Sunday 29 April 2007

The best weekends

Wow What a brill weekend. Yesterday me and the she boss had a looonnng walk over the Malvern Hills. I/we love it there even if I don't get to go off the lead loads. They've put lots of big animals up there and I think the she boss is a bit scared of them and wants to keep me close so I can protect her if anything happens. It did once and it was bad but I was there to look after her.
We went with some other friends and they were all ones who liked me and fed me bits of their lunch so it was extra good. There's some pictures somewhere.

I told you the friend Peter would come and see me sometime and would you believe it, there he was today round at ours so today was nice too. The weekend was extra nice because Beth came around too for some of it although I couldn't work out if she was staying around or not - one minute she was here for the night, then she was gone, then back again. These people don't know if they're coming or going. No wonder I make alot of noise when they go, I never know when I'll see them again

Friday 27 April 2007


The she boss went out all day today. At least she fed me before she went as the others are likely to forget and at least I ended up with a good walk out of it - TWICE round the field! (It's big). I would have liked to have gone with her though especially as it turns out she saw my friend Peter and I know he would have liked to have seen me. I can always smell out who she's seen and recognise my friends. Oh well, maybe he'll come here and see me soon

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Looking after the house

Was on my own alot today but that was OK. It's nice to have the house to myself for a day every now and then.I sleep a bit, watch out for squirrels trespassing, sleep a bit more, watch the pigeons eating the new plants growing, sleep a bit more, attack the door when the postman comes (will he ever learn?), sleep a bit more. play with a toy, sleep, chew my bone, sleep. Aaah so peaceful. It's best when there's space left to get on a nice soft chair but there's usually cushions left in the way. Do you think they do it on purpose to spoil it for me?
Something strange happened today that's happened before sometimes. The phone rings and when no one picks it up, you hear someone talking. Today I heard the she boss and she was talking to me! She wasn't in the house cos she went out in the car (without me :( ) so how does she do it? It was nice of her to talk to me. I'm glad she didn't build my hopes up and tell me she was giving me a walk like the he boss does when he talks like that through the phone to me. Talk about teasing and disappointment. When he sez 'food' that's even worse.

Saturday 21 April 2007


I love Saturday's. Both bosses are around doing all sorts of stuff that makes good fun for me. All except that noisy thing they push round the house that scares me. The she boss does alot of crawling round the floor with a cloth moving things around which is interesting and means her face is by mine for sniffing and licking. We have a good laugh.
Did you see that moon last night? There's a picture on here of it and a picture of me on the field having a walk in the dark. There's a couple of little squeaky dogs that live over the other side of the field that pick a fight with me if they're around when I'm over that side. Last night they were in their garden shut behind their gate so I went and stood by it for ages. It was a right laugh. I think they were fighting each other as they couldn't get to me for a fight!
Do you like the garden pictures of me? That thing in the background has been put there by the bosses so I can have a drink whenever I'm out there I think. Very kind. The birds are pretty good at dropping nuts and seeds for me out of their feeders too. In fact, it's always worth hanging round anyone/thing that's eating as they're bound to drop something sooner or later. Tricks of the trade. They call me a scrounger but it just all makes sense to me.

Thursday 19 April 2007


I love it when they have a chicken for Sunday dinner - loads of leftover scraps and it was a big one this week so I've had bits nearly every day. Brill. Can still run though. Look at my pics. Hope I don't embarrass anyone with my one without clothes but I do like the sunshine

Tuesday 17 April 2007

Introduction to me

Well, this is it. My owner wasn't inspired to do any blogging - couldn't think of anything interesting so I thought I'd have a go instead.
I'm 7 human years old but 49 really so middle aged but am always being told to 'Grow up' or 'Grow old' as I'm pretty fit n lively for my age. Mind you, I'm not as trim as I once was. I do my best but don't get taken for walks as long as I'd like. And they won't let me chase anything except squirrels in the garden. I haven't managed to catch one yet so where's the fun in that? Mind you, I did catch a rat once and they seemed pleased.
Life's not bad. There's usually some company around for me although some of it's more entertaining than others. I get the occasional phone call if they think I might be lonely and it breaks the day up if it's a long one.
I've just had a pretty good holiday in Whitby. It was nice to see the beach again even if I'm not so bothered about the sea. You never know when it's going to creep and catch you unawares. Beach is good fun though and there's usually quite a few friends to make with interesting bums to sniff.
had a brill walk (photos on blog) although I had to wait around for ages while the bosses were looking at some old cars and filming. Even then, we weren't finished - always have to hang around for a cup of tea somewhere. There were some other dogs there to watch though. Disgusting behaviour. I didn't get involved.
The nice thing about these holidays is that the bosses have to share my bedroom with me. They were OK. Didn't disturb me too much although they do snore a bit. It's funny how they'll only lower themselves to sleep in my room when we're away and take themselves off up all those stairs at home. What a bother. Would make much more sense to just stay down by me. My bed's really comfy and I'd make some room.