Thursday 28 June 2012

More ups and downs

Today started off terrible. The sky was so dark and noisy. I didn't know where to put myself. I just followed the she boss around but she seemed to want to watch what was going on. There was BIG rain coming down as well. When it all went away and got quiet again, the she boss took me on to my field. What a surprise! There was loads of water. Me and the she boss had a good paddle and went on to the footpath too. There were people trying to walk through but it was too deep without your wellies. The she boss had forgotten that she had a hole in hers. Funny thing was, we didn't see the ducks. They've been wandering round the field for ages and now when they can have a proper swim they've cleared off.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Big fright

I've had a great walk today around Sutton Park which was great with lots of running, lots of squirrels, rabbits and water at the right times when I needed a paddle and a drink. I haven't had that good a run in ages. I'm going to be stiff tomorrow.
We stopped for a cuppa and there were quite a few other dogs there with their he and she bosses. I was the best behaved of the lot. They were all pretty rowdy and arguing with anyone new who came along. It was all perfect until the she boss got up to go. I thought she'd untied me from her chair but she hadn't so when I went to get going as well the chair followed me and tried to wrap itself round me. The faster I ran, the more it bashed me over the head. I was really scared and the she boss had to run fast to catch me and untie the chair. Soooo embarrassing.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Big rain

 Look what I found tonight over my field ...
If I was very clever I'd join them up for you and show you what it really looked like. It came after we'd had lots and lots of really big rain that made a river down our road, three lots of Mr and Mrs Mallard come and check out the ponds in our field, a lot of nasty rumbly noise in the sky and made our flappy housey thing over the chairs from our party last night in the garden fall down all over the chairs. And it made me hide under the she bosses chair. But now this. It was really pretty and I had a good run around under it

Saturday 2 June 2012


Well we did it and this is where we went.  It wasn't blue sky like that all the time and it was raining when we put the flappy house away. I left the he and she boss to get on with it while I kept in the warm and dry of the car.
I think I liked it there. Some bad things were the stones on the beach which made my ankle sore again and the other dogs there who were running around and not sensible like me. They even dared to try and come in my tent! I wasn't having any of that.
I was a bit scared of the loud planes that went over and the train going by to start with but neither happened very often and I got used to it.
A baby robin came to see me in my house today. He didn't seem very happy about it though and was trying to get out. I went and told the she boss and she helped him. Shame he didn't want to stay and chat