Thursday 27 March 2008

Another day out

Well, I said I wondered where I’d go today. I went with the she boss to the Friend Peter’s. We did cleaning there and I helped but it wasn’t Saturday. I licked up a lot of the sticky patches of the kitchen floor and ate lots of train tickets that were lying around and they were very grateful. If I hadn’t been there to help, it would have taken them a lot longer. We went for a walk in the sunshine in the park then.
The he boss wasn’t here last night. I don’t know where he’d gone but I always go up to the bedroom when the she boss goes up if he’s away 1) just to make sure he isn’t hiding up there really and 2) to make sure she’s safe up there on her own. I go back down to my bed though as you can’t beat your own bed.
I think Mal’s finished putting stuff on the walls and doors today so may not be back :( I’ll miss him. The walls are all nice and pale now. I can’t wait for a walk on a rainy day to come back and shake off all the mud in the hall :)

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Malvern again

Aah I love Malvern. The he and she boss took me there again today and we had a really long walk. I'm very tired now. It turns out it's the new friend I made called Mal who's putting all the smelly stuff on our walls and doors. I've got the distinct feeling that I got taken out to get me away from him but I don't mind. At least I get to say hello first. Wonder where they'll take me tomorrow?

Tuesday 25 March 2008

Porky pies

I can't believe what that he boss has done. After a pretty reasonable day yesterday, the he boss was talking to Beth on msn and I saw what he said about me. He said that I had pooed in a man's hat at the big house and he'd put it on his head! He said that the man cried and that his wife gave him a hanky to clean it off!! I can't believe that he would dream up that I could do such a thing and even more than that, I can't believe that Beth would be taken in!!! I hope she hasn't been spreading stories about me today. This could be very embarrassing for someone and I don't think it's me.

Monday 24 March 2008

Holidays for banks

We went to some house today. Apparently it's what people do on days like this when all the banks are on holiday. Not that that's got any relevance to me. I thought it was going to be pants as they left me on my own in the car to start with while they went in but then they came back for me and we had a good walk round a lake and to a farm. I remembered then that I'd been there before. I remember the little scruffy dog at the farm that wouldn't leave my bum alone. Even the he boss had to scare him off this time as he wouldn't take any notice of me. I think it was some place called Middle Town Hall or something. It looked OK except there were a lot of little people by the car making a noise. It's very cold today so I was glad to come back and get the she boss to get the fire going for me.
She emptied out that noisy box as well that breaks up all the big pieces of paper into better sized pieces for eating. I always like it when she does that because she always misses some on the floor and I get a good feast. I like big pieces that I can make a noise with as well though

Wednesday 19 March 2008


This is getting ridiculous now. 'Take your dog to work 3 days'! This is just getting boring. I wouldn't mind but I know someone comes to the house while we're out. When we come home, there's all this smelly white stuff on the doors. I'm getting some good walks out of it and it's nice to be in the car with the she boss when she's there but it's a long time just dozing. I've seen quite a few little people sometimes too. They suddenly all come out of these buildings, run round shouting like mad things for a while, then a big person blows a whistle and calls them all back in again. They don't seem to be in any trouble and seem pretty happy. It keeps the day interesting anyway

Monday 17 March 2008

Nice perfume

It was 'take your dog to work' day today so the she boss took me with her. It gets a bit boring in the car but at least I know I'll get a good walk at some point and she'll come and take me for a drive every now and then.
We had a great walk by the motorway (there was a fence there in case I felt like crossing) and round a lake. I found a fantastic perfume in the woods. I don't think the she boss liked it though because she managed to trip me over, hung me up by my legs and swished me around in a puddle to wash it all off!! What must I have looked like? She never asks me if I like her perfumes. I had to sit in the car then all cold and wet for ages. I hope she takes me back sometime to get some more.

Monday 10 March 2008


I've been taken for a lovely walk today. Just the she boss and me. We went back to those Malvern Hills where I haven't been for a while. She didn't warn me about the weather though. I got soaked. It's alright for her in those swishy clothes she puts on to keep all dry and snuggly. I did make a run for the car a couple of times (not that I knew where I was going) but got stopped and made to carry on. It was great in between the showers though. We walked a long way and I didn't have to go on the lead once as we didn't see anyone else or any white woolly things to get in the way. Lots of rabbits though :D
We went over that hill where the people used to camp back in the day until the Roming people came and threw them off. You'd be able to keep your eye on everything up there but it's a long way down to the toilet. Not that bothers me of course.
Talking of which, someone asked a very personal question the other day. Aunty Olly asked before now a complete stranger asked why do I hold one back leg up when I squat for a pee! How personal can you get. I have 2 answers: Why not? and Because I can. I bet you can't

Saturday 8 March 2008

That's better

I take it all back what I said last week. I obviously don't smell as not only did friendPeter come and see me, he stayed all night! When the she boss wanders down at night it's not all that long after she's gone up but it was better with friendPeter here because he got up early to keep me company. He's the best at tickling tummies! He nearly sent me back to sleep. It'd be nice if he came here again like that. He must be one of my best friends.

Tuesday 4 March 2008

Cosy evenings

The days are getting bigger! It's good isn't it? We're making the most of the last cosy evenings though and having the nice flamey fire going. It's the she boss being kind again. She lights it up just for me cos she knows how much I like it and I always say a big thank you to her

Saturday 1 March 2008

Was it something I said? .......

Or something I did? Or do I just smell and no one likes to tell me. None of my friends who come are staying around for long lately. The Friend Peter came, gave me a nice bit of fuss, ate a dinner, then went again! Patrick came round but wouldn't even come in the door. I'm trying not to take it personally. The she boss and me had a very nice walk this afternoon though. At least she loves me. It was very windy but not as bad as last night when it was dark and I was too scared to go out in the garden
I heard them talking on the radio in the car this week about these pills to keep you happy. They said they don't work; that pretend ones work just as well. Well, I have it on very good authority that some dog friends of mine, never mind the people ones have had these things and they did work. If they'd have tried out the pretend ones on my dog friends, it would have been a waste of money wouldn't it cos of course they wouldn't have worked but the real ones did. So there