Sunday 26 September 2010

Perturbed life at home

The friend Peter's been living here again. Something to do with that Beth running a long way but I don't really understand the connection. I just know the he and she boss were gone for a long time and I was worried they'd gone on holiday without me so it's a good job I've got friends. I did miss them though and was glad to see them back.
Me and the friend Peter were talking and he has the same problem as me with his nails getting tall. I told him I bite mine but he seemed to think that wasn't a good idea and he went upstairs somewhere to sort them out. They're certainly quieter now when he's on his computer.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Autumn fruits

I've had 3, yes 3 walks today. I think the she boss was on a bit of a mission. The first one was to a shop to get a paper then we went on my field again with a bucket. The she boss was putting a few blackberries in it but there weren't many left after the rain and I've eaten quite a few. Think probably other dogs have been too.
The last one meant going for a ride in the car first and the she boss took here bucket again but didn't put anything in it this time. I'm not complaining; just not sure why we had to take a bucket for a walk. 

Thursday 23 September 2010

The good old days

We've been for a real good walk today just like the old days before the she boss started walking funny. It was a bit slow compared to how it used to be but it was good and long. We did a pretty good job of rounding up some sheep for the farmer. We walked all around where some villages used to be a long time back but aren't any more and somewhere around where they tell porkie pies.

Thursday 16 September 2010


This was me looking extremely embarrassed and even more ashamed this morning. I'd had an accident during the night. I just couldn't hold on any longer and I'd tried to get the door open to go in the garden but it opens the wrong way for me. The she boss said later when she'd finished deafing me out that I need to learn to come and ask but I don't like to wake them. It was ages before I dared to show my face in the house again. I'm only glad it wasn't raining.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Fruity smells

We seem to have a lot of fruit around our house and the she boss is doing some interesting things with it all in noisy pans and bottles. Even Aunty Linda came today and brought even more. It smells great and I tried to sneak a taste but the she boss caught me.

Saturday 11 September 2010


Sorry but it's been a quiet week so nothing much to report; for me anyway. Everyone else seems to have been doing lots but I've been hanging around at home between walks mainly.
The friend Peter came and went again but I didn't see him much cos he was either out, eating or sleeping.
I've just been for a little ride in the car though with the she boss to see my old friends Robin and Ali. I don't think I knew a little person lived in their house with them. His name's Nathaniel and he came to the car to see what I looked like. The she boss wouldn't let me out to say a proper 'Hello' though cos she said I was loose. I don't know where she gets that idea from. I think I'm pretty upright and moral as dogs go. I was hoping we'd stop off for a walk on the way home but we hadn't taken my lead. Maybe later.

Saturday 4 September 2010

Family visitors

A whole family came to see me tonight and eat all our food. I've met Ian before when I've been on a walk with Leo a long time ago but I hadn't met the others he brought with him. They all seemed nice and liked me a lot. I took them to see my field and to give the he boss a run around with the ball. I'm not very interested in that so he needs other friends to do that instead and give him some exercise.
I kept being sent out of the room or even the house as I have to admit, they were some pretty bad smells I was making. I think I've eaten too many pears but they keep raining out of the sky on to my garden and they are very tasty.

Friday 3 September 2010

Between meals

Yes! Clever chimps like a clever MillieDog. It's good to know it's catching on.
I've found a new snack in the garden to keep me going when I get peckish. The she boss

says they're called hoppity skips and I have to watch I don't get drunk on them. They're very nice anyway.
Oh and the house has filled up again with Sammy and that Beth. They can't keep away. I think they come back for our nice food.