Saturday 31 October 2009

I'm back!

I've had a really good time. Better than the rest of them I think. It seems that the he and she boss weren't too keen on where we slept as there were no comfy places for them to sit. I was OK cos I took my bed with me and there was a nice mat in our room as well. Best of all was the fantastic walks I had ALL the time. Until the flashy noisy things started there as well and I wasn't so keen. We went to the beach lots! Here's some pics of me checking it all out with them.
I love the beach. The smells are so exciting. All the she and he boss see are stones, water, birds. I see chipsseaweedsandwichburgerweepedigreechumchickencurrybirdpoo shedogshedogsicecreamfishpop. In fact, anything you can think of nearly but it all comes at once so I'm very busy there.
I made a new friend but the she boss was too busy laughing at me as she says I sit funny. What an insult. I was sitting very still and communicating.

I'm making up for lost time on the pictures aren't I? One last one. We went to the beach in the dark!! It had all been very quiet and peaceful in the day time but when it got dark, it was noisy and I didn't like to look too closely. It was quiet again when it was light the next day. I wonder if that always happens when it gets dark? I reckon all sorts of things come out to play then and do things we never see. Like sheep having a baabecue together. Or seaweed weedingthe beach. That might be why there aren't any on there

Wednesday 28 October 2009


We're going on holiday! I know that's what they're up to and I know they're taking me with them cos I've seen my bed and everything go in the car. I'll tell you all about it when I'm back. I hope it's somewhere new and nice

Tuesday 27 October 2009

See they could have taken me to Swaziland with them. I would have liked to have met Roxie and Maxine. Next time maybe if I don't say anything and just get in. Bit like the car

Monday 26 October 2009


What a fab day even if the sun did take itself off to bed a bit early again. Me and the she boss spent the day working out in the garden. She did lots of cutting at things while I kept the squirrels away. After all, you never know what they might get up to if I let them in.
Thanks to the she boss, one of the bushes where they hide from me is a lot thinner now and I will be able to see them easier

Sunday 25 October 2009

Paper days

Generally woofing, it's been a fab weekend. I've had lots of visitors who have been very kind and good fun. Some regulars, some I don't see so much. And we seemed to have everyone sleeping here as well. It's been something to do with those times when people get things wrapped up in paper. The paper's pretty good but seeing as I'd already been sick again last night, they wouldn't let me have too much.
The only bad thing was that they all went out today and left me and I know they went to the park cos I heard them talking about hopping races and things like that. The she boss had already gone out when they went or I know I would have gone too. I saw her face and she wasn't happy either that they hadn't taken me. I've made up for it later with a good run round the field before the flashy noisy things start going up in the sky.
It's really dark tonight. Someone stole my evening.

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Poorly bad

I feel really bad today. I was at home all day enjoying some peace and quiet when my tummy started doing funny things and felt like there was a load of mice running around in it. It got worse and worse and I really hoped someone would come home soon so I could get them out but they didn't and they wouldn't stay down there any longer. It all came up on the best carpet then by my bed. It turned out it wasn't mice but just wasn't very nice stuff.
The he boss came home first and I thought I'd be in trouble again but he was nice about it. He must have known I wouldn't do that unless I had to.
I felt better later cos Sammy came round to see me

Monday 19 October 2009


This is just useless. Just because of that perfume I found, the she boss won't take me over my field any more. Instead we've been getting in the car to go a couple of minutes up the road and having a walk around another field where I've been before but not for a long time. I presume the car ride's got something to do with her walking funny but it's not funny for me. I used to enjoy the walk up the road when we've been there before. And I'm missing my field.

Saturday 17 October 2009

Favourite perfumes

Today must be one of the worst day's of my life so far. It all started off so well. Me and she boss did some chilling about the house. She was doing some funny moves cos she'd got something in her ears. That always happens when she puts that wire in. It makes sense to me that if something has that effect, just don't do it but she won't listen will she. She seems happy with it anyway.
That was not the bad bit. We went for a pretty good walk over in my field and I found the best perfume I've ever smelt. It was fantastic so I put plenty behind my ears while we were there.
When we came back home, I could see the she boss was looking for something. She was looking round the floor everywhere and even the bottom of her slippers and boots. Then she saw me. I should have rubbed it in better cos I think it was still a bit brown and sticky. I must remember next time.
At least it wasn't a full shower but it was a lot more undignified. She got a big bowl of neutralising soapy water and once she'd scrubbed me all round my neck with that she THREW, yes THREW a whole bucket of water over my head!! The picture doesn't do justice for just how bad it was for me. And she said I should be grateful it wasn't cold!!
And she said I was disgusting. Not even that the smell was disgusting. That's not good psychology is it? Does she know what damage she can do to a dog's self esteem? All because she didn't like my taste in perfume. I'm not keen on hers either but I don't make her go and wash it off do I?
I wonder when I'll be able to get over the field again for some more. Must rub it in. Must rub it in. Must rub it in ........

Thursday 15 October 2009


I've been really naughty tonight. Even by my standards, it was pretty naughty. The she boss let me out on my field out of my gate and I thought she would walk all the way round with me but she didn't. She hardly went anywhere so I decided to give myself a walk. The trouble was, I got a bit sidetracked and took a long time to come back. In fact, the she boss had gone home and I thought she'd even locked me out of the gate.
The thing is, I don't know what's happened to all my good walks with the she boss since she went off for ages and left me at that Beth and Ed's. She doesn't walk anywhere very far now and she walks funny as well. I'm missing all our adventures.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


And mushrooms. I really don't like mushrooms. It's about the only thing that goes on my dinner sometimes that I don't like. In fact, they're rather like slugs. Perhaps that's why

Sunday 11 October 2009

Out of town

I went back to that Beth and Ed's today and saw my old friend Gary Cat. I must admit, I'm a bit scared of him really but it was OK. Mutual respect.We behave very well together and I didn't even eat his food this time. The advantage of being a dog is that I get taken out to interesting places for walks although Gary Cat does try and follow that Beth and Ed when they go out places. Very undignified having to be brought back. I know. Sammy had to carry me out of his car yesterday when I wanted to go out with them all. Gary tells me he tried to follow that Beth and Ed to the beer festival. It wouldn't have been much point cos they'd run out of beer anyway!!

Oh and I really don't like slugs. Nasty smelly things that taste bad. I do hear that they like beer though so we do have something in common

Saturday 10 October 2009


And I really hate Westies and other little yappy ones. But only cos they hate me first

Friday 9 October 2009

Don't like

And I don't like collie dogs. They look at me funny

Thursday 8 October 2009


I really do not like that bed! I've been sleeping on the big step of the stairs instead. It's the one half way where I stop. It's not at the bottom and it's not at the top. I'm not allowed any further up once everyone else is in bed. The he boss understands for once. I already had some company on the step but now he's brought another friend home for me so I don't get scared in the dark. At least they don't disturb my sleep

Sunday 4 October 2009

More about the new bed

I don't like my new bed. It's noisy and keeps me awake. I bet Gary Cat's doesn't do that

Friday 2 October 2009

New bed

You know I had that new bed a few days ago? (see 20th September). Well, I knew it wouldn't take 5 minutes before Gary Cat heard about it and wanted to go one better. Have you seen this?!