Wednesday 30 December 2009

Good manners

I said I'd put a picture of me waiting politely and here it is (see 22nd December)

Tuesday 29 December 2009

The ups and downs of a dog's life

Today had it's fantastic times and it's pretty awful times. Never mind all this Christmas paper stuff, the best thing was going out today to Sutton Park with lots of my favourite people and being free to chase squirrels and rabbits to my heart's content. I even quite enjoyed the little people who were with us for a while.

Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, it turned out I was right and it got a whole lot worse. Everyone went in out of the cold to a nice warm big house and left me tied outside to shiver and cry.
A few people stopped and had a bit of sympathy but not the people who mattered. I had a look through the window and this is what some of them looked like. The only consolation for me is that at least they didn't look as though they were enjoying themselves much without me. They should have either let me in or I would have let them all in round at my house and made them a cup of tea or something. They might have at least laughed a bit there.

Saturday 26 December 2009

Christmas holiday

Hey! I've just had a fantastic Christmas paper 2 days at Gary Cat's house. It was nice of him to invite me over to share it all with him. All, that is except the tasty leftovers which he seemed to have priority over. If he had that many manners, he would have given me first refusal on them. Never mind, I did manage to nick a fair bit of his other dinner he was leaving around. It was kind of that Beth and Ed to let us all go and sleep there all night and take me for a walk. I would have like best to have gone to those big woods with Ed but that didn't happen this time. Maybe we just weren't there long enough.

Thursday 24 December 2009

I like Christmas paper

We Wish You a Merry♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Christmas♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪We Wish You a Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥We Wish You A Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...And A Happy New Year!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Extra helpings

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I am always very polite and sit down in the sun lounge when it's food time to remind them and wait nicely. (Picture to follow maybe). I know it's time for my food once everyone else has eaten. Don't ask me why I have to have mine last but that's just the way it is.
It's been very cold outside so yesterday, when the she boss came out for something, I sat down anyway and she filled my dish up for me. What she didn't know was that the he boss has already given me my food so I got another helping. I did it again today and the same thing happened. This is good.
I've just never bothered to sit before once I've had food but now I know they're that stupid, I think I'll keep that up. I can afford to put some weight on with all my runnning around my field. Unlike some who live in this house, huh? Mentioning no names like.

Sunday 20 December 2009


I love this crisp whitiness. It makes the smells really clear and colourful. I've been in my field and to Sutton Park lots with the he and she boss and everytime I go, it all makes different pictures in my head at the moment. So many, I can't keep up with them. Only thing is, these days are getting very little.

Saturday 19 December 2009

Uncle John

Uncle John's been to see me and he stayed ALL evening with me and ate some dinner here. It was great. I like Uncle John. I'm not so interested in the other person her brought with him but she smelt nice too though

Friday 18 December 2009

Nearly Christmas, I believe

It worked. I told them they were being boring and now we've got some pretty good lights as well. No tree in the house mind you. I don't know what's happening about that. I like it when there's chocolate I can get at. I'm good at taking the chocolate out and leaving the paper on the tree to make sure it's still a decoration.
That Beth and Ed put some pictures up of theirs and I'm most envious of Gary Cat. I hope he doesn't wreck it though. You know what cats are like

Wednesday 16 December 2009

House full

EVERYONE'S been living here again. And now they've all cleared off. Talk about confusing. We've had Sammy and that Beth who stayed and kept me company all day. Even thefriendPeter came and ate some of our food here. I haven't seen him in ages. Now they've all gone. Perhaps they've gone back to see Ed and Abimaro cos they weren't around and I haven't seen them in a while either. I hope they're OK. And how about Gary Cat? I still quite miss him. It would be good to go and spend some time chilling with him again too.
Lots of houses around here have got their pretty lights in the window again so that time with all the paper must be coming up. I don't know what's going on here cos there's no sign of anything. I better get on to them.

Monday 14 December 2009


The she boss doesn't take me over my favourite Malvern hills any more since she's been walking funny and I really miss it. I'm wondering if I could sneak myself onto the train every now and then and tag on to someone else's walk like this fella: I know the trains go there cos we've watched them from the top of the hill. He's given me a good idea I reckon

Sunday 13 December 2009


Thursday 10 December 2009


At risk of embarrassing myself, being a dog, I thought it was about time that I wrote about poos as they play quite an important part of my life according to the he boss. The she boss very kindly clears up anything after me when we're out and about and in my garden although not everyday here. She's pretty convinced that while she's clearing up the garden ones, I'm doing another one (or two) (or three) while she's not looking and she could be right :-) I would go and sit in that little room like they do if they would let me up there and if my legs were a bit longer. The she boss dug out a big hole down the garden a long time back and put what is laughingly called a dog loo in the ground which would be OK but she always puts the lid back on so what's a dog supposed to do to be helpful. They can't really blame me when they end up clearing up after me can they?
PS At least there are no pictures with this blog!!

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Dinner time

I'm not supposed to be in the room when people are eating but sometimes, I happen to be there when the food comes in. If I stay very quiet, tucked in behind the big chair by the big cosy, warm white thing, they don't always notice me. The trouble comes when I want to get out of the room. That's when I try and tiptoe out and hope they don't see me. I don't think they do although I have heard the she boss whisper something like "Don't look down now" so perhaps they're just pretending. I hear all these lights everyone's putting up is something to do with pretending there's a big red man called Father Christmas. People eh. You wouldn't catch me lying like that.

Saturday 5 December 2009


The she boss is not very well. I can tell cos she's really quiet and is just sitting sometimes instead of sitting and doing things. And when she's doing standing up things, like today when she's pushing the noisy sucky thing around, she's doing it slow.
She's been like this for a few days now on and off. I tried it myself the other night when my new friend, Sam was round. It's easy. I just stood in the middle of the room for a while looking sad. The she boss gave me a lovely cuddle. She even let me on her lap on the best armchair and I had a nice little snooze. I forgot to keep it up the next morning though so it was business as usual. I will do it again sometime though cos it's a good way of getting extra fuss and attention.
I hope the she boss is better soon. I don't like things being different.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Thought provoking reading

The she boss has brought me a book home. At least, I think it was intended for me as it's about dogs and she left it where I could look at it. Only thing is, I think it would be more use to her and/or the he boss as it's called How to Train a Superdog. The confusing thing to me is that I'm already superior to super.
The other book I saw was much more interesting to me (although I do like the dog pictures). It's all about thunks and I like those. How about this one I made up? If you forget to put the dot on an i, is it still an i? What d'you thunk of that then?

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Starlings I saw one in my garden today

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Muppet friends

Me and the she boss really like this:

Saturday 21 November 2009


It's that cleaning up day again today. I know the he and she boss really don't like it but I do. It's good fun when the she boss is going round the floor with her cloth cos she's down on my level for me to join in and/or tease her. I think Sheila who lives by us must have known what they were doing and that they don't like it cos she came round for ages to talk and drink our coffee.
The she boss did some cleaning in our outside room even and brought in the big umbrella. She's wrapped it all up so she must think the sunshine's finished for now. I must admit, it is looking that way. It hasn't really got light today at all. Still, she tells me that it will all start getting lighter again in exactly one month's time. I must ask her how many get ups that is as I can understand that better.
I did my bit and helped with the cleaning up. The she boss shooed lots of spiders out of the big umbrella before she wrapped it up but I spotted a stingy buzzy wasp in there. She opened up all the wrapping again so I could get it before it made itself too much at home. AND I did it before they'd vacuumed the carpet so it didn't matter that I made a mess. See, I do get some things right. Also, I knew you hadn't had a picture for a long time

Thursday 19 November 2009


Isn't it windy lately? I like it. It's good fun and it makes me go faster if I'm running in the right direction. I wouldn't like to be inside one of those big things that flies over my field though with the wings that don't flap. I bet they move around a bit and some of them look as though they're coming in sideways while it's windy

Monday 16 November 2009

Darkness It was very dark on my field last night. We couldn't find the gate. Should I tell them do you think? They could have competition

Sunday 15 November 2009

Aghh! That's terrible! I heard my so called friends who I met when they came to my house last week saying something about edible dogs. I thought they were joking and were just talking about them coming round for dinner instead of to dinner. There's not much meat on me anyway so I'm pretty safe.Perhaps I should try to breathe less if it will help. I don't want to cause anyone any trouble

Friday 13 November 2009

Windy walk

It's windy tonight. Me and the she boss have just been for a walk on my field and it was real good as it wasn't a cold wind that whistled through my hair to my bones. Something to do with southwesterly.
What was strange was that I was sure the she boss was in her bed time clothes. She put her coat and her wellies on but I'm sure she was ready to go upstairs. Not that I'm complaining. I might have, if we'd have seen anyone else though. That would have been really embarrassing.


Now there's an idea. I could check out where the she boss goes off to every day.

Tuesday 10 November 2009


My friends Pat & Marj came round to see me again tonight from their house round the corner and you know what? The pendogpal man had been to see them too. He's even more stupid than I thought. They've got a cat for some reason instead of a dog. What dog in their right/write mind is ever going to want to write to a cat?

Monday 9 November 2009


You just would not believe what's just happened here tonight. The door bell rang and I went with the he boss to see if it was one of our friends and there was a man there who asked the he boss if he would like to write to a dog!! He said that if he did, the dog would write back to him 4 times a year. The he boss said "No" and just shut the door. I was standing there and they both ignored me! I mean, talk about missing the obvious. No one bothers to ask me if I would like a penpal do they? Honestly, I might as well not exist sometimes. And no, I don't take sugar either in case you were thinking of bothering to ask.
I wonder if he's asked anyone if they would like to write to me. Not a lot of good with the postman not bothering to come for me to bark at lately.
PS No flashy noisy things tonight. Sigh

Sunday 8 November 2009

New friends

I've had a lovely day and made lots of new friends. Well, 3 to be exact. They came to our house today and ate dinner. Only thing was, they didn't leave me anything. They all really liked me and I liked them. They all talked funny though like I've never heard.
I heard the he and she boss telling them about how I put on weight and got quite 'chunky' once. It's bad enough when people talk behind your back but when I'm still in the room. Huh. I gave the she boss a look to let her know what I thought about that.
I took them over my field to show them just how fast I can run. They were impressed. I let them kick the ball around while I had a good explore and met some new dogs

Saturday 7 November 2009

Favourite walk

I took the she boss back to my favourite hills today. We haven't been there for AGES and I was missing it too much. We didn't go very far - only one hill - the bumpy one but there were plenty of rabbits still there after all my time away. We got wet as well but it was good to be back on the high places with the wind in my tail. The she boss is still walking a bit funny and going very slow downhill so that must be why we only did one hill.
When we got back, all the noisy flashy things started again. The she boss was out in the garden watching them while she got the washing in. I think she's very brave. I'm glad I had a good walk as I might be tired enough to sleep and forget about them

Tuesday 3 November 2009


I've had lots of friends round here tonight. Two Patrick's - one I know and was excited to see and another Patrick as well. I didn't know there was more than one. A Marj lady came too and they were all really nice and fed me lots of grapes but don't tell my vet. I hope they come again soon

Monday 2 November 2009


Look what Uncle John came and did to my garden! He made a right mess and I thought the she boss would be cross when she came home but she seemed quite pleased. I'll never understand human beans. It was really nice having Uncle John in my garden all day though

Saturday 31 October 2009

I'm back!

I've had a really good time. Better than the rest of them I think. It seems that the he and she boss weren't too keen on where we slept as there were no comfy places for them to sit. I was OK cos I took my bed with me and there was a nice mat in our room as well. Best of all was the fantastic walks I had ALL the time. Until the flashy noisy things started there as well and I wasn't so keen. We went to the beach lots! Here's some pics of me checking it all out with them.
I love the beach. The smells are so exciting. All the she and he boss see are stones, water, birds. I see chipsseaweedsandwichburgerweepedigreechumchickencurrybirdpoo shedogshedogsicecreamfishpop. In fact, anything you can think of nearly but it all comes at once so I'm very busy there.
I made a new friend but the she boss was too busy laughing at me as she says I sit funny. What an insult. I was sitting very still and communicating.

I'm making up for lost time on the pictures aren't I? One last one. We went to the beach in the dark!! It had all been very quiet and peaceful in the day time but when it got dark, it was noisy and I didn't like to look too closely. It was quiet again when it was light the next day. I wonder if that always happens when it gets dark? I reckon all sorts of things come out to play then and do things we never see. Like sheep having a baabecue together. Or seaweed weedingthe beach. That might be why there aren't any on there

Wednesday 28 October 2009


We're going on holiday! I know that's what they're up to and I know they're taking me with them cos I've seen my bed and everything go in the car. I'll tell you all about it when I'm back. I hope it's somewhere new and nice

Tuesday 27 October 2009

See they could have taken me to Swaziland with them. I would have liked to have met Roxie and Maxine. Next time maybe if I don't say anything and just get in. Bit like the car

Monday 26 October 2009


What a fab day even if the sun did take itself off to bed a bit early again. Me and the she boss spent the day working out in the garden. She did lots of cutting at things while I kept the squirrels away. After all, you never know what they might get up to if I let them in.
Thanks to the she boss, one of the bushes where they hide from me is a lot thinner now and I will be able to see them easier

Sunday 25 October 2009

Paper days

Generally woofing, it's been a fab weekend. I've had lots of visitors who have been very kind and good fun. Some regulars, some I don't see so much. And we seemed to have everyone sleeping here as well. It's been something to do with those times when people get things wrapped up in paper. The paper's pretty good but seeing as I'd already been sick again last night, they wouldn't let me have too much.
The only bad thing was that they all went out today and left me and I know they went to the park cos I heard them talking about hopping races and things like that. The she boss had already gone out when they went or I know I would have gone too. I saw her face and she wasn't happy either that they hadn't taken me. I've made up for it later with a good run round the field before the flashy noisy things start going up in the sky.
It's really dark tonight. Someone stole my evening.

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Poorly bad

I feel really bad today. I was at home all day enjoying some peace and quiet when my tummy started doing funny things and felt like there was a load of mice running around in it. It got worse and worse and I really hoped someone would come home soon so I could get them out but they didn't and they wouldn't stay down there any longer. It all came up on the best carpet then by my bed. It turned out it wasn't mice but just wasn't very nice stuff.
The he boss came home first and I thought I'd be in trouble again but he was nice about it. He must have known I wouldn't do that unless I had to.
I felt better later cos Sammy came round to see me

Monday 19 October 2009


This is just useless. Just because of that perfume I found, the she boss won't take me over my field any more. Instead we've been getting in the car to go a couple of minutes up the road and having a walk around another field where I've been before but not for a long time. I presume the car ride's got something to do with her walking funny but it's not funny for me. I used to enjoy the walk up the road when we've been there before. And I'm missing my field.

Saturday 17 October 2009

Favourite perfumes

Today must be one of the worst day's of my life so far. It all started off so well. Me and she boss did some chilling about the house. She was doing some funny moves cos she'd got something in her ears. That always happens when she puts that wire in. It makes sense to me that if something has that effect, just don't do it but she won't listen will she. She seems happy with it anyway.
That was not the bad bit. We went for a pretty good walk over in my field and I found the best perfume I've ever smelt. It was fantastic so I put plenty behind my ears while we were there.
When we came back home, I could see the she boss was looking for something. She was looking round the floor everywhere and even the bottom of her slippers and boots. Then she saw me. I should have rubbed it in better cos I think it was still a bit brown and sticky. I must remember next time.
At least it wasn't a full shower but it was a lot more undignified. She got a big bowl of neutralising soapy water and once she'd scrubbed me all round my neck with that she THREW, yes THREW a whole bucket of water over my head!! The picture doesn't do justice for just how bad it was for me. And she said I should be grateful it wasn't cold!!
And she said I was disgusting. Not even that the smell was disgusting. That's not good psychology is it? Does she know what damage she can do to a dog's self esteem? All because she didn't like my taste in perfume. I'm not keen on hers either but I don't make her go and wash it off do I?
I wonder when I'll be able to get over the field again for some more. Must rub it in. Must rub it in. Must rub it in ........

Thursday 15 October 2009


I've been really naughty tonight. Even by my standards, it was pretty naughty. The she boss let me out on my field out of my gate and I thought she would walk all the way round with me but she didn't. She hardly went anywhere so I decided to give myself a walk. The trouble was, I got a bit sidetracked and took a long time to come back. In fact, the she boss had gone home and I thought she'd even locked me out of the gate.
The thing is, I don't know what's happened to all my good walks with the she boss since she went off for ages and left me at that Beth and Ed's. She doesn't walk anywhere very far now and she walks funny as well. I'm missing all our adventures.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


And mushrooms. I really don't like mushrooms. It's about the only thing that goes on my dinner sometimes that I don't like. In fact, they're rather like slugs. Perhaps that's why

Sunday 11 October 2009

Out of town

I went back to that Beth and Ed's today and saw my old friend Gary Cat. I must admit, I'm a bit scared of him really but it was OK. Mutual respect.We behave very well together and I didn't even eat his food this time. The advantage of being a dog is that I get taken out to interesting places for walks although Gary Cat does try and follow that Beth and Ed when they go out places. Very undignified having to be brought back. I know. Sammy had to carry me out of his car yesterday when I wanted to go out with them all. Gary tells me he tried to follow that Beth and Ed to the beer festival. It wouldn't have been much point cos they'd run out of beer anyway!!

Oh and I really don't like slugs. Nasty smelly things that taste bad. I do hear that they like beer though so we do have something in common

Saturday 10 October 2009


And I really hate Westies and other little yappy ones. But only cos they hate me first

Friday 9 October 2009

Don't like

And I don't like collie dogs. They look at me funny

Thursday 8 October 2009


I really do not like that bed! I've been sleeping on the big step of the stairs instead. It's the one half way where I stop. It's not at the bottom and it's not at the top. I'm not allowed any further up once everyone else is in bed. The he boss understands for once. I already had some company on the step but now he's brought another friend home for me so I don't get scared in the dark. At least they don't disturb my sleep

Sunday 4 October 2009

More about the new bed

I don't like my new bed. It's noisy and keeps me awake. I bet Gary Cat's doesn't do that

Friday 2 October 2009

New bed

You know I had that new bed a few days ago? (see 20th September). Well, I knew it wouldn't take 5 minutes before Gary Cat heard about it and wanted to go one better. Have you seen this?!

Saturday 26 September 2009


This is what happens if you stand still for too long in the garden:
Fat chance of it happening to me

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Contented sigh

I've had a fab day. I thought it was going to be naff as the she boss left me in the car in a dark place first but she wasn't long after all. Then we had a great walk in Sutton Park. I chased masses of squirrels. That'll put the wind up 'em. We met up with the she bosses friends and they sat for ages eating and drinking but I didn't mind cos there were plenty of other dogs around for me to watch. I think I saw every shape and size there can be.
She gave me a nice surprise after that as she took me to see Uncle Ted - always good for a laugh - who kindly gave me a welcome bowl of water. I had a rest in the car then while the she boss went to get some food for tea. That was my only disappointment as she forgot to get me any grapes for the journey home. When we got home, there was another nice surprise cos Sammy was there. Again! That's three times this week now. I'm pretty tired now tonight.

Sunday 20 September 2009

New bed

Well, what do you think? Not particularly flattering of me but shows the bed pretty well. It's OK isn't it?

Saturday 19 September 2009

New things

That big plane the she boss wanted to see before - we both saw it today. It came right over my garden! She was right. It really is big! it didn't seem too much noisier though which was good.
Other BIG news is that the she boss has bought me a nice new bed. About time too. I inherited my old bed from a dog called Bessie who lived here before and wasn't nearly as interesting as me. She'd chewed it a bit round the edges and I didn't really mind as it was quite comforting when I came here. But that was YEARS ago now. This new one creaks a bit but it's not bad. The she boss is washing my blankets for me or I would get her to take a good picture of me in it to show you. Next time. I wonder if Gary Cat would like one? It might wave him having to sleep on that Beth & Ed's bed all the time if he had a proper one of his own.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Radio company

I've just been shopping with the she boss. Trouble was, some of those flashy bangs are starting to go off when it gets dark so I was a bit worried about being in the car on my own. The she boss is good though and left the radio on for me - my favourite programme - dum di dum di dum di dum, dum di dum di daaa dum. When I hear that, I know all is right in my world

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Uniqueness The big difference between them and me is that there's only one of me :-)

Saturday 12 September 2009

Aerial man

The moving and talking picture thing that the he boss likes looking at hasn't been doing things right and we had an aerial man come to see it and me today. I was disappointed as I thought he'd be very tall with a spiky head but he was very ordinary and boring. So boring in fact that I stayed in the kitchen with the she boss while she fed me grapes. Very slowly. Making me sit for ages every time before she said "Go!" But still more interesting than aerial man.
The he boss has been looking at his talking and moving picture box again tonight

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Big plane

The she boss has been away without me for 2 nights. She should know better with her bad leg. If she'd have stayed at home, I could have looked after her. She took some silly furry dead dog. Something to do with the hot water bottle she said she needed. I don't like those either. They make a funny noise.
She missed this: She was talking about it last week and wanted to see it. I did. na na na na na

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Funny firemen

The she boss took me out today to have a cuppa and a walk. We took the friend Peter as well. The walk wasn't too long as there was a very black cloud coming our way and it looked like it might be a noisy one.
I see policemen on bikes going past my window sometimes but today, on our drive to the walking place I saw 2 firemen on bikes! They had lots of stuff in their bike bags and a little bottle of water each. That would be really useful eh?! They must have had fold-up beaters in their bags. We all had a chuckle

Friday 28 August 2009

Little people

There was a little person in my house today. I was very good. I even let the she boss bring him into my garden with me and let him have a look around. That's progress that is. You ask the she boss :-)

Thursday 27 August 2009


I'm not happy. I want to go back to that Beth & Ed's. I had a real good time there with Gary Cat for company, lots of long walks and going out with Ed in his car every day. He even let me sit on the seat so I could see out when we were moving!
Things are different her now I'm back. While I've been gone, someone's been and put different colours on some walls and shiny white on my favourite window sill where I look out. I don't think the she boss wants me to put my paws up there any more cos she's sat a teddy up there. He's in the way of me seeing out properly and I don't like the way he looks at me funny so I'm a bit scared of getting too close. Life's not fun here now. And the she boss has been walking funny and doesn't seem keen to take me out good places any more.

Tuesday 25 August 2009


I never thought I would have heard myself say this but I'm missing Gary the Cat!!

Friday 21 August 2009

MY holiday!

Have you missed me? I've just had a really long holiday all of my own for the first time. The she and he boss have been off somewhere far far away that they said I wouldn't like. It sounded like Suziland or someone like that and they said there were lots of big animals. When I say big, I mean BIG. Even things like heffalumps but not friendly ones and geeraffes. They said there were loads of children as well so they're all things I wouldn't like. I've seen the pictures though and I know there were some dogs too that they were fraternising with. They said I would have got on well with them but it was too long away to take me. Here's the he boss even chilling with other dogs. Their she boss is my old friend Jane and she'd told me about them. They live somewhere hot and have a great life.
My holiday was fab. I stayed with that Beth and Ed and Ed took me out nearly eveyday in his car and to the forest. Not just woods like I'm used to but a real forest with lots of trees and masses of squirrels to chase. I had to share the house with Gary the cat but we behaved together. In fact, he worred me a little bit cos he's got a nasty spit and sharp feet when he's in a bad mood.
I'm glad me and the bosses are safe back home again but it's been really nice have holidays

Saturday 1 August 2009

Shopping trip

I took the she boss shopping today. I have to wait outside some shops but that's OK cos it's interesting watching the world go by. Did you know that there are co-operative strawberries? I saw them and the she boss told me what it said. I think there were a few other co-operative things in that shop too. Can strawberries be anything else? I've never heard of any running away from being picked. I'm co-operative too. Usually. Eventually.
And now it's pouring down again and feels as though the sky might make noises so I'm hiding. It could be worse. I could have paid to go and watch a cricket match.
AND the she boss caught another one!! With no help from me this time. She's getting good.

Friday 31 July 2009

And yet more!!

We caught another one! Me and the she boss are getting expert at these little meeces and their wily ways now. Does anyone want to pay us to catch theirs? The she boss took this one for a drive in the car and came back without it so I don't know where she took it on holiday.
Talking of holidays, the she boss has been packing up food and things for me as though we're probably going AGAIN! This one feels different though. She did me loads of food and put it in a box with all my other stuff - toys, chews, biscuits. Everything. It feels like she might be sending me to live somewhere else. I hope she isn't. I really like it here with my bosses. I don't think I've done anything THAT wrong lately.

Thursday 30 July 2009


I think I've got dographobia. It's been wet for ages but today was nice. Between being wet it was anyway so me and the she boss went for a pretty good walk to make up for lost time. The trouble was, I found it all a bit scary and overwhelming. There were some strange noises and it was all a bit big so I was glad when we headed back home again and I could feel safe.
Home's all a bit strange as well at the moment though with some funny stuff going on. The she and he boss have been putting lots of stuff in boxes and there's nothing left in Sammy's room except his bed! That Beth's room is full of boxes and there's nothing much left in the room I watch for the postman from either. I really don't know what's going on.

Saturday 25 July 2009

And even more mouses!

This time, one got trapped in the mousemane box that the she boss had put out with some nuts in specially for catching meeces so we took it for a walk over my field and helped it move house to the other side.

Wednesday 22 July 2009


Well I've just been away for some sort of holiday with the she boss in the flappy house but it was all a bit pants. I think she took me to either give the meeces a break or Hayley who's been painting our house and doesn't like me would you believe!! I don't think it's just me. I think it's all dogs. Whatever, it was a naff holiday. I don't know what got into the she bosses brain thinking we could go where we went. I suppose anything was worth a try once and it should have been nice by that seventh river but the A5 road was a bit of a racket. It's quieter living a mile from Spag Bol like we do. Apart from the rabbits there was no where very interesting for me to go for walks. And it rained. And winded. And rained. And I got very wet especially when I went for a paddle and it was deeper than I thought. It's not often I swim so it's a good job I hadn't forgotten how to.
The picture is of me watching out for rabbits. If you look carefully, you can see me quivering with excitement, sad dog that I am.

One really interesting thing did happen though. Three people arrived with their flappy houses on little boats out of the river and left the same way the next day. The she boss thought that looked like fun but I hope that isn't what she decides to do next with me.
AND I had a really nice new bone to chew that the she boss packed in my luggage. It's got something tasty inside it that I haven't finished yet but am having a good go. You can see it there in the picture. I was having rest from it as I was getting jaw ache.
And we did call and see the friend Peter on the way home and I cleaned his floor for him. He had some real nice bits he'd left there for me.
Our house all looks sparkly clean now Hayley's nearly done as well and it doesn't look like any more mouses have been around while I've been gone

Sunday 19 July 2009

More mousing

The challenge is on. The she boss has put all the things the mouses used to eat on the shelves in boxes that they can't get into now. That means they've got to go somewhere else to find their food. Only trouble is, we didn't think they'd choose the house! I was just settling down for the night, having made sure the he and she boss were safely tucked in when a meecy ran through my kitchen!! I very nearly got him but it was dark and he ran out under the door. The she boss must have heard me and came down to check the mouse hadn't got me and told me I was very clever:-) ~~ (Waggly tail) and then set a little box in the garage which is supposed to catch him for me. It hasn't yet but lets see what tonight brings especially as it's tipping it down with rain and nothing wants to be outside. Certainly not me anyway. Although the he boss went out somewhere on his bike :-s

Friday 17 July 2009

Champion Mouser

What a week! Last week, on one of those days when the she and he boss were both at home, they decided to have a clear out in the garage. We've got lots of shelves with some pretty boring stuff on and the she boss was cleaning and tidying all those up. It took ages but it got interesting when she picked up one of the boxes and two meeces jumped out. I just saw them as they ran past, too quick for me. She took the box in the garden and another mouse ran out under the bushes. I saved that one for later. She had a bit of a poke around and saw lots of baby meeces so took the box down the garden to put the nest by the field. When she went to take the nest out of the box, ANOTHER mouse ran out! That made 4!! and lots of little pink babies. When we went back to look the next day, they'd all gone. I hope their mummy took them somewhere safe and warm.
Anyway, I decided we shouldn't have any more mices sharing the house with me but wasn't sure how to sort it. Today, as luck would have it, the she boss took me to see that Beth in her new house and she's had a cat called Gary move in with her. Can't think why but I managed to have a chat with him and he gave me some tips. When we came home, I had a look around for those meeces and knew one was behind a box. The she boss came to help me and moved the box a bit. Wahey! That little fella ran out and I got it. Thanks Gary. Your advice worked. I left the she boss to make sure he was properly gone. Now I've got my space back to just me and the he and she boss. Perhaps I can be a hero now :-)

Saturday 11 July 2009

The Fourth Plinth

What would you do? This is me practising but I don't think I would like to sit for an hour although there is a bit of room to move around

Sunday 5 July 2009


The moon tonight over my field ....

Saturday 4 July 2009

Mad bosses

I've just taken the he and she boss out for the day. They are SOOO embarrassing. First we had a good walk to see a windy miller thing which was pretty good especially as it was a stopping place for eating and drinking. There was a man called gayDon up there who apparently thought I looked a nice little black dog but the she boss had to interpret for me cos he only talked on one note. People are usually easy to understand cos they talk in interesting voices.
I'm not sure what was happening in this picture or who was taking who which way. It was generally a bit of a mad walk.

And as for this one. The he boss went off into a red box thing and next thing I knew, he was talking to the she boss on her phone. What was all that about then? He said he wanted to reminisce or something. I didn't understand what the fuss was about. Crazy if you ask me

Monday 29 June 2009

Visitors & visits

Today my old friend Jane came to see me. I haven't seen her in a long time. I believe she's been living somewhere very foreign that sounds like Swoozilands and I think there's something about the she and he boss going all the way to see her there. I'm not sure I want to go if it means going in one of those big buses without wheels that go in the sky over our house. I hope I go somewhere I'll like instead like back to Claire's.
Tonight we went in the car a long way to see that Beth & Ed. They were in a house I've never seen them in before. It was really nice and had a garden with a cat in for me to keep my eye on. That Beth and the she boss took me for a bit of an explore round the roads as well. I hope I get to go there again. They said my behaviour was impeccable. Maybe I could stay there when the he and she boss go a long way away. I'd miss my big garden though but I hope no one forgets about me and leaves me on my own.
The she boss was looking at some photos with Jane and found a photo of me that they hadn't noticed. Can you see me? It's from when it was really cold but good fun. Today was really hot and the she boss gave me a bath which was good for cooling off. I'm soft and fluffy again now and smell sweet apparently

Saturday 27 June 2009


The she boss is getting very lazy about helping me write up my happenings. I keep telling her but she is far too busy doing other things. Like stuff to do with photos of that Beth. I must admit, she does look very nice though. I would hardly have recognised her
The she boss has just been out on that 2 wheeled thing that she tried to give me a walk with once. I hope she doesn't mean to use it lots. She'll be neglecting my walks and I won't be able to keep up with her for long enough if she goes on that. I know she went to see my favourite uncle John & Bobby. I could smell them and she tells me that Bobby isn't very well. I hope she gets better soon

Sunday 21 June 2009

Summer nights

Today was a real BBIIIIIGGGGG day. It seemed to go on for ever.
Last night though, the he and she boss had one of those party things with fires in my garden and lots of nice smelling food. I had to go in the car while all the people came. It was a bit of a shame in one way cos I saw loads of my friends come but there were a lot of people and they're right, it probably would have been a bit much for me. I did go and see some of them at the end when there weren't so many. It was especially nice to see my good friend Robin but all the food I found in the grass was more interesting. That and waiting for the fires to get cold so I could eat some of the things that had ended up in there.
The she boss put my bed in the big boot of the car but I don't like it there. I thought I'd be in trouble cos when she came out to see if I was OK, I'd climbed over all the seats to sit in my favourite cosy place on the floor in the front. She didn't seem to mind too much and was just surpised cos she thought I'd disappeared.

Friday 19 June 2009


Grrrrr I think they're both nutty

Sunday 14 June 2009

Dog holiday

I've just had a holiday of my own without the he and she boss!! How about that then? I've never done that before. It started a couple of days ago when we loaded the car up with some really strange stuff and fancy clothes for the peoples. We went in the car to a really nice place in the country and who should be there but that Beth! We spent all day in a big room with a field outside for me to wander in (although I mostly followed the she boss around to help her) and they all made it look really nice. Doesn't it look great? Something to do with weddings and getting a new name. I did that once, long, long ago when I came to live here. It's so long ago, I can't even remember my old name now
The she boss took me then to see my old friend Claire just like we did a few weeks ago only this time she took all my holiday stuff - food, bed, toys, lead and she left me there! The he and she boss collected me again today but me and Claire have had a fantastic time. We went on some good long walks in some new places, had a ride in her car and I looked after her house for her when she went out for a bit. It was great!
It's nice being back home too but everyone's very quiet. I think they must be tired or something

Tuesday 9 June 2009


Well that's it then, back to the routine with naff weather thrown in. We have had a few visitors to brighten my evenings but the terrorist crows are still waiting to dive bomb me every time I got down the end of MY garden so I can't get over the field for a walk. That makes life REALLY boring

Saturday 6 June 2009

Holiday at last

I was right and we've had a lovely time even if it was short. We went back to one of our favourite places. I think it was the first place the she boss took just her and me for a holiday. We had loooonnngg walks as Her Guest or should that be Hergest? Something to do with the queen anyway. If it's good enough for her, it's certainly good enough for me. I don't look as happy as I really was on the photo by the tent but we have to have one of that to prove things.
I tell you what, me and the she boss are either both getting older or not as fit as we were when we went there 2 years ago. I wasn't running up the hills like I used to. See on that photo? I'm lagging way behind the she boss even. Mind you, I am nearly old enough to get my pension now.

We saw loads of the woolly white silly sheep running around on the hills so I couldn't do loads of running. On one hill, we saw a dog having a ride on the back of some noisy motorbikey thing with 4 wheels and then saw him jump off down the hill and round all the sheep up. I was very impressed how quickly he did it. We had a bird's eye view from our hill. But not a skylark cos they all go just too high.
Talking of birds, we stopped for some lunch and could hear 2 birds making a right racket. We could see a hole in the tree and hear squeaks so guessed there were some babies. Eventually we saw mum and dad and they were some very handsome spotty woodpeckers. Once we knew who they were, we left them to get on with it before the babies strangled themselves squeaking.
We heard a cuckoo cuckooing too. Just when the she boss had been thinking there weren't any around this year. The thing is, when the babies are big enough to fly away from their pretend parents, do they have to find their own way to south countries for the winter or does someone take them?
Last night, there was another dog on our field and his he and she boss wouldn't let him in their flappy house with them so he was howling in the car. I felt very sad and upset for him as he was very unhappy. I did ask the she boss but she said 1 dog in a flappy house was enough for anyone.
In the night and today it rained loads so we went home. I would have helped the she boss take our wet tent down but she shut me in the car in the dry. She got very soggy.
I hope we manage more holidays soon

Thursday 4 June 2009

Big excitement!

The she boss is taking me on holiday today! Yay!!! See you soon to tell you all about it

Monday 1 June 2009

More on crows

They've gone at last thanks to the he and she boss who crept up behind him with a big sheet. They threw it over the fence into our neighbour's garden but she won't notice cos she never goes in it and the grass is taller than me over there. It will be nice to do what I like in my own garden again and to not feel as though we're in a horror movie.
I helped the she boss get some things down the ladder from the hole in our ceiling tonight too. It looks very much like flappy holiday stuff to me. Maybe this is what I've been waiting for for so long.

Sunday 31 May 2009

Hens, ducks, crows and other random birds

They're back :-) That Beth has brought my she boss back. Boy, was I pleased to see her again. I'm glad she hasn't been gone too long. They seem to have had a good time doing something to do with touring with ducks or duck tours down in a big city with loads of friends.
The really bad news though, is that there are TWO ugly crow youngsters in MY garden now!!

Friday 29 May 2009

Everyone else's holiday

That Beth has come back yet again and this time she's taking the she boss away from me. Grrr. It looks just like a holiday they're going on. The car's packed, there's loads of food and bags but nothing for me. I hope I at least get a good walk out of the he boss if they're all going off somewhere nice without me.
And the ugly crow's still there. Grrrr

Thursday 28 May 2009

MY garden

This just isn't fair. Just because some stupid, ugly crow youngster has decided to fall out of it's house in the big tree into my garden means that it's mum and dad won't let me out there. Every time I go out for my ablutions and other things, they have a go at me. They should have taken more care in the first place and not let him out till he could fly properly. I don't understand the attraction either. He's pretty ugly and makes a terrible racket. Only a mother could love something like that. The she boss has left the gate open to the field so he can find his way out there but I think he's too thick. After all, he could fit under the gate if he wanted to. Even I did that once. Never again though. I didn't realise how much it had hurt to squeeze underneath until I tried to come back :-s

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Garden fiends

This fella came in our garden today. It looks like the same one who came to see me at home last year. I've got nasty memories of that when I went out to see him and all his aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, grannies, grandads and especially his mum and dad came and had a go at me so I'm not making the same mistake this year. Why can't they just keep away if they're not prepared to be friendly?

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Holiday day out

I took the she and he boss out today. We went to some nice new places but got a bit delayed on the way when the she boss stopped to take Dorothy back off the motorway to the bus stop. I reckon she wanted to go on the motorway and was on her way to Halifax as she'd heard how nice it was.
We had a walk in the garden of a posh house which was all good until the man told us we weren't supposed to be there. I could have told them that. If only they'd listen to me sometimes. I said that's why no one else was there having a walk.

They were supposed to take me for lunch but they left me behind in the car and took another dog for lunch instead. Grrrr. I wouldn't have minded but she looked like she'd already eaten too many pies.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Kennel r/cough

I can feel it in my bones, it's getting to that time of year again when we go to nice places in the flappy house like the seaside and lots of long walks. I'm a little bit worried though. I've heard the she and he boss talking about long journeys and aeroplanes and I've even heard the word 'kennels' more than once. I've never had to go there yet but I've heard about them and it sounds like dog prison to me. We've been near them sometimes and there seem to be a lot of unhappy dogs doing a lot of barking. I get a bit scared when other dogs bark too much so I really hope they're not thinking of sending me there. So all in all, I'm feeling rather insecure. When I took the he boss and Sammy out for a walk yesterday, I decided to leave them to it and went home without them. And tonight, the she boss wanted me to take her out on the field but I wasn't too keen on leaving my house so took myself off to bed. Would anyone like to let me stay at their house instead if the he and she boss go in an aeroplane? Or come and have a holiday with me at my house?

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Fame at last?

The she boss says I've got lots of new people reading about me thanks to that Beth. I will have to say thank you very nicely when I see her. I was hoping it was me that would get famous though, not her. After all, what's she got to be famous about?

Wednesday 13 May 2009


I've had an exciting day. I went to a new house and who should be there but Nan and Grandad and Aunty Linda! It seems like she lives there which is a bit confusing cos it's nothing like where I thought she lived. And Nan and Grandad seemed to be living there too and I've only just seen them at their other house. What's going on?
I liked this house. All except for the scary cows over the fence. That fence doesn't look very strong for keeping them out of my way either. I hope we go there again soon though. I'd like to do a bit more exploring

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Taking friends out

I've had a nice evening. I took all my new friends that have been coming round lately for a walk to show them my park. They all liked it although it was a bit cold. I thought the friend Peter was coming as well but I think he was too tired for one of my walks. Next time maybe. I promise I'll walk slow for him.
We saw some people in little boats on the lake and the she boss says she wants to come back and go in one sometime. I don't think there'll be room for me in one of those and I'm rather glad but I hope she's careful. She does let some funny things into her head.

Saturday 9 May 2009

Washing day

Yay! I've got a clean bed! About time too. If you knew how long I've been nagging them about that. But does anyone listen to me? It's not as if I don't contribute in my own way to this household and still no one listens to the important things.
I think Sammy's really gone to live somewhere else. I hardly see him now and he never comes back in his bed. In fact, the she boss has been in there a few times lately. It's all the better to see him when he does come though

Thursday 7 May 2009

I wonder if that's what our next door's doing? We don't see much of her and she doesn't seem to have time to do her garden or anything else much. Something's keeping her quiet and I do like sleeping

Sunday 3 May 2009

Frogs is back

It's that time of year again. The he and she boss have been in the garden for ages with me the last few days and there are suddenly loads of frogs around for me to play with again. They're good fun and I'm not sure why I get told off for it especially as sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.
We've been having LOADS of visitors too which is why I've been too busy to write my life up. I don't know what it's all about but I'm really enjoying it and everyone so far has been liking me. I hope this keeps up

Thursday 23 April 2009


I think that Sammy might really be gone for proper now. He hasn't been back in his bed for all week now and his room's still nearly empty. I know cos I go and have a look every night. I've eaten all the bits of paper he left for me on the floor and it looks tidy now. After I've checked his room when the she boss says "Bedtime", I come downstairs again to wait for Sammy at the front door but he never comes so I'm not getting much sleep really. I'm really missing him. I wonder if he misses me

Saturday 18 April 2009


Me and the she boss have been back over some of our favourite hills today. We haven't been there in ages and it was good to be back. I was a bit edgy though. I kept hearing bangs. The she boss said she thought they were bird scarers. More like MillieDog scarers. We didn't walk as far as we used to. I think the she boss is out of practice. We had some rests where the she boss stayed a long time taking in the view. She did some writing about something for a while until I told her it was time to move. I'm sure she even dozed off at one point. So did I if it comes to that but I was getting rather tired by then. It was a real nice day.
It's been a bit strange here with comings and goings so it was good to get to something familiar. I had some visitors last night called Mark & Kathy although I don't think they came to visit me or were really that pleased to see me. Sammy went out yesterday and took nearly everything from his bedroom so I thought he wasn't coming back but he came today for a little while with a friend called Abi who was pleased to see me. I'm glad Sammy came back as I was feeling a bit sad about him taking all his things. He still seems to be friends with us all so it's not because of that that he's gone. I hope he comes again soon

Tuesday 14 April 2009

VID's See, all the best dogs are black :-)


Well, considering the he and she boss don't seem to be going out to work these days, I'm not doing brilliantly for walks. I've been over the field alot with the she boss, mostly in the dark and not much more. Are they ashamed of me that we only go out at night? We went visiting to Nan and Grandad's in the dark too. That was a pretty good walk. I did take them for a really good walk today though. It was sunny, the birds were singing, the lambs were skipping. Shame about them really even if they are sweet cos when they're about, I'm not allowed to have a real good run around.
The big news though is that Bill is back in action. Remember him? I've shown you a picture before. He's not been serving up the drinks for a while but we went shopping today to buy something that made a lot of very smelly work for the she boss in the garden and now he's good again. The birds will be happy too as they like his water as well.

Sunday 12 April 2009


I like my milkman. He's nice to me even if his van does make more noise than this one

Monday 6 April 2009

Sea or home sick?

Read this:
All the more reason to not like boats if you ask me. Nasty rocky things that make me fall over

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Big bird

How about this eh? Cool. Last time we saw one of these, it was all the way down in my favourite hills and they were very noisy. It's right near us this time and if I go far enough down my field I might even be able to see it. I'll have to get the she boss to take me a walk right by there to have a look. I hope me or my eyeballs don't look like a tasty morsel for it though.
Isn't it cheating a bit though when they've built it's house for her. It would be more interesting if she'd have had to make her own

Sunday 29 March 2009

Yet more friends

I've had a great weekend all in all. What with seeing Claire again and then today, we had five friends round to visit me. Yes, five! One of them was Zsoka who I already know well and it was nice to see her except when I wasn't sure if she was going to nick my biscuits. I had lots and lots of fuss and attention and they left me some tasty scraps for my dinner. It was nice and sunny as well so they all came in the garden with me for quite a while to watch me running around.

Saturday 28 March 2009

Getting re-acquainted

After a really boring week, I've had a pretty interesting day. Apart from waiting for the she boss and that Beth for rather a long time while they went round the shops. Why is it they never let me go with them? I'd be very good. AND I'd have given an honest opinion on the dresses they were trying out. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. It's something to do with weddings and that Beth and Edward. I do hear say that I'm not allowed there either. However, I went to see a friend today called Claire that I'd nearly forgotten about. Me and the she boss met her once when we'd gone to live in the flappy house for a while. She wasn't there today but was in a very nice place that she said I could go and sleep over at while everyone else goes to see that Beth in a white dress. That sounds like a good idea to me and I'll enjoy seeing her again. She was nice to me. It would be nicer still if we were in the flappy house though.

Saturday 21 March 2009

Night sky

The sparkly holes in the sky were lovely tonight when me and the she boss went over the field.
Talking of holes, that Beth's home again. I don't think she can make up her mind where she lives and she was talking about a hole in the she boss's head. I must say, I've noticed it and wondered if it was getting bigger. That Beth walked up and down on the she boss's back when she was lying on the floor. She did it to Sammy as well. It's a good game. I think it was supposed to make the hole better but I only heard lots of clicking and the hole was still there when she'd stopped.I think she should have asked my doctor about it when we were there

Thursday 19 March 2009

Who's having the laugh?

I seem to have eaten all those little white things that the she boss kept dropping on the floor now (see 11/03/09). It was good fun while it lasted. I think they thought I didn't know that I was supposed to have them anyway but I caught on pretty quick. So they thought they were being clever playing tricks on me to make me have my tablets and I knew all the time - well after the first couple of days - but kept stringing them along to give them a laugh. I'm quite sorry it's finished now though all the same.
There's a box with a hole in by Sammy's window and some little birds keep flying in and out of it. I think they're an item and there might be some little birdies at some stage. Very sweet. I hope I get to see them.

Saturday 14 March 2009

Toys & treats

The she boss took me shopping today and bought me some toys - a new rope thingy with a really good thick paper label on for me to eat and a funny twisty bally thing that I'm not sure about. It looks like it might be fun when I've eaten the labels.
She bought me some tasty nuts and things as well. What I don't understand is why she always puts them in those hanging up things in the garden that I can't reach and the birds go and eat them all. I end up with just the bits that get dropped on the grass

Friday 13 March 2009

Better now

Well, I've stopped coughing at last. I can sleep in peace now. It seems to be since the he and she boss have been dropping things out of the rattly bottle on the floor for me to run off with but that seems a strange co-incidence. I've stopped coughing but they're still dropping them so it can't really be connected
Me and the she boss were wondering something today. You know when they're mending big buildings and things they wrap them up like presents? Here's a church by us that they've done.
There was a big fire there that woke me up one morning a couple of years ago and they've wrapped it up while they're making it all nice again. But how do they do it? We've never seen it happen. One day there's a bare building and the next it's all wrapped up! Does anyone know? And what happens if it's windy? Can they still do it? Hey up there in Halifax - do they wrap you're buildings up as well? Does it happen everywhere?

Wednesday 11 March 2009


I don't know what it was in that rattly bottle but the he or she boss keep dropping something out of it everyday on the floor. So far, they haven't managed to get any back from me yet and I've eaten all of them. Do you think they're really being that careless? This isn't usual

Monday 9 March 2009


I heard the she boss say I must be OCD. Mmmm One Cute Dog? One Clever Dog? Must be one of those. She said it when she was talking about me looking out for squirrels. I spend a lot of time at our back window so cute (with my ears up) or clever must match somewhere.
I've still been coughing so she took me to see the doctor tonight. I saw a nice lady who was very kind and I behaved well for her. She didn't do anything too nasty and she gave me a little rattly bottle. I don't know what was in it but the she boss dropped something out of it on the floor tonight and I nicked it. I wasn't sure it tasted too good but I ate it anyway. Especially as the she boss chased me to try and get it back. Not a chance
The nice doctor said I'd got a throw infection. I've never had one of those before. I've never been bothered about going after things that people throw for me. Squirrels are much more interesting. I wonder if that's why it's ended up infected

Thursday 5 March 2009


Still coughing but trying hard not to cos I heard the she boss say something about vets. I let her have a look down my throat but she said she couldn't see anything and I heard her saying that the vet might want to send me to sleep so he could have a better look! Is that the same as 'put me to sleep'? I'm not THAT bad. I've really got to try and stop so nothing really bad happens to me. I'd miss everyone too much. I don't think I'm coughing as often as I was. I didn't wake anyone up last night anyway.
The he boss didn't believe I was coughing. He thought I was just doing a good impersonation of that nice smelling bread making thing like the starling birds copying the phone noises

Tuesday 3 March 2009


I've got a cough. It's good cos I'm getting extra attention just when I hadn't been getting much. I even got the she boss to get up at 5 o'clock this morning just to check I was OK :-) I don't know where it came from and probably it will go soon. Meanwhile, it's getting them talking about me. The she boss thought a drink of water would shut me up when I woke her but I'm not keen in the middle of the night like that. She kept calling me to my bowl but I wasn't interested. Which just goes to prove the age old saying ...."You can take a dog to water but you can't make them drink"

Friday 27 February 2009


The she boss has had hardly any time with me this week. I'm feeling very neglected. She took her going away bag and went away for one night for starters. Then when she came back she went out again. I don't know; I've hardly seen her and when she's here, she hardly looks at me never mind talks to me. She's just too busy. Today she was out all day again like when she goes to work only I know she didn't got there. I've got a feeling she went to see my friend Peter and I heard her saying something about radios. It seems this is what she's been up to and I've heard her AND the friend Peter coming out of the computer now It's all very confusing but I wish I could have gone. I'm really missing her and, I'm embarrassed to say, went a bit OTT when she came back tonight but I was very glad to see her and I had such a lot to tell her. I must admit though, I'm beginning to wonder if I'd be better off somewhere foreign. Halifax or somewhere.
The she boss has had a nice chat though tonight and told me about this funny guy. It can't even hop straight cos of his wiggly tail. Bit like me when I'm excited

Wednesday 18 February 2009

River walks

I took the he and she boss for a brilliant walk today. All over the hills and along a river for miles. The river had something to do with birds - pigeons or doves or something. Same difference. We didn't see any of those but we did see dippers and gangly herons. AND we saw Uncle Ted. Fancy bumping into him. I think we were all abit surprised. We managed to avoid seeing him again though. No exciting pictures I'm afraid though

Monday 16 February 2009

Talking of squirrels ..........

I very nearly caught one today in my garden. If I hadn't hesitated at the last minute to work out whether to grab his tail or the rest of him, I would have. Next time. That's if he dares to come back.
By the way, the he boss has been coughing and I think he might have given it to me. I hope he doesn't give me his toothache as well

Sunday 15 February 2009


This looks a good idea if you've got little stubby legs like this little fella. Not so sure with my long skinny ones. I might have to team up though. He doesn't live too far away

Saturday 14 February 2009

It must be love

The she boss has cooked me something in that hot cupboard. All these years I've waited and all she ever makes smell nice in there is for everyone else but today she's made me some very tasty biscuits. I wouldn't have minded a bit more garlic though. They didn't take too long so maybe she'll be making some more when I've finished those. She must love me very much. I must think of something I can do to let her know how much I love her too. Or perhaps she knows anyway.
The little room upstairs has always looked a bit of a mess since my friend Mal came and made half of it look good. I don't know why he didn't do it all the way up the walls. Anyway, the she boss must have had enough of it looking like that cos she's put some nice paper on the other half now as well. Something about toilet paper. Or perhaps I've got the wrong idea there. I hope Mal won't mind that I didn't feel the job was finished

Monday 9 February 2009


We had the strangest thing happen tonight. The she boss was doing what she does on the computer when suddenly, it started talking! It seems the friend Peter was inside it. I know it was him cos I could hear his voice and see him looking out. He's clever though cos he was talking without moving his lips. I don't know how he fits in there either. I'll have to ask him next time

Friday 6 February 2009

More animal friends

You just gotta see this little fella:

Wednesday 4 February 2009


Anyone know if it's snowing in Halifax by any chance?

People come and people go

That new friend in the garden didn't last long. Me and Sammy were very sad. Still, old friend Peter came to see me yesterday. I haven't seen him for ages so was pretty excited when I opened the door to him. He didn't come and play in the snow with me though

Monday 2 February 2009

More snow:-)

Look what it did today! And we've got a new friend come to see me. I don't know why he doesn't come in and have a cup of tea like everyone else

Sunday 1 February 2009


I've just had a nice surprise. Me and the she boss went outside for our last walk of the day and the garden had snow all over it. I love snow. Everything smells so much better. And it's a bit like a sort of day time at night cos it's nearly light. Even better, when she opened the back gate, our field had snow all over it as well! How about that eh?

Friday 30 January 2009


The she boss sometimes borrows that Beth's bed to sleep in. I think it's if she's out round the town late or if she feels like getting up REALLY early. Or sometimes when the he boss does. Today she was up when it was still night time and no one else was up so she'd been in that Beth's bed. I like it when she does that cos it's good fun for me. I always follow her upstairs at bedtime to make sure they're all OK up there before I go to my own bed in the kitchen but when she's in that Beth's bed, I go in and pretend I'm going to get in bed with her for a laugh. Of course, I'd never be allowed to but we have a good chuckle together about it before it's really bedtime. It reminds me a bit of when we go together in the flappy house. I hope we can do that again soon.

Monday 26 January 2009

Paper days

Today's been one of those days with lots of paper. It was the she boss this time who was getting packages. I like these days cos it means lots of visitors as well. That Beth's been living back here again and Ed came and didn't seem to want to go again either.
By the look of the things the she boss took out of the paper, it looks like it was a paper day for the birds as well as there were a lot of things for them in the parcels. What about me? It would be nice to get something for me inside sometime and not just the paper although I like that too
The down side of it all was the she and he boss disappeared off without me one of the nights. I saw them looking like they were leaving and was worried but, thankfully, they came back again the next day. I did have a nice time chilling with Sammy though while they were gone.

Monday 19 January 2009

Black and blue

Well that's blue Monday over. And I'm still a black dog. Thank goodness for that. It had me worried for a bit

Friday 16 January 2009

More about fame and other things

Today was gooood. I've had 2 days of sitting in on my own. I never mind the first. It gives me time to sit and think a bit about life in between sleeping and listening for the postman. The second day gets a bit boring after a bit but I always know the third day is coming and that's usually good. This third day, me and the she boss went on a really good walk. I'm sure she called the hills we were on (not very big ones by the usual standards - more of an excuse for hills really) Licking Hills but I must have heard wrong. They'd never be that as I get told off for licking so she wouldn't take me anywhere that gave me ideas.
It occurred to me today, thinking a bit more about fame following on from last Monday. There could be an easier way than trying hard to be a hero. Imagine if me and the she boss were out walking and she called me like she does - "Come on theMillieDog" and someone heard and said "Wow! Is that THE MillieDog, the one who writes all those sensitive, insightful, witty things on her blog?!" Nuff said

Monday 12 January 2009

News stories

I can't help but notice as I watch over the she boss's lap each day that there have been a lot of news stories about animals lately. I must admit I'm a little envious and am wondering what it would take to make me famous. I'd like it to be something really heroic.
Maybe if I rescued the she boss from a cliff ledge on one of our walks. Maybe not. That would probably mean I'd have to trip her up first and I don't think I could bring myself to do that.
How about stopping a run away pram from going in front of big lorry. Mmmm. That sounds a bit risky to my life and that would defeat the object if I wasn't there to see myself on the news page. I also might have trouble getting off the lead
I suppose I could get in the local paper for something gentle but heroic, like catching a little person's balloon just as it was going to fly away. Might burst though.
How about rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. That could work if I could get up there as it probably wouldn't stay up there for long once I got near. Scaring it could cause trouble though and my good intentions be misunderstood.
I think I might have to stick to letting the family know whenever anyone comes too close to our front door for now. One of these days, it might be someone that they really need me to warn them about. If I think of any better ideas, I'll let you know. Unless you've got any for me? Do people in Halifax ever have good ideas?