Thursday 24 March 2016

From the she boss

Today has been a very sad day. As the sheboss, it falls on me to let you know that theMillieDog left this world this afternoon after a short mystery illness. Last week, we had a lovely holiday in the Peak District with her where she enjoyed long walks over hill and dale despite not wanting to eat her dinners all week. She was happy enough to scrounge our snacks but refused any 'real' food  and defied temptations of fresh meat and gravy. We thought she just didn't like being away from home but was no better on return so had a trip to the doctor man. She was very brave through various treatments and investigations but nothing was obvious. We did not feel it fair to put a 15 year old very dignified (sometimes) lady through anything too traumatic so today we made the decision to let her go. She'd been enjoying lots of fuss and cuddles this last few days but not really been in the mood for much else.
She's been a great dog, lots of fun and seemed to have taken to the now 2 little people that have taken over her home and life putting up with a lot of sleep disturbance especially from the second one despite not being able to hear the little footsteps approaching for the last year or so. We've all been too busy keeping them in check to do much on here but theMillieDog has accepted all the changes and shift in attention. She's going to be missed for her scrounging, clearing up the floor after everyone, paper eating (including £20 notes if not careful), hairs, warning off garden intruders very effectively, exuberance, company on camping trips, following me around, looking very sorry for herself left to wait outside shops, eater of EVERYTHING (except sprouts & mushrooms), incredibly fast running (when younger), her ability to spot squirrels at great distance, sitting on guard in the back window every evening behind the curtain, her bed as a plaything for the 2 boys, poos to hunt for on the grass, getting in the way (when older), sitting curled up on my lap for the occasional, brief cuddle, inability to stay still for more than 2 minutes, wanting to go in and out to the garden in the evenings when we want to sit still, sitting by me watching as I wrote her blog. What a dog.
A few pictures taken on her last day here that sum up exactly how she was. Can't believe she looks so well and I'm in danger of feeling guilty for everymore for being part of the decision to end it as a result although she is very thin and she couldn't be much longer for this world at that great age:
 So often peeping round the door when she knew she shouldn't be in the room. Usually just the tip of her nose you could see but she'd lost the interest in food to do this
Wondering what was going on outside the window
 A classic shot. Always the lady. As I said, she could be very dignified. (pic courtesy of
 Still looking noble even when she must have been feeling pants (pic coutesy of
Thanks to all for following. Who knows, maybe another dog in the future. But not just yet

Sunday 15 June 2014

Millie in Scilly. Or should that be ON Scilly

I've had a holiday! Not in the flappy house this time or only for some of it. We had a very nice house by the seaside. I went on LOADS of walks; so many that I got a bit sick of them in the end. After all, I am getting very old now - well into my 90's. I don't do so bad.

There was no one on the beaches so I had lots of time to explore and plenty of space to myself as you can see on the picture. I'm the little speck keeping cool on the wet sand near the sea. It was very beautiful and even the birds were friendly and I could go up and sniff their bums. Well almost. If I wasn't careful, they'd come and nick my food while I was eating it.

The only downside was the windy steps going up to where the she boss and he boss went to sleep. There were great big gaps in them and they were a funny shape so I was a bit scared to go up and check upstairs out. That kept me in my place. It was OK for getting a drink in the night though if they forgot to fill my bowl as I had the bathroom and toilet thing to go to.

I even went on lots of boats including a really small one over the bouncy waves that was only big enough for the three of us. I was very brave. I hope we go there again while I'm still around. I get pretty tired these days so I'm not sure how long that will be.

When we had come back on the big boat and put the flappy house up again, I was just glad to be back with my own car and things really and tried not to have to get out of the car but the she boss was having none of it. She was kind really though and didn't make me go on any more long walks. In fact, I think she went on one on her own yesterday. She looked like she'd been outside in the sun for a long time anyway and smelled of lots of fresh air. Me, I'm just glad to be back with my field. That's plenty for me even though the seaside was very nice.

The little person Bertie comes with us sometimes on the field but has to have a lift on the she boss's back. I show him all I know about it and all my favourite bits but he seems more interested in the planes and even goes to sleep. He moves fast now and I have to keep out of his way.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Still here!!

Did you wonder where I was? It's been a real long time. We've been really busy. Mainly with The Bertie. He comes to my house lots and has even stayed all night once. He woke me up a couple of times though.
He's grown loads and is a real little person now running around my house. Me and him keep a respectful distance from each other cos I'm never sure what he might do or where he might go next. In fact, I'm quite happy to go out of his way completely to let him run round all he likes. I hate to say it, but I'm showing my age now. I've had a bit of a blip with my back legs but they seem OK now. I can't run like I used to though and can't hear or see so well. Still not bad for an old timer though. I don't always hear when TheBertie comes up on me and the way he gets about, he might fall over me so I'm better off in my bed in the sun lounge.
He's very sweet really and sometimes takes me for a walk with a bit of help. He even holds my lead and looks very proud. Well, he thinks he's holding my lead but really the she boss has got it.
She has been SO busy. I've hardly seen her much. I always wait to get pleased that she's home until she takes her shoes off cos you never know when she's going to take off again.
We keep having visitors too and sometimes I'm happier to stay in the car in the warm as it's all a bit much if there are lots of people. Not everyone likes me would you believe!!
Anyway, me and she boss have had a quiet evening in with the warm fire going. We watched this . I'm very well behaved really. It made even me realise that

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Field trip

That Beth's been here again bringing a Bertie with her. I'm beginning to think it really is the same one and so must be TheBertie. This time she came in then cleared off upstairs to bed leaving him for me to look after with the she and he boss so I took him out to show him my field. I don't think he was that impressed cos he went to sleep. He's OK though. Not bad at all for a very little person though he does make some very strange noises.
Talking about my field. Me and the she boss spent ages clearing up lots of bags and rubbish yesterday after all the windy weather we've been having. It looks a lot better now. We've decided the messiest things are the foxes who dine out there and then just leave their rubbish. The other messy ones are bosses, though I don't think they deserve that title, who bag up their dog's poo like we do but then leave the bag there! I mean, what's the point in that? Even I can see with my little brain that that doesn't make sense.

Friday 12 April 2013


That Beth keeps bringing a Bertie with her every time she comes here. She can't seem to go anywhere without one. She seems to have to carry a lot of other stuff as well. I don't know if it's always the same Bertie. Are there more than one or is it THE Bertie like THE MillieDog? I'm not sure cos he looks different every time I see him and gets bigger and bigger. Dread to think where it will stop

Saturday 23 March 2013

Land entitlement

So much for it getting warmer. I've needed my new coat loads. These little guys have made themselves at home in my garden. I bet they wish they hadn't.

Talking about making themselves at home, why is it that little (white) dogs always act like they own the place? There's me and the she boss going on to MY field today for a good run in the snow when a little white dog comes out of nowhere and tries to give me a good going over for going out there. I'm happy to share my field with other dogs and their bosses as long as they respect it and remember who it belongs to but when they behave like that, I'll put them in their place in no uncertain terms. Wimpy coat or no wimpy coat. It's always the little ones as well.

Friday 15 March 2013

A Bertie

It looks like the little person that that Beth brings around to my house is a permanent fixture to her cos they've been a few times. Apparently it's a Bertie, not just a little person. I don't mind him but I tend to keep out of the way. They've all made it very clear that I'm not allowed in the room if he's on the floor having his clothes taken off. I'm not sure I want to see that anyway and can't understand why he wants his clothes off but he seems very happy when he does.
I've got a nice new gate into my field which works very well. I'm hoping the wind gets a bit warmer so I can run without my coat.