Friday 30 July 2010

A short home from home

I've just been away on holiday I think with the he and she boss. I'm not sure cos it wasn't like our usual place and it smelled like Aunty Linda lived there although she was out for all the time we were there. I hope she knew we were living there for three nights. It was very posh with some nice walks as you can see.
This is me exploring round a little bit just checking if Aunty Linda was hiding somewhere really. S
She kindly left me lots of fruit in the garden to eat within reach of me. She must know how much I like raspberries. The plums I found on the ground were a bit sour though.
We had one really good long walk when we went to have a look at Rodney's pillar. It was very big and a long way up. We thought it might rain but it didn't. We tried to see the house from there but couldn't manage it. Not that I cared really.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Pesky mice

Sammy and Abs have been back to live here for 2 nights. It's been really good. Only thing was, one of our pesky mice kept Abimaro awake all night chobbling away. I thought they'd all gone to live outside for the summer but this one seems to have got lost on his way along our gazeboey thing under the windows. I wasn't happy especially as he'd had the cheek to sit and watch a DVD the night before with Sammy and Abs in the bedroom.
Me and the she boss are trying our best but they just seem to want to move out. Any ideas from anyone?

Thursday 22 July 2010

Yearly check up

I've been to see my doctor tonight for my yearly MD.O.T. He said I'm in fine feckle and distinctly said he was impressed with my physique. He gave all the credit to the she boss but doesn't he think I do anything to help?! I do a lot of running about after squirrels and meeces and postmen. I suppose the she boss does do her bit in that she does her best to stop me eating any between meals things but I'm pretty good at sneaking them in.
The she boss tried to tell him I should be acting like a grown up at 10 and a half but he agreed with me - as long as I'm as lean as me, I won't show my age. The he boss does his best too and follows me as his role model. He's doing pretty well too for his age his doctor told him. He worries more than me though that there just might be something they've missed. Me, I just get on with life.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

The name's Millie. MillieDog. Number 0007

Hey! Someone all the way over in Moscow has been reading all about my life on here. This could be the excitement I was waiting for. Would you like me to tell you lots of secrets? I listen to the news everyday so I could tell you lots of what David and Nick are up to and what the weather's doing. The planes go over my garden on the way to the airport too so I could tell you which ones are flying. No one would guess a dog as a spy so it's a perfect cover. I would even be willing to have a couple more chips put in my back. I don't remember the first one hurting at all and then if I could persuade the she boss to bring me to see you on holiday ......... How's it sounding? Interested?

Monday 19 July 2010


BoReD BORED BORED βοεδ Bored BORED Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Very very very BORED Can't someone find me something exciting to do?

Thursday 15 July 2010

Uncle Ted

Uncle Ted came to see me today and eat our food. He said I'm nervy and excitable! Huh. What does he know? I can be very calm when I want to be. I just choose not to me when he comes to see me. He does do his best to wind me up as well. I thought it was all just good fun. That'll teach me.

Saturday 10 July 2010

Short break

We only went for 2 nights but it was lovely. This is me nice and chilled while the she boss enjoys the view over the wall from our flappy house. I wasn't allowed to look cos there were silly sheep everywhere and I might get ideas about climbing over. As if I didn't know without looking. I could hear them munching the grass.
We've had a fab time with some nice walks along rivers where I could go and cool my pads off. I don't know what was best about it all - the fresh windy air, watching the people and sheep, walking, lazing, cuddling up to the she boss in the mornings. I'm hard pushed to decide. The she boss said I was very very well behaved and she'll take me somewhere again before it goes cold and dark with little days.
We're getting very good at getting everything set up and taken down and I know it all now like the back of my paw though I'm not sure which one. This is me giving some instructions as it was quite windy and the she boss needed some help.
It was nice to get back and see the he boss again to tell him all about it.
Now we're back I keep following the she boss around trying to tell her how grateful I am that she took me on holiday with her. I think she understands and she hasn't told me off for following her everywhere yet even though I'm not really supposed to go in her bedroom. I just want to keep on being with her all the time for ever. I do love my he and she boss.

Thursday 8 July 2010

Yay! Holiday

I take it all back! They've come home and the she boss is just getting our last things in so me and her can go off into the sunset

Left behind

I really cannot believe this is happening to me or that anyone would do anything this unkind. The she boss has packed up all the car (again) with all our flappy house holiday stuff and I know she's put the flappy house in as well this time AND my food and bowls. Now they've both gone off in the car and LEFT ME BEHIND!!!!! I am angry. I am upset beyond barks or even yelps. I feel sick. How could they do this to me??!!!

Saturday 3 July 2010

That's better

What I was saying earlier about wanting something nice to happen has happened! Sammy and that Beth have BOTH come to see me and look like they're staying a bit. We took that Beth to have a look at my field and she helped them pick up some bottles that someone had left on the floor. I'm glad they look after my field.


I'm very tired today. Yesterday was extremely upsetting and I now feel emotionally exhausted. TheFriendPeter came to see me the night before and lived here all night which was real nice. It all got spoilt when he and the she boss packed everything up and went off in the car early. I thought it was going to be one of my flappy house holidays but without me as they took lots of that stuff with them but not me!
That really upset me for starters then while I was looking after the house on my own later, the men who wash and wipe all our windows came. I don't like them anyway. The noises they make frighten me especially when they wipe the windows with all the pretty colours in that make even more noise. I got so scared, I pulled up the prickly mat by the door and it looks like I might have wrecked it real bad cos it's been put outside in the big bucket with the lid. The he boss wasn't happy when he came home and saw it.
I'm glad to say that the she boss and FriendPeter came back later and didn't stay away in any flappy house without me. That was a relief.
Today when I was hoping for a peaceful day, the he boss started pushing the noisy sucky thing around. I'd had enough so I took myself down the end of the garden for a lie down. I think I got the she boss a bit worried cos she came looking for me after I'd been there for hours. I'm worried now that it took her that long to miss me. She must have felt sorry for me cos she picked me up to give me a cuddle and take me back.
Today's really sunny yet again but it's windy too so all our doors keep banging and making me jump. I think they understand I'm stressed but it's not nice. I hope something nice happens to me soon.