Friday 31 October 2008


They took me for what I thought was supposed to be a lovely walk except they lost me! How careless can anyone be. There was I, after the squirrels like they know I do and when I came back, they'd disappeared instead of waiting for me. Can't take them anywhere, they're such a responsibility.
We saw where they're building a big tower of wood ready to burn soon. I don't mind that bit, it's all those flashy things that scare me. They're making it the same shape as that big liver place the she boss went to. See?

Days out without me

The she boss went off for the day without me again yesterday and I know my frend Peter was in there somewhere. She showed me the picture of where they went. Some big place with 2 big churches and lots of liver so I would have liked it there I think although it was very cold for going out anywhere. Maybe Halifax next time. I'll have to have a nag at her

Wednesday 29 October 2008


Elvis is alive and well and mending kitchen things. I know cos he's been in our house today to mend our cupboard that smells nice when it gets hot but had stopped getting hot when we wanted it to. He's good too. He mended it really quick although he couldn't sort out the cold cupboard door for us.
He's been to our house before. I remember him from a long time back. He really loves me. I know cos he keeps calling me Sweetheart. Nobody does that. He didn't sing to me though. It was really nice to see him.

Tuesday 28 October 2008


Yay! Someone's throwing loads of that white stuff out of the sky! I hope they take me on my field later

Monday 27 October 2008

Grrr n aw

Sunday 26 October 2008

More paper present days

Well I have had a busy weekend. We've had loads of people come and see me. It's all very exciting but I've been told I've behaved very well. I certainly don't think I showed anyone up. It's been one of those times when we get lots of things wrapped up in paper. That's nice for me cos I get the paper. I'm not really interested in what goes inside. It seems to me though that the older the people getting the paper things, the less paper things they get or is that my imagination?

Thursday 23 October 2008

2 things

1. Apparently I am now old fashioned and no one will be reading my blog any more. Try telling them that in Halifax! :-) I'm s'posed to tweet now. That sounds very undignified for me, THE MillieDog. Not that I have anything against birds especially tweeting ones. It's the big cackly cawry ones that just need to keep out of my garden

2. Much better news is about Swindon giving up on those yellow boxes make everyone jolt their cars. The she boss usually isn't too bad cos she looks out for them but she did get caught out by one the other day and only saw it late. I'm glad I wasn't travelling in the boot. I'd have really got thrown around. I was sitting on the floor in the front. My favourite place cos I feel safe if anyone does stop quick, I get the occasional bit of attention from anyone driving or sitting in the front and the she boss talks to me if it's just me and her

Monday 20 October 2008

Rain & wind

I'm soaked. I can't believe the she boss took me out for a long walk when it was so windy and obvious it was going to rain. It was nice to see Aunty Joy and take her with us but I'm not sure it made up for how wet I got. To top it all, they left me in the car afterwards while they went and got dry and warm. I was freezing! The she boss gave me a good rub down to dry off when we got back which is always nice. I made a little friend on my walk. There was a whole family of labradors. Always nice dogs. One of the little folks tried to come on my walk instead of his. He was rather cute and I was quite happy for him to come but Aunty Joy tried to send him back to his own family and one of his sisters came to fetch him anyway.
Talking of little folks. Little person Sara came to see me yesterday. I haven't seen her in ages and she's not so little now. She says proper words too that make sense to me. She went off with Sammy to Hallelujah. I think she meant church really where I sneaked in with the she boss once when hardly anyone else was there. It would be nice to go again as there was lots of space and some very interesting smells

Saturday 18 October 2008

Flash, bang, wallop

Those noisy things have started up again at night. I'd nearly forgotten about them. I haven't seen any flashes yet but the noises are bad. I go for a nice walk at night in my field but end up only doing half of it cos then there's a big bang. I go home and wait for the she boss to join me. She's obviously not as scared as me.

Wednesday 15 October 2008


Have you seen this cute little fella? I wouldn't take objection to him coming to live at our house (especially as you can turn him off!)
Hey I've got a friend in Halifax! Hello Halifax! I've never been there. Maybe the she boss will take me one day. Is it nice up there. She tells me they bark different there and I might not be able to understand any doggy friends I meet

Saturday 11 October 2008


I've had a lovely day with the she boss again today. We had a walk to the shops and I helped he to go round the house with the noisy thing and the bit of cloth. The best bit was all the nice smells she's been making in the kitchen. She's got this new box which she keeps getting out. It makes some noises that I don't like and keep out the way of but it has a lovely smell after a while. That seemed to be on the go a lot.
The best thing though was this other thing she seemed to be mixing up before she put it in the big box in the kitchen that gets very hot. That smelled brilliant before it went in the box and then even better. For a while anyway. Then those REALLY noisy things that drive me to run outside started racketing in the hall and stairs and the house smelled really nasty. There was all this smoke filling up the kitchen and what had been a nice smell was turning very nasty. I heard the she boss saying something about Christmas and cakes. I don't think so. There doesn't look much left of it that these human beans will like although I'm quite happy with what I've had of it so far. The only thing is, I think there was supposed to be a lot of brandy in it somewhere and that bit doesn't taste so good now. In fact the amount that was in there may well have been the reason it ended up rather black instead of brown. I hope she tries again and gives me a bit again

Friday 10 October 2008

Home observations

I've made an intelligent observation about my home this week. Without me noticing there's been a turnaround of people's jobs here. The reason it hit me this week was because the he boss has been home with me all week while the she boss has been out fetching money to buy my dinners and toys. Except she comes home smelling of that coffee place that wouldn't let me in sometimes as well. Yesterday he made me? some nice apple cake and did some washing and he's made a nice dinner every day. I've had a good few walks over the field as well.
Then today, it turned round the other way and the he boss went to fetch some money and the she boss and me spent the day together. The thing I like about the she boss keeping me company is that she talks to me lots and takes me to places other than the field. Not that I turn my nose up at any walk unless it's raining. I had to sit in the car for a while first while she went in some house but it was worth it cos then she took me back to Malvern. There were no little people or silly white woolly things so I had a real good run.
They've painted that post on top of the hill so it's nice and bright now. We often see these things on hills as you can see from all the photos I have with them. The she boss says they're important and showed me that they even tell you they're there on those big pieces of paper she takes on walks with her but doesn't let me eat. I don't need a big piece of paper to show me they're there. They're just the right size for me to hide behind when it's windy like today.
It's nice to have all this company. I hope it stays this way and we don't get any more of this going away without me marlarcky

Sunday 5 October 2008

Rainy Sunday

The trouble with being a dog is that there is no toilet facility suited to me inside. I suppose it could be arranged but no one's thought of it yet. It doesn't normally cause a problem but today it was pouring down when it was time from my first constitution of the day. I wasn't going to bother but the she boss insisted. I think she noticed my legs crossing. It's not much fun though when you have to get so wet just for necessities

Saturday 4 October 2008

Rainy Saturday

The she boss went out all day today again and left the he boss to do the cleaning with me. He's not as much fun. I see the bits he misses. He doesn't go round with that bit of cloth for a start that the she boss does and that's the most fun bit. Especially when she crawls round doing the low down bits. Her face is at just the right level then. I've tried to go with her a couple of times lately but she always catches me. I think it's got something to do with getting in the wrong bit of the car: