Monday 28 January 2008

No one understands me :(

I've just been for a trip to the shop and a walk on the way back with the she boss. It was spooky so after I'd done what I needed to, I went back to the car to wait for her. I seem to be in trouble. I think it might have something to do with the cars that stopped to have a look at me while I was waiting for her. Perhaps I should have waited on the side where I get in instead of in the road where she gets in. If she'd have left it open for me in the first place, I could have had a go at getting myself in while I was waiting for her.
I feel much safer in the car or the house or in my own garden. Why doesn't anyone understand it can be a scary world out there?

Sunday 27 January 2008

Visitors - lots of them

That was a fine howdyedo we've had here. I think it was supposed to be fun but there wasn't much in it for me. Yesterday morning all sorts of strange things started happening here and some of them were pretty frightening. The most scary thing to start with was that the she boss was up a ladder on the decking with a great big blue flappy sheet. At first I thought it might be exciting holiday tent things but then it got very noisy and flappy with the wind. I think they wanted to make a big tent on the decking but then the wind really blew and I think the she boss got a bit hurt so that was the end of that. It got better after that. The she boss had lots of those things wrapped in paper like we have at Christmas which was great for me as it gave me lots of bits to eat.
Later on, there was loads of nice smelling food arriving but I wasn't allowed anywhere near it. Just when I thought it was getting good, LOTS of people started arriving. Too many for me as it was likely to get worrying especially as there were little people as well. The she boss was kind and put my bed in the car to have a nice sleep. Trouble was, it went on for hours and every now and then there were those noisy flashy things in the sky that I hate. I really don't understand what was going on but in the end, the she boss fetched me back inside and there weren't too many people there and all the ones who were there were very kind. I knew I'd met some of them before too.
Best of all was all the food left around and bits on the floor but very best of all, my friend Robin had been cooking out in the garden!! Is he too dangerous to be allowed at the cooker inside? It suited me though because today, it was all nice and cold and there was plenty to lick up that had been left behind. Kind Robin
It's all gone quiet now except for those horrible boucy things that float and make strange noises. They keep getting in the way of where I want to go and I never know what they might do. I hope they disappear soon
Look what they did to my garden ......

Wednesday 23 January 2008


I've been led to believe (overheard) that my friend Blobby Bobby sleeps upstairs in the room with her she and he boss!! I'm NEVER allowed upstairs even at night although I do sneek up and sleep at the corner of the stairs where I can keep an eye on the bedrooms and the front door at the same time while they're all asleep. I'm not sure that they know but I have noticed that they make an extra effort with that noisy, sucky thing round that bit of the carpet.
I did try and go in the bedroom at Christmas in the morning when all the bangy things had been happening in the sky but got sent out pretty quick. Having heard about Bobby though, I thought I'd try again the other morning so poked my head round the door. Honestly, you'd have thought I'd brought a dead rat in with me. Even the he boss got out of bed to send me back out and he never gets up until he's ready. Roll on the next B&B holiday when they HAVE to have me in with them
By the way, something's happening again. There's LOADS of bottles in the garage. Something's brewing but I haven't got a clue what. I've never had anything like this before. I hope it involves long walks and food. I'll keep you posted

Thursday 17 January 2008

Bird flu

You heard about this bird flu stuff? It seems humane beans are quite worried although my he and she boss don't seem to worry about too much. They think I don't listen when they've got the news on but I take it all in. Or what I understand anyway and I certainly understand all about birds cos I know it's not worth chasing them off the garden when they can all fly. Unfair advantage in the chase.
Anyway, what I was going to say is, I've got a theory. I reckon all us dogs and other four legged creatures have got nothing to worry about. I think it's got something to do with having 2 legs. I mean, so far, it's only birds and people that have got it isn't it and they don't seem to be worried about any other creatures. So perhaps that family in India or wherever who go round on all fours have got nothing to worry about either and the rest of them could learn something

Saturday 12 January 2008

Little person Sara

We had the little person Sara here AGAIN today. This is getting a habit. Just when I thought I understood our routine. I'm not allowed in when she's here and have to stay in my bed in the sun lounge. It was a bit cold today but I'd rather not be in the house with her. She's very sweet but I find her a bit scary because I'm not used to little people and you never know what they might do next. She was playing with all that plastic stuff in the box too which I don't like because it makes a lot of noise.
I think she likes me and if I understood her a bit more, we could be good friends. Here she is looking at me through the window.
Because I was so good, the she boss took me for a walk later in Sutton Park. Huh. Some reward. It rained loads yesterday - flooded roads, snow, etc, etc so no one could go out. They all went out today instead to Sutton Park. EVERYONE was there - bikes, runners, little people, big people. I tell you what, I think those runners were there as new years' resolutions as most of them looked as though they hadn't run for a long, long time and were really struggling. What I'm saying is, because all those people and bikes were there, the she boss would hardly let me off the lead so it wasn't such a good run for me. Grrrr.
Then, after all that, she left me in the car for ages while she went off. I bet she went and had a nice hot drink and a read of a paper while I was left in the car getting cold and lonely. It was very dark by the time she came back and I was beginning to think she'd walked home and forgotten she'd come in the car, let alone brought me!

Tuesday 8 January 2008

MORE scary walks :s

If I thought the walk on Saturday was scary it was nothing on the one today over my nice safe field with my nice safe he boss. We had the whole place to ourselves until we got as far away from our gate that we can when a new big dog came through the fence. She was BIG and very bouncy and NOT in a friendly way. I think I'm supposed to defend the he boss when he gets scared but this was too much for me. She was jumping up round the he boss and showing her teeth. I was afraid she was going to really hurt him and she wasn't doing anything her he boss was telling her. We were both really glad to get back behind our gate :( I won't want to go over there again in a hurry

Saturday 5 January 2008

Scary walks

I took Sammy G a walk up a mountain yesterday! Or did he take me? Or was it the she boss who took both of us? Either way, it's the first time it's happened but Sammy wanted to see a mountain. I've a feeling I've been up this one before with some other friends but it was different this time cos we couldn't see anything hardly. The start was great fun - lots of running around and checking new smells but when we were nearer the top, it got foggier, colder, windier, slippier and very scary.
I suppose it might not even have been the top as we couldn't see anyway. It was scary enough that I decided I was going to get back to the car. It's a good job the she boss called me back and put me on the lead as it turns out I was going completely the wrong way. That's what fog does for you. I even had frost all down one side of me where the wind was blowing. Then on the way down, it was on my other side. Me and Sammy slept well on the way home.
Today I've been for a normal walk in Sutton Park with the she and he boss. Much safer and lots of new friends to make.
A new person called Jo came round for a little while last night but I got myself into trouble when I jumped up to say 'Hello'. The she boss wouldn't let me anywhere near her after that but I was only trying to be friendly. I don't think she wanted to. I'd like her to come again so I can say sorry and show her I can be sensible .

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Walk with friends

Today was nice. It made up for last night. I went for a walk last night with the he and she boss which was spoilt by MORE of the noisy flashy things in the sky. I couldn't wait to get home but when we did, they all went out and left me for hours. I could hear lots of bangs going on but they all came home safely eventually.
Today we went for a walk in the light so that was good. We drove quite a way then walked somewhere I've never been before. We saw loads of things called deer which I've only smelt before but never seen like that, only behind fences. What made it even better was that when we stopped the car to have the walk, there were lots of my friends there. I wonder if they knew we were coming too. Joy was there, and Bobbie's he boss, some people who came to our house a few days ago and others who I know but don't get so excited about. It was lovely.
Ed's been at our house for a few days and I thought he'd come to live but he's disappeared again now. Beth's still here though. Perhaps she's staying forever. It's nice because she stays here in the day when everyone else goes out to work.