Sunday 28 November 2010

New coat

There you go. Here's me looking very noble and proud in my new coat. And if anyone dares to laugh, I'll show 'em. Just like I did with that little tyke who looked at me funny (before the coat) in the park yesterday. No one messes with me. So there

Saturday 27 November 2010


I am really really cold. I haven't bothered to go out much even though there's some snow on the ground and I like snow. It's cos I'm so slim and my coat isn't very thick. The she boss says it's cos I'm getting older as well but I'm not so sure about that one. They must have felt sorry for me as they took me shopping this afternoon and bought me a coat especially for me in the cold. It's not too embarrassing except I can be seen in the dark but it's certainly nice and warm. I'll do you a picture soon but it was a bit dark when we came home.

Sunday 21 November 2010


That Beth and Ed have been living here again using our beds, eating our food, reading our papers, using our computer, etc, etc, etc. I don't mind really and it's nice to have extra fuss and attention. Ed and the he boss were doing some funny thing on our big table with little roly poly men and a ball. Whatever it was, it involved putting some music on to go with the game.
They dropped a few of the little men but it was ages before I managed to get a look in with them. I took one in the other room to have a good look but me being me managed to break it a bit. I was in a good bit of trouble then. Something to do with Pele someone, star player who's broken his legs now. Oh well, I knew I couldn't stay out of trouble for ever.
They've gone now and it's all gone very quiet. I hope everyone comes back soon.

Saturday 20 November 2010


The she boss tells me she I was in her dream last night. She often dreams about little furry animals but I'm not often in there. Apparently I was smaller, younger, cuddlier and more playful. That must have been a bit of a nightmare as I'm pretty playful anyway. The said there was another little nondescriptish animal as well who was pretty lively and between the 2 of us, she had her work cut out keeping us out of trouble. It seems like she quite enjoyed the fun though. That's OK then. I'm not in trouble this time. Thing is, what does it all mean? My dreams are just straight forward about walks, cats and squirrels and I know what they're all about.
While I'm here, theFriendPeter is still on about me twittering and thinks I should so he kindly sent me this......

Wednesday 17 November 2010

New toys revisited

That she boss knows what I like. She brought me home another one of these today. I've had one before that the children left me but it gets thrown away when I start pulling it to pieces. I like them cos they're good fun to throw around so I'll have to be careful to look after this one for a bit longer.
We've had a man coming to our house every day this week. I don't know why he comes but he goes all the way through the hole at the top of our stairs in the roof, makes lots of noise and hardly comes down again until he goes out of the door again at tea time. No one seems to mind so I don't but I must say, it's a bit strange. Perhaps it's got something to do with all the bags and boxes that the she and he boss have fetched out of the hole and put in the garage. That was a dirty job. It gave me the sneezes.

Monday 15 November 2010

The good things in life

The he and she boss know lots of nice people and they bring them here to meet me sometimes. The she boss says she sees some really nice people when she goes out in the car every day as well and especially some nice ladies. One really nice lady knows all about me and keeps sending me lots of socks to make my favourite toys for keeping my teeth clean. She only sends the socks though but the she boss has to do all the work and tie them up in the knots for me to throw around and chew. Perhaps she needs to give her some lessons.
I had 2 breakfasts today! It's all down to the poor communication between he and she boss. You'd think they'd know each other after all these years and you'd think the he boss would understand what I'm saying after all the years he's known me. The she boss gave me breakfast then the he boss just didn't notice that I wasn't really asking for food and my empty bowl was there and did it all again. Well I wasn't going to turn a gift cat away was I? So I ate it. When the she boss let me in the house I was very embarrassed and ashamed and she understood me enough to know what had happened.
I'm a bit hungry now as I had all my day's food in one go and have got to wait until tomorrow morning now. I hope it's worth the wait

Thursday 11 November 2010

In the wars

Seeing as the she boss has obviously not been very well for a while I thought it was time I had some sympathy so collected a couple of cuts for myself on my walk yesterday. I nearly misjudged it as they're a bit close to my eyes really but it means they got notices quicker. It's certainly worked and they keep having a look at them. I've got a quite new friend called Mark and he came and took me for a walk today which was novel. We showed him my field so he'll know where to go another time

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Healing powers

I've just heard I'm a threpist. I don't know what one of those is but I distinctly heard the he boss telling she boss that I was one. It's something to do with people giving me a cuddle and feeling better after. It happens a lot with people who come here. I must say I don't mind cos I feel good after too. Not that I felt bad before but it's nice anyway

Saturday 6 November 2010


Things just aren't right. The she boss isn't her normal self and hasn't been since we came back from the seaside. She sits around too much which is nice for cuddles but gets a bit boring compared to usual. She makes barky noises sometimes too a bit like me when I've been out running and it's really cold but I don't do it for long. She's been doing it for days and I hear her doing it in bed too.
She's pushed the noisy sucky thing round the house today like usually happens today but I must say, she didn't do a very good job in my opinion. Too much corner cutting. At least she gave my blankets a good go so they feel a bit fresher. It's a lovely day outside and she should be taking me somewhere nice. I suppose it doesn't help that the he boss went off in her car early today though but we could have got on one of those train or bus things. I wouldn't have minded.

Friday 5 November 2010

Oldest profession. Apparently

I was reading about this guy tonight with the she boss while she was helping to take my mind off all the flashes and bangs going on. I reckon I'd be good at that. I could get some practice in when the man comes next time to do ours but it would have to be in the back garden that I looked for it from.
The thing is, I've heard the she boss talking and she says they might not be wanting to go out every morning to work any more soon and I know what that means. No dinners. I need to find a way to pay my way and maybe some of theirs and this might be an option. I better not contact him cos he might think I'm after his job but they live somewhere different to us and lots of people have nice flamy fires round us these days. Hmmmmm

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Yet more meeces

Me and the she boss found this little guy on this website. It brought back memories for us and we thought he was rather sweet. Sweeter than the ones that used to live here