Friday 21 December 2012

Disappearing she boss

She did it again! Just when I thought I was safe and the she boss was staying put she disappeared again all night. She had me fooled as she only took a little bag and I thought she was just going to the shops or something although I thought the 'goodbye' to the he boss was a bit dramatic if that was the case. It turns out she got on a train and went all the way to see Sammy and Abimaro in London. I only go there in the car so I think she's very brave.
I must say the house is looking very nice and we've had some good fires to keep me warm. I like all the lights and interesting things around.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Thieving squirrels

No longer are the squirrels content with trying to nick the nuts from the birds but now they're taking our flags. We caught one running off down the garden with some of our bunting. So what do they do with it? They've made a right mess of our nice streamers. They'd already chewed through our lighting. What next? Perhaps they're just bored with the winter weather coming on.
I've had a couple of surprises this week. Me and the she boss were out on the field having a walk/run when who should be coming through our gate our way but that Beth. I don't know what's going on but she certainly looks like she could do with some more walking round our field. It looks like she might have eaten rather a lot of pies. Every time I see her she gets bigger still. I hope she doesn't explode in our house. It could be messy.
Last night, all was quiet, all was still as I had the house to myself when who should let himself in large as life but Sammy. That was a nice surprise. He hasn't stayed long though and didn't bring Abimaro with him which would have been good as she gives me some fuss. Maybe next time.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Driving theMillieDog

This will be me next  Can't wait. Must get the she boss onto it. Can choose myself then where and when to go on walks. We had what was supposed to be a good one yesterday but I wasn't happy. Too many bangs off somewhere.

Thursday 29 November 2012

Back in business

It's about time I started writing regularly again. I haven't been cos I haven't felt much like it. I haven't known whether the she boss is coming or going or going or coming half the time and it's quite upset me. She disappears for days with loads of bags then comes back a bit but I don't feel happy until she's at least put her slippers on cos you never know if she might change her mind. Anyway, today all the boxes and bags have been going back up through the hole in the roof upstairs. I think that might be where heaven is where you go when you die but I don't know why all the boxes and bags go up there as well. Perhaps it's just them that go there to die. I feel better now they've all gone and can trust that the she boss is staying around a bit now.
She's even been out in the garden with me like the old days clearing up all the leaves. At last we can see the poos for the leaves again. That's my poos, not the she bosses. Next door have been clearing leaves as well. The difference is that their garden looks like they've cleared leaves but I'm not so sure about ours. I'll send you a picture sometime soon. In the meantime here's one we took on our field in between paddling in the lake that's there again after all the rain. The she boss had to go and try out her new wellies and they worked. Plenty more walks to come through the mud then. I will say, the he boss was getting good at taking me for walks every time the she boss went off with he boxes and bags so it wasn't all bad.

Saturday 29 September 2012

One more for you

 We liked this and I think this is what I've been doing the last few months

Long time no see

Well this has certainly been a long time coming. I don't know what's been going on with the she boss really. Life's ticked along as always but I don't seem to be getting much of a say in things.
We've had some chickens move in next door but they're not very exciting as they don't come through the fence into my garden and I don't hear much of them.
We've just been on holiday to the place with the fearsome cat again which was good and I enjoyed the chickens in our garden there. Yes, before you ask, I was very good and didn't terrorise them.
It did a lot of raining while we were there but I did manage to get a couple of runs by the sea.

Thursday 28 June 2012

More ups and downs

Today started off terrible. The sky was so dark and noisy. I didn't know where to put myself. I just followed the she boss around but she seemed to want to watch what was going on. There was BIG rain coming down as well. When it all went away and got quiet again, the she boss took me on to my field. What a surprise! There was loads of water. Me and the she boss had a good paddle and went on to the footpath too. There were people trying to walk through but it was too deep without your wellies. The she boss had forgotten that she had a hole in hers. Funny thing was, we didn't see the ducks. They've been wandering round the field for ages and now when they can have a proper swim they've cleared off.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Big fright

I've had a great walk today around Sutton Park which was great with lots of running, lots of squirrels, rabbits and water at the right times when I needed a paddle and a drink. I haven't had that good a run in ages. I'm going to be stiff tomorrow.
We stopped for a cuppa and there were quite a few other dogs there with their he and she bosses. I was the best behaved of the lot. They were all pretty rowdy and arguing with anyone new who came along. It was all perfect until the she boss got up to go. I thought she'd untied me from her chair but she hadn't so when I went to get going as well the chair followed me and tried to wrap itself round me. The faster I ran, the more it bashed me over the head. I was really scared and the she boss had to run fast to catch me and untie the chair. Soooo embarrassing.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Big rain

 Look what I found tonight over my field ...
If I was very clever I'd join them up for you and show you what it really looked like. It came after we'd had lots and lots of really big rain that made a river down our road, three lots of Mr and Mrs Mallard come and check out the ponds in our field, a lot of nasty rumbly noise in the sky and made our flappy housey thing over the chairs from our party last night in the garden fall down all over the chairs. And it made me hide under the she bosses chair. But now this. It was really pretty and I had a good run around under it

Saturday 2 June 2012


Well we did it and this is where we went.  It wasn't blue sky like that all the time and it was raining when we put the flappy house away. I left the he and she boss to get on with it while I kept in the warm and dry of the car.
I think I liked it there. Some bad things were the stones on the beach which made my ankle sore again and the other dogs there who were running around and not sensible like me. They even dared to try and come in my tent! I wasn't having any of that.
I was a bit scared of the loud planes that went over and the train going by to start with but neither happened very often and I got used to it.
A baby robin came to see me in my house today. He didn't seem very happy about it though and was trying to get out. I went and told the she boss and she helped him. Shame he didn't want to stay and chat

Monday 28 May 2012

Holiday at last

Something's apaw. The she boss has been getting all sorts of stuff together and it looks like a flappy house holiday to me. She's packed my bag so I'm going as well. I must say, it's about time. I hope it's somewhere nice for ages

Friday 18 May 2012

Oh and another thing

I forgot to tell you, we've got a new cupboard in our kitchen - one of those you keep all the tasty food in with a light inside. I like this one cos it keeps me company at night making whale noises to talk to me.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Ticking along

I've not been very good lately here have I? The she boss has been on the computer lately and I always come and sit by her and remind her but she's been busy with other things. Some of it's pretty interesting as it involves lots of bits of paper which she drops on the floor. I'm not supposed to have them but I sneak one off sometimes to munch on until I get caught.
We had everyone living here again one night a few days ago. It was just like that exciting time when it's cold and they throw LOADS of paper away. I don't know why I say 'when it's cold', it's been really cold anyway and they've been lighting the fire for me.
It feels like the sort of light when we start going away to live in the flappy house but I don't want to go cos I'll be too cold. Mind you, thefriendPeter came by very early one day and took one of our flappy houses away with him. We haven't seen him since so maybe he's still in it somewhere. I hope he's OK. I'm not sorry he didn't take me with him though
It's been so wet we've had 2 Mr and Mrs Mallard's come and stay on my field. The puddles have been big enough to be ponds for them nearly. We've had lots of baby little long tail tits in our garden too which are fun to watch.

We had one day that was sunny enough for me and the she boss to go for a lloooonnnnggg walk over our favourite hills and there were no scary noises so we both had a really nice time. We had a couple of adventures though. One was when another dog decided he didn't like me while I was sitting with the she boss having lunch. That was a bit scary cos the she boss was sitting on the ground. The other adventure was when the she boss dropped her egg for lunch and had to go running down the hill for it.

Thursday 26 April 2012

More lopping

Uncle John's been back to climb our trees. He did a lot more throwing bits in the garden - big bits this time. The he boss climbed up as well. One of our trees has nearly gone now. While the he boss was climbing, Uncle John played in the garden with me and we had a good run round and round and round. I'm definitely getter heavier and older. I've really hurt my ankle and can't walk properly now. The she boss put something really cold on it for a while and it feels a bit better but I'm not sure I fancy any long walks.

Wednesday 11 April 2012


Uncle John's been to see me but I don't think he's my friend any more. Or I'm not his. Look what he did to my garden. He went climbing up one of our trees and threw bits of it on the garden! We can't get on my field when it's dark now cos we can't see where to put our feet. It's a good job I know a secret way through to the bottom of my garden. And he brought a scary noisy thing with him that the she boss played with. I kept out of the way of that one. Worst of all, Uncle John trod on me and it really hurt. I've never worried about where his feet go before not like the he boss. I have to be really careful around him especially when we're in a flappy house.
 We found way through later to go on the field and this was the sky.
Very pretty eh. Wonder if the BBC weather might like it.

Monday 9 April 2012


It's been raining! That hasn't happened for a long time. I hope Sammy and Abimaro are OK by the seaside. We went for a good walk before all the rain stopped and saw loads of new little lamby things. Some were very new and still not standing up. They were very sweet and friendly like these two.
I wasn't so scared of everything this time and we all liked the walk. I still felt safest on the lead so stayed close to the she and he boss.
That Beth came to see us when we got back and we had a nice cosy fire to have a sleep in front of. Life is good

Monday 12 March 2012

Bad walk

This is me on what was supposed to be an enjoyable walk. I was sort of looking forward to it although a bit nervous. I'm always happy to have a trip out in the car with the he and she boss anyway. It didn't take long though once we were out of the car for the scary bangs and other noises to start. We walked, or I was dragged, a long way for hours. This was at lunch time. I usually hang around to watch for anyone dropping tasty bits but I spent all the time trying to fit under this bridge to hide instead. Boy was I happy to be back in the car and thought we'd never get there. We met some other dogs who didn't seem bothered but I must say I wasn't very interested in speaking to them.
I heard the he boss saying it wasn't worth taking me out anywhere but the she boss sensibly said I need new smells every day even if I don't want to go far. Truth be known, I'm perfectly happy with my field and the odd car ride or two.

Wednesday 7 March 2012


I've discovered another blogging dog! Not just any old dog but another Millie Dog. This is not THEMillieDog though, the one and only, unique, supreme, sophisticated. OK maybe that's stretching it a bit far especially as I was sick after eating rubbish today. Thank you to thefriendPeter for drawing my attention to this imposter
We keep having lots of people in my house. Some of the lady ones are afraid of me! Me! I'm very well mannered though and when I see them coming I just take myself off in the other room. To check the bin out. And upstairs to check those bins out. And in the bathroom to lick any drips up off the floor. That's English bathroom not American so no toilet in that room. I'm not that sick. Well, I was today as I've said. Probably all that rubbish last night when the scary ladies were here.
I'm a bit confused tonight as I keep hearing Sammy's voice coming out of the computer. He's doing a lot of talking and there are other people there but I can't see him or his mouth isn't on the picture.
That's a lot of links for you to check out so I better leave you to get on with it

Thursday 16 February 2012


I took the she boss and thefriendPeter for a walk somewhere new today. It was a huge responsibility taking the two of them so I tried to get them to go back to the car where it's safe instead but they were having none of it. They made me walk for ages. I didn't see anything much interesting except the view and I wasn't really concentrating anyway as I wanted to get them back. We all got back safe though

Monday 13 February 2012

Little visitors

A little person came to see me and stayed all day. I was very good. Probably because he was as well. He didn't try to pull my hair or make any ridiculous noises. In fact, he was really quite sweet. The only thing I didn't like was how long he spent on the she boss's lap. I could do with a cuddle now

Saturday 4 February 2012


Now I know why it was so cold today. Tonight it's a very deeply crispy evening. We went out in the dark but really it was light and we could see everything on the field. I met a friend and had good fun with him cos he like the snow too.

Wrap up warm

It's really cold. I've not been going out much cos it's a bit much especially if I can't run around off the lead. We've been down to the shops today and I had to wear my coat as it's cold waiting around outside. I really don't understand what the problem is with me going in. I'm very well behaved. Better than some of those little people.
I do quite like the cold. Everything smells so much better.

Friday 27 January 2012

Home again

Back in my own home, my own bed (although I packed that with me), my own garden, my own field. Sigh. It's been really nice to see Gary again and catch up with him but good to be home too. The he and she boss were here to meet me. I wonder if they've been anywhere nice while I've been gone or was I the only one having a holiday?

Sunday 22 January 2012


I've been left at that Beth and Ed's with Gary Cat. So that was what it was about. Not sure why. Still not sure if it's cos they'd had enough of me though I can't believe the she boss would think that. She's always so kind to me even when I've been stupid or am getting upset over daft stuff. Maybe they just thought I needed a break from the big city and some animal company. Would be OK except they brought that stupid noisy hamster thing in the ball with them. Maybe Gary will like it instead.


Something's going on. The she boss has packed my holiday bag but she hasn't packed one for anyone else. I know I'm in trouble sometimes and the he boss doesn't always like me but I didn't think anything was that bad.
They wonder why I'm so nervous and insecure but when you've been abandoned once, adopted twice with the first time breaking down, separated from mother and siblings, no idea who your father is; well, what do they expect? I think I do pretty well considering. It's just that these things come back to haunt me sometimes even though it was so long ago

Saturday 14 January 2012


Life's ticking along and pretty good thanks. Good walks, interesting people, regular meals, comfy bed(s), consistent poos. What more can I say

Thursday 5 January 2012


I went here today and it was VERY windy and so very scary. I tried to go back to the car but the she boss caught me and dragged me back. I felt safer on the lead. I wonder if it's always windy there? And where were all the sheep having their wash? I saw swans, mallards, moorhens, Canada geese, blue tits, etc etc but no sheep and no people!