Tuesday 29 June 2010


Lots of men have been to my house to see me tonight. Some of them were my friends I already had but some were some new ones. The was even a little man. I don't think he was quite like a little person cos he was bigger than that but he wasn't as big as a man. I wasn't too sure but he seemed like he wanted to be my friend. I sort of let him be but I really wanted to get on with doing my own things like waiting for food off everyone. They were eating some really tasty pineapple which means I get lots of the peel with juicy bits still stuck on. I hope they all come again soon. They all had a good look at our dead parasol and I think some of them might be able to make it alive again if they come again.

Wednesday 23 June 2010


These are a few of my favourite things. I love the bones but my real favourites are the floppy socks tied in a knot for chewing on. I don't get them much now that Sammy doesn't live here any more. The he boss doesn't seem to lose odd ones and he doesn't think of me when there's holes in any and just throws them in the bin. If it was the downstairs bin, I'd fetch them out but I'm not really supposed to go in their sleeping room to root in that bin. They're much more fun when they' tied up together and I can't do that without opposable pads.
It doesn't matter any more anyway cos someone called Debbie who the she boss sees when she goes off every day has brought me lots! I think there's enough to keep me playful till at least when it all goes cold and dark again. I will be glad of some then when we have to be inside after dinner time.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Biker dog

The she boss showed me this little fella. I'd like to meet them. She's said she'd like to take me travelling with the flappy house to exciting places over the sea. I think I like the idea of being in the car rather than on a motorbike though. I think I'm a bit old to learn that one even if it does look like fun.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Out visiting

I've been to see GaryCat. Me and him are like that we are. Best of friends with a healthy respect. It was good to be back at that Beth and Ed's house. This is me taking turn at watching out for intruder cats to give GaryCat a break. It's important to disguise yourself with a curtain when you do that. I know from many years of experience.
We went out for a ride in the countryside and who should be in a field with a load of men all dressed up in white stuff but Ed. I don't know what they were supposed to be doing but he did a lot of running up and down to some sticks. Didn't look like much fun to me and I'm glad the she boss took me off to explore for a while instead of hanging around in the cold watching that.
I'd like the GaryCat to come and see where I live sometime and take a turn at my house at keeping watch.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking
When we got home, I had a nice surprise cos Sammy had come to see us with his mate JimmyJames. They took the he boss on my field to kick the ball around. I don't like these games where the balls go everywhere. They hurt when they hit me so I just keep out of the way.
By the way, my tummy's OK now. Thank you for asking.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Not well

I've got a poorly tummy. Probably my own fault from rooting through all that black stuff too much where they had the fire for the food. It's very embarrassing but the she boss is being very kind about it. So far.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Millie Lotsa Mates :-)

I had a fab day yesterday. LOADS of people came to my house to see me. Alright, I got put in the car for quite a while first. I agree, I do get a bit over excited. I came in later when all the best food had gone and I showed lots of them my garden and field which they loved.
They'd had a fire in the garden to cook tasty stuff on. That doesn't happen very often but I like it when it does cos there's always leftovers I can find in the black stuff when it's gone cold the next day.
Today's really quiet and that's nice too. I'm not sure what it is the he boss keeps looking at on the moving picture box but there sound like a lot of bees in there. He gets very excited and so did everyone else when they were here last night.

Monday 7 June 2010

Back to the mice

I think it was 'Take your mouse to work' day again today cos that's what the she boss did. She/we got one in a little box again and she took it with her in the car to work. She doesn't seem to have brought it home with her though. They seem to like pumpkin seeds a lot.
It's about time there was another 'Take your MillieDog to work' day again. We haven't had one of those for ages and we've just had 2 for mice. I can't say it's that much fun though. I seem to spend most of the time waiting around in the car but I do get some nice walks out of it though in some new places.
By the way, I've had a very buzzy few days with all my family here to see me. It was lovely and I had lots of attention from Abimaro again and taught her a few of my tricks. It was especially buzzy cos some bees have made their home under our decking. I'll probably catch some of them but they've not been too much trouble yet even though everyone ate their dinner on top of their house yesterday.

Friday 4 June 2010

Brilliant holiday

It was a holiday and the he boss left the Chinese man at home. It was brilliant. We went to a nice little house (not flappy) out in the fields with lots of birds to watch. These are some baby ones we saw. Sorry they're not very clear but it was getting a bit dark. You can see all the little yellow beaks though calling out for their dinner.
We did a lot of chilling in our little garden and I enjoyed watching the chickens and geese over the other side of the field while the he boss went off on his bike and the she boss read her books and made woolly things.
We had some rainy days but that was OK and we managed to go to the seaside too to have our ice creams and watch the boats go by. I didn't get to have any good runs around on the beaches though cos there were lots of people and a lot of the time there were pictures saying I couldn't go down there. I would have been really good and not caused any trouble to any one and the she boss has always got a rustly bag in her pocket in case I get caught short.

The people who lived in the house next to us were very nice and liked me. They had a big dog called Purdy who'd hurt his leg. I wasn't too sure whether to be friends as it was his place really and he was big. There was a cat that the she boss liked but I found too scary. He was a bit too friendly for my liking and kept coming up to me even when I tried to hide. It doesn't seem right for a cat to be that bold and I didn't know what to do.
I hope we go back there sometime for another chilling.