Friday 27 January 2012

Home again

Back in my own home, my own bed (although I packed that with me), my own garden, my own field. Sigh. It's been really nice to see Gary again and catch up with him but good to be home too. The he and she boss were here to meet me. I wonder if they've been anywhere nice while I've been gone or was I the only one having a holiday?

Sunday 22 January 2012


I've been left at that Beth and Ed's with Gary Cat. So that was what it was about. Not sure why. Still not sure if it's cos they'd had enough of me though I can't believe the she boss would think that. She's always so kind to me even when I've been stupid or am getting upset over daft stuff. Maybe they just thought I needed a break from the big city and some animal company. Would be OK except they brought that stupid noisy hamster thing in the ball with them. Maybe Gary will like it instead.


Something's going on. The she boss has packed my holiday bag but she hasn't packed one for anyone else. I know I'm in trouble sometimes and the he boss doesn't always like me but I didn't think anything was that bad.
They wonder why I'm so nervous and insecure but when you've been abandoned once, adopted twice with the first time breaking down, separated from mother and siblings, no idea who your father is; well, what do they expect? I think I do pretty well considering. It's just that these things come back to haunt me sometimes even though it was so long ago

Saturday 14 January 2012


Life's ticking along and pretty good thanks. Good walks, interesting people, regular meals, comfy bed(s), consistent poos. What more can I say

Thursday 5 January 2012


I went here today and it was VERY windy and so very scary. I tried to go back to the car but the she boss caught me and dragged me back. I felt safer on the lead. I wonder if it's always windy there? And where were all the sheep having their wash? I saw swans, mallards, moorhens, Canada geese, blue tits, etc etc but no sheep and no people!