Sunday 30 December 2007

Tummy ache

I've disgraced myself :s We've had loads of nice goodies around for me to scrounge and pick up any dropped bits of. The best thing was the bowl of fruit and nuts they left on the table for me by the window - MaccyDemus (Greek MacDonalds?) and grannyberries or something like that. I think they were meant for me anyway but they didn't do me any favours. They should know by now that once I start, I can't stop and I think I ate them all abit quick. I had real tummy ache later. My friend Jane who I haven't seen in a long time came round. I don't think she was feeling very well either so we curled up together on the carpet. In the night, I couldn't hold on any longer and all the Grannyberries arrived back up on the kitchen floor. Oh, the shame. At least I got something out of the MaccyDemus nuts though. They'll know next time not to put so many out for me. They were for me, weren't they?!

Thursday 27 December 2007

Paper and other things

I was right! We've just had that day when there's loads of paper for me to eat. They didn't let me eat that much that I got tummy ache this time like I did one year. It was nice cos we had some visitors - Nan and Grandad came and shared dinner then Uncle Dave came later. I've never met his 2 dogs but they smell very interesting.
I had a present! Beth gave me an interesting package. That is, it was interesting when she gave it to me. I didn't find it so interesting when she made me go past the paper.

In fact I haven't felt so stupid in a long time. Grrrr. Expecting ME, THE Millie Dog to dress up in a pathetic Father Christmas hat.

We had loads of visitors the next day too which wasn't as much fun as they included 2 of those little people so I got out of the way and spent all evening outside on my own in bed :(

Monday 24 December 2007

Long time, no see

That she boss has been too busy. I can feel that time of year coming on when there's lots of paper for me to eat. I hope it doesn't take too long to come cos I'm not getting alot of attention here. I can't even get to the front window to look out as they've put a load of packages, lights and things in the way. I've spent a lot of time at the back window though as the squirrels have been out in force.
We had an interesting walk yesterday in the field. I thought I'd made a new friend but then I saw the gleam in his eye. I know that look anywhere. You can see it yourself from the pictures. These boys, just when you think it's safe to be friends, they get one thing on their mind. I'm glad my mother warned me and that the she and he boss were there to help out. He even tried to follow me back into the garden - the cheek of it. Only thing is, it's spoilt the field for me a bit. I had a feeling he might be around today so when the he boss took me out there, I decided to leave him to it and headed back to the warmth and safety of the house myself. I think he was a bit cross with me as he couldn't find where I was hiding when he came back!

Saturday 8 December 2007


Have you seen the weather? It's really getting on my nerves. It's been a real naff week. I haven't managed a decent walk all week as I don't like the rain any more than the bosses.
I think the she boss was going to take me to work with her one of the days as I'd been on my own alot but it was pouring and it didn't appeal to me as I'd have just had to sit in the car all day. It's cold in there when you've got wet having a walk
It hasn't been all bad though. Bobbie's he boss came to see me one evening - so exciting!!
And Beth kept me company all day yesterday. I don't know what she was doing here. She brought lots of stuff like she always does and has disappeared again now
I did have a good laugh this morning to cheer me up cos it was cleaning day. It's brilliant cos the she boss often crawls round the floor - just the right height for me to get in her face. There's always lots of bits of paper landing on the floor too to keep me busy. I had some real good card today which makes alot of fun noise for throwing around