Monday 26 November 2007

Day off

Well, what a fab day. Good weekend too if it comes to that. I had loads of visitors - Beth & Ed coming and going at all times of day and night, friendPeter who appreciated some attention from me and even Candice came to see me!
Then today, I had the she and he boss to myself all day and we went for a long walk over Sutton Park - highly recommended - with loads of rabbits and squirrels to chase although I wasn't quite so sure about the horses wandering around.
I think the she boss tricked me this morning. Whenever I hear her get her pills out I take a seat in the kitchen and wait for mine. I quite like mine - yeast or something but today when I thought that was what I was getting, she gave me a big white one instead. I wasn't going to eat it cos it tasted nasty but then she chased me. I thought she wanted it back so it must have been something worth having. I made sure I swallowed it before she got chance to pinch it back. She's been known to take things out of my mouth before now even!! Not many would dare to do that. It seems like she was quite happy for me to swallow it after all. Something to do with the itchy bum I've had I believe

Saturday 24 November 2007

Nightime field

Tonight they finally got me back on the field through the back gate. I haven't been there since the noisy flashy things started as, although they don't happen much now, you never know. So I've been making it clear that while I was happy to go anywhere else for a walk, the field was a no-no. Well, tonight they dragged me out there; yes, dragged! The humiliation. They were very kind in their own way about it but it was still a definite drag. I felt like a pup again although I can't remember much about my Mum, bless her cotton socks, ever doing that to me.
I'll give them this though - they were right to make me go out there. Once we were there, I remembered about the cat I usually manage to track down by the fence so forgot about any nasties and was off like a rat out of a drainpipe. That's that hurdle over with
Those two odd characters with the big dog were over there again. I'm glad the she boss kept me close to her. I don't feel quite safe with them hanging around. They must have been frozen and their dog never seems to get a walk anywhere further than their garden gate. Very strange. I think the she and he boss are a bit wary too. I'm not sure I'd be able to protect them either as it is a very big dog.

Saturday 17 November 2007


That was a nice one. We went to Lichfield. Haven't been there for a long time. It's nice where we go cos I have a real good run around. The only thing is, all the rabbits are behind this fence that I can't get through which is rather frustrating. The noisy, flashy things haven't stopped by us yet so we have to go out in the daylight and preferrably not too near home. I hope they stop soon.
I put the picture in because it's about time we had another one and we saw a dead one of these

Friday 16 November 2007

Night times and bed times

I'm managing to confuse the she boss lately. Since all those noisy, flashy things, I haven't been over the field. It's just too scary and I'd rather stay in the nice safe house. I've been on other walks to another field because it doesn't seem so bad there. I think the she boss thought I wouldn't mind our field again tonight but, not on your nelly. There was no way I was going out there. I'd heard bangs again today and I think that is where they all come from. I spent a good while in the garden though. In fact, the she boss had to come and find me in the dark when she wanted to go out and shut me in the house. I don't think she understands why I don't like it there and I wonder if she's going to put her little foot down sometime and try and make me go there.
The he boss has been away again for a couple of nights. I never normally go upstairs and certainly never in the rooms where they all sleep. I do go up when the she boss goes up to bed though when he's away. I have a quick check of her room just to make sure everything is alright for her; then I go back down in my own bed.

Friday 9 November 2007

Evening out

I went to the cinema tonight! Well, I didn't quite get that far myself but the she boss went and she took me in the car. I think it had something to do with the noisy, flashy things in the sky that were happening loads tonight. It was a good idea anyway because I had a nice sleep in a peaceful car park while she was gone. She gave me some very tasty grapes when she came back. I hope it all gets quieter soon out there though

Sunday 4 November 2007

More Malvern

We went back to Malvern today. Haven't been there in ages. We had a fab time and, as there were no silly white sheep or anything else around much, I had a real good run. I saw my old friends, Mark & Ade again. It was good to see them and a new lady called Ginnie came in our car. I had to sit in the back. I didn't really mind that much and she was nice to me. Ade was a different shape to when I saw her last time and we stopped lots of times for her to have a rest. I don't know what that's about.
Lots of those flashy noisy things have started since we got back so I'm glad I'm at home now because I can hide but I wish I'd had my dinner first. I might be too scared to eat it. I'm quite tired though so I'll probably sleep a lot this evening

Saturday 3 November 2007

Clever clogs

They nearly blew my cover today. Sammy spotted that I am one of his top friends and it wasn't him who changed it. I've been watching the she boss everytime she does anything on the internet and I'm getting the idea of a lot of it. I'm pretty good at blogging as you can see. I can even add in photos with a bit of help and I sussed out the other day how to arrange my favourite friends. The tricky bit was watching Sammy closely enough to find his password but I did it without him suspecting a thing.
I know how to cook as well! They don't know it yet. I've been watching the she boss get dinner for weeks now and I know how to do shepherd's pie (anything to use up those silly sheep), tuna & pasta (not so keen on that one) and pizza with home made wedges (mmmm). So now, if they leave me too long, I might have a go. The non-opposable thumbs might be a problem though

Thursday 1 November 2007

Life at home since holidays

It all seems to have been happening since we came back. We had one of those birthday things the day after when everyone brought parcels and envelopes for the he boss. I don't think he's any older than when I came here to live though because he still gives me a good run for my money and he doesn't look any different. I'm always very interested in birthdays because plenty of paper comes my way. Also, people come and eat tasty things like cake and, if I'm lucky, they drop bits on the floor.
We had plenty of visitors and Beth came to live here for a few days again. That's nice because she gives me lots of attention and talks to me. Candice came as well. I haven't seen her for ages and she stayed very late - way past my bedtime. Bobby's boss came which is always exciting. He knows all the right things to say to me and is just as pleased to see me as me, him.
Tonight's been horrible though. There were lots of little people kept knocking on the door. No one opened it to them but I did hear something about trick or treat. I think I managed to scare them, throwing myself at the door when they knocked more than they were likely to scare anyone in this house. The she boss took me shopping. I think it was to give me some peace and quiet but there's those nasty noisy flashy things have started up everywhere so that isn't nice. And she didn't buy any grapes!! I was obviously taken under false pretences