Saturday 26 March 2011

The colour purple

The she boss put some very purple slippers in the bin which I rescued. They were too good for that and made some good fun for me to play with and were VERY tasty. Only thing is, I'm very embarrassed about the effect. I've been doing purple poos. The he boss rubs it in and keeps telling everyone and saying the dreaded words which I don't like so I slink out of the room looking very guilty. I'm not really sure why I should feel guilty though but it's yet another sound that sends shivers down my spine.
We went to the park yesterday but I didn't like it. There were scary noises again and I wanted to go back but the she boss wouldn't let me. There's scary noises everywhere these days. The she boss says I'm getting angryphobia and if I'm not careful I'll never go further than my garden. That doesn't feel a bad idea to me at the moment. Although Sammy's come today and had the nerve to say I look fatter!! I've been on Dukan for a long time as well so it obviously doesn't work.
Anyway, I think I've done them all a favour with the purple poos. At least you can see them easy for clearing up for me or just not treading in them. Wonder if they do glow in the dark slippers?

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Now there's an idea. Let me think now. I know if I go left out of our road then right and keep going I get to one of those train things and I've been on before with the she boss so I know what to do. Where shall I go? I could go and see Sammy and Abz or theFriendPeter or anyone I suppose really or just a really nice walk on some more hills. Wonder if I could find my way to Malvern?

Monday 21 March 2011

Chicken dinner

Look how they've grown. The she boss went back to see them for a cuddle and said they were very sweet. I could smell she'd been holding one but it wasn't that exciting.
I was more interested in the walk we went on in my field later until someone lit one of those flashy bangy things and scared the life out of me. Why does someone have to spoil things for me?

Saturday 19 March 2011

Back to the hills

Today the sun shone and me and the she boss had a drive to our favourite walking hills. It was fab. A bit busy but we managed to find some quiet to sit down and take it all in. You can't beat Malvern hills grass for back scratching. Bliss. Nowhere like it. The she boss really made my day with what she brought to eat. Usually I get handed a slice of orange or an apple core but today she had chicken!! And she was kind enough to give me all the skin and the knuckly bits. Mmmmm.
This was the flea's eye view from the top. Lots to see so I kept guard while she got her breath back. She didn't do bad seeing as we've not done it in a long time but she's not as quick as me.

Friday 11 March 2011

Big days again

We've got big days now again and it's still day when the she boss brings my car onto my drive. I think she likes it and is starting to come in my garden more again with me. She was digging up some of the prickly branches for me so I can run through the bushes better without anything hurting me. I don't think the bushes liked her disturbing their peace cos one of them jumped up and poked her in the eye. It looks very red. It's a good job it's not THE BIG WEDDING DAY just yet. I hear rumour that I can't go this time and that theFriendPeter is going to come on holiday here for some good company. I shall look forward to that.

Wednesday 9 March 2011


The she boss reckons she goes and does lots of busyness when she goes out every day and brings me tasty bits like apple cores back but look at this! She's spent a good while playing with little people today and watching baby chickens trying to get out of eggs. She said they were very cute. I can do cute too.

Friday 4 March 2011

Bad walk

It was supposed to be a nice walk I took the she boss on today. Not for long. Why do people going round spoiling their walks (and mine) by hitting hard little balls with sticks that whizz past my ears if I'm (they're) not careful and make a horrible noise in my ears that scares me witless - although some would argue that I had no wits to start with whatever they look like.
We'd got nowhere at all when I heard it so I tried to go back to the car but the she boss was having none of it. She dragged me a long way before she'd let me go back. Boy was I glad to be back somewhere safe away from the clangs.
Truth is, I'm a home dog really and am happy to stay in my house and go on my field when I feel like it.

Thursday 3 March 2011

Twit who

There's an owl lives in the tree at the end of our garden. I hear him a lot at night. Just lately, when me and the she boss go on the field at night he follows us flying across and then back again when we come round the other side. I can't say I'm very interested really but the she boss thought you might like to know. Can't see me getting a photo to show you.