Saturday 29 October 2011

All change

Sammy and Abimaro must have found thefriendPeter and told him to come back cos we fetched him off the train last night. It looks like we might be going off and leaving him to live in our house though cos the she boss has been filling up lots of bags with all our stuff including my holiday bag. I hope it's somewhere nice. I can't see the flappy house anywhere so I think it might be in a real house. Even more holidays!  Aren't I a lucky dog?

Wednesday 26 October 2011

My house

ThefriendPeter came here to live with me. I think he's still living here really cos all his stuff is here like he's living and his car's outside but I can't see him anywhere.
I took him to the place with the trains and I know he went for a ride but I think he might have got lost.
Me and the she boss went for some quiet chill time over my park and had a sit together in our thinking spot. It was real nice.
While thefriendPeter has been missing, Sammy and Abimaro have been sleeping in his bed. That's been fun too. I took them to see my hills in the sunshine and, as you can see, they were really embarrassing. I'm not sure I'll take them again.

I like it when they come cos Abimaro does lots of singing and she likes me. They've gone off for a ride in the train now. I wonder if they'll find thefriendPeter?

It keeps been nice and sunny so I'm having lots of runnings around on my field as well as the long walks in nicer places.

Sunday 16 October 2011


Just when I thought my field was getting boring the spiders got to work and made me a glittery carpet all over it. It looked really pretty in the sun

Sunday 9 October 2011

Hoppity hop

It's that time of year again and I like it. These are growing all over the place and they're a really tasty between meal snack. I saw the she boss looking at them thinking about cutting them off for something but I'm hoping to persuade her to leave them all for me for sustenance in the cold weather coming

Saturday 8 October 2011


I know the she boss has come back after all that time and I should be grateful but I would have thought I would have had more attention than I have. Hasn't she missed me as much as I've missed her? It's all been a bit quiet all week co they keep going out and leaving me. At least it's cooler to go for walks now. I'd like a real good one sometime soon, I'm getting a bit bored with my field.
This is the new friend I told you about that needed his ears mending. He doesn't look too bad now. She's been looking at lots of pictures as well that she took with that Beth. It looks like they worked hard as well as some fun. And I thought they'd had a holiday without me. Not sure about all those little people anyway.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Home again

They're back! Somehow they managed to bring only one big bag back instead of the 2 bigs one they took with them so I don't know who they were hiding in there. It's been a long time and theFriendPeter has been and gone again in that time.
I know they've been to see the lady Jane and her dogs as I could smell them on the she boss and that Beth. I really do think they could have taken me as well. Never mind. Maybe next time.
They've brought a lot of interesting things back including a big tall spotty friend for me. I'll show you a picture soon but at the moment, it looks like he needs his ears mending.