Saturday 30 August 2008

I could have sworn she said "birthday"

I followed her up the stairs cos I thought she said "birthday". I was looking forward to all the paper like that Beth had. I should have realised when I saw all the towels. It's not as bad as it looks really. I do get A LOT of fuss afterwards when she dries me. And I am very fluffy and cute now. aw

Thursday 28 August 2008

Giant baby panda?

This was very interesting to me. especially the little one's squeaks. Aaah Can it be a giant and a baby?

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Strange day out

Me and the she boss have been out all day today. She'd planned surprises for me. The first one wasn't too good. We went in one of those big cars which you share with lots of other people. I don't like those but it wasn't for too long. I just curled up under the seat which made me feel safest. We walked through some shops where I attracted alot of attention and then we got to Sutton Park!! That was the first surprise cos I've only ever gone in our car or occasionally walked there.
We didn't go very far before the she boss sat down to read the paper. I was most disappointed as that seemed to be it but then my friend Janet arrived in her car. I haven't seen her for ages (last time was with Leo) and they both took me for a good walk with lots of mud. We went for lunch as well where there were lots of dogs with bosses.
Janet went off in her car and we just carried on walking back through all the shops but then landed up at Aunty Joy's house! Another surprise. I've never been in there before and her and Uncle Ted seemed pleased to see me. There was another lady there too and all us ladies went off for more walking. The others left us after a bit but me and the she boss just carried right on and ended up back at home just in time for tea. What a lovely day.
I'd like to know when the sun's going to shine again though. It's stopped raining for a few days now but there's no sign of any sun.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Walks! and then some This brought a tear to the she bosses eye. I was watching. She was telling me all about it. I hope she doesn't get any funny ideas. There's walks and there's walks. We both agreed though that we admire Rosie very much and wondered what we might do.


Me and the she boss went on holiday to the garden last night and slept in the flappy house out there. I got woken up by some little creature scratching along trying to come in but is was good to be in there again. She's putting it away now so it doesn't look like it will happen again soon :-(

Sunday 24 August 2008

Blog changes

Do you like the new bigger font? Nan & Grandad came to see us last night for ages and they had a good look at what I say about myself. Only thing was, they said I wrote a bit small so we made it bigger as we thought there might be others like them out there.
Have you heard (about) this? I like that idea. Do you think they could make those noisy things on the road that keep the sheep in do that. They make me jump even when the she boss warns me it's coming and however fast or slow she goes. I suppose it might help if I could see out of the front window myself to see when one's coming

Saturday 23 August 2008

Wet camping

This is the weather today .......

This was the weather for the rest of the week while I've been away in the flappy house with the she boss ...........

I thought she was having a laugh when she got me in the car with all the stuff and especially when we just did little journeys dropping things off to start with and then came home again. It turned out she'd forgotten my lead. I suppose that was really my fault cos I'd snuck in the car without my outdoor wear on while she was packing just in case she was thinking of leaving me behind.
We went first to the place where we met the nice lady Claire last year but there were no flappy houses there! Something to do with all the rain we were having so we had to find somewhere else. It was not a bad place and we got visited by lots of rabbits, ducks and little creatures which was quite exciting. I'm with the she boss when she says we don't mind any of them just so long as they don't expect a share of our food or bed.

We did lots of exploring. We wanted to go back up that big hill about the Kind Scouts but we couldn't see it any of the days with all that rain. When we were exploring on the first night we met a cat. He had a bit of an identity crisis and thought he was really a BIG cat I reckon because he attacked me!! Of all the cheek. The she boss had to shoo him off because he kept taking a run at me from behind just when I was minding my own business. I never met one like that before.
We'd only just got used to our home for 2 nights when we had to move. Completely. To a new place quite a way away. On the day the sun was shining as well when we could have gone for a proper walk (not that we could see the Kind Scout still). I was a bit fed up with it all by then even though there were ducks again. There were also lots of noisy children. Not that they got in the way. But you never know. The friend Peter came to see us at tea time and that cheered me up. I felt much better then although I still slept snuggled up to the she boss that night just in case she was thinking of moving again.
We managed a really long walk over the hills eventually. It started off sunny but then there were things called stair rods coming out of the sky along with that nasty rumbly noise that I hate. Talk about scared all the way up there. This is the hill that it was sort of sunny on:

We do like hills though. It seems like lots of other people do too cos we always see someone up there.
It was sunny on the day we had to come home but not enough to dry up all the mud so the flappy tent is out in the garden now. At least we know it works and were very cosy in there listening to the pattering. Some people looked very wet to me. This last picture was me waiting for my food one day. I think I was even dribbling. I must have been very hungry. I thought I was quite a handsome dog until I saw this picture. I've got some strange proportions haven't I? I blame the parents
When the she boss was packing up we saw the most ridiculous sight. Some big fancy dog came poncing along in a rain coat and galoshes!! No joke. His she boss had put him in a coat that covered everything except his face and his bum! I know it was muddy but we had our own ways of dealing with that. You wouldn't catch me allowing that one.
The she boss was a bit excited cos we saw one of those really blue birds along the river on our last walk. I heard her telling our nice neighbours and they said they see them all the time where they live. That put her in her place.
I was very glad to be home again although it was nice being outside all the time again and we slept VERY well

Saturday 16 August 2008


It's been good to be back to a normal Saturday at last. Both he and she boss have been pushing those noisy things around the house and garden today as well as a different noisy thing that made the carpets all wet and I wasn't allowed on them. It's OK now though. I've snuck a quick roll around on them to check them out and to get my perfume back on them.
The she boss was getting rid of all the long grass round the edges with a new noisy thing and she got a frog!! (Stunned pa(w)use) I would never do anything like that to a frog. I think she was a bit sad so she can't have meant to do it

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Garden holiday

I thought you might like to know that I've checked the flappy houses in the garden again today a couple of times and there's still no one on holiday in them. Can't say I blame them cos it's STILL raining. And cold.

Tuesday 12 August 2008


I think I've just been on holiday. I can't be sure because it's not like any I've had before. The rain didn't help. Fancy going in the flappy house when it's raining. It was pretty depressing as you can see.

I was told I compared to Eeyore. I've always found him quite lovable if miserable so I wasn't too offended.
We didn't manage ANY walks even though we were back where we were for our real holiday. That Beth and Edward joined us later and I don't think they were impressed either even the next day when it had nearly stopped. Maybe something to do with the mud.
They left me in the car for quite a while in the evening right up till very late. I thought it would be good for a rest but there was a lot of very loud music so I couldn't get to sleep. They'd all dressed up really peculiar. I glad I wasn't seen with them looking like that. The she boss had a really fancy white dress on in all the rain and mud.
It wasn't all bad because we went to the beach the next morning and had a bit of a run round although the sea had taken over most of it and there wasn't a lot of space. It was nice to have a play though.

Just when it was all looking good, we went home but we left the she boss behind!! That was really sad and I was a bit worried until she turned up back at home really late after everyone had gone to bed the next day. That Beth, Ed and Sammy seem to have disappeared now though. What a strange way to go on. Now we've got the flappy houses getting in the way in the garden but no one's on holiday in them. Yet.

Friday 8 August 2008

He's back!

Yay! The he boss came back tonight. Boy, was I pleased to see him. Especially as it had been a chaotic day here. Ed came and took that Beth away. See what I mean, I never know if she lives here or not. It was one of those strange days here that happen now and again. That Beth kept taking out things that were hiding in paper and getting very excited. I was excited because I like all that paper and she was kind enough to feed me some of it. I can't see what was so good about the things inside though. Ed managed to sneak into the garden with one of those fast things that go on two wheels that the she boss took me to the park with once. I hope that Beth doesn't get those sort of ideas. It wasn't much fun for me.
It was nice and quiet once everyone had gone and the fuss had died down. I went for a good walk with the she boss but I must admit to feeling abit nervous about going too far away from her after everything that's been happening. I suppose I've been a bit of a baby following her round everywhere. I do like it when she talks to me though. You'd be surprised what I learn about life

Thursday 7 August 2008


That Beth seems to have come back here to live again. And again. And again. Honestly, a dog doesn't know if it's coming or going. She comes for a bit and just when I think that's it, she disappears again. Talking of disappearing, the he boss hasn't shown up yet. I hope he's coming back. I'm beginning to miss him.
About that Beth. She kindly alerted me to a presumptuous cat daring to come into my garden today. Of course, I gave chase and all but caught it. I managed to get under the fence at the end of the garden after it. I knew I did fit under there but have never taken advantage before. The trouble was, it had been a real tight squeeze and it hurt a bit although I hadn't noticed in all the excitement. I really didn't want to have to come back that way so I called my family. Only trouble was, they were eating their dinner and didn't bother to answer. I must have shouted for at least 20 minutes before the she boss came and opened the gate. She said she thought I was still shouting at the cat but she should know me better than that. I've never shouted for that long before. I'm quite a quiet sort of being really despite all appearances. I've got a sore throat now.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Another day out!

I've been on some long journey again today. This time we took the friend Peter and went to the beach. And it rained again. It was OK though and I had a nice walk on the beach while the friend Peter went to sleep. I found some pretty tasty chips when I had a walk later by some water too. Tired now.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Wet days out

I've been out for the day today with the she boss and Sammy. Huh. That sounds better than it was. I ended up being almost all the time in the car. For a start, we drove a long, long way to some city by the sea and then it was pouring with rain so I stayed in the car while they went off to explore and eat. I suppose it was probably better than getting wet. I don't like having to sit around in wet clothes. And at least I had their company for a fair bit of the time. I did have a walk along a huge river. I didn't fancy a paddle in that one as the water was doing some funny things and there was a lot of it.
I wonder where the he boss is. He seems to have disappeared. He slipped out pretty quietly at least a day ago.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Loooonnnng walk

I knew the she boss was up to something; all these long walks with different friends, serious stuff. She disappeared with all her walking stuff without me a couple of nights ago. I thought she might have been going to Malvern but she had a lot more stuff than that. She didn't come back till really late last night. I was certainly glad to see her but she was very tired. When I was trying to say hello, she kept telling me to be careful of her feet too. She's still really tired today and even fell asleep for quite a while. Her feet look a bit strange too. I think I'm glad I didn't go.
There are some photos she showed me of where she went on