Tuesday 25 May 2010

Chinese holiday?

I'm sure the he boss said we were going on holiday but he said it in that horrible Chinese voice so I was too busy hiding behind the she boss to really take it in. If we do go, I hope he doesn't take that voice with him. It could ruin the whole thing for me. I can't see any signs that we're going anyway except maybe that the she boss is putting her clothes in that cupboard with the round door on a different day to usual.

Photo competition

My mate Sammy is good at taking photos and the she boss has been showing me some real good ones he's taken and wants voting for. Please vote. I think this picture's really nice.I quite miss Sammy and that Beth. Wonder when they'll pass this way again. We've had another Sam here and the friend Peter. The he and she boss took him for a posh tea but they didn't bring me anything.

Friday 21 May 2010

Garden nature reserve

That's us! We've got a nature reserve in our garden with lots of pets for me to play with and watch. I like frogs although they're not too keen on this hot, dry weather and hide from me.
The she boss caught a little mouse this morning. I can't take any credit this time. She took it out in the car instead of me which was a bit insulting but I notice she didn't come back with it. I hope it's found somewhere as nice as ours to live.
I like the little brown dunnocky birds that come on our decking to say hello and hop round our feet. They sing very sweetly too. They felt relaxed enough with us yesterday that they were nookying and making eggs even right near us! I hope they bring their little family to see us when they've all hatched out.
The squirrels are keeping out of the way at the moment. YES. I must have won that one. The one I had cornered must have passed on the message that I've got teeth. If the she boss hadn't let him out, I'd have got him.
I now need to win against those noisy black birds that dive down on me when I go down the garden. They're nasty but I have a proper go back at them and jump very high on my springy legs even though I'm getting older. I learnt a lot from watching Sammy all those years slam dunking.
My field is very pretty too with lots of white fluffy flowers, fairies flying everywhere and other little yellow and white flowers. The she boss wouldn't let me run round today though. I think it's because it's really hot. I'm glad she's sensible. We all need a sensible somebody around.

Saturday 15 May 2010

Lovely break from the house

We had a lovely time. The she boss took me back to my old favourite campsite It was a bit cold but we enjoyed it anyway. The she boss was kind and tucked me in under a blanket at night to keep me warm and it worked.
The only thing that was bad was that a loud bang kept happening. The she boss said it was a bird scarer but I think it was a MillieDog scarer. The cows across the river didn't seem too keen either. I went and hid in the car when I first heard it but I got a bit better. That's me hiding in the picture.
We went on some brill walks over my second favourite hills and the she boss managed good although she got a bit slower towards the end of a long one we did.
There was hardly anyone else around anywhere except for one lady who looked in the door when I was helping the she boss wash up. When I say helping, I mean I'm the quality controller she says. The lady said something and when the she boss said 'hello' she said "sorry, I thought you were the other lady!" I'm not that good at numbers but if she's one lady, the she boss is another and she thinks there's only one other that makes 3 in the world and even I know there's a lot more than that. For a start, there's all the ones who come to our house or we go out to meet. I think she needs to get out more and make some friends.

Wednesday 12 May 2010


Yes it's really happening. The she boss went through the black hole in the roof and came back with our flappy house. I know that's what it is cos I remember the smell. And everywhere's full of stuff by the door. Yay. I'll be ready as soon as I'm awake in the morning. I hope we're going somewhere nice. It's a bit cold though and I've not got a lot to keep me warm. Maybe I'll have to cuddle up with the she boss in her bed.

Tuesday 11 May 2010


I am so excited. I followed the she boss upstairs last night and she got our holiday box out! And she was rolling up her sleeping mats. That's all got to mean she's getting ready to take me on holiday soon.
I was still so excited this morning, I ate the little pebbles she gets out of bottles every day. One was a bit oily for me and she said the other one is for bones and things and good for horses so probably won't do me any harm. I wasn't in too much trouble with her. I was in more trouble later when I ate some of the paper the man put through the door. I just couldn't contain myself. How was I supposed to know he'd got it wrong and given us next door's papers by mistake. The she boss had to go round when she got home to say sorry for me. I'm still excited though.

Sunday 9 May 2010


I've had a fab weekend. LOADS of my favourite people came to my house. I don't know why, but they made Uncle Keith stay out in the garden doing the cooking in the cold and rain. I kept him company so he didn't mind too much and our little dunnock bird was keeping an eye on it all too. We had some little people here too and I was pretty good although I did tell them not to go near the cooking cos I wanted some of it.
Sammy and Abimaro were here again. She likes me :-) It was nice to have them here and I saw Beth for a little while. What a house full.

Monday 3 May 2010


That's my car! If you look very carefully, you can see I'm in the back having a ride home with the she boss. She found this picture on t'internetty groogle thing

Saturday 1 May 2010

All better now

I'm OK now thank you. But no thanks to the he boss!