smoke in through his door. If we knew a beekeeper this could be a good plan but otherwise we decided it was probably a bit dangerous and might get rid of us as well as the mouse. 3. Call him and say "food" like they do for me. Never fails to work for me but being as he hasn't introduced himself with a name yet it's no good trying that one until he does.
The one we've gone with for now is to block off all the cracks where he might get in or out of his house except for one and put one of the little boxes with food in in front of it and hope he shuts himself inside this time.
The she boss used some really strong smelly stuff to clean out the pantry so maybe the smell will be so clean in his house now, he'll want to go and live somewhere else anyway

Thursday 11 March 2010

Mouse feeding

It wasn't me who let us down this time, it was that fancy little box the she boss had bought. When she checked it this morning, one door was closed but the other one was still open and the mouse had nicked the food! Our favourite chocolate button as well. What a waste.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Let down

I failed. The mouse was around last night and I'd spent most of the night asleep on the stairs instead of being on watch. I'm surprised I got the nice breakfast I did this morning.
What I can't believe is that the she boss bought some chocolate for them!! That really confused me as I thought they were trying to get rid of them, not give them treats. It all made sense when I saw a little box she'd bought as it's all part of a cunning plan. She's put the box near their door under the stairs with the chocolate inside to tempt them inside then the door will shut and voila! They haven't been tempted enough yet though. Maybe tonight

Monday 8 March 2010

Mice, continued

Well, it was all quiet here last night. No meeces running around. They must have known I was on the alert and the room door was open for me so I could get them if they went in there.
I showed the she boss where they're living. I don't think she's very happy cos she was saying if it gets really bad, they're going to have to take the carpet and a stair up! I tried to help and pull the carpet up myself but got into a lot of trouble for some reason. I can't win. Oh well, another night, another mouse. Maybe.
It's entertaining for me anyway. I can't really understand what the problem is although I'll admit they smell funny.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Mouse in the house - still!

There's another mouse in our house. I tried to tell the he and she boss in the night but they didn't take any notice. Then when the she boss came downstairs this morning, she looked around the room and said "We've still got mice here". Doh. What had I been trying to say all night up and down the stairs. Maybe tonight they'll help me get something done about it and not shut me out of all the rooms. I'll let you know how I get on.
I think I'm going to be too busy to go to that big parliament house in London by the look of things. It's all good practice for when they call me though. And I could go and stay with Sammy for a while at his house. That might be nice

Saturday 6 March 2010

Important meeces

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8553106.stm?ls I wonder how much they'd pay me?

Thursday 4 March 2010

Sutton Park

The she boss took me to Sutton Park today. That hasn't happened in ages. She was still walking a bit funny and we didn't go far but it was good to be back and good to be out with her. Perhaps things are starting to get back to normal. She took me to see Aunty Joy and Uncle Ted as well which made my treat complete. I'm very happy now.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

More meeces

I had a visitor last night after we'd all gone to bed. One of those little meeces wandered into our kitchen of all places! That just isn't allowed so I got him. I was pretty excited to see the she and he boss when they got up this morning and showed them my good work. They were VERY pleased with me. It was nice to be able to do something for them in return for all the nice things they do for me. I'm certainly more effective than that trappy thing that the she boss leaves around outside. Aren't I a clever one? :-p

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Dog walking

It's a good job my he and she boss don't do this. I'd have something serious to say about it http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wear/8544298.stm