Friday 26 August 2011

Missed opportunities

The she boss came home today saying she'd been to see some of my favourite friends and not taken me! She'd seen the favourite Uncle John as well as Aunty Olly, Uncle Ted and Aunty Joy. She'd also seen little person Martha who had a new friend called Twitch. The she boss thought he'd like to come and have a sleepover in my bed while little Martha was having a sleepover with her Nan and Grandad. He liked it in her bag but Martha wasn't too sure about that happening.
I wish she hadn't told me all this. All the things that nearly happen to me but not quite enough. I'd have made space for him despite the ribbon.

Monday 22 August 2011

The ups and downs of a dog's life

It's been all or nothing for the last few days. First of all, thefriendPeter came to live her which was an up. But he seems to have gone again now so that's not so good.
After he came here, I went for a big day out with him, the she boss and my old friend Ian. I took Ian and the she boss for a real long walk although I did keep thefriendPeter company in the car for some of it when the road got hot under my paws.
This was Ian on top of the last big hill. I'm a bit sad I didn't go up that one with them but I'd been getting very scared of the big bangs that were around and seeing as I thought thefriendPeter might be a bit scared as well, I stayed with him in my car to look after him.
So that was the real good up day. The next one was a recovery day when people went out and left me to have a rest.
Then yesterday we had LOADS of people, big and little in my garden so I went out of the way of it all in the car. I wouldn't have minded too much but I was in there for a long time. I had a bit of a walk round my field and saw them all playing games but then went back in the car while they carried on cooking nice stuff on the fire. That was the not so good down day.
Today wasn't bad as I had a chance to pick through all the tasty meat that had fallen in the fire. I jus hope I don't get tummy ache like last time.

Thursday 11 August 2011

One of my favourite foods

I like melon 

Monday 8 August 2011


We've had one of those days here again when loads of people come and they light fires in my garden and cook some nice things. I always get put in the car out of the way when it happens which doesn't seem very fair when people keep dropping nice bits on the grass that I could help clear up.
I don't altogether mind cos there were a lot of people and it's all a bit much really. There were also some very little people as well as middling little people. I saw some of them later when it had all gone quieter and I was let in to eat the leftovers and my dinner.
My garden did look pretty good with flappy houses and flags.

Friday 5 August 2011

Better watch out

Ooeer I better not get too near to those big ones down the garden. I thought they were looking at me funny.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Trips away

The she boss went off and left me. I know she went to see Sammy and Abz cos I could smell their house. I thought she'd gone for good cos she was gone all day one day, all night then all day the next day but the he boss went out for a while late when it was very dark and fetched her back. She said she'd had a nice time (without me) and saw some of these who behaved a bit like me and even lay down like me although they look like tiger loaves she said.  Sammy thought one of them was going to run into him but he went straight past instead. Scary but not as scary as the she boss going off for days and leaving me.