Wednesday 29 December 2010

Sutton Park

I went for a really nice walk today in Sutton Park with lots of my friends and a new dog called Darling Dutch. What sort of a name is that for a great big dog? TheMillieDog is much cooler. As you can see, nearly all the cold white has gone but it was very slidy on the paths and people with 2 legs were struggling to get along. It was very foggy and mizzly as well but I enjoyed it

Sunday 26 December 2010


One of the things that arrived all wrapped up in paper was a usurper. Here he is ......
He's been sitting on the she bosses lap just too much. I'm pretty scared of him and am keeping well out of the way. Every time I go anywhere near he looks at me in a threatening sort of way and then just sits there smirking. It's at times like this I hate paper parcel days.

Saturday 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas day

Well it looks like it's the big day for lots of things in paper. I get to have the paper and everyone else gets excited about what's inside it. Oh and the food. Lovely smells coming from everywhere! I hope they remember to go for a walk with me somewhere in all this. Apparently it's someone's birthday and not just Aunty Linda's. Whoever it is, I'm glad we're included in the celebration. Thank you. Maybe it's the baby we saw born on the picture box last night. We all enjoyed those programmes and even I sat and watched them from the she boss's lap. It was very special.
 And here's my Christmas greeting card - one of me eating the snow. I will miss it when it's gone. And one of my field. It was beautiful today

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Cat and chips

The she boss has had me really worried today. I wondered what was going on when we went for a walk on my field and she took a dustbin bag with her. I thought she was expecting me to do enormous poos. Instead, would you believe, she collected that dead moggy I told you about that we found a couple of days ago. She said something about chips. Cat and chips?! If that was what was on the menu, I could see I was going to come in for a heck of a lot of leftovers and even I couldn't stoop to that. I don't know about a hundred and one uses, right at that moment I couldn't think of even one good use for a dead cat.
We brought it home with us and she left it in the garage. I heard her talking something about getting a a turkey to put in there as well. I kept out of the way under the table while I waited to see what would happen. Later on, the she boss went out on the snow in the car and took the cat with her and I'm very relieved to say that she didn't come back with it. Or a turkey for that matter either. At least we won't be having moggy with our chips tonight. I can breathe again now for the moment at least.

Sunday 19 December 2010


We went for a walk over my field again in the snow today and saw something that made me very sad. There was a dead moggy cat who looked like he'd frozen in the cold weather. If only he'd had a nice coat like me and a warm fire to sit in front of. Someone's going to be very upset when they find where their little friend has gone.

Saturday 18 December 2010


There's white stuff everywhere and it's really deep. I had a nice time on my field running around keeping warm in my new coat. I hope it doesn't go much deeper. I might get buried. At least I'm easy to see in it

Wednesday 15 December 2010


What d'you think of this guy then? Apparently there aren't many around in the world or even in Tanzania where he lives. So few in fact, that they didn't know there were any at all until a few years ago. Considering he's about half the size of me, I think he's done pretty well to have kept hidden for so long. With a stonker of a nose like that, I think I would have kept out of the way of anything. You're bound to get a mocking. I'd be his friend though as long as he knows how to be nice.

Monday 13 December 2010

Christmas shopping

The he and she boss left me to look after the house while they went shopping for Christmas today. It seems like they didn't manage to buy it but they did bring lots of bags home with them.
The she boss took me across the field to a shop tonight to buy more Christmas but she only bought chocolate. She forgot to help me put my coat on before we went and it was a bit cold while I was waiting for her outside the shop. I warmed up on my run back across the field though.
There were lots of pretty twinkles with the frosty moon in the sky and the she boss said there were giants, dogs, bears and all sorts of others up in the twinkleys. She didn't know where they all were and said we need someone with a fancy phone with a night sky app.le on but I didn't understand what she was on about. Again.

Sunday 12 December 2010

So popular

What a lovely day. All it needs to round it off is a good walk over my favourite hills but it's dark now.
There have been lots of friends round our house today. There were old friends like friendPeter, Patrick, t'other Patrick n Marj and quite a few new ones who really liked me especially someone called Ben who friendPeter brought. I didn't know he'd got friends other than me cos I never see any. I'm glad he has cos he's a long way away and the she boss doesn't take me to see him very often and he hasn't been here in a while.
When lots of little people started coming, I put my coat on and waited in the car until they went again. That was OK cos they left lots of tasty things on the floor for me to eat and there were still some people to play with me in the house.
It's all quiet now but I think there are some pretty good leftovers waiting for me to have. Can a MillieDog's day get much better than that?

Saturday 11 December 2010

Strange things

The she boss does the strangest things. Today she brought a whole tree into the house! I must admit it's quite a small one by any standard but it is still a tree. She had to put it on a table otherwise we'd have fallen over it. Mind you, she's put a load of lights on it so we would have seen it if she had left it on the floor somewhere.
Then she cut up and folded lots of bits of paper and put those on it. The best bit is the noisy stuff she made in the kitchen and tied together to go on the tree. It smells nice and definitely tastes real good. I know cos she kept dropping bits while she was putting the string through it.
She's put some bows on as well to help hold it everything together. I think the little people at the bottom are to keep guard in case I feel like eating anything off the tree. I must say it looks very pretty and I think she's done a good job even if it is a bit of a strange thing to do.  I vaguely remember her doing something strange like this before. 

Thursday 9 December 2010

Walks at last

It was warmer at last today so I had a really good run round the field to make up for lost time. The he boss took me and we took his friend Mark to have a look as well. He likes me and plays with me lots. I think he likes coming out for a walk with me as well. All the white stuff has nearly gone now even though a bit more fell out of the sky this morning.

Wednesday 8 December 2010


I'm getting fed up of this cold now. It's been colder than I can ever remember in my 10 and a bit years. I've hardly been out at all cos I start shivering as soon as I stop running even with my coat on. I wouldn't go out at all if my legs were long enough to be able to sit on that white thing in the little room like the he and she boss do. Maybe they should think about getting a MillieDog sized one so I don't have to go out in the garden when I don't want to. I've never got the hang of using the one in the ground down the garden but even if I had, it would still mean going out in the cold

Saturday 4 December 2010


Did you notice the cold white stuff on the last picture of me? Well we've had lots more of it so I've been really glad of that coat. It's going away a bit now but it's still cold and it's rainy. I've found out it keeps me dry as well as warm. Aren't I a lucky dog?

Sunday 28 November 2010

New coat

There you go. Here's me looking very noble and proud in my new coat. And if anyone dares to laugh, I'll show 'em. Just like I did with that little tyke who looked at me funny (before the coat) in the park yesterday. No one messes with me. So there

Saturday 27 November 2010


I am really really cold. I haven't bothered to go out much even though there's some snow on the ground and I like snow. It's cos I'm so slim and my coat isn't very thick. The she boss says it's cos I'm getting older as well but I'm not so sure about that one. They must have felt sorry for me as they took me shopping this afternoon and bought me a coat especially for me in the cold. It's not too embarrassing except I can be seen in the dark but it's certainly nice and warm. I'll do you a picture soon but it was a bit dark when we came home.

Sunday 21 November 2010


That Beth and Ed have been living here again using our beds, eating our food, reading our papers, using our computer, etc, etc, etc. I don't mind really and it's nice to have extra fuss and attention. Ed and the he boss were doing some funny thing on our big table with little roly poly men and a ball. Whatever it was, it involved putting some music on to go with the game.
They dropped a few of the little men but it was ages before I managed to get a look in with them. I took one in the other room to have a good look but me being me managed to break it a bit. I was in a good bit of trouble then. Something to do with Pele someone, star player who's broken his legs now. Oh well, I knew I couldn't stay out of trouble for ever.
They've gone now and it's all gone very quiet. I hope everyone comes back soon.

Saturday 20 November 2010


The she boss tells me she I was in her dream last night. She often dreams about little furry animals but I'm not often in there. Apparently I was smaller, younger, cuddlier and more playful. That must have been a bit of a nightmare as I'm pretty playful anyway. The said there was another little nondescriptish animal as well who was pretty lively and between the 2 of us, she had her work cut out keeping us out of trouble. It seems like she quite enjoyed the fun though. That's OK then. I'm not in trouble this time. Thing is, what does it all mean? My dreams are just straight forward about walks, cats and squirrels and I know what they're all about.
While I'm here, theFriendPeter is still on about me twittering and thinks I should so he kindly sent me this......

Wednesday 17 November 2010

New toys revisited

That she boss knows what I like. She brought me home another one of these today. I've had one before that the children left me but it gets thrown away when I start pulling it to pieces. I like them cos they're good fun to throw around so I'll have to be careful to look after this one for a bit longer.
We've had a man coming to our house every day this week. I don't know why he comes but he goes all the way through the hole at the top of our stairs in the roof, makes lots of noise and hardly comes down again until he goes out of the door again at tea time. No one seems to mind so I don't but I must say, it's a bit strange. Perhaps it's got something to do with all the bags and boxes that the she and he boss have fetched out of the hole and put in the garage. That was a dirty job. It gave me the sneezes.

Monday 15 November 2010

The good things in life

The he and she boss know lots of nice people and they bring them here to meet me sometimes. The she boss says she sees some really nice people when she goes out in the car every day as well and especially some nice ladies. One really nice lady knows all about me and keeps sending me lots of socks to make my favourite toys for keeping my teeth clean. She only sends the socks though but the she boss has to do all the work and tie them up in the knots for me to throw around and chew. Perhaps she needs to give her some lessons.
I had 2 breakfasts today! It's all down to the poor communication between he and she boss. You'd think they'd know each other after all these years and you'd think the he boss would understand what I'm saying after all the years he's known me. The she boss gave me breakfast then the he boss just didn't notice that I wasn't really asking for food and my empty bowl was there and did it all again. Well I wasn't going to turn a gift cat away was I? So I ate it. When the she boss let me in the house I was very embarrassed and ashamed and she understood me enough to know what had happened.
I'm a bit hungry now as I had all my day's food in one go and have got to wait until tomorrow morning now. I hope it's worth the wait

Thursday 11 November 2010

In the wars

Seeing as the she boss has obviously not been very well for a while I thought it was time I had some sympathy so collected a couple of cuts for myself on my walk yesterday. I nearly misjudged it as they're a bit close to my eyes really but it means they got notices quicker. It's certainly worked and they keep having a look at them. I've got a quite new friend called Mark and he came and took me for a walk today which was novel. We showed him my field so he'll know where to go another time

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Healing powers

I've just heard I'm a threpist. I don't know what one of those is but I distinctly heard the he boss telling she boss that I was one. It's something to do with people giving me a cuddle and feeling better after. It happens a lot with people who come here. I must say I don't mind cos I feel good after too. Not that I felt bad before but it's nice anyway

Saturday 6 November 2010


Things just aren't right. The she boss isn't her normal self and hasn't been since we came back from the seaside. She sits around too much which is nice for cuddles but gets a bit boring compared to usual. She makes barky noises sometimes too a bit like me when I've been out running and it's really cold but I don't do it for long. She's been doing it for days and I hear her doing it in bed too.
She's pushed the noisy sucky thing round the house today like usually happens today but I must say, she didn't do a very good job in my opinion. Too much corner cutting. At least she gave my blankets a good go so they feel a bit fresher. It's a lovely day outside and she should be taking me somewhere nice. I suppose it doesn't help that the he boss went off in her car early today though but we could have got on one of those train or bus things. I wouldn't have minded.

Friday 5 November 2010

Oldest profession. Apparently

I was reading about this guy tonight with the she boss while she was helping to take my mind off all the flashes and bangs going on. I reckon I'd be good at that. I could get some practice in when the man comes next time to do ours but it would have to be in the back garden that I looked for it from.
The thing is, I've heard the she boss talking and she says they might not be wanting to go out every morning to work any more soon and I know what that means. No dinners. I need to find a way to pay my way and maybe some of theirs and this might be an option. I better not contact him cos he might think I'm after his job but they live somewhere different to us and lots of people have nice flamy fires round us these days. Hmmmmm

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Yet more meeces

Me and the she boss found this little guy on this website. It brought back memories for us and we thought he was rather sweet. Sweeter than the ones that used to live here

Sunday 31 October 2010

Blobby Bobby

My favourite Uncle John has been to see me today. I was very excited but he brought some sad news. Bobby is no longer with us. RIP Blobby Bobby. We've had some nice, though slow walks together

Saturday 30 October 2010

Home again

It's good to be back. I was starting to get a bit homesick even with half the family there with me.
Here's a nice picture that sums it all up though for me to remember it all. Sigh.

Friday 29 October 2010

Last proper day

It's lovely having that Beth and Ed here but there's a few too many legs and feet in our little room for my liking. I'm getting kicked and trodden on quite a lot. I was glad to go out for a walk over the fields to see the sea this morning with the she boss even though it was really windy and rainy. We had a big struggle walking back.
We saw this little fella driving today. It must be different in the countryside cos I'm not even allowed on the floor on the driving side let alone on the seat to drive. I know how to do it though as I've watched loads

Thursday 28 October 2010


I take it all back. None of it's boring. Who should turn up here last night but that Beth and Ed!! How did they find us? What a nice surprise. I hope they stay a bit. They certainly look like they've come to live here for a bit like us.
The she boss tried to take me over the fields to the beach today but I've had enough of walking now. AND she's put that ridiculous coat on me again. I was hoping to audition for the Emperor of Exmoor replacement but I don't stand a chance if that's what I've got to wear. I've been practicing the running and jumping and am pretty good. 

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Mixed day

This is getting boring now. Same old walk. Dragged out too early. I tried to get out of it today but the he boss put me on the lead so I had to go. I have to admit that it was a nice morning but I'm tired. I'm not as young as I used to be. He always insists on running and I have no choice but to keep up. We had to go all the way down to the beach again. The sea crept up on me when I wasn't looking and nearly got me wet so I tried to go back home again then but the he boss was having none of it.

It got better later when we all went for a walk so no running. We found a really good beach and had it to ourselves for a while for a rest. I explored a big hole in the walls while I was there too. We went for a long long way then the she boss gave me a pig's ear like Ed used to give me for a reward so it was all worth it. 

This is the other thing the she boss has bought me. Is she having a laugh? I know she said she might get me a new winter coat but this?! I quite like the blue but I'd get mocked off my field by the other dogs. I think I might see what it tastes like sometime when she's not looking

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Day 4

Last night was really really windy and the he and she boss decided we were going for ANOTHER walk really really late. I must say it was pretty good fun. Not like this morning when it was still windy but rainy too and there was a funny noise happening out in the sea. I didn't want to go out but the she boss went off up the field so I thought I better follow her to make sure nothing happened to her. This is what it was like out of our window this morning. Bit different to yesterday.I've been on 2 beaches for some good run arounds. I liked the second one especially cos the waves were really big and noisy. I didn't go too close but it gave me lots of energy.
 Tonight there's more noises and flashy bangy things but they haven't lasted long

Monday 25 October 2010

Autumn morning

This is what it was like when the she boss took me for a walk bright and early. Can you see the moon? It was lovely but we didn't get as far as the beach this time. I missed the sand in my toes but we did some of that later. Today I've had 2 walks! So far.
It's very cosy in our little house and the lady who called round and looks after the pretty cat is very kind. The she boss has had a really good fire going to keep us warm nearly all the time since we've been here.
The he boss has had one of those days when there are parcels to get out of paper. I like all the paper but some of his things smelt like they'll taste nice

Sunday 24 October 2010

Day 2 of my holiday

Day 2 but first real day. It's looking good. This is me walking over the field with the he boss. I remember it all now...

 And this is me after I'd walked over the field, down the cliff, along the beach, back up the cliff, over the field ......

Then we went to a shop and the he and she boss got lots of lovely food. I'm hoping there'll be some tasty leftovers like from the fish n chips last night.
Then we went back and did all the walk again but took the she boss as well. I'm thinking I might be feeling my age if this keeps up for too many days. I'm looking a bit scared cos I could smell scary cows not too far away. I was ready for them.
We walked all the way to the end of the country and didn't fall off. 

And this is our house. Ours is the little one but it's not as little as it looks. In fact it's just right for us all. Don't you think I manage quite an arty shot here?

Saturday 23 October 2010


I'm on holiday! The she and he boss have brought me to the seaside. It's one I've been to before and I remember last time I brought that Beth and Sammy and the sun shone all the time. We didn't get here till it was nearly dark this time but I still had a good run around on the beach and checked it all out. I found a little plover having a sleep in the sea weed but I was very kind and didn't scare it away. There's a cat here who's been to see me but he's a bit scared. Here's a picture of me on the beach and I'll try and get the she boss to do a picture of the cat cos he's quite a pretty colour and I've never seen one like it before

Wednesday 20 October 2010


The she boss has been on holiday again without me and she went to see Sammy who's been freestyling.  I know cos I had lots of real good sniffs around her tonight. I can smell she slept on his floor, ate his weeto's, drank his water and went on lots of trains with him. I wonder if I would have liked it? I would have liked to have seen his house cos I ain't never been there yet.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Black hole

We had a new hole put in our roof up the stairs. It's bigger than the old one and has posh steps which make it easier for the he and she boss to disappear up there. I wasn't allowed in when the man came to do it cos he was scared of me for some reason.
That Beth has tried it out and brought lots of boxes and bags into the house. Today the he and she boss have been up there and brought masses of stuff down. They took some of it away in the car but I don't know what they're going to do with everything else. It's all filling up the garage by the bikes and the place where I eat. I had nowhere to sit and wait for my food tonight.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Half empty or half full?

This is totally unfair. Have you seen this? I get upset when they go out and leave me and I must admit I have a bit of a cry and bark these days but I'm a very happy dog really. I'm always laughing. The she boss keeps telling me to stop when she's trying to talk serious to me.
She's been giving another dog some fuss today. I could smell it on her. It was only a baby dog and I reckon Labradoodle at a guess. A girl one. Shame she didn't bring her home for me to play with.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Exciting day out

I've had a really nice day. The she boss took me on a  904. Well that's what she called it but I'm sure she called it something different like buzz when I went on one before a long time back. It's a bit like the caterpillar train I went on ages ago but bumpier and I was glad I had the she boss's knees to steady myself against. I didn't know where we were going and thought it was going to be boring cos she left me tied up while she went in a shop first and there were lots of other shops too. When she came back we did a bit more walking over a hill but just a road hill, not nice and grassy with rabbits. I had a nice surprise though cos we went to see Uncle Ted. He was pleased to see me and I was really pleased to see him. I did a bit of clearing up for him around his kitchen floor then Aunty Joy came and I went another walk with her and the she boss. This time it was real good and I got to have a brilliant run in Sutton Park. I've been there lots but not for a while. The she boss sat talking and eating for ages with Aunty Joy and I was tied up lonesomely for a while like this but not for too long. It's been really good but I got a bit cold by the fence after running. The she boss is thinking of buying me my own coat for when the very cold weather comes

Monday 4 October 2010


This place has been hectic. We've had so many people living here, Sammy had to stay downstairs with me at night to look after the house and went to sleep on the floor. It was good but there was a lot of going and coming and fro-ing and to-ing. It's all peaceful again now. That Beth stayed up in the hole in the ceiling for ages and brought LOADS of stuff down with her when she came that made me sneeze. I don't know what it all was but I bet that hole's a bit empty now.
This is what happened to the he  boss tonight:
He looks quite happy about it but I wouldn't have been if I was there. I'm not allowed to push people off our furniture. Or even get up there except for the occasional cuddle. Well!

Sunday 26 September 2010

Perturbed life at home

The friend Peter's been living here again. Something to do with that Beth running a long way but I don't really understand the connection. I just know the he and she boss were gone for a long time and I was worried they'd gone on holiday without me so it's a good job I've got friends. I did miss them though and was glad to see them back.
Me and the friend Peter were talking and he has the same problem as me with his nails getting tall. I told him I bite mine but he seemed to think that wasn't a good idea and he went upstairs somewhere to sort them out. They're certainly quieter now when he's on his computer.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Autumn fruits

I've had 3, yes 3 walks today. I think the she boss was on a bit of a mission. The first one was to a shop to get a paper then we went on my field again with a bucket. The she boss was putting a few blackberries in it but there weren't many left after the rain and I've eaten quite a few. Think probably other dogs have been too.
The last one meant going for a ride in the car first and the she boss took here bucket again but didn't put anything in it this time. I'm not complaining; just not sure why we had to take a bucket for a walk. 

Thursday 23 September 2010

The good old days

We've been for a real good walk today just like the old days before the she boss started walking funny. It was a bit slow compared to how it used to be but it was good and long. We did a pretty good job of rounding up some sheep for the farmer. We walked all around where some villages used to be a long time back but aren't any more and somewhere around where they tell porkie pies.

Thursday 16 September 2010


This was me looking extremely embarrassed and even more ashamed this morning. I'd had an accident during the night. I just couldn't hold on any longer and I'd tried to get the door open to go in the garden but it opens the wrong way for me. The she boss said later when she'd finished deafing me out that I need to learn to come and ask but I don't like to wake them. It was ages before I dared to show my face in the house again. I'm only glad it wasn't raining.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Fruity smells

We seem to have a lot of fruit around our house and the she boss is doing some interesting things with it all in noisy pans and bottles. Even Aunty Linda came today and brought even more. It smells great and I tried to sneak a taste but the she boss caught me.

Saturday 11 September 2010


Sorry but it's been a quiet week so nothing much to report; for me anyway. Everyone else seems to have been doing lots but I've been hanging around at home between walks mainly.
The friend Peter came and went again but I didn't see him much cos he was either out, eating or sleeping.
I've just been for a little ride in the car though with the she boss to see my old friends Robin and Ali. I don't think I knew a little person lived in their house with them. His name's Nathaniel and he came to the car to see what I looked like. The she boss wouldn't let me out to say a proper 'Hello' though cos she said I was loose. I don't know where she gets that idea from. I think I'm pretty upright and moral as dogs go. I was hoping we'd stop off for a walk on the way home but we hadn't taken my lead. Maybe later.

Saturday 4 September 2010

Family visitors

A whole family came to see me tonight and eat all our food. I've met Ian before when I've been on a walk with Leo a long time ago but I hadn't met the others he brought with him. They all seemed nice and liked me a lot. I took them to see my field and to give the he boss a run around with the ball. I'm not very interested in that so he needs other friends to do that instead and give him some exercise.
I kept being sent out of the room or even the house as I have to admit, they were some pretty bad smells I was making. I think I've eaten too many pears but they keep raining out of the sky on to my garden and they are very tasty.

Friday 3 September 2010

Between meals

Yes! Clever chimps like a clever MillieDog. It's good to know it's catching on.
I've found a new snack in the garden to keep me going when I get peckish. The she boss

says they're called hoppity skips and I have to watch I don't get drunk on them. They're very nice anyway.
Oh and the house has filled up again with Sammy and that Beth. They can't keep away. I think they come back for our nice food.

Monday 30 August 2010

Holiday home

I've cottoned at last that our house is other people's holiday home. Not the flappy kind but a real house one like we go on holiday to sometimes. It must be to do with my nice garden and field and what a good welcome I give everyone.
That Beth and Sam with Ed and Abimaro come for holidays pretty often and we've just had the friendPeter living here for days and days. I think he must have really liked it. It's been nice having him here especially as he keeps me company if the he and she boss go out without me and when they go to bed cos he stays downstairs for lots of the night. I've been out as well though with him and the he and she boss. I took him to the park today and he must have liked it cos he took lots of photos.
He took lots another time too when I took him and the she boss to one of my favourite places to see a very nice lady and her pretty birds.
He doesn't half sleep a lot though and drink LOADS of tea and coffee. He plays some good games with me too when I might be getting bored, not that I do that much.
It looks like he's gone back to his own house now. I'm going to miss him. I hope he comes again soon or the she boss takes me to see him at his house.

Monday 23 August 2010

Party food n fun

EVERYONE came to my house yesterday and played on my field. See what I mean? It really was everyone. Although I can think of some people who were missing.

I stayed in the car outside for a lot of it cos I find it a bit much with this amount of people so I didn't really mind. A lot of my friends said hello to me when they were on their way in and out anyway. I could hear them all having lots of fun and I did go on the field with them all later. They left lots of food on the grass for me to find and I've been having some nice leftovers with my dinner. I bet those mice wish they still lived here. After they were all tired from the running around and shouting, they did some painting with the he boss and listened to music. That was a good opportunity for me to help the she boss and a new friend Ryan to clear up round the garden. And the sun shone for a change! A lovely time had by all. Sigh
Ooo I just remembered. I must be careful what I eat off the barbecue this time. I had a real bad tummy after scraping over what was left where the fire had been last time.

Friday 20 August 2010

Extra flappy

This was the view from our flappy house this week. It was a nice view but VERY flappy at times. It's a good job that the she boss has had lots of practice at putting it up safely. It was even very flappy while she was putting it up. It was a nice view and nice people but too many lorries whizzing up the road too near. We've already found where we're going to go next time. There'll be LOADS of really nice walks for us there.
It was nice to be just the 2 of us cos there seem to be lots of people coming and going at my house lately although theFriendPeter came to see me and take me a ride in his car while we were there. I don't like his as much as mine and the she boss's but it was OK for a little while. I don't know how he finds us in our flappy house.
And no sign of any mice when we came home :-)

Friday 13 August 2010

Dead mice

Me and the she boss are STILL catching meeces. I got one last night and the she boss caught 2 this week before she went off for a holiday with her friend Jane. It would have been nice to have gone with her but I quite understand that I was needed here in the circumstances. Lots of meeces are dying as well. I don't think they like the food the she boss has been putting out for them in little boxes. I hope I don't die if I eat her cooking.

Sunday 8 August 2010

All ruined

I was going to write about the fantastic weekend I've had. That Beth and Sammy came here to live again. They keep coming back but I don't mind. This time was one of those with lots of things in paper and that's always good fun. They've eaten LOADS of cake as well. They haven't given me any but I got some good leftovers from the dinner to go with the paper. That Beth got one of the cakes from someone who I sort of remember called Tessa. If you look at her pictures, it was the one with all the strawberries. I like strawberries but I like raspberries best, especially ones off Aunty Linda's bushes in her holiday garden.
This all sounds great doesn't it and it was until they all left again and the he and she boss took me for a walk. Couldn't they hear that the sky was making noises? I know it wasn't loud and right on top of us but it was out there somewhere. I didn't really want to go then, when we were walking, I definitely heard some somewhere so I tried to go back to the car. Only trouble was, the he and she boss just kept going without me and I forgot where it was. Some kind people saw me being very scared under the bridge and told them about me. I was glad to get home again and don't want to go out anywhere again in a hurry.
Me and the she boss did take another little meece for a ride in the car tonight. I did try and catch him when she let him out of the box but the she boss wouldn't let me. She didn't want him back for some reason.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Blogging families

It's catching. I'm slowly getting all the family blogging. That Beth has been doing it for ages. Nearly as long as me even. Now Abimaro has joined in. Just Sammy, the he boss and Ed to join in now

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Expert mice catching

Hey! We're getting clever! We caught 2 mice in one trap last night. One of us is getting expert or the mice are getting stupid. It was the he boss's turn to take them for a trip this time cos the she boss went out very early. She said she was going all the way to an even bigger city to see Sammy.
She's told me all about it now she's back and especially that she saw mice running around in the tunnels where the trains go underground. If it was a bit nearer, we could take all ours there. They'd have some new friends.
Nathan's been to see us as while the she boss was out to bring some real serious bad food for the mice too but we'd really like best to catch them and take them somewhere else.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Holiday home

Well that was a different couple of days. This time we've had theFriendPeter living at our house for some nights. I think he came for a holiday. I suppose it makes sense seeing as we've just been to Aunty Linda's house for a holiday that people could go to anyone's house for a holiday if they let them. Or even if they didn't sometimes maybe. In fact, that could save a lot of money if everyone just moved into someone else's house for a week every year for their holiday all in the same week. As long as it didn't end up with just moving next door. The she boss says there is an industrial fortnight when everyone goes on holiday so everyone could do it in that time. I think I might write to Mr's Cameron and Clegg with my idea. It's about time I started thinking politically again.
Anyway, it was nice having theFriendPeter here even if he did come home VERY late at night but he did take me a walk down the garden when he came back. No mice seemed to have kept him awake in the bedroom judging by how long he seemed to sleep.
The he and she boss spent ages cleaning and scrubbing out all the garage for me so I can see where the mice go. In fact they were left with nowhere much to go. I wonder what they'll do now? It smells nice in there now, or as nice as a garage can I suppose.

Friday 30 July 2010

A short home from home

I've just been away on holiday I think with the he and she boss. I'm not sure cos it wasn't like our usual place and it smelled like Aunty Linda lived there although she was out for all the time we were there. I hope she knew we were living there for three nights. It was very posh with some nice walks as you can see.
This is me exploring round a little bit just checking if Aunty Linda was hiding somewhere really. S
She kindly left me lots of fruit in the garden to eat within reach of me. She must know how much I like raspberries. The plums I found on the ground were a bit sour though.
We had one really good long walk when we went to have a look at Rodney's pillar. It was very big and a long way up. We thought it might rain but it didn't. We tried to see the house from there but couldn't manage it. Not that I cared really.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Pesky mice

Sammy and Abs have been back to live here for 2 nights. It's been really good. Only thing was, one of our pesky mice kept Abimaro awake all night chobbling away. I thought they'd all gone to live outside for the summer but this one seems to have got lost on his way along our gazeboey thing under the windows. I wasn't happy especially as he'd had the cheek to sit and watch a DVD the night before with Sammy and Abs in the bedroom.
Me and the she boss are trying our best but they just seem to want to move out. Any ideas from anyone?

Thursday 22 July 2010

Yearly check up

I've been to see my doctor tonight for my yearly MD.O.T. He said I'm in fine feckle and distinctly said he was impressed with my physique. He gave all the credit to the she boss but doesn't he think I do anything to help?! I do a lot of running about after squirrels and meeces and postmen. I suppose the she boss does do her bit in that she does her best to stop me eating any between meals things but I'm pretty good at sneaking them in.
The she boss tried to tell him I should be acting like a grown up at 10 and a half but he agreed with me - as long as I'm as lean as me, I won't show my age. The he boss does his best too and follows me as his role model. He's doing pretty well too for his age his doctor told him. He worries more than me though that there just might be something they've missed. Me, I just get on with life.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

The name's Millie. MillieDog. Number 0007

Hey! Someone all the way over in Moscow has been reading all about my life on here. This could be the excitement I was waiting for. Would you like me to tell you lots of secrets? I listen to the news everyday so I could tell you lots of what David and Nick are up to and what the weather's doing. The planes go over my garden on the way to the airport too so I could tell you which ones are flying. No one would guess a dog as a spy so it's a perfect cover. I would even be willing to have a couple more chips put in my back. I don't remember the first one hurting at all and then if I could persuade the she boss to bring me to see you on holiday ......... How's it sounding? Interested?

Monday 19 July 2010


BoReD BORED BORED βοεδ Bored BORED Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Very very very BORED Can't someone find me something exciting to do?

Thursday 15 July 2010

Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted came to see me today and eat our food. He said I'm nervy and excitable! Huh. What does he know? I can be very calm when I want to be. I just choose not to me when he comes to see me. He does do his best to wind me up as well. I thought it was all just good fun. That'll teach me.

Saturday 10 July 2010

Short break

We only went for 2 nights but it was lovely. This is me nice and chilled while the she boss enjoys the view over the wall from our flappy house. I wasn't allowed to look cos there were silly sheep everywhere and I might get ideas about climbing over. As if I didn't know without looking. I could hear them munching the grass.
We've had a fab time with some nice walks along rivers where I could go and cool my pads off. I don't know what was best about it all - the fresh windy air, watching the people and sheep, walking, lazing, cuddling up to the she boss in the mornings. I'm hard pushed to decide. The she boss said I was very very well behaved and she'll take me somewhere again before it goes cold and dark with little days.
We're getting very good at getting everything set up and taken down and I know it all now like the back of my paw though I'm not sure which one. This is me giving some instructions as it was quite windy and the she boss needed some help.
It was nice to get back and see the he boss again to tell him all about it.
Now we're back I keep following the she boss around trying to tell her how grateful I am that she took me on holiday with her. I think she understands and she hasn't told me off for following her everywhere yet even though I'm not really supposed to go in her bedroom. I just want to keep on being with her all the time for ever. I do love my he and she boss.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Yay! Holiday

I take it all back! They've come home and the she boss is just getting our last things in so me and her can go off into the sunset

Left behind

I really cannot believe this is happening to me or that anyone would do anything this unkind. The she boss has packed up all the car (again) with all our flappy house holiday stuff and I know she's put the flappy house in as well this time AND my food and bowls. Now they've both gone off in the car and LEFT ME BEHIND!!!!! I am angry. I am upset beyond barks or even yelps. I feel sick. How could they do this to me??!!!

Saturday 3 July 2010

That's better

What I was saying earlier about wanting something nice to happen has happened! Sammy and that Beth have BOTH come to see me and look like they're staying a bit. We took that Beth to have a look at my field and she helped them pick up some bottles that someone had left on the floor. I'm glad they look after my field.


I'm very tired today. Yesterday was extremely upsetting and I now feel emotionally exhausted. TheFriendPeter came to see me the night before and lived here all night which was real nice. It all got spoilt when he and the she boss packed everything up and went off in the car early. I thought it was going to be one of my flappy house holidays but without me as they took lots of that stuff with them but not me!
That really upset me for starters then while I was looking after the house on my own later, the men who wash and wipe all our windows came. I don't like them anyway. The noises they make frighten me especially when they wipe the windows with all the pretty colours in that make even more noise. I got so scared, I pulled up the prickly mat by the door and it looks like I might have wrecked it real bad cos it's been put outside in the big bucket with the lid. The he boss wasn't happy when he came home and saw it.
I'm glad to say that the she boss and FriendPeter came back later and didn't stay away in any flappy house without me. That was a relief.
Today when I was hoping for a peaceful day, the he boss started pushing the noisy sucky thing around. I'd had enough so I took myself down the end of the garden for a lie down. I think I got the she boss a bit worried cos she came looking for me after I'd been there for hours. I'm worried now that it took her that long to miss me. She must have felt sorry for me cos she picked me up to give me a cuddle and take me back.
Today's really sunny yet again but it's windy too so all our doors keep banging and making me jump. I think they understand I'm stressed but it's not nice. I hope something nice happens to me soon.

Tuesday 29 June 2010


Lots of men have been to my house to see me tonight. Some of them were my friends I already had but some were some new ones. The was even a little man. I don't think he was quite like a little person cos he was bigger than that but he wasn't as big as a man. I wasn't too sure but he seemed like he wanted to be my friend. I sort of let him be but I really wanted to get on with doing my own things like waiting for food off everyone. They were eating some really tasty pineapple which means I get lots of the peel with juicy bits still stuck on. I hope they all come again soon. They all had a good look at our dead parasol and I think some of them might be able to make it alive again if they come again.

Wednesday 23 June 2010


These are a few of my favourite things. I love the bones but my real favourites are the floppy socks tied in a knot for chewing on. I don't get them much now that Sammy doesn't live here any more. The he boss doesn't seem to lose odd ones and he doesn't think of me when there's holes in any and just throws them in the bin. If it was the downstairs bin, I'd fetch them out but I'm not really supposed to go in their sleeping room to root in that bin. They're much more fun when they' tied up together and I can't do that without opposable pads.
It doesn't matter any more anyway cos someone called Debbie who the she boss sees when she goes off every day has brought me lots! I think there's enough to keep me playful till at least when it all goes cold and dark again. I will be glad of some then when we have to be inside after dinner time.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Biker dog

The she boss showed me this little fella. I'd like to meet them. She's said she'd like to take me travelling with the flappy house to exciting places over the sea. I think I like the idea of being in the car rather than on a motorbike though. I think I'm a bit old to learn that one even if it does look like fun.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Out visiting

I've been to see GaryCat. Me and him are like that we are. Best of friends with a healthy respect. It was good to be back at that Beth and Ed's house. This is me taking turn at watching out for intruder cats to give GaryCat a break. It's important to disguise yourself with a curtain when you do that. I know from many years of experience.
We went out for a ride in the countryside and who should be in a field with a load of men all dressed up in white stuff but Ed. I don't know what they were supposed to be doing but he did a lot of running up and down to some sticks. Didn't look like much fun to me and I'm glad the she boss took me off to explore for a while instead of hanging around in the cold watching that.
I'd like the GaryCat to come and see where I live sometime and take a turn at my house at keeping watch.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking
When we got home, I had a nice surprise cos Sammy had come to see us with his mate JimmyJames. They took the he boss on my field to kick the ball around. I don't like these games where the balls go everywhere. They hurt when they hit me so I just keep out of the way.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Not well

I've got a poorly tummy. Probably my own fault from rooting through all that black stuff too much where they had the fire for the food. It's very embarrassing but the she boss is being very kind about it. So far.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Millie Lotsa Mates :-)

I had a fab day yesterday. LOADS of people came to my house to see me. Alright, I got put in the car for quite a while first. I agree, I do get a bit over excited. I came in later when all the best food had gone and I showed lots of them my garden and field which they loved.
They'd had a fire in the garden to cook tasty stuff on. That doesn't happen very often but I like it when it does cos there's always leftovers I can find in the black stuff when it's gone cold the next day.
Today's really quiet and that's nice too. I'm not sure what it is the he boss keeps looking at on the moving picture box but there sound like a lot of bees in there. He gets very excited and so did everyone else when they were here last night.

Monday 7 June 2010

Back to the mice

I think it was 'Take your mouse to work' day again today cos that's what the she boss did. She/we got one in a little box again and she took it with her in the car to work. She doesn't seem to have brought it home with her though. They seem to like pumpkin seeds a lot.
It's about time there was another 'Take your MillieDog to work' day again. We haven't had one of those for ages and we've just had 2 for mice. I can't say it's that much fun though. I seem to spend most of the time waiting around in the car but I do get some nice walks out of it though in some new places.
By the way, I've had a very buzzy few days with all my family here to see me. It was lovely and I had lots of attention from Abimaro again and taught her a few of my tricks. It was especially buzzy cos some bees have made their home under our decking. I'll probably catch some of them but they've not been too much trouble yet even though everyone ate their dinner on top of their house yesterday.

Friday 4 June 2010

Brilliant holiday

It was a holiday and the he boss left the Chinese man at home. It was brilliant. We went to a nice little house (not flappy) out in the fields with lots of birds to watch. These are some baby ones we saw. Sorry they're not very clear but it was getting a bit dark. You can see all the little yellow beaks though calling out for their dinner.
We did a lot of chilling in our little garden and I enjoyed watching the chickens and geese over the other side of the field while the he boss went off on his bike and the she boss read her books and made woolly things.
We had some rainy days but that was OK and we managed to go to the seaside too to have our ice creams and watch the boats go by. I didn't get to have any good runs around on the beaches though cos there were lots of people and a lot of the time there were pictures saying I couldn't go down there. I would have been really good and not caused any trouble to any one and the she boss has always got a rustly bag in her pocket in case I get caught short.

The people who lived in the house next to us were very nice and liked me. They had a big dog called Purdy who'd hurt his leg. I wasn't too sure whether to be friends as it was his place really and he was big. There was a cat that the she boss liked but I found too scary. He was a bit too friendly for my liking and kept coming up to me even when I tried to hide. It doesn't seem right for a cat to be that bold and I didn't know what to do.
I hope we go back there sometime for another chilling.


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Chinese holiday?

I'm sure the he boss said we were going on holiday but he said it in that horrible Chinese voice so I was too busy hiding behind the she boss to really take it in. If we do go, I hope he doesn't take that voice with him. It could ruin the whole thing for me. I can't see any signs that we're going anyway except maybe that the she boss is putting her clothes in that cupboard with the round door on a different day to usual.

Photo competition

My mate Sammy is good at taking photos and the she boss has been showing me some real good ones he's taken and wants voting for. Please vote. I think this picture's really nice.I quite miss Sammy and that Beth. Wonder when they'll pass this way again. We've had another Sam here and the friend Peter. The he and she boss took him for a posh tea but they didn't bring me anything.

Friday 21 May 2010

Garden nature reserve

That's us! We've got a nature reserve in our garden with lots of pets for me to play with and watch. I like frogs although they're not too keen on this hot, dry weather and hide from me.
The she boss caught a little mouse this morning. I can't take any credit this time. She took it out in the car instead of me which was a bit insulting but I notice she didn't come back with it. I hope it's found somewhere as nice as ours to live.
I like the little brown dunnocky birds that come on our decking to say hello and hop round our feet. They sing very sweetly too. They felt relaxed enough with us yesterday that they were nookying and making eggs even right near us! I hope they bring their little family to see us when they've all hatched out.
The squirrels are keeping out of the way at the moment. YES. I must have won that one. The one I had cornered must have passed on the message that I've got teeth. If the she boss hadn't let him out, I'd have got him.
I now need to win against those noisy black birds that dive down on me when I go down the garden. They're nasty but I have a proper go back at them and jump very high on my springy legs even though I'm getting older. I learnt a lot from watching Sammy all those years slam dunking.
My field is very pretty too with lots of white fluffy flowers, fairies flying everywhere and other little yellow and white flowers. The she boss wouldn't let me run round today though. I think it's because it's really hot. I'm glad she's sensible. We all need a sensible somebody around.