Wednesday 25 November 2009

Muppet friends

Me and the she boss really like this:

Saturday 21 November 2009


It's that cleaning up day again today. I know the he and she boss really don't like it but I do. It's good fun when the she boss is going round the floor with her cloth cos she's down on my level for me to join in and/or tease her. I think Sheila who lives by us must have known what they were doing and that they don't like it cos she came round for ages to talk and drink our coffee.
The she boss did some cleaning in our outside room even and brought in the big umbrella. She's wrapped it all up so she must think the sunshine's finished for now. I must admit, it is looking that way. It hasn't really got light today at all. Still, she tells me that it will all start getting lighter again in exactly one month's time. I must ask her how many get ups that is as I can understand that better.
I did my bit and helped with the cleaning up. The she boss shooed lots of spiders out of the big umbrella before she wrapped it up but I spotted a stingy buzzy wasp in there. She opened up all the wrapping again so I could get it before it made itself too much at home. AND I did it before they'd vacuumed the carpet so it didn't matter that I made a mess. See, I do get some things right. Also, I knew you hadn't had a picture for a long time

Thursday 19 November 2009


Isn't it windy lately? I like it. It's good fun and it makes me go faster if I'm running in the right direction. I wouldn't like to be inside one of those big things that flies over my field though with the wings that don't flap. I bet they move around a bit and some of them look as though they're coming in sideways while it's windy

Monday 16 November 2009

Darkness It was very dark on my field last night. We couldn't find the gate. Should I tell them do you think? They could have competition

Sunday 15 November 2009

Aghh! That's terrible! I heard my so called friends who I met when they came to my house last week saying something about edible dogs. I thought they were joking and were just talking about them coming round for dinner instead of to dinner. There's not much meat on me anyway so I'm pretty safe.Perhaps I should try to breathe less if it will help. I don't want to cause anyone any trouble

Friday 13 November 2009

Windy walk

It's windy tonight. Me and the she boss have just been for a walk on my field and it was real good as it wasn't a cold wind that whistled through my hair to my bones. Something to do with southwesterly.
What was strange was that I was sure the she boss was in her bed time clothes. She put her coat and her wellies on but I'm sure she was ready to go upstairs. Not that I'm complaining. I might have, if we'd have seen anyone else though. That would have been really embarrassing.


Now there's an idea. I could check out where the she boss goes off to every day.

Tuesday 10 November 2009


My friends Pat & Marj came round to see me again tonight from their house round the corner and you know what? The pendogpal man had been to see them too. He's even more stupid than I thought. They've got a cat for some reason instead of a dog. What dog in their right/write mind is ever going to want to write to a cat?

Monday 9 November 2009


You just would not believe what's just happened here tonight. The door bell rang and I went with the he boss to see if it was one of our friends and there was a man there who asked the he boss if he would like to write to a dog!! He said that if he did, the dog would write back to him 4 times a year. The he boss said "No" and just shut the door. I was standing there and they both ignored me! I mean, talk about missing the obvious. No one bothers to ask me if I would like a penpal do they? Honestly, I might as well not exist sometimes. And no, I don't take sugar either in case you were thinking of bothering to ask.
I wonder if he's asked anyone if they would like to write to me. Not a lot of good with the postman not bothering to come for me to bark at lately.
PS No flashy noisy things tonight. Sigh

Sunday 8 November 2009

New friends

I've had a lovely day and made lots of new friends. Well, 3 to be exact. They came to our house today and ate dinner. Only thing was, they didn't leave me anything. They all really liked me and I liked them. They all talked funny though like I've never heard.
I heard the he and she boss telling them about how I put on weight and got quite 'chunky' once. It's bad enough when people talk behind your back but when I'm still in the room. Huh. I gave the she boss a look to let her know what I thought about that.
I took them over my field to show them just how fast I can run. They were impressed. I let them kick the ball around while I had a good explore and met some new dogs

Saturday 7 November 2009

Favourite walk

I took the she boss back to my favourite hills today. We haven't been there for AGES and I was missing it too much. We didn't go very far - only one hill - the bumpy one but there were plenty of rabbits still there after all my time away. We got wet as well but it was good to be back on the high places with the wind in my tail. The she boss is still walking a bit funny and going very slow downhill so that must be why we only did one hill.
When we got back, all the noisy flashy things started again. The she boss was out in the garden watching them while she got the washing in. I think she's very brave. I'm glad I had a good walk as I might be tired enough to sleep and forget about them

Tuesday 3 November 2009


I've had lots of friends round here tonight. Two Patrick's - one I know and was excited to see and another Patrick as well. I didn't know there was more than one. A Marj lady came too and they were all really nice and fed me lots of grapes but don't tell my vet. I hope they come again soon

Monday 2 November 2009


Look what Uncle John came and did to my garden! He made a right mess and I thought the she boss would be cross when she came home but she seemed quite pleased. I'll never understand human beans. It was really nice having Uncle John in my garden all day though