Sunday 30 December 2007

Tummy ache

I've disgraced myself :s We've had loads of nice goodies around for me to scrounge and pick up any dropped bits of. The best thing was the bowl of fruit and nuts they left on the table for me by the window - MaccyDemus (Greek MacDonalds?) and grannyberries or something like that. I think they were meant for me anyway but they didn't do me any favours. They should know by now that once I start, I can't stop and I think I ate them all abit quick. I had real tummy ache later. My friend Jane who I haven't seen in a long time came round. I don't think she was feeling very well either so we curled up together on the carpet. In the night, I couldn't hold on any longer and all the Grannyberries arrived back up on the kitchen floor. Oh, the shame. At least I got something out of the MaccyDemus nuts though. They'll know next time not to put so many out for me. They were for me, weren't they?!

Thursday 27 December 2007

Paper and other things

I was right! We've just had that day when there's loads of paper for me to eat. They didn't let me eat that much that I got tummy ache this time like I did one year. It was nice cos we had some visitors - Nan and Grandad came and shared dinner then Uncle Dave came later. I've never met his 2 dogs but they smell very interesting.
I had a present! Beth gave me an interesting package. That is, it was interesting when she gave it to me. I didn't find it so interesting when she made me go past the paper.

In fact I haven't felt so stupid in a long time. Grrrr. Expecting ME, THE Millie Dog to dress up in a pathetic Father Christmas hat.

We had loads of visitors the next day too which wasn't as much fun as they included 2 of those little people so I got out of the way and spent all evening outside on my own in bed :(

Monday 24 December 2007

Long time, no see

That she boss has been too busy. I can feel that time of year coming on when there's lots of paper for me to eat. I hope it doesn't take too long to come cos I'm not getting alot of attention here. I can't even get to the front window to look out as they've put a load of packages, lights and things in the way. I've spent a lot of time at the back window though as the squirrels have been out in force.
We had an interesting walk yesterday in the field. I thought I'd made a new friend but then I saw the gleam in his eye. I know that look anywhere. You can see it yourself from the pictures. These boys, just when you think it's safe to be friends, they get one thing on their mind. I'm glad my mother warned me and that the she and he boss were there to help out. He even tried to follow me back into the garden - the cheek of it. Only thing is, it's spoilt the field for me a bit. I had a feeling he might be around today so when the he boss took me out there, I decided to leave him to it and headed back to the warmth and safety of the house myself. I think he was a bit cross with me as he couldn't find where I was hiding when he came back!

Saturday 8 December 2007


Have you seen the weather? It's really getting on my nerves. It's been a real naff week. I haven't managed a decent walk all week as I don't like the rain any more than the bosses.
I think the she boss was going to take me to work with her one of the days as I'd been on my own alot but it was pouring and it didn't appeal to me as I'd have just had to sit in the car all day. It's cold in there when you've got wet having a walk
It hasn't been all bad though. Bobbie's he boss came to see me one evening - so exciting!!
And Beth kept me company all day yesterday. I don't know what she was doing here. She brought lots of stuff like she always does and has disappeared again now
I did have a good laugh this morning to cheer me up cos it was cleaning day. It's brilliant cos the she boss often crawls round the floor - just the right height for me to get in her face. There's always lots of bits of paper landing on the floor too to keep me busy. I had some real good card today which makes alot of fun noise for throwing around

Monday 26 November 2007

Day off

Well, what a fab day. Good weekend too if it comes to that. I had loads of visitors - Beth & Ed coming and going at all times of day and night, friendPeter who appreciated some attention from me and even Candice came to see me!
Then today, I had the she and he boss to myself all day and we went for a long walk over Sutton Park - highly recommended - with loads of rabbits and squirrels to chase although I wasn't quite so sure about the horses wandering around.
I think the she boss tricked me this morning. Whenever I hear her get her pills out I take a seat in the kitchen and wait for mine. I quite like mine - yeast or something but today when I thought that was what I was getting, she gave me a big white one instead. I wasn't going to eat it cos it tasted nasty but then she chased me. I thought she wanted it back so it must have been something worth having. I made sure I swallowed it before she got chance to pinch it back. She's been known to take things out of my mouth before now even!! Not many would dare to do that. It seems like she was quite happy for me to swallow it after all. Something to do with the itchy bum I've had I believe

Saturday 24 November 2007

Nightime field

Tonight they finally got me back on the field through the back gate. I haven't been there since the noisy flashy things started as, although they don't happen much now, you never know. So I've been making it clear that while I was happy to go anywhere else for a walk, the field was a no-no. Well, tonight they dragged me out there; yes, dragged! The humiliation. They were very kind in their own way about it but it was still a definite drag. I felt like a pup again although I can't remember much about my Mum, bless her cotton socks, ever doing that to me.
I'll give them this though - they were right to make me go out there. Once we were there, I remembered about the cat I usually manage to track down by the fence so forgot about any nasties and was off like a rat out of a drainpipe. That's that hurdle over with
Those two odd characters with the big dog were over there again. I'm glad the she boss kept me close to her. I don't feel quite safe with them hanging around. They must have been frozen and their dog never seems to get a walk anywhere further than their garden gate. Very strange. I think the she and he boss are a bit wary too. I'm not sure I'd be able to protect them either as it is a very big dog.

Saturday 17 November 2007


That was a nice one. We went to Lichfield. Haven't been there for a long time. It's nice where we go cos I have a real good run around. The only thing is, all the rabbits are behind this fence that I can't get through which is rather frustrating. The noisy, flashy things haven't stopped by us yet so we have to go out in the daylight and preferrably not too near home. I hope they stop soon.
I put the picture in because it's about time we had another one and we saw a dead one of these

Friday 16 November 2007

Night times and bed times

I'm managing to confuse the she boss lately. Since all those noisy, flashy things, I haven't been over the field. It's just too scary and I'd rather stay in the nice safe house. I've been on other walks to another field because it doesn't seem so bad there. I think the she boss thought I wouldn't mind our field again tonight but, not on your nelly. There was no way I was going out there. I'd heard bangs again today and I think that is where they all come from. I spent a good while in the garden though. In fact, the she boss had to come and find me in the dark when she wanted to go out and shut me in the house. I don't think she understands why I don't like it there and I wonder if she's going to put her little foot down sometime and try and make me go there.
The he boss has been away again for a couple of nights. I never normally go upstairs and certainly never in the rooms where they all sleep. I do go up when the she boss goes up to bed though when he's away. I have a quick check of her room just to make sure everything is alright for her; then I go back down in my own bed.

Friday 9 November 2007

Evening out

I went to the cinema tonight! Well, I didn't quite get that far myself but the she boss went and she took me in the car. I think it had something to do with the noisy, flashy things in the sky that were happening loads tonight. It was a good idea anyway because I had a nice sleep in a peaceful car park while she was gone. She gave me some very tasty grapes when she came back. I hope it all gets quieter soon out there though

Sunday 4 November 2007

More Malvern

We went back to Malvern today. Haven't been there in ages. We had a fab time and, as there were no silly white sheep or anything else around much, I had a real good run. I saw my old friends, Mark & Ade again. It was good to see them and a new lady called Ginnie came in our car. I had to sit in the back. I didn't really mind that much and she was nice to me. Ade was a different shape to when I saw her last time and we stopped lots of times for her to have a rest. I don't know what that's about.
Lots of those flashy noisy things have started since we got back so I'm glad I'm at home now because I can hide but I wish I'd had my dinner first. I might be too scared to eat it. I'm quite tired though so I'll probably sleep a lot this evening

Saturday 3 November 2007

Clever clogs

They nearly blew my cover today. Sammy spotted that I am one of his top friends and it wasn't him who changed it. I've been watching the she boss everytime she does anything on the internet and I'm getting the idea of a lot of it. I'm pretty good at blogging as you can see. I can even add in photos with a bit of help and I sussed out the other day how to arrange my favourite friends. The tricky bit was watching Sammy closely enough to find his password but I did it without him suspecting a thing.
I know how to cook as well! They don't know it yet. I've been watching the she boss get dinner for weeks now and I know how to do shepherd's pie (anything to use up those silly sheep), tuna & pasta (not so keen on that one) and pizza with home made wedges (mmmm). So now, if they leave me too long, I might have a go. The non-opposable thumbs might be a problem though

Thursday 1 November 2007

Life at home since holidays

It all seems to have been happening since we came back. We had one of those birthday things the day after when everyone brought parcels and envelopes for the he boss. I don't think he's any older than when I came here to live though because he still gives me a good run for my money and he doesn't look any different. I'm always very interested in birthdays because plenty of paper comes my way. Also, people come and eat tasty things like cake and, if I'm lucky, they drop bits on the floor.
We had plenty of visitors and Beth came to live here for a few days again. That's nice because she gives me lots of attention and talks to me. Candice came as well. I haven't seen her for ages and she stayed very late - way past my bedtime. Bobby's boss came which is always exciting. He knows all the right things to say to me and is just as pleased to see me as me, him.
Tonight's been horrible though. There were lots of little people kept knocking on the door. No one opened it to them but I did hear something about trick or treat. I think I managed to scare them, throwing myself at the door when they knocked more than they were likely to scare anyone in this house. The she boss took me shopping. I think it was to give me some peace and quiet but there's those nasty noisy flashy things have started up everywhere so that isn't nice. And she didn't buy any grapes!! I was obviously taken under false pretences

Thursday 25 October 2007

Yet ANOTHER holiday .....

...... and I hadn't got a clue we were going to go. We only went for a couple of nights but we had a fab time. I recognised some of it from when I went camping with the she boss when the weather was warm but this time we took the he boss as well and stayed in someone's house. It was very nice there. Do you like the view from thewindow?

We had a fantastic walk all over a very big hill. I got right up close to some birds called grouse. I wasn't allowed to chase them or the silly white sheep but it didn'tmatter as there was plenty else to see and do. When we were right on the top, we could see for miles and it was very strange in places. The she and he boss agreed it must have been a bit like the moon must look like but I didn't really care as I could smell rabbits.

The only thing about the house that I didn't like was that there was a small boy there as well. I didn't really see him but he was bouncing a ball outside our door one time and trying to come in. That was a bit scary cos I didn't know what he might try next.
We went in a different car. I thought the he boss must have a new one as I'd seen it outside our house but hadn't been in it before. I don't like it as much as the she boss's or the old one because there isn't as much room for me by her feet and it's hard to get comfy when we're going a long way.
Have you seen these jumpers and things for dogs? We saw one at the shops when we were away. He looked stupid! Warm, but stupid. Doesn't he know how much everyone was laughing at him. Maybe when I'm old I'll be glad of something like that but now, what's wrong with a good run to keep warm?

Saturday 20 October 2007

Self cleaning

My hints must have worked. The she boss starting having a go at the oven today. I can see through the window now at last to see what she's doing for dinner :D

Wednesday 17 October 2007


It's just occurred to me, I haven't had a bath this year!! Phew. How did I get away with that then? The days are getting too small and cold for the she boss to do it now too. She wouldn't be that cruel as they won't let me in the house for ages until I've dried. Something to do with wet hair. Don't know what the problem is myself. I would have thought my comfort was more important.
Anyway, I think I'm self cleaning. A bit like the oven only I think my self cleaning works better than the ovens. I don't like to say anything, but I think it's about time she saw to that

Monday 8 October 2007

Love n cuddles

It's about time I had another picture on here to brighten things up. With the days getting smaller, it's getting harder to be out and about when it's light so the she boss hasn't taken so many. One thing I do like about the dark evenings is that we can sit and have a cuddle. The she boss always knows when I'm in need. I'm a bit embarrassed by these pictures really as I'm 7 and a half and 2 weeks so a bit old for sitting on laps really let alone cuddling in but we all need a bit of love sometimes.

Wednesday 3 October 2007


I've just been to help the she boss to buy some grapes. She buys other stuff as well but I'm really only interested in the grapes. She takes me to look after the car while she's in the shop and I don't know how she'd manage without me. At least she remembers to say 'Thank you' when we get back home.
It was a bit stressful tonight. Usually we've got the Archers on the radio on the way and I quite like that music at the end. There's something comforting about it. I know the world's a safe place to be. We were later tonight and she had some noisy radio station on - someone called Zane. I didn't like his taste in music. There was one with very strange noises and another loud one about taxis. "I remember what I used to". Used to what for goodness sake. It just don't make sense. I did like the one about putting on my new shoes though. Hey! Putting on shoes is always good. It might mean we're going out for a walk somewhere. Can't be too exciting if they're new shoes though. Boots are the best walks

Saturday 29 September 2007


The he boss keeps going out on his bike lately. He never takes me with him :( The she boss has taken me before now when she's been on her bike and it's good fun but not for tooo far. A long time ago, she tried to put me in the bag on the side of the bike but I was having none of that one. Grrrr. Apparently she'd seen someone else do it. What she think I got 4 legs for?
On the subject of bikes, the she boss was saying she saw lots of policemen on bikes all cycling very sensibly in line. Do you think they were doing their cycling proficiency test?!

Thursday 27 September 2007

Blue Tongues

I'm a bit worried about this 'ere Blue Tongue Disease. How do we know it won't come to dogs? After all, people get Bird Flu and they haven't got feathers. They say it only affects ruminants. Well, I ruminate on life and what I want from it frequently when left alone to gaze out of the window. Also, I eat grass pretty regularly. You just ask them in this house. So, should I be worried? I'm having a look at my tongue at least twice a day just in case and I keep showing it to the he and she boss for them to check at the back where I can't see

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Yet more craziness

Just when I said we were back to normal, it all went to pot last night and what a night! First of all it was one of those nights when the she boss gets up again and she was downstairs for ages reading and drinking tea. She eventually went to bed and all was peace. For a little while.
We've got this man who comes nearly every night somewhere in the middle and puts bottles of milk outside the door. He often makes me jump so I do what all good guard dogs should do when woken and leap for the door to bark at him. Other nights, I hear him coming so just give a little bark to let him know I'm still there. Last night I heard him coming but he didn't drive off again. There was all this banging going on which was a bit scary then I heard the she boss call something out of the bedroom window to the man.
Next thing I know, she's down and opening the door for him to come in! She said something about half past four and even I know that's sleeping time. It was pouring with rain and very windy so I wondered if she just felt sorry for him but he used our phone then went out again.
We heard all the banging again but this time there was a big crash after the last bang. Then he drove off like he always does! I don't know what all that fuss was about but I hope he doesn't do that every night. I heard the she boss awake for ages again then after that. She must be tired; I know I was but at least I can go back to sleep in the day when they let me.

Sunday 23 September 2007


This really is a crazy house I live in. Just when I think we've got some sort of routine her, it all gets blown away by something.
Today is Sunday which makes it Thursday when things all happened different. I thought everyone was going off to work. The he boss didn't but then he doesn't always. What was different was that he went out and came back in a completely different car that I've never seen before. Then at lunch time the she boss came home! She never does that when she goes to work. Not long after that, the friend Peter came. On a Thursday! Then everyone went out. I didn't see friend Peter again but the she boss came back VERY late - everyone else was in bed ages. Oh and Beth had arrived somewhere in the meantime.
Would you believe it, the she boss didn't go upstairs to bed. Instead, she slept on the camping bed downstairs. That was nice of her to keep me company. I did try sleeping by her but it gets too hot and anyway, I like my own bed better.
The he boss and Beth were up and out early on Friday and I didn't see them until really late at night, again when everyone else had gone to bed.
The she boss did all that stuff around the floors with that noisy, sucky thing on Friday instead of Saturday and then cleared off on Saturday as though she was going to work. The he boss went out to work as well on Saturday! Just what is going on?
One other thing that happened was that a new man came to see us on Friday and did some stuff to the big box on the wall by the outside door. I don't know what he did, but when he'd gone it had stopped dripping water everywhere and the house got warm again but I don't know how the 2 could be connected. Perhaps it's magic.
Today is Sunday and I think we're back to normal but you never know

Thursday 20 September 2007

Boys and little people

Back on 24th August I said I'd explain some more about me and boys and little people. Well, I used to live with another family for a little while before I came here although I was still only 6 months when the he and she boss chose me. :D Where I used to live, there were 2 children. The little girl was kind to me but her big brother was nasty and used to hit me when no one was looking. I learned to watch out for him coming and stopped trying to be nice to him. Instead, because I was scared of what he was going to do, I would growl at him and snap to warn him away.
Then I came here The trouble is, old habits die hard and I still tend to think that I'm going to get hurt when little people are around so I usually warn them to keep away. When I first came here to live, I was always on the look out and the he and she boss had to keep me very safe. I don't mind little people quite so much now but tend to just take myself out of the way. I think I'm very brave really

Friday 14 September 2007

Food and especially grapes. Mmmmm

Have you heard the news? Apparently they're saying that grapes are poisonous to dogs!!!! Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I love grapes and don't think I could live without them. They're my most favourite treat. I even go shopping with the she boss and don't mind waiting in the car for as long as it takes as I know she'll have bought some grapes for us to share on the way home.
Anyway, this is what they say .......

"If your dog has ingested large quantities of raisins or grapes, (s)he will immediately begin to vomit repeatedly, and will become extremely hyperactive and jittery. After about 24 hours, the dog will become lethargic and depressed. (S)he may experience abdominal pain and may stop urinating, drinking, and/or eating. (S)he will also become dehydrated. Both his/her vomit and feces will contain partially digested raisins or grapes. His/her breathing may become irregular, and (s)he will also become hypercalcemic (high calcium concentrations) and hyperphosphosphatemic

Ultimately, without treatment, the dog will go into renal (kidney) failure, and may die a horrible very painful death. Of the 10 reported cases, only 5 dogs survived, & these only with early, aggressive, & long-term treatment

eeeargh! I don't want that but it does say LARGE quantities. I better make sure the bosses see that so they won't leave large quantaties out to tempt me. I did eat the whole week's worth of the she boss's grapes for lunches once when she'd made the mistake of leaving them down by the door with her bag. She didn't notice for a while cos I made sure the bag was still neat and tidy and I left all the stalks in there hehe

Something else I found ......
"An increasing number of cases have been seen of raisin and grape poisoning in dogs. From available evidence, as little as seven raisins or grapes can be toxic. If you suspect your dog has eaten raisins or grapes, get him to the vet straight away. Signs of toxicity including vomiting, food refusal, diarrhoea and lethargy. Untreated, a dog will develop acute kidney (renal) failure and die."

Scary. As little as SEVEN grapes. They must be pathetic little dogs, that's all I can say. Not REAL dogs like me

Monday 10 September 2007

Exciting things

What I said last time about taking it all back I take back again. Does that make sense? I was fed up with this lot here as they'd left me on my own at home all day for 2 days but after all that, they took me on holiday AGAIN!
We went to where Buzz used to live (see end of 6th Aug holiday blog). They've got a new dog to keep Bob company. His name is Max and he's not bad. He needs keeping in order a bit though by a more mature dog like me. We had some pretty good fun together once he'd got used to me being in his house. I don't think I'd be keen to have another dog come in my house so well done to him.

There's some really good walking from where we stay and I took Max for a walk one of the days with the she boss. I was careful to make sure he didn't take any liberties thinking he could get too close to my she boss though. There was a stile we couldn't get over without her help and I did let her pick him up.
We went to some nice places and especially to some pretty interesting gardens with very friendly people who all liked me. I made friends with a little robin at one place. He came right up to my nose!!

When we came home, Beth was here waiting for us which was exciting. She keeps turning up unexpectedly. Does she live here or not?
I wonder when my next holiday is?

Tuesday 4 September 2007


All that nice stuff I said last time about living here being great, I take back. TWO days now I've been on my own all day until tea time. I think they must all have gone back to work or something but I've been SOOOO bored.
Having said all that, I did have a really good walk last night chasing rabbits and things in the dark so I think the she boss must have realised it had been a long day

Monday 3 September 2007

Bizarre happenings

You just never know what's going to happen next in this house. It's great. All sorts of people have been to see me - the usual like Beth, friend Peter, Candice, etc but yesterday we had a real unexpected visit.
The she boss was in the kitchen cooking all sorts of nice, unusual smelling things and, as it didn't look as though she was going to drop anything at all even though I'd waited ages, I went and had a lie down. She suddenly started shouting (not like her at all) and ran out the back door. I followed her out of course and there were all these boys walking up our back garden!!! Cheek of it. They walked all the way up to the back door and I had a good bark and didn't particularly like the look of the last one in particular so had a good growl around him. I don't think these were the ones the she boss was cooking for as she didn't tell me off for growling and kept shouting at them. She let them walk right through our house and out the front door!! Well, I've never seen anything like that before. The she boss was phoning someone and the he boss went off down the garden and was talking to someone in the field.
Not long after, we had 2 more visitors who were very strange. They came in this car with fancy lights on and were both dressed the same even though they obviously weren't twins. Very odd. THEY came through the front of the house and all the way down the garden but then left back through the front. They were alot more friendly and I thought they were going to stay and play with me.
It was all happening, cos not long after they'd gone, 2 ladies came especially to see me. I wish the she and he boss wouldn't keep getting in the way and talking to these visitors when I'm talking though. It would have been much more fun. It seems like they were the ones who all the nice smells in the kitchen were for. They didn't drop any bits for me either. I think they had names like Wendy and Janet or something but I do know they kept talking about my friend, Jane who smells like she's got a rabbit and guinea pig but who I haven't seen for a long time. Perhaps they know where she is. We had a nice time anyway and I hope they come again.
While they were here, some of the boys who had walked through our house came back and did the strangest thing. They talked nicely for ages to the she boss and gave her some flowers! I just don't understand what's going on but it's certainly been interesting.

Thursday 30 August 2007

Little person again

We had a little person come and see us today - a very little person. She was big enough to toddle around on little legs although she didn't look it and made lots of noises that sounded something like proper language - well some of them. I think she might be one who came to our house before but do they really grow like that? She was quite cute I think but I kept out of the way. They shut me out anyway and I wasn't sorry as these little people do strange things and make loud sudden noises so I find them a bit scary.
They all said I was VERY good :)

Monday 27 August 2007

Day out

Today I went somewhere I've never been before. The she boss took me up to see where the Friend Peter lives. I had a really nice day exploring his house and garden and following the she boss up and down stairs ..... and up and down stairs ....... and up and down stairs ........ I'll certainly be fit after that lot. They're VERY steep. I found plenty of bits of paper to eat there. They took me for a nice walk too to somewhere near his house and I met some new dogs. They had a funny accent there though and I took a while to understand them. Same sort of smells though. I hope I go again

Friday 24 August 2007

Yet another holiday

I've had such a nice week. How's your's been?
I suspected something was going on on Sunday when the she boss was putting all the tent stuff in the car but I wasn't sure if she was taking me then when she went off on Monday morning without me I was certain she wasn't. She must have just forgotten cos she came back later and fetched me! I was a bit sad & bothered that the he boss wasn't coming but it was all fine.
This time we went somewhere I've never been before. The she boss called it Castleton and it was very nice except there was no water to paddle in next to the tent. We found some nice walks though.
We walked up a big hill called Mam Tor. There were lots of little people up there who had managed with their little legs. We sat to look at it all for a while half way up and watched some noisy caterpillar things way down at the bottom. Some were red and blue and some green and yellow. When we walked back through the town, a middling size boy person came to give me some fuss while the she boss wasn't looking. He was a nice boy and I didn't growl or bite. It's the first time I've let one of those stroke me without the she boss holding me tight.

Next day we walked through the town and waited at this strange place then one of the noisy caterpillar things came along by us. Before I knew it the she boss had got in it and taken me with her!! We've never done that before. It was a bit shaky but OK. There was another dog in there but he was a bit of a cry baby so I ignored him. We weren't on too long then we had another really long walk. We walked for quite a while with a nice man who was talking to the she boss. Lots of people seemed to like me and kept looking at me and talking about me. It's probably because I was so well behaved over the stiles and things and always waited when the she boss told me to. It was very hot, so when the she boss found some water, I got in. The way all the people laughed, I think I was supposed to just reach in and have a drink really but it was nice and cool on my hot feet.

We went back to the town by the tent on the caterpillar thing again but I knew what to expect this time. When we got back to the tent, the nice lady, Claire, who had lived in the tent next door had gone and there was a new tent there instead. It was nice having her there for the she boss to talk to and she liked me.
We only had little walks the next day. I think the she boss's feet were sore and my legs were still a bit tired. We stayed at the tent mainly but I had a nice surprise later. The friend Peter came to see us and had some dinner with us!! How did he find us all that way? It was nice to see him and he seemed pleased to see me too.
After he had gone, me and the she boss went for a slower walk but still quite a long way. It was getting dark by the time we got back. Then today we came home
It was a nice holiday especially once the sun came out and it got warm. There were alot of Malvern flies on the hills though. I like trying to catch them but they get a bit annoying after a while. There were loads of those white baa-ey things as well which meant that the she boss wouldn't let me off the lead. They were friendly though and came right up to us sometimes to say 'hello'
I'll write more about those boy people sometime and other little people but not today cos I get a bit cross when I think about them and today I'm happy. It was a nice holiday but nice to see the he boss again

Monday 13 August 2007

On my own

I thought they'd all gone back to work today but the he boss came back in the middle so that was OK. It was actually nice to have the house to myself for a bit.
When the she boss came back, I had a good sniff to see where she'd been. For a start she'd seen the Friend Peter and some other people I think. Most interesting was that she'd met another dog. (Grrrr Didn't have me with her) .... let's see ...... another girl, young, some sort of Collie like I've got in me, not all black like me though, eats Pedigree Chum, called something like Lily, Dilly, maybe even Millie!! Bet you didn't know dog's noses were that good!

Sunday 12 August 2007


Yesterday's weather ....

Today's weather .........

So why is the sky a different shade when there's clouds in it? Answer me that eh

Friday 10 August 2007

Fun n games

This weather's fab innit. The really good thing about it is that the he and she boss have been around at home alot but been taking me for some good walks as well. They always seem to be doing something though. Why don't they just chill and play with me? I've got my ways of making sure they do though
Today me and the she boss had real good fun. One of my favourite things in the garden is the swingy hammock but they've been so busy, they only got round to putting it out today and then I thought it was going to be just for show.
Eventually the she boss got in it. She didn't see me coming (hehe) but I came out of nowhere and landed right in the middle of her. It was brilliant. She laughed so loud the neighbours must have wondered what was going on!
I jumped off after a bit and had one of my mad run rounds to celebrate but the hammock was right in the middle of my run so I had to keep having another jump on. What a laugh. You like the pic? That was one of the quieter moments
The other thing that happened today was that they cut all the big grass in the garden over the fence. It was very BIG, as big as me without wellies. All the frogs that must have been living in there tried to come and be my friends and live in our garden. I like frogs but I don't think I want THAT many. I like the way they jump and I can catch them. I don't hurt them but did you know they squeal when they're excited? I suppose they might be a bit frightened of me throwing them when they squeal but I'd like to think they were just excited.
I'm glad I was a whippet cross and not a greyhound but it's a close thing. I think they're really boring. They don't seem to do anything. What do you think?

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Back home and new things

Hey, I forgot to tell you what else has happened since the holiday. Remember the nasty new floor we've got that is shiny and slippy and uncomfortable to lie on? Well, they've been out and bought a nice comfy rug especially for me! It's big and blue and much nicer than the old comfy one. It still smells new though at the moment. I'llhave to do something about that

Monday 6 August 2007

Holiday and Home

OK time to tell you about my travels in Ireland at last:
I was so chuffed when I realised they were going to take me with them and not leave me behind with Sammy who would have been out half the time. We drove a long time then into this big garagey thing which rocked around a bit and made alot of noise and banging at times. It reminded me of that thing that has the big brushes and water but it didn't do that this time and the she and he boss left me on my own. When they came back we did another REALLY long drive but then put up the tent. Yeah! My favourite
We did lots of walking which made up for yesterday. Walked in lots of woods but there were no squirrels or rabbits!
Lots more driving and lots of rain so no good walks
Had some real nice walks even though it rained. We went to a big hole in the ground where we went down loads of really steep steps. The she boss wouldn't let me off the lead cos I think she thought I might fall. Very kind. The picture doesn't really show just how deep it was. There was a river at the bottom.
I did spot a red squirrel though which I pointed out and the bosses were very excited.
Stuck in the car ALL day. BUT on beach tonight for a long time. Fantastic to feel the sand under my feet. Noisy campsite though. I didn't get much sleep
Had 2 walks on the beach within a couple hours of getting up. I love the sea. But then we went on a long journey again. It was raining for most of it so it didn't matter. Do you like the Ladies' View where we stopped to look?
We had a walk on a different beach tonight but there were some really scary cows on the way through. The she boss went to have a look over the gate at them. How can she? Doesn't she remember what they did to us before?

I thought it was about time we wrote some postcards so I sent one to Beth & Ed, Sammy & Candice and Friend Peter. I bet they won't get them from here till after we're home.We had a LOOOOONNNNNGG walk. The sun shone all day. That's what these holidays should be about. I was tired tonight

More travelling yet again but it's always exciting to put the tent up again. We had a nice look at the sea in the evening but there was no beach. The campsite was nice. There were some mini-cats to keep me entertained
Is there anywhere we haven't travelled to yet? It seems to go on for ever. And more waiting around in the car for the bosses to get back. It's a good job we make up for it with good runs after. Especially good when it's on a beach like tonight. I made some friends on this one. I didn't like the campsite though. There were some scary people walking too close to our tent and making me jump.
We went in one of those rocky garagey things again. I knew what to expect this time but it was a bit darker than last time. When the she and he boss came back they were really excited talking about dolphins they had seen. I wish I had.
We had a long drive again but stopped lots of times on beaches and fields. The best bit was that we stopped to give me dinner at my campsite in Kington and had a walk along the river. I do like it there. Then we went home
We brought some shells back with us which I liked. I got told off by the she boss though when she saw me having a taste of one of those star shaped things. It was tasty.

After we got home, I heard the he boss talking on the phone to the place i stay in the country sometimes with my mate Buzz. Apparently he went off and killed 2 lambs! I'm really sad as they had to take him to the doctor and he's in a big sleep now. He was a good friend and good fun to run with. He's been living on a farm all these years and resisted the temptation to chase any silly sheep so what made him do it now I wonder. He could have come and lived with me instead.

Sunday 22 July 2007


I think they're going on holiday. The question is - are they taking me with them or are they leaving me to be bored with Sammy cos he's out or asleep all the time? .......

Thursday 19 July 2007

Still depressed

It doesn't get any better. The men came again today and did lots more banging and things in the back room. They've gone now and taken all the stuff with them that they brought but they've still left a horrible hard floor in there. I think they must have finished as well because the she and he boss have put everything back in there. They can't be serious. I've got nowhere good to lie any more except my bed and that's for nighttime. To make things even worse (could they get worse?), the skies been making that scary noise again tonight. I want it all back to normal

Wednesday 18 July 2007


I don't understand all this. Last night, the she and he boss moved all the furniture from the back room to the front so I can't get to the front window to check out for cats, postmen, paper boys, etc, etc.
Then today, two men came to be my friends, took up all the soft floor in the back gardeny room and have put this hard stuff down so I've got nothing comfy to sit on and look out the back window for squirrels now either. What's a dog s'posed to do? AND it looks like it's all staying this way because the nice men have gone now but no one's put anything back in the garden room so no one sits around with me except in the garden and I don't know what to do with myself

Monday 16 July 2007

Of mice and dogs

That's been a nice weekend. Wasn't it lovely to have the sunshine yesterday? (shame about today). I took the she boss and Sammy for a good walk last night and showed Sammy a new place that we've found. I think he was impressed. Ed and Beth had been to see me as well and spent a long time in the garden with me and the she boss.
The she boss caught a mouse in our sun lounge today. I think a few have been living there for a while and I don't mind. They all go to make life interesting. Anyway, she'd brought one of those mousemane mouse traps home. We've had them before. The last ones, the mice ate their way out of. The one before that, she forgot to check and the mouse died of starvation/suffocation/loneliness. So much for being kind. He'd have been better off having his neck broken in a snap trap but we never know how our end will come.
This time she got it right. He looked like good fun to play with but she wouldn't let me. Instead, we took it out in the car!!!! I'm not sure how much the she boss had thought that one through but what about if it got out of the trap while we were on the move - or when we were stationary in the car for that matter! We drove half a mile to the secure mental health unit for young people and women and let it out on their drive! I hope he doesn't have any ill effects. I'd hate him to find his way back having picked up any disturbances. For a worrying minute, we thought he would decide it was better to hop back in the car than face the rain that was pouring down. I wonder where he is now? And I wonder if we'll get any more. I notice the she boss has sacrificed another Malteser as bait. But I know her game - one for the mouse, 3 for her. And all I get is a couple of yeast tablets or grapes. Still it's all food and better than mushrooms or sprouts. Yuk

Friday 13 July 2007


Alright, I know. I said I don't really do TV but did any of you see The Elephant Man the other night? (I would have posted this before but our internet's been down :(. It was really good but very sad. What was good about it was that I could see it and sat and watched it with my family and friend Peter. I don't understand what they're usually looking at and am only interested if I can hear some animal friends but I could see this one. They thought it was something to do with black & white or something. Don't know what they meant. I think they had all seen it before as they kept giving away what happened next which was most annoying. I did give out some dirty looks but they didn't take the hint.
I liked that Elephant Man and would have been his friend if i'd have met him. I would have looked after him and kept the bad people away from him better than that doctor guy did. i wonder if they have elephant dogs?

Saturday 7 July 2007


That she boss of mine is barmy. There we all are, go to bed at a reasonable time (or some of us do Sammy, Beth!), I settle down, all nice and cozy then the she boss comes back downstairs again a coupld of hours later to disturb me. I usually pretend to be asleep because that's what I'd prefer to be doing. She does daft stuff like make a cup of tea, go on the computer, do puzzle things or read - or all of them, one after the other.
Now for me, night time's for sleep and daytimes for being active and that's how I stay so slim(mish). Anything you're going to do, do it faster or the long way round. For instance, I never walk after a squirrel or walk to the front window or door to see the postman off. I always go as fast as I can then I don't feel so bad when I eat anything I find lying around. None of this wandering round the house at night. Mind you, I usually get a nice cuddle out of it before she goes back up again.

Sunday 1 July 2007

Returning friends

Beth's come home to see me and I'm sure I heard her say she'd missed me. The only other person who ever says that is the she boss. It's nice to feel appreciated. She seems to come always in that funny little car now so it must be hers. Perhaps she'll give me a ride sometime. It would be fun with the roof down - that's if it ever stops raining.

Saturday 23 June 2007


The squirrels that live at the back of the garden have been having a high old time while I've been away. I've been out there today and they've really been taking liberties. It seems that they've forgotten in the 3 days I've been away that it's MY garden and they're not allowed. I don't mind sharing with birds as long as they're not too big, but other furry things are another matter. So, I've been out there patrolling ALL day today, making sure they know who's boss. The friend Peter called and someone else I haven't met before but I only gave them a passing 'Hello' as I had more important things to do. I never quite manage to catch those squirlies but when I do, I'll give them what for. Just like that rat I caught in the garden once. He won't be trotting round my patch again. Maybe I should have got the bosses to leave it out as a warning to other furries but even I was disgusted. Yuk!


Well, that took me by surprise! The she boss packed everything up a couple of days ago and took me away in the tent. Even more surprising, Aunty Joy came with us. I didn't see that coming.
We had a great time and went back to our old haunt of Kington so did lots of walking along Offa's Dyke or something like that. I wasn't too keen on the cows although they seemed very interested in me. I've got some bad memories of cows. I have a job to keep up with Aunty Joy, she don't half give it some welly. Keeps me in line too! Two of them telling me what to do!

I thought I'd got my own back when I found some REALLY lovely smelly stuff to roll in but the joke was on me as the she boss dropped me in the river to wash if off. It wasn't deep thankfully but the smell was better than that so she used all sorts of different smells on me when we got back to the tent. I think it's gone now. The he boss certainly didn't seem to notice anything when we got home. It was nice to see him again and be back in my own home although I do like camping.

Wednesday 20 June 2007


Something's definitely going on. The she boss disappeared for a night 2 nights ago without any warning and without telling me. Boy, was I glad to see her again when she came back. Now tonight, she's been packing up the car with the stuff for what looks like one of those holidays she takes me on - you know, the ones where we sleep under this piece of flappy cloth in a field. It's a funny time of day to be thinking of going off anywhere though. I hope she takes me if that is what she does. I love those holidays - just me and her chilling and doing long walks. There's usually plenty to watch and a river to paddle in while the she boss potters about and reads her books. Last time, we had one of those noisy things with the flashes and bangs in the sky though which was a bit scary as there was no table to hide under. It's one thing that I don't feel like protecting anyone from. I'm the one who needs looking after then

Sunday 17 June 2007

Life and recycling

This she and he boss of mine are very busy - always coming and going. Still, it keeps life interesting and it's been a really nice weekend with lots of visitors. The friend Peter has been to see me a few times this week and this weekend there's been Beth with a fancy new car and even Ed! Haven't seen him in a while. AND they all had chicken today so I've had a lovely dinner tonight with the promise of more to come. I do like having friends. Hope you like the pic. It's me waiting very patiently and politely for food otherwise I know they won't give me any!

Since that picture was taken, we've had these boxes arrive which haven't left me alot of space to sit for my food. It's something to do with 'recycling'. Alot of fuss about nothing if you ask me (not that anyone does - they're too busy telling me what to do or telling me all their troubles) Anyway, back to recycling. What everyone needs is a dog. I eat anything although mostly it has to be organic, but I'll still give it a go. My favourite (apart from food in my bowl) is paper. So there you go. If everyone had a dog to eat most of it for them, especially the food scraps, they wouldn't need all these boxes.
I did hear the bosses might get charged for putting out too much rubbish. Even more reason to have a dog to eat it all.

Friday 15 June 2007


This weather's a bit naff ennit? I can't win. When it was hot, they wouldn't let me off the lead. Said 'I get too hot running around' Grrrr! NOW it just keeps raining all the time and making scary noises and lights in the sky. When it's this wet, I hate going on the field. I'm soaked even before I've got there, wading through all the undergrowth to get in.
Mind you, I REALLY like these big days. It means everyone's doing interesting stuff nearly up until bedtime. Why do they have to go little and colder just when you're enjoying yourself?

Thursday 7 June 2007


Aaah Beth's come to see me. I hope she stays a bit. It's always nice to see her and she seems pleased to see me too
And Candice came to see me last night and was here AGES. I'm not sure that she's quite so keen on me as a friend as Beth is but she always says "Hello" anyway. I think she's just done a big bike ride with Sammy. There are LOADS of bikes here. It's just like Holland

Saturday 2 June 2007

Saturdays again

It's one of those Saturdays again when they fuss around the house doing stuff with bits of rag and the noisy thing. It's not so bad as at least they're all here for company and it can be good for a wind up. My bed's always nice and clean afterwards as well but look what else she did with it today! How am I supposed to sleep on that up there? They've not got the sense they were born with

Thursday 31 May 2007

More new friends

Aaaah I'm so glad that the he and she boss chose to adopt me and have me live with them. I think they're glad as well. It's such a nice place to be and they have such interesting people come round. We had two more new ones today. I don't know where they keep finding them. They don't seem to be random anybodies as they usually know them themselves - it's just me that doesn't. These 2 seemed to have come in the middle of a journey to eat our food and use our settees but none of us minded and Sammy came to say hello to them as well. Even he seemed to know them. I think their names were Cameron and Jenny or something. He was BIG! Not like my family. I think they liked me but they didn't send any food my way or even leave any tasty scraps.
The he and she boss went out somewhere tonight and came back smelling of another dog. It was a he dog by the tone of it and I'm glad they didn't take me. These boys can be such a nuisance - getting ideas above their station, and they don't take the hint from me.

Wednesday 30 May 2007


She's a good 'un, my she boss - she understands my language. The last 2 nights, the he boss has been over the field for a walk but if he thought I was going, he had another think coming! The steps were completely overgrown with things that stung and prickled and I've got a very sensitive nose, don't you know. He was most put out that he'd been all the way round the field while I stood by the garden gate.
The she boss knew what it was about and had time today to chop the stuff back. That's better. We had a good walk to night to make up for lost time. I'll put a video to show you the field on here sometime when it's a nice day (and light)

Monday 28 May 2007

New friends

I made some new friends yesterday. Someone called Ben and Michelle came to meet me and liked me (phew) and I liked them (PHEW). As well as lots of talking, they made alot of fuss of me so it was good all round.
The only thing I wasn't sure about was the conversation I heard about dogs giving blood away. It seems the idea is to help other dogs but I don't like the sound of it. I kept out of the room for that one as I don't want them looking at me and thinking it would be a good thing for me to do. I think I'm due for my anual visit to the vet but I'm making sure I don't remind anyone.

Friday 25 May 2007


I've been lulled into a false sense of security. All my fears were realised this week. I don't know if I'm coming or going. First the he boss didn't come home one night then the next day the she boss didn't. Luckily Sammy was still in and out and the he boss reappeared the second night. Boy was I glad to see him and even happier when she boss came back tonight especially as she's the only one I can rely on to remember I need food. Yes, I missed a meal again while she wasn't here. You just can't get the staff

Tuesday 22 May 2007


I had a nice surprise last night. The she boss was going out so I snuck out with her for the ride and to see what she was up to and guess where we ended up?! My friend Bobby's. I even went in to say hello but she's getting on a bit now and couldn't be bothered to move out of her bed. Her he boss is always pleased to see me though and we had a good laugh together

Monday 21 May 2007


You know that box with the interesting white bits in that came a couple of days ago? Well it's been up on a chair since it came until today when they kindly put it on the floor so I could see if there was anything I might want. Beth had been here and had already opened a packet of nice chocolate things, think they were called TimTams or something. Anyway, seeing as that packet had already been opened, I thought I'd finish what had been started - I don't mind sharing and taking second place - so I ate the other six out of the packet. Well Beth had eaten 3 and she was only passing through so I thought 6 when I'm the one who lives here was reasonable. It seems it was a misunderstanding though as no one seems very happy about me eating them. Oh dear, in the dog house again

Saturday 19 May 2007


I must have got the wrong end of the stick. The she boss is showing no signs of going away but did take me back to Malvern Hills today. We had a fab time although it would have been nice to have gone with some other people to have more variety of scraps at lunchtime.
We had a couple of soakings which I don't like at all. It was VERY windy for a while too which is even worse. It worries me and I have to keep checking that the she boss is still there on the top of the hills. You never know what might happen in these big gusts. Also, it goes down my ears. It's alright for people, they put things over their heads to keep the wind out of their ears. There should be something for dogs too. Perhaps the friend Peter could come up with something - he's always having bright ideas. If I had floppy ears like labradors or spaniels then it wouldn't be a problem but I've got ears made for hearing.
There were alot of people there today - far too crowded. It meant that I was on the lead for a lot of it as some of the other dogs are a bit of a nuisance. Little pests. I don't know if it is my imagination but there seemed to be a disproportionate (big word eh?!) amount of men with white beards there today. Perhaps it's because they're the ones most likely to brave it when it's windy.
There's no grass like Malvern grass for having a good roll and scratch on either. Feel much better.


Something's going on. It's not Saturday and the she boss is cleaning. I found an interesting thing on the floor that matched the noisy cleaner thing and it looked good for chewing so I did. I don't think I was supposed to because it didn't turn into a fun game when the she boss saw me.
I'm sure I've heard her saying something about going away. She better not because the others are bound to forget to feed me. I'm keeping a close eye and I haven't left her side yet today.
A man's brought a big box for us today. When the she boss opened it, there were LOADS of soft white things in there so I nicked one of those to see what it tasted like. It wasn't very nice really but seeing as the she boss was trying to get it back, I thought it must be worth eating. 1 down, 632 to go!

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Life in general

I haven't written for a bit have I? Mainly because I haven't had much to write about. Life's been very quiet for me because the bosses seem to have been out a lot. I know the she boss wanted to take me with them on Saturday but the he boss wouldn't let her. Grrrr. I turns out I would have got very wet and cold though and I hate that so better off in the warm. At least I had a good walk when they got back.
I've had some visitors. Blobby Bobby's he boss came to see me. That caused me great excitement as he enjoys a good game and even came out in the garden with me. The friend Peter came again yesterday for a while and I had a nice cuddle on the she boss's lap while he was here. I haven't done that for a while and forgot how cosy it is.
Today, 2 men came who I thought were going to be good fun but then they both disappeared up a ladder on to the roof for hours. Where's the fun in that? I had to keep out of the way as well because all this stuff kept falling down into the back garden. Don't these people know how dangerous they can be to us gentle dogs? They were nice to me when they were down though. I don't know what they were doing up there. I can't see much different.
And now, Candice has come to see me. I haven't seen her for ages but all she seems to be doing is talking to the he boss. I thought she'd come to see me!

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Car rides

Hey, have you seen this big advert on the streets? Something to do with hearts. I was driving in the car when I saw this HUGE picture of a man cleaning his car - with a dog!!!!!!!! Mind you, he was only an excuse for a dog - one of those little yappy things although quite cute. I don't know how he was standing for that. You wouldn't catch me. I s'pose I wouldn't have enough fur to make it worthwhile so I'm probably pretty safe. It could be an alternative way of having a bath but I'm not sure which is worse really. Mmmmm

Monday 7 May 2007

Home days

Here's a how'd ye do. The bosses were both at home today and you'd never believe what they did. They were pulling paper off the walls! I know I like it to eat but even I couldn't keep up with that. I was a bit worried by this strange behaviour and wasn't sure if I'd get the blame somehow so I watched from the safety of under the table. When they'd done that, they put a load more paper! Crazy if you ask me.
They did some stuff in the garden as well which is always good for entertainment. They bought me this naff toy for Christmas that I had hidden under a bush but the she boss found it today. There she was, trying to get me to play with it again. Can't they get the message - I DON'T LIKE IT!

Saturday 5 May 2007

Little people

We had a different sort of visitor yesterday - a little person. I'm not too sure about them. I'm not always sure about the normal sized people for that matter but the little ones do unpredictable things and make unexpected noises. The she boss had this one on her lap and carried it about a bit so I thought I better keep close by in case it did anything dangerous to her. It was quite well behaved though and after a while, they sent me outside. I didn't mind cos I had a tasty chew for a treat.
We've had another brill walk today. There weren't many people around and not many roads so I was off the lead for most of it having a good nose around. I had an unexpected bath when I went for a drink and it was deeper than I thought. It will save me having one at home for a while although at least they're warm. These are some animals we met:

We met a scruffy little dog who kept coming after me for a sniff but cleared off when I told him where to go. He didn't understand the he and she boss but he certainly understood me!

Thursday 3 May 2007

Eggs is eggs to be sure

They gave me an egg today with my food - a whole one, not cooked or shelled. Mmm. Not too sure. I've had one before but I've got to be in the mood. They're best eaten by nibbling a hole, then licking out the inside. Even better if they gave me a straw. Sometimes I'll eat the shell as well but again, I have to be in the mood. Or very hungry maybe

Sunday 29 April 2007

The best weekends

Wow What a brill weekend. Yesterday me and the she boss had a looonnng walk over the Malvern Hills. I/we love it there even if I don't get to go off the lead loads. They've put lots of big animals up there and I think the she boss is a bit scared of them and wants to keep me close so I can protect her if anything happens. It did once and it was bad but I was there to look after her.
We went with some other friends and they were all ones who liked me and fed me bits of their lunch so it was extra good. There's some pictures somewhere.

I told you the friend Peter would come and see me sometime and would you believe it, there he was today round at ours so today was nice too. The weekend was extra nice because Beth came around too for some of it although I couldn't work out if she was staying around or not - one minute she was here for the night, then she was gone, then back again. These people don't know if they're coming or going. No wonder I make alot of noise when they go, I never know when I'll see them again

Friday 27 April 2007


The she boss went out all day today. At least she fed me before she went as the others are likely to forget and at least I ended up with a good walk out of it - TWICE round the field! (It's big). I would have liked to have gone with her though especially as it turns out she saw my friend Peter and I know he would have liked to have seen me. I can always smell out who she's seen and recognise my friends. Oh well, maybe he'll come here and see me soon

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Looking after the house

Was on my own alot today but that was OK. It's nice to have the house to myself for a day every now and then.I sleep a bit, watch out for squirrels trespassing, sleep a bit more, watch the pigeons eating the new plants growing, sleep a bit more, attack the door when the postman comes (will he ever learn?), sleep a bit more. play with a toy, sleep, chew my bone, sleep. Aaah so peaceful. It's best when there's space left to get on a nice soft chair but there's usually cushions left in the way. Do you think they do it on purpose to spoil it for me?
Something strange happened today that's happened before sometimes. The phone rings and when no one picks it up, you hear someone talking. Today I heard the she boss and she was talking to me! She wasn't in the house cos she went out in the car (without me :( ) so how does she do it? It was nice of her to talk to me. I'm glad she didn't build my hopes up and tell me she was giving me a walk like the he boss does when he talks like that through the phone to me. Talk about teasing and disappointment. When he sez 'food' that's even worse.

Saturday 21 April 2007


I love Saturday's. Both bosses are around doing all sorts of stuff that makes good fun for me. All except that noisy thing they push round the house that scares me. The she boss does alot of crawling round the floor with a cloth moving things around which is interesting and means her face is by mine for sniffing and licking. We have a good laugh.
Did you see that moon last night? There's a picture on here of it and a picture of me on the field having a walk in the dark. There's a couple of little squeaky dogs that live over the other side of the field that pick a fight with me if they're around when I'm over that side. Last night they were in their garden shut behind their gate so I went and stood by it for ages. It was a right laugh. I think they were fighting each other as they couldn't get to me for a fight!
Do you like the garden pictures of me? That thing in the background has been put there by the bosses so I can have a drink whenever I'm out there I think. Very kind. The birds are pretty good at dropping nuts and seeds for me out of their feeders too. In fact, it's always worth hanging round anyone/thing that's eating as they're bound to drop something sooner or later. Tricks of the trade. They call me a scrounger but it just all makes sense to me.

Thursday 19 April 2007


I love it when they have a chicken for Sunday dinner - loads of leftover scraps and it was a big one this week so I've had bits nearly every day. Brill. Can still run though. Look at my pics. Hope I don't embarrass anyone with my one without clothes but I do like the sunshine