Wednesday 31 December 2008

Family things

A couple of days a go I was getting ready to ask someone else if I could live with them instead. Somewhere like Halifax or something. Anywhere but here. They all forgot to feed me in the morning and I was starving. Then they all went out for a walk and didn't take me with them.
But then yesterday all made up for it. I had a brilliant walk with all my favourite aunties and uncles even if I did get left in the cold car for a while at the end while they all sat in a nice warm pub.
Then last night my friend Janet who I walk with came to see me and brought Cellusacar, at least he was called something like that. It was really nice to see them and he liked me. Apparently I was very well behaved.
I can't see there being much of a walk today. Everywhere's white and we can't see very far down across the field cos there's a cloud got in the way

Saturday 27 December 2008

Fast running

I'm sure yesterday was a bigger day. And bigger days mean bigger walks. Not that I'm doing too bad for those. I had a big one today with the he and she boss and got good and muddy. Yesterday, I took Edward and that Beth to see me run in my field. Edward was impressed with my athleticism and grace

Friday 26 December 2008

More Christmas

I love Christmas. All that paper. All those leftovers. All that tasty meat that none of them want. (Don't know why they don't like the white bits. They're the best) All these visitors. All the yummy bits they drop on the floor. All the excitement. All the new interesting things around to check out (Sammy's got a very interesting bright new light that does calming things - I like that one). Lots of company. Lots of nice live fires to keep me warm. Mmmmmm so contented. Only thing to spoil it is the flashy bangy things at night so I didn't fancy going on the field late with the she boss. Sorry about that cos I think she wanted me to go with her

Thursday 25 December 2008


Hello Halifax! What did Santa bring you? I had a very tasty package of biscuits and grapes in paper the paper being the essential and most tasty bit

Wednesday 24 December 2008


It's getting exciting now. There's all sorts of interesting looking packages around my tree especially now that Beth seems to have come back to live here going by how much she brought with her. I'm glad to say there's one with my name on that smells very interesting but I've been good and haven't been feeling it. Not like that Beth. It says it's from Santa but they must think I'm stupid in this house
It looks like it's going to be a good time for friends coming to see me as well. Zsoka came to see me yesterday and still likes me even though she's got a MollieCat now. And the friend Peter's come today and made lots more parcels with paper. I do like all this paper stuff although I had a bit of a tummy ache last night.
I will take this oppawtunity to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas

Saturday 20 December 2008

It worked

Thank you to all who signed my pawtition. A picture to show that it worked. They've even put some lights on it now so I know it's there and can avoid it.
While I'm here, something for you to look at: I always knew we were higher beans. Why does it take so long for those human ones to catch on?

Friday 19 December 2008


Still there. Flipping tree. It gets in the way of my ears when I'm at the window. See what I mean. If I get a pawtition going, will you all sign it please?

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Little days

I don't know what's going on but these days are getting very little. They're getting squeezed from either end by the night time and they keep making me get up in the morning when it still looks night to me. The she boss has been looking at where all the days are going on a googly earth thingy and she says I should be thankful I don't live in Scrabster. Yeah. I am.
I think all this darkness must be why everyone's putting lights everywhere. We've been out round the streets a few times at night to have a look at them. Some people seem to have put them on trees inside their houses!! The he boss has put a tree in our house but it looks as though that's it. It's been blocking my view out of the window for 2 days now and it's still just a tree. I could understand it if there were flowers or something on it but just a tree?! It's a good job I'm a MillieDog and not a BillyDog. It could get embarrassing

Monday 8 December 2008

Blog friend

I met one of my blog friends tonight. I went shopping with the she boss. She wasn't gone very long which was a nice change but what she bought smelled nice. I heard her talking to someone when she came back and she took me to introduce her to me. I think her name was Marie and she liked me very much. It looked like an interesting car to have a ride in too. I told the she boss that we must take her for a walk sometime. Hello Marie :)

Saturday 6 December 2008


That's it. The Collie in me is happy now. The he boss is back and EVERYONE is here - he and she boss, that Beth, Sammy and even the friend Peter passed through for a while yesterday. He left me some nice gravy to go on my dinner :-) And to cap it all, the she boss got that nice warm flickery fire going for me tonight. (Big contented sigh)

Thursday 4 December 2008

DNA database Do you think they've got my paw marks somewhere? I need to have a talk with the he and she boss. Wonder where he's gone. I've not seen him around these parts for a couple of days and today's been lonely with Mal gone as well now

Wednesday 3 December 2008


Can you believe it? They obviously haven't found me yet. Never mind being demeaned by 'Fido's, I'm sure if they discovered me I'd go the full way to an Oscar. Perhaps I should send them my stage debut picture
My friend Mal's been back to see me. I'm glad he has cos no one else was here to keep me company today. He's been doing something in that little room with the water. I don't know what it's called but the walls are all nice and smooth now and it looks very nice now. Only trouble is, he seems to think he's finished and he's only done half way up the walls. The she boss doesn't seem too worried though

Saturday 29 November 2008


Take a look at this: It's set me thinking. When I'm gone, my breed of dog will be extinct as I've never carried on the family line thanks to some man from before I came to live here. I don't know if that makes me doubly special or if it's a bit sad. What do you think? Halifax, any thoughts?

Saturday 22 November 2008

Potential film star?

The she boss cleared off and left me all day yesterday and didn't come home till pretty late by which time the he boss had gone as well. With no sight nor sound of Sammy all day either I was getting a bit worried. THEN there was only me and the she boss ALL night. I've never known that before. I didn't sleep too well as I felt abit responsible for her with no one else there to look after her. She went to bed very late. I kept telling her as well but did she take any notice. Then of course, she lay around in bed for ages in the morning. Still, we had really good walk today. Somewhere completely new to me again to a place where there was a big spike in the ground
I thought we were only going a little walk cos the she boss wasn't really dressed for it but we were out for hours. It was very cold.
They're all coming back now in dribs and drabs and I'm sure I heard them say we've got Jimmy James going to sleep in that other bed tonight. That'll be a novelty. I hope he'll be warm enough in there. I don't mind cuddling up to keep him warm
Apparently, the she boss disappearing was something to do with the friend Peter and his cameras. I think he's making movies again. I'd like to be in a movie but no one ever asks me. I think I'm pretty photogenic myself

Wednesday 19 November 2008

More walking. Sigh

We went somewhere new today and took the he boss as well!! We found one of those posts again so had to have a picture. I think the he boss thinks he's a he dog
I like this:

Thursday 13 November 2008

Strange walkies

Well that was the strangest walk the she boss has ever taken me on yet. Instead of nice fields and grass, we walked all round the shops and other places where all the people go. I never realised how many people like shops at night. There was this markety thing with lots of nice smells and pretty lights.

We didn't hang around there though. We kept stopping to talk to lots of people and gave them sandwiches and cups of coffee. They were really friendly and liked me lots. Some of them had other dogs with them too and we were all very well behaved.
When we got back to the car, who should we see but my friend Robin. He makes nice clothes called Sacclothanashes that the she boss and Sammy like. I haven't seen him in aaggeess and boy, were we pleased to see each other. He smells different from last time. I think he's got a little person at home now.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

A fellow dog after my own heart I wouldn't mind meeting her. We could do some chewing together

Sunday 9 November 2008


I think the flashy, bangy things are finished now. There's hardly any tonight. We've been trying to fit in good walks in the day as it's too scary at night. The she boss did take me one night to see my new friend Zsoka up the road but it wasn't much fun. It's a good job it was a nice, safe place to go. Or is was. The she boss had been there again tonight. I knew cos I recognised the smell but there was a new one with it. That Zsoka has been a traitor and gone over to the other side. She's got a cat!! How could she. I thought she like me and others like me. I won't be going there again in a hurry

Tuesday 4 November 2008


It's making a come back. The he boss will be pleased
And what about this one eh? It must be hard for some dogs. I'm alright. I play on the computer for hours as well as good runs in between :-D

Friday 31 October 2008


They took me for what I thought was supposed to be a lovely walk except they lost me! How careless can anyone be. There was I, after the squirrels like they know I do and when I came back, they'd disappeared instead of waiting for me. Can't take them anywhere, they're such a responsibility.
We saw where they're building a big tower of wood ready to burn soon. I don't mind that bit, it's all those flashy things that scare me. They're making it the same shape as that big liver place the she boss went to. See?

Days out without me

The she boss went off for the day without me again yesterday and I know my frend Peter was in there somewhere. She showed me the picture of where they went. Some big place with 2 big churches and lots of liver so I would have liked it there I think although it was very cold for going out anywhere. Maybe Halifax next time. I'll have to have a nag at her

Wednesday 29 October 2008


Elvis is alive and well and mending kitchen things. I know cos he's been in our house today to mend our cupboard that smells nice when it gets hot but had stopped getting hot when we wanted it to. He's good too. He mended it really quick although he couldn't sort out the cold cupboard door for us.
He's been to our house before. I remember him from a long time back. He really loves me. I know cos he keeps calling me Sweetheart. Nobody does that. He didn't sing to me though. It was really nice to see him.

Tuesday 28 October 2008


Yay! Someone's throwing loads of that white stuff out of the sky! I hope they take me on my field later

Monday 27 October 2008

Grrr n aw

Sunday 26 October 2008

More paper present days

Well I have had a busy weekend. We've had loads of people come and see me. It's all very exciting but I've been told I've behaved very well. I certainly don't think I showed anyone up. It's been one of those times when we get lots of things wrapped up in paper. That's nice for me cos I get the paper. I'm not really interested in what goes inside. It seems to me though that the older the people getting the paper things, the less paper things they get or is that my imagination?

Thursday 23 October 2008

2 things

1. Apparently I am now old fashioned and no one will be reading my blog any more. Try telling them that in Halifax! :-) I'm s'posed to tweet now. That sounds very undignified for me, THE MillieDog. Not that I have anything against birds especially tweeting ones. It's the big cackly cawry ones that just need to keep out of my garden

2. Much better news is about Swindon giving up on those yellow boxes make everyone jolt their cars. The she boss usually isn't too bad cos she looks out for them but she did get caught out by one the other day and only saw it late. I'm glad I wasn't travelling in the boot. I'd have really got thrown around. I was sitting on the floor in the front. My favourite place cos I feel safe if anyone does stop quick, I get the occasional bit of attention from anyone driving or sitting in the front and the she boss talks to me if it's just me and her

Monday 20 October 2008

Rain & wind

I'm soaked. I can't believe the she boss took me out for a long walk when it was so windy and obvious it was going to rain. It was nice to see Aunty Joy and take her with us but I'm not sure it made up for how wet I got. To top it all, they left me in the car afterwards while they went and got dry and warm. I was freezing! The she boss gave me a good rub down to dry off when we got back which is always nice. I made a little friend on my walk. There was a whole family of labradors. Always nice dogs. One of the little folks tried to come on my walk instead of his. He was rather cute and I was quite happy for him to come but Aunty Joy tried to send him back to his own family and one of his sisters came to fetch him anyway.
Talking of little folks. Little person Sara came to see me yesterday. I haven't seen her in ages and she's not so little now. She says proper words too that make sense to me. She went off with Sammy to Hallelujah. I think she meant church really where I sneaked in with the she boss once when hardly anyone else was there. It would be nice to go again as there was lots of space and some very interesting smells

Saturday 18 October 2008

Flash, bang, wallop

Those noisy things have started up again at night. I'd nearly forgotten about them. I haven't seen any flashes yet but the noises are bad. I go for a nice walk at night in my field but end up only doing half of it cos then there's a big bang. I go home and wait for the she boss to join me. She's obviously not as scared as me.

Wednesday 15 October 2008


Have you seen this cute little fella? I wouldn't take objection to him coming to live at our house (especially as you can turn him off!)
Hey I've got a friend in Halifax! Hello Halifax! I've never been there. Maybe the she boss will take me one day. Is it nice up there. She tells me they bark different there and I might not be able to understand any doggy friends I meet

Saturday 11 October 2008


I've had a lovely day with the she boss again today. We had a walk to the shops and I helped he to go round the house with the noisy thing and the bit of cloth. The best bit was all the nice smells she's been making in the kitchen. She's got this new box which she keeps getting out. It makes some noises that I don't like and keep out the way of but it has a lovely smell after a while. That seemed to be on the go a lot.
The best thing though was this other thing she seemed to be mixing up before she put it in the big box in the kitchen that gets very hot. That smelled brilliant before it went in the box and then even better. For a while anyway. Then those REALLY noisy things that drive me to run outside started racketing in the hall and stairs and the house smelled really nasty. There was all this smoke filling up the kitchen and what had been a nice smell was turning very nasty. I heard the she boss saying something about Christmas and cakes. I don't think so. There doesn't look much left of it that these human beans will like although I'm quite happy with what I've had of it so far. The only thing is, I think there was supposed to be a lot of brandy in it somewhere and that bit doesn't taste so good now. In fact the amount that was in there may well have been the reason it ended up rather black instead of brown. I hope she tries again and gives me a bit again

Friday 10 October 2008

Home observations

I've made an intelligent observation about my home this week. Without me noticing there's been a turnaround of people's jobs here. The reason it hit me this week was because the he boss has been home with me all week while the she boss has been out fetching money to buy my dinners and toys. Except she comes home smelling of that coffee place that wouldn't let me in sometimes as well. Yesterday he made me? some nice apple cake and did some washing and he's made a nice dinner every day. I've had a good few walks over the field as well.
Then today, it turned round the other way and the he boss went to fetch some money and the she boss and me spent the day together. The thing I like about the she boss keeping me company is that she talks to me lots and takes me to places other than the field. Not that I turn my nose up at any walk unless it's raining. I had to sit in the car for a while first while she went in some house but it was worth it cos then she took me back to Malvern. There were no little people or silly white woolly things so I had a real good run.
They've painted that post on top of the hill so it's nice and bright now. We often see these things on hills as you can see from all the photos I have with them. The she boss says they're important and showed me that they even tell you they're there on those big pieces of paper she takes on walks with her but doesn't let me eat. I don't need a big piece of paper to show me they're there. They're just the right size for me to hide behind when it's windy like today.
It's nice to have all this company. I hope it stays this way and we don't get any more of this going away without me marlarcky

Sunday 5 October 2008

Rainy Sunday

The trouble with being a dog is that there is no toilet facility suited to me inside. I suppose it could be arranged but no one's thought of it yet. It doesn't normally cause a problem but today it was pouring down when it was time from my first constitution of the day. I wasn't going to bother but the she boss insisted. I think she noticed my legs crossing. It's not much fun though when you have to get so wet just for necessities

Saturday 4 October 2008

Rainy Saturday

The she boss went out all day today again and left the he boss to do the cleaning with me. He's not as much fun. I see the bits he misses. He doesn't go round with that bit of cloth for a start that the she boss does and that's the most fun bit. Especially when she crawls round doing the low down bits. Her face is at just the right level then. I've tried to go with her a couple of times lately but she always catches me. I think it's got something to do with getting in the wrong bit of the car:

Monday 29 September 2008


They forgot to feed me!!! The she boss only has to go out for the evening, leaving everyone else here including that Beth and they forget all about my needs! That Beth got through 2 whole boxes of cakes while she was here and didn't even give a thought to my belly. It's not as if there's a lot of weight on me to risk losing any of it. I'm glad the she boss was here this morning cos she gave me a really good dinner to make up for yesterday

Saturday 27 September 2008

Fun Saturdays

I like Saturdays. I'm not sure that the he and she boss do. They seem very busy but I like it cos they're there and they do stuff that makes me laugh and is good for games. I do get told off sometimes though; especially when I attack the noisy thing in the garden that they push round.
Last night was exciting too. The she boss came home very late. She'd been somewhere for ages with my friend Peter. It was one of those times I thought he'd come to see me but then went off. He wasn't here long when they came back either but then Sammy came home and I went up with them to talk. THEN that Beth came home even later. She seems to be living here again. I wonder how long for. She had a friend come round today but the squirrel in the garden was more interesting
While I'm here, take a look at this and no, I'm not going with him next time: I'm just a bit puzzled how it all works and why the setting the jets off while he was still in that little plane

Monday 22 September 2008

Abandoned again

The she boss disappeared off somewhere nice without me. One place I know she went was the seaside cos I could smell it. I didn't recognise the smell of anyone she went with this time though. I hope she had a horrible time to serve her right for not taking me. I was lonely without her and had a good cuddle when she got back

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Rings and things

We've caught up on our sleep at last. You wouldn't believe that Beth. Sammy went out in the middle of the night which he does occasionally but then he brought that Beth and Edward back with him with loads of stuff! They seemed very excited. I noticed pretty quick that she'd got a new ring and I think that was what the excitement was about. I think Ed gave it to her. I was more interested in the other stuff they brought - chocolate and things but no one let me have anything. They stayed for about an hour then cleared off again with it all in her little car. At least that makes it easier for me to get in a car now hers has gone off the drive. It's been a real squeeze.
The he boss has been making a lot of noise down the end of the garden lately - tap tap tapping and it seems he was making something for that Beth and Edward. They were very excited about this too. I don't understand the point of it. It's not like the other thing he made once that puts water out of for me to drink. Much more use.

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Edible house Have a look at this. This would be alright for me eh. They'd never have to feed me again. I'd be happy to just take nibbles whenever I needed a snack. It would have to be proper paper though. I'm not too keen on ink flavour

Sunday 14 September 2008


I've had a weekend of 2 days of trouble. Yesterday, me and the she boss went for a brilliant walk in the park because it was sunny!!!! I always go off and do my own thing because I know how fast (or slow) she walks and can guess where we'll meet up again. Only this time she'd stopped. Something to do with crabby apples off a tree. I didn't know that was why we'd gone there. I thought we'd just gone so I could chase some rabbits. I lost her for a long time and kept running backwards and forwards on the path waiting for her. I didn't want to got too far back in case she'd really gone a completely different way and I didn't know she's stopped way back and was shouting me. She came looking for me in the end cos a nice guy said he'd seen me running around looking for her. I had a good rest under the tree then while she shook the apples down for me to eat to make up for it. It just goes to show you can't trust these people to do what you expect.
Today was a different kind of trouble and I was in it. I'd seen a squirrel in our garden taking liberties so I went to give him what for. Only he wasn't having any of it. He just sat in the tree looking at me. What a nerve. I think they got a bit fed up of me shouting at it so the she boss came out with my lead. I thought we were going for another walk but instead of that, she walked me into the house and locked me in!! I was furious, especially as the she and he boss were out in the garden doing some stuff to plants. Eventually I calmed down enough not to be trying to get out of the window and the she boss let me back out. It was too late then though and that squirrel had gone. Till another day. I'll get him back sometime.
A strange thing happened tonight after all that. I heard Sammy's voice coming out of the radio talking to his mate and someone else! And it's not the first time it's happened. I wonder how they got in there? I know he goes in the computer, but I'm used to that one

Wednesday 10 September 2008


We're all still here then! And it's still raining. I'm getting bored with all this rain cos I don't get to go out for any long walks. I have just been shopping with the she boss though and she bought me some biscuits instead of the usual grapes. Mmmmm

Saturday 6 September 2008

Reflections on friends

I've been thinking and I've decided I've got three, no four types of friends. The fourth one I've just thought of are those I only ever see when we go on walks together. So friends like Paul with Leo and Janet. Another type of friend is those who come to our house and say a really good 'hello' then are busy doing things. People like Bob who used to spend ages in our garden. Where did he get to? I haven't seen him in ages. And another Paul who's come today and seems to be spending all his time in the bathroom using lots of noisy things.
The third type are those who come and see me and spend the whole time sitting talking or wander round the garden and things like that. I like them. They're usually people who spend alot of time talking to me to. But not always. Just sometimes people come who I don't think like me very much. We had some nice friends come and eat here yesterday. They really liked me and I really liked them and they were here for ages talking, eating and looking at those stones the he boss keeps bringing home in a different shape every time. The one I like best is the one in the garden with the water coming out of his head form me to drink.
The last type are the ones who come here and then go again, usually taking someone from my family with them and very occasionally me as well. Aunty Linda does that although she never takes me with her.
People like the friend Peter fit in two types like the last two - sometimes they come and go and sometimes they stay. The friend Peter sometimes messes about doing things too like on the computer or taking lots of pictures around. Very occasionally I have a walk with him there too.
I'm not sure where little person Sara fits. Perhaps there's a little person group all of their own.
I like having all these friends. I wonder if, when it's my special birthday, like 10, I'll have a party like the she boss when all these types of friends all come at once. That would be very exciting. Especially if they all brought me lots of paper. And sometimes a nice surprise in the paper. But mostly paper.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Different sort of mountains

A man came today with a big truck and made a mountain on our front drive. Good job the he boss had moved his car. He wouldn't have been happy. I had the feeling he'd been expecting it but didn't expect it to be quite that big. Shame the she boss wasn't there cos then you'd have had a photo. The he boss spent hours then moving all the mountain to the back garden. It was all very exciting and I couldn't wait until the she boss came home to tell her all about it. I went mad telling her when she came. Then she helped move some of it too and everywhere looks back to normal already. I'm impressed. Luckily it didn't rain all the time the he boss was outside for a change. The she boss took me for a walk (to get some chocolate really) tonight and we got soaked. Again. All this rain isn't funny any more.

Saturday 30 August 2008

I could have sworn she said "birthday"

I followed her up the stairs cos I thought she said "birthday". I was looking forward to all the paper like that Beth had. I should have realised when I saw all the towels. It's not as bad as it looks really. I do get A LOT of fuss afterwards when she dries me. And I am very fluffy and cute now. aw

Thursday 28 August 2008

Giant baby panda?

This was very interesting to me. especially the little one's squeaks. Aaah Can it be a giant and a baby?

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Strange day out

Me and the she boss have been out all day today. She'd planned surprises for me. The first one wasn't too good. We went in one of those big cars which you share with lots of other people. I don't like those but it wasn't for too long. I just curled up under the seat which made me feel safest. We walked through some shops where I attracted alot of attention and then we got to Sutton Park!! That was the first surprise cos I've only ever gone in our car or occasionally walked there.
We didn't go very far before the she boss sat down to read the paper. I was most disappointed as that seemed to be it but then my friend Janet arrived in her car. I haven't seen her for ages (last time was with Leo) and they both took me for a good walk with lots of mud. We went for lunch as well where there were lots of dogs with bosses.
Janet went off in her car and we just carried on walking back through all the shops but then landed up at Aunty Joy's house! Another surprise. I've never been in there before and her and Uncle Ted seemed pleased to see me. There was another lady there too and all us ladies went off for more walking. The others left us after a bit but me and the she boss just carried right on and ended up back at home just in time for tea. What a lovely day.
I'd like to know when the sun's going to shine again though. It's stopped raining for a few days now but there's no sign of any sun.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Walks! and then some This brought a tear to the she bosses eye. I was watching. She was telling me all about it. I hope she doesn't get any funny ideas. There's walks and there's walks. We both agreed though that we admire Rosie very much and wondered what we might do.


Me and the she boss went on holiday to the garden last night and slept in the flappy house out there. I got woken up by some little creature scratching along trying to come in but is was good to be in there again. She's putting it away now so it doesn't look like it will happen again soon :-(

Sunday 24 August 2008

Blog changes

Do you like the new bigger font? Nan & Grandad came to see us last night for ages and they had a good look at what I say about myself. Only thing was, they said I wrote a bit small so we made it bigger as we thought there might be others like them out there.
Have you heard (about) this? I like that idea. Do you think they could make those noisy things on the road that keep the sheep in do that. They make me jump even when the she boss warns me it's coming and however fast or slow she goes. I suppose it might help if I could see out of the front window myself to see when one's coming

Saturday 23 August 2008

Wet camping

This is the weather today .......

This was the weather for the rest of the week while I've been away in the flappy house with the she boss ...........

I thought she was having a laugh when she got me in the car with all the stuff and especially when we just did little journeys dropping things off to start with and then came home again. It turned out she'd forgotten my lead. I suppose that was really my fault cos I'd snuck in the car without my outdoor wear on while she was packing just in case she was thinking of leaving me behind.
We went first to the place where we met the nice lady Claire last year but there were no flappy houses there! Something to do with all the rain we were having so we had to find somewhere else. It was not a bad place and we got visited by lots of rabbits, ducks and little creatures which was quite exciting. I'm with the she boss when she says we don't mind any of them just so long as they don't expect a share of our food or bed.

We did lots of exploring. We wanted to go back up that big hill about the Kind Scouts but we couldn't see it any of the days with all that rain. When we were exploring on the first night we met a cat. He had a bit of an identity crisis and thought he was really a BIG cat I reckon because he attacked me!! Of all the cheek. The she boss had to shoo him off because he kept taking a run at me from behind just when I was minding my own business. I never met one like that before.
We'd only just got used to our home for 2 nights when we had to move. Completely. To a new place quite a way away. On the day the sun was shining as well when we could have gone for a proper walk (not that we could see the Kind Scout still). I was a bit fed up with it all by then even though there were ducks again. There were also lots of noisy children. Not that they got in the way. But you never know. The friend Peter came to see us at tea time and that cheered me up. I felt much better then although I still slept snuggled up to the she boss that night just in case she was thinking of moving again.
We managed a really long walk over the hills eventually. It started off sunny but then there were things called stair rods coming out of the sky along with that nasty rumbly noise that I hate. Talk about scared all the way up there. This is the hill that it was sort of sunny on:

We do like hills though. It seems like lots of other people do too cos we always see someone up there.
It was sunny on the day we had to come home but not enough to dry up all the mud so the flappy tent is out in the garden now. At least we know it works and were very cosy in there listening to the pattering. Some people looked very wet to me. This last picture was me waiting for my food one day. I think I was even dribbling. I must have been very hungry. I thought I was quite a handsome dog until I saw this picture. I've got some strange proportions haven't I? I blame the parents
When the she boss was packing up we saw the most ridiculous sight. Some big fancy dog came poncing along in a rain coat and galoshes!! No joke. His she boss had put him in a coat that covered everything except his face and his bum! I know it was muddy but we had our own ways of dealing with that. You wouldn't catch me allowing that one.
The she boss was a bit excited cos we saw one of those really blue birds along the river on our last walk. I heard her telling our nice neighbours and they said they see them all the time where they live. That put her in her place.
I was very glad to be home again although it was nice being outside all the time again and we slept VERY well

Saturday 16 August 2008


It's been good to be back to a normal Saturday at last. Both he and she boss have been pushing those noisy things around the house and garden today as well as a different noisy thing that made the carpets all wet and I wasn't allowed on them. It's OK now though. I've snuck a quick roll around on them to check them out and to get my perfume back on them.
The she boss was getting rid of all the long grass round the edges with a new noisy thing and she got a frog!! (Stunned pa(w)use) I would never do anything like that to a frog. I think she was a bit sad so she can't have meant to do it

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Garden holiday

I thought you might like to know that I've checked the flappy houses in the garden again today a couple of times and there's still no one on holiday in them. Can't say I blame them cos it's STILL raining. And cold.

Tuesday 12 August 2008


I think I've just been on holiday. I can't be sure because it's not like any I've had before. The rain didn't help. Fancy going in the flappy house when it's raining. It was pretty depressing as you can see.

I was told I compared to Eeyore. I've always found him quite lovable if miserable so I wasn't too offended.
We didn't manage ANY walks even though we were back where we were for our real holiday. That Beth and Edward joined us later and I don't think they were impressed either even the next day when it had nearly stopped. Maybe something to do with the mud.
They left me in the car for quite a while in the evening right up till very late. I thought it would be good for a rest but there was a lot of very loud music so I couldn't get to sleep. They'd all dressed up really peculiar. I glad I wasn't seen with them looking like that. The she boss had a really fancy white dress on in all the rain and mud.
It wasn't all bad because we went to the beach the next morning and had a bit of a run round although the sea had taken over most of it and there wasn't a lot of space. It was nice to have a play though.

Just when it was all looking good, we went home but we left the she boss behind!! That was really sad and I was a bit worried until she turned up back at home really late after everyone had gone to bed the next day. That Beth, Ed and Sammy seem to have disappeared now though. What a strange way to go on. Now we've got the flappy houses getting in the way in the garden but no one's on holiday in them. Yet.

Friday 8 August 2008

He's back!

Yay! The he boss came back tonight. Boy, was I pleased to see him. Especially as it had been a chaotic day here. Ed came and took that Beth away. See what I mean, I never know if she lives here or not. It was one of those strange days here that happen now and again. That Beth kept taking out things that were hiding in paper and getting very excited. I was excited because I like all that paper and she was kind enough to feed me some of it. I can't see what was so good about the things inside though. Ed managed to sneak into the garden with one of those fast things that go on two wheels that the she boss took me to the park with once. I hope that Beth doesn't get those sort of ideas. It wasn't much fun for me.
It was nice and quiet once everyone had gone and the fuss had died down. I went for a good walk with the she boss but I must admit to feeling abit nervous about going too far away from her after everything that's been happening. I suppose I've been a bit of a baby following her round everywhere. I do like it when she talks to me though. You'd be surprised what I learn about life

Thursday 7 August 2008


That Beth seems to have come back here to live again. And again. And again. Honestly, a dog doesn't know if it's coming or going. She comes for a bit and just when I think that's it, she disappears again. Talking of disappearing, the he boss hasn't shown up yet. I hope he's coming back. I'm beginning to miss him.
About that Beth. She kindly alerted me to a presumptuous cat daring to come into my garden today. Of course, I gave chase and all but caught it. I managed to get under the fence at the end of the garden after it. I knew I did fit under there but have never taken advantage before. The trouble was, it had been a real tight squeeze and it hurt a bit although I hadn't noticed in all the excitement. I really didn't want to have to come back that way so I called my family. Only trouble was, they were eating their dinner and didn't bother to answer. I must have shouted for at least 20 minutes before the she boss came and opened the gate. She said she thought I was still shouting at the cat but she should know me better than that. I've never shouted for that long before. I'm quite a quiet sort of being really despite all appearances. I've got a sore throat now.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Another day out!

I've been on some long journey again today. This time we took the friend Peter and went to the beach. And it rained again. It was OK though and I had a nice walk on the beach while the friend Peter went to sleep. I found some pretty tasty chips when I had a walk later by some water too. Tired now.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Wet days out

I've been out for the day today with the she boss and Sammy. Huh. That sounds better than it was. I ended up being almost all the time in the car. For a start, we drove a long, long way to some city by the sea and then it was pouring with rain so I stayed in the car while they went off to explore and eat. I suppose it was probably better than getting wet. I don't like having to sit around in wet clothes. And at least I had their company for a fair bit of the time. I did have a walk along a huge river. I didn't fancy a paddle in that one as the water was doing some funny things and there was a lot of it.
I wonder where the he boss is. He seems to have disappeared. He slipped out pretty quietly at least a day ago.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Loooonnnng walk

I knew the she boss was up to something; all these long walks with different friends, serious stuff. She disappeared with all her walking stuff without me a couple of nights ago. I thought she might have been going to Malvern but she had a lot more stuff than that. She didn't come back till really late last night. I was certainly glad to see her but she was very tired. When I was trying to say hello, she kept telling me to be careful of her feet too. She's still really tired today and even fell asleep for quite a while. Her feet look a bit strange too. I think I'm glad I didn't go.
There are some photos she showed me of where she went on

Wednesday 30 July 2008


I'm clever I am. Something you might not know about me is that even though I'm well middle aged now, I still like a bit of fun and teasing people. In fact, even though I say it myself, I've got a GSOH. The she boss could hear I'd found something to play with earlier by the way I was leaping around in the room. That often means I've got hold of something I shouldn't have (and know it! hehe). She caught up with me and made me open my mouth only to have a moth fly out! How's that for a good trick then. She was impressed that I hadn't hurt it and it still flew quite happily out of the window. See

I empathise entirely

Did you see about those fat ladies not allowed in somewhere on holiday?
I understand completely. That's just how I feel when I'm not allowed on the beach because I've got four legs. No, not because of four legs. Because I'm a dog!!! It doesn't say anything else isn't allowed. Then there's all the other places I have to be tied up outside while I wait. I hate it and always make a point of looking as though I do so everyone knows. I at least get SOME sympathy then. Stick up for your rights, that's what I say.

Tuesday 29 July 2008

That was the week that was

Well that was a brilliant holiday. I think the he and she boss enjoyed it as much as me. We drove for quite a while to get there but not too bad. It was certainly worth it. We were in a great big field with hardly anyone else so I could look around all I liked. I could see for miles.
I had a bit of a lump on my face which they noticed after we got there. It was a bit sore but I felt OK. I just like to keep them on their toes and it had gone again the next day. Mainly because I heard the V word mentioned. Mind you, it might have been interesting to meet a different one.
When we got up the next morning and looked in my food bag, it had had a visit from a little furry being chewing the corner off. He left most of it for me and I had a good hunt along the bank behind the tent to check out where he and his family lived. I just wanted to be friends but they're pretty quick on their little feet.
We went for a fantastically long walk and ended up on quite a few beaches. Some of them I was allowed on, some of them I wasn't. It was good sitting watching whichever. There were some huge holes over the cliffs which I could nearly fit down and I gave the she boss a bit of a fright. She got her own back by falling down one when she was looking out for what I was up to. Good job I was there to help her up although it was very bouncy grass which helped. It was a really hot day and we found one of those things that the cows drink out of again on the way back so I hopped in. Lovely for the feet.
We all had lamb burgers when we got back. I don't think I was really supposed to be included going by the reaction I got but I'd walked it all too and was an hungry as the next dog. And if they will leave them on muzzle level.
We spent alot of time just round the tent chilling ready to get going for the next walk which suited me as there was plenty to see and smell.

One of the days they made me go on one of those unnatural things that goes on top of the water. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and a nice lady gave me a biscuit. We came back in one of those really big cars though with lots of people and other dogs. That wasn't much fun as I had to sit by a heater and it was all very rattly. I think I preferred the water thing. The highlight of that day was watching a lady make her lunch by the water. I watched carefully to see if she dropped anything but sorry to say, she didn't. The he and she boss were watching as well but pretending not too just because she was so interesting. She had a whole loaf of bread that she was slicing up, lots of different cheeses, a proper pepper mill, fancy salad she was making and plenty more. All out of her picnic bag on a bench! No table! Then someone else came along and brought her a coffee. We were surprised she hadn't got that sorted for herself too. It all made us feel hungry as well so we went and had one of those cream tea things. At least I managed to find some crumbs under the table there.
I had a good surprise that night when we had some visitors. That nice lady Jenny with her big boy Cameron came to see us and brought their he boss with them. It was nice to see them again even though it got a bit cold for us all sitting round the midgy candles. They brought nice biscuits which was good for crumbs again as well as some strawberries. I only managed to get the little green leafy bits of those but that wasn't bad.
We did a lot of going round in the car the next day with lots of stopping of at interesting looking places. It was still hot and the she boss wished she'd got her things for going in water. I don't think the he boss was quite so bothered. We all had paddles. One beach we went to that was a bit of a scramble down to didn't have anyone on it at all. Or that was what we thought until we saw just one person lying in the sun by some rocks. I wanted to go and say hello but they wouldn't let me. Something about having no clothes on but that doesn't bother me. I'll take my collar off with the best of them if it means I keep a bit cooler. Some other people came to say hello to him anyway and kept him company in the sea which I was happy about. I don't like to think of people being lonely. You can see them here if you look carefully.
One beach we went on smelt really bad. I don't know about seaweed, I think it had pood. No wonder they didn't mind dogs going on that one. Giving us the worst of the deal again just because we're on four legs and not two.
We had another really long walk another day although not as far as the first time. It was even hotter this time but there were lots of nice cold bits of water that we all had a paddle in. We didn't see anyone else for miles and the place went on for miles as well. We only saw a little bit of it but we did see lots of ponies who lived there including small ones.
More exploring, more walking, more sunshine. None of it was getting boring though. This time when we went to the beach, the she boss was prepared and went in the sea to cool off. I'm glad she had something to wear like everyone else on that beach or I would have been really embarrassed. I went in a little bit with her as well but wasn't as brave to go up to my neck and more like her. It all whooshes too much. Not like Sutton Park waters. I watched alot from a nice shady spot under some rocks.
We took a long time to come home and kept stopping at places like more beaches, towns and some big old church. They at last noticed that I'd singed my eyebrows on those candles. Honestly, I could lost my tail and they wouldn't notice for days. Too busy enjoying themselves to take notice of how I'm doing. Still it was great but good to be back at home and see Sammy again. I think he was pleased to see me too. And at least they don't forget to feed me on holiday. Mind you, I could have done with a bit more I think with all that walking. I look proper lean now. The same can't be said of the he and she boss. Too many cream teas I think. Perhaps they should make do with the crumbs and give me the real thing.

Sunday 20 July 2008


We're going on holiday. Yay! I recognise the signs and I know they're taking me with them because I helped the she boss pack all my food tonight. By the amount she's taking, I think it could be a while. I'll keep you all posted and fill you in when I get back. Exciting eh.

Saturday 19 July 2008

More about walks

I overheard something today that has disgusted me. It turns out that all these brilliant long walks I've been having have been for a reason. I guessed there was something in the offing. The she boss is in training. She's planning a REALLY long walk of 35 miles which she hopes to do all in the daylight (12 hours) over some great countryside. Even better, she's going with the new friends I've made - Ian and Paul as well as the friend Peter being around for it all as well with drinks and tasty snacks.
I'm disgusted because I've found out she's got no intention of taking me!!! Grrrrr. I hope that Leo's not going. That would really rub salt in my wounds

Friday 18 July 2008

Walking observations

I've been back to Malvern AGAIN. Will it ever get to be too much of a good thing. That's a pic of me and my friend Ian who came. The she boss has a new fancy phone that takes good photos don't you think?
I saw lots of dead bees. I wondered if they'd been got by that Sudden Bee Death Syndrome.

Monday 14 July 2008


Glorious summer evening over Malvern. NOT!

Friday 11 July 2008


It's been a week of highs and lows. I've gone from having lots of walks and visitors, to being on my own for the day and back again. I've had visits from Beth if she counts as she seems to come and live for a while then disappear in her funny little car again,

Bobby's he boss (that was exciting), and some visits from and trips in the car with my friend Peter. There was some talk of me going to see his new house or something but that didn't happen for some reason. I hope it does sometime. There might be some tasty bits of floor again like in his other house.
I've been having some nice evening walks as well in these big days. It's a pity it keeps raining or I think I would have a lot more. I don't like rain.

Wednesday 2 July 2008


The she boss took me to the Malvern Hills again last night. The weather was a bit wet and it got dark very early so we didn't stay too long. We'd left the friend Peter behind somewhere as well so had to find him as well as the she boss having to find me when she lost me. It wasn't nearly as good as last time but it still feels a bit like a holiday there without the flappy house. I really would like a proper holiday again though. It's about time we had one

Friday 27 June 2008

Strange days out

They took me out for the day today. It was OK. We had a good walk at a new place before they went off and left me in the car for a while but I didn't mind that. What I did mind was the next place we stopped at. There were signs everywhere telling he and she bosses that they mustn't let dogs out of their cars because the dogs that lived there would kil!! :s I believed them as well when I saw them. The he and she boss left me in the car and this dog stayed on guard. He was really scary and I'm embarrassed to say, I cried a lot for the bosses to come back. I'm usually happy to curl up and have a sleep in the peace and quiet of an empty car with with something like that standing glaring, I just couldn't relax.

We picked up Jane, an old friend of mine on the way home. I haven't seen her in ages and it was really good to see her again. I heard she was Swazi somewhere with lots of rabbits. We nearly had someone smash into the car on the way home but I'm glad the she boss is a good driver and not an angry person or it could have been nasty.

The good things didn't end with Jane coming. Who should turn up later but Blobbie's he boss. Wow! What excitement. Haven't seen him in a while either and I just don't have words to describe how overwhelmed I felt. I don't know what it is about him but I do love to see him. He stayed for quite a while nattering to all of the others. Sigh

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Evening out

We had a great evening yesterday, me and the she boss. We did all the usual just got home things like have food, wash up then she got into all her walking gear and took me all the way down the motorway to Malvern hills! I was thinking it was a waste of time going that late and was a bit fed up with the car journey but I'd forgotten we've got REALLY big days now. We had a brilliant time and stayed until it was getting dark. It was very clear - great for seeing the rabbits. I did a lot of running around and had to go on the lead because I got too hot but it was fun. It smelled like Summer :p

Saturday 21 June 2008

Dog's life

I thought I was going for a good walk with the she boss yesterday cos she had the right gear on. Next thing I knew, she talked to someone on that little box then changed it all into everyday stuff. THEN she disappeared for the day and didn't come back till too late for us to go out anywhere. I know she went to that friend Peter's place cos I knew the smell but I know she was very tired so perhaps it's a good job she didn't take me this time.
And today it's just rained. All day

Thursday 19 June 2008


The he and she boss have been coming and going all over the shop this week. I don't understand it all. First one was gone and didn't come back till after bedtime the next day. Meanwhile, the other one disappeared and I was afraid I was going to have to get my own breakfast the next day. They're both back now and the he boss has been in the garden with me all day to make up for it. I know the she boss has seen other animals again where she went. I could smell donkey, chicken and even scary cow things. Maybe I'm glad I didn't go

Friday 13 June 2008

Stone those crows!

I had a really nice walk with the she boss today but she didn't half go a pace. I like that but just have to watch that I don't lose her.
I don't know what it is with those crows this year. There we were, walking innocently through the park when a group of them decided to have a go at me again. I'd done nothing! I think they must be friends or relatives of the ones in our garden and they told them I was coming. The she boss was impressed with some very athletic turns in the air I did to get my own back. She said if she'd had her phone to hand, there'd be a picture for you

Wednesday 11 June 2008

I like this ... I think that would be better than having them rub my feet on a towel every time I come in out of the garden when it's rainy. Do you think they'd be able to find some to fit me?
And I like the new Sammy G/DUBLiT album. The she boss was listening to it in the car tonight when she took me to help her with the shopping. It's great

Saturday 7 June 2008

More holidays?

There a weird lot where I live. The she boss put the flappy holiday house up in the garden but she didn't go on holiday in it with me. Instead, I went out somewhere new with the he and she boss for a nice walk just as though we were on holiday yesterday. We had a good time. It was very hot and we found some caves to cool off in.

Little person Sara came round today. They all went off to somewhere with animals. I could hear little person talking about exciting and scary animals and they smelt of lots of different ones when they came back. That was all fine except they all had a picnic in the flappy house without me when they came back. It would have been nice to have been included. That Sara hasn't half got a lot to say for herself these days. She mentions my name a lot too. I'm impressed as she gives me my full pedigree title of THE Millie Dog. What a star

Thursday 5 June 2008


The she boss pushed that noisy thing round the garden that makes the grass all nice for me poohing on. I like it when they do that because it wakes all those jumpy things up that go to sleep round the edges where it gets long. They're good fun. I don't hurt them although they do squeal sometimes but I like seeing them jump and chasing after them. They taste funny though

Sunday 1 June 2008

Holiday with Aunty Joy

I've had my holiday! And the weather was good! It met (nearly) all my expectations. Only thing was, I didn't get to run off the lead much because of all those silly white things that run around and kept shouting at me. I got into real trouble on 2 of our 3 days away. I wasn't to know my collar was wearing out when that sheep came right up while we were eating our lunch was I? What's a dog supposed to do except to give chase? Anyway, I got a nice new collar out of it: What do you reckon? Looks OK eh and very comfortable.
The one time I did manage to have a good run, I met a sheep unexpectedly. He ran, so I ran. Oh dear. I was in big trouble. I thought I'd lost the she boss and Aunty Joy but managed to find them again. The she boss was saying something about farmers with guns I was just worried I wouldn't find them again.
We apparently walked about 40 miles over the 3 days! We got very hot some of the time but there were plenty of places to cool off
Aunty Joy does some very silly things. And they tell me to act my age!
I had a lovely surprise on our last day when Leo's he boss joined us. But no Leo - mixed feelings about that. We went for miles and miles
I'm tired now

Wednesday 28 May 2008


Today I've been on the worst walk ever with the she boss. I can't believe she took me out in that weather to nowhere very interesting. It started out OKish as we walked through the field at the bottom of the road but from there on in it was pretty miserable. It rained loads for one thing and all of it was by really busy roads with cars and bigger things splashing us. Even the noisy things in the sky were even noisier on this walk. It was alright for the she boss. She was wearing those noisy clothes that keep her dry but I was soaked through to the bone. We walked to this place with loads of cars standing around and found ours there but it seemed a silly place to park it. I'm glad to be home and they've put those warm wall things on again to help me dry out. I'm recognising some signs about holidays but I'm not sure I want to go if it stays like this.

Tuesday 27 May 2008


The she boss has been sad today. She's just taken me for a walk and told me and God all about it. She heard on the news this morning about some horrible things happening to children done by people who everyone thought was looking out for them. She said she feels ashamed of being a human being when they do things like that to each other. I'd let her be a dog if she wanted but that would make life difficult for me so I guess I'll just carry on listening to her when she wants to tell me about it. It must be hard being human with so many things to think about

Sunday 25 May 2008


I'm glad blobby Bobbie had a good holiday. At least she had one. I was right about the she boss going on holiday. The bad news is, she didn't take me. I can't believe she could leave me behind. I tried to go but I picked the wrong car door to sneak in. I should have realised she would notice I was sitting on the pedals! :s I was really pleased to see her back tonight though.
I've had a bit of an adventure while she was away. I managed to catch one of those big black birds in the garden. One of them was shouting at me in the park the other day, so I thought I'd get them back. I didn't do too much but he seemed to be having trouble flying afterwards. When the he boss went out in the garden afterwards, there were a load of them all flying down over him. Scary. All my fault.

Thursday 22 May 2008


I think I might be going on holiday. I heard the she boss talking to Aunty Joy. Yeah! I hope it's soon

Wednesday 21 May 2008


Friday 16 May 2008


It's raining today. The she boss MADE me go for a walk anyway. Do I look like I'm bothered?

Wednesday 14 May 2008


They all went out and left me tonight. They came back smelling like they'd had something nice to eat. Shame they didn't take me. Do you know what I eat every day? Look at it; how boring can you get? ........

Then by contrast, have you seen what these guys get to eat? I saw the she boss looking at it on here. They didn't invite me.

Mind you, I had a look at the paper when they all went out. There were some interesting things in there today. The paper people were telling whoever reads it to stop putting out bread for the birds because it doesn't do anything for them. They're saying they need cake instead. That suits me. The she boss puts nuts out for ours and they're right messy eaters - far worse than me - and always drop some so if she starts giving them cake instead and they drop that ........
The other thing I saw was about someone getting in trouble for knitting. Something to do with making the right copies.
What they need to know is that the she boss got in there first and made a knitted copy of me a long time ago. Pity she got the colour wrong