Friday 30 January 2009


The she boss sometimes borrows that Beth's bed to sleep in. I think it's if she's out round the town late or if she feels like getting up REALLY early. Or sometimes when the he boss does. Today she was up when it was still night time and no one else was up so she'd been in that Beth's bed. I like it when she does that cos it's good fun for me. I always follow her upstairs at bedtime to make sure they're all OK up there before I go to my own bed in the kitchen but when she's in that Beth's bed, I go in and pretend I'm going to get in bed with her for a laugh. Of course, I'd never be allowed to but we have a good chuckle together about it before it's really bedtime. It reminds me a bit of when we go together in the flappy house. I hope we can do that again soon.

Monday 26 January 2009

Paper days

Today's been one of those days with lots of paper. It was the she boss this time who was getting packages. I like these days cos it means lots of visitors as well. That Beth's been living back here again and Ed came and didn't seem to want to go again either.
By the look of the things the she boss took out of the paper, it looks like it was a paper day for the birds as well as there were a lot of things for them in the parcels. What about me? It would be nice to get something for me inside sometime and not just the paper although I like that too
The down side of it all was the she and he boss disappeared off without me one of the nights. I saw them looking like they were leaving and was worried but, thankfully, they came back again the next day. I did have a nice time chilling with Sammy though while they were gone.

Monday 19 January 2009

Black and blue

Well that's blue Monday over. And I'm still a black dog. Thank goodness for that. It had me worried for a bit

Friday 16 January 2009

More about fame and other things

Today was gooood. I've had 2 days of sitting in on my own. I never mind the first. It gives me time to sit and think a bit about life in between sleeping and listening for the postman. The second day gets a bit boring after a bit but I always know the third day is coming and that's usually good. This third day, me and the she boss went on a really good walk. I'm sure she called the hills we were on (not very big ones by the usual standards - more of an excuse for hills really) Licking Hills but I must have heard wrong. They'd never be that as I get told off for licking so she wouldn't take me anywhere that gave me ideas.
It occurred to me today, thinking a bit more about fame following on from last Monday. There could be an easier way than trying hard to be a hero. Imagine if me and the she boss were out walking and she called me like she does - "Come on theMillieDog" and someone heard and said "Wow! Is that THE MillieDog, the one who writes all those sensitive, insightful, witty things on her blog?!" Nuff said

Monday 12 January 2009

News stories

I can't help but notice as I watch over the she boss's lap each day that there have been a lot of news stories about animals lately. I must admit I'm a little envious and am wondering what it would take to make me famous. I'd like it to be something really heroic.
Maybe if I rescued the she boss from a cliff ledge on one of our walks. Maybe not. That would probably mean I'd have to trip her up first and I don't think I could bring myself to do that.
How about stopping a run away pram from going in front of big lorry. Mmmm. That sounds a bit risky to my life and that would defeat the object if I wasn't there to see myself on the news page. I also might have trouble getting off the lead
I suppose I could get in the local paper for something gentle but heroic, like catching a little person's balloon just as it was going to fly away. Might burst though.
How about rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. That could work if I could get up there as it probably wouldn't stay up there for long once I got near. Scaring it could cause trouble though and my good intentions be misunderstood.
I think I might have to stick to letting the family know whenever anyone comes too close to our front door for now. One of these days, it might be someone that they really need me to warn them about. If I think of any better ideas, I'll let you know. Unless you've got any for me? Do people in Halifax ever have good ideas?

Sunday 11 January 2009

Last week's pictures

There you go. I said there'd be some pictures sometime of last week's walk. Thanks Cellus. I told you all it was cold

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Wonder if the she and he boss would have let me have a family of my own if they hadn't already done things to me before I came to live here?

Monday 5 January 2009

Night fun

It feels like it's getting close to that day when the she boss opens a load more things wrapped up in paper. I wonder if she'll have crowds of people here like last year. That was OK except I was happier waiting in the car till there weren't so many.
If it's that day coming up, that means she's getting older and this time I think she's going a bit doolally. We've just been round my field together in the snow, frost and dark and had a good time as there were quite a few friends over there. We usually have it to ourselves when it's dark but I wasn't complaining. I distinctly heard the she boss say I was having a field day. See what I mean. It was night and anyone with any sense could see that

Sunday 4 January 2009


Yesterday was cold but I had a really good walk with the she boss and the friends Janet and Cellusacar who came to see me last week. There might be a picture sometime to add here. I took them a long way and we saw some deer. I was very good though and just looked from a distance. They didn't look very interesting to chase actually.
Today is VERY cold and it's trying to snow

Thursday 1 January 2009

New Year I'm glad I wasn't there. I had enough to be frightened of hiding under the window with the she boss in Sammy's bedroom