Thursday 30 August 2007

Little person again

We had a little person come and see us today - a very little person. She was big enough to toddle around on little legs although she didn't look it and made lots of noises that sounded something like proper language - well some of them. I think she might be one who came to our house before but do they really grow like that? She was quite cute I think but I kept out of the way. They shut me out anyway and I wasn't sorry as these little people do strange things and make loud sudden noises so I find them a bit scary.
They all said I was VERY good :)

Monday 27 August 2007

Day out

Today I went somewhere I've never been before. The she boss took me up to see where the Friend Peter lives. I had a really nice day exploring his house and garden and following the she boss up and down stairs ..... and up and down stairs ....... and up and down stairs ........ I'll certainly be fit after that lot. They're VERY steep. I found plenty of bits of paper to eat there. They took me for a nice walk too to somewhere near his house and I met some new dogs. They had a funny accent there though and I took a while to understand them. Same sort of smells though. I hope I go again

Friday 24 August 2007

Yet another holiday

I've had such a nice week. How's your's been?
I suspected something was going on on Sunday when the she boss was putting all the tent stuff in the car but I wasn't sure if she was taking me then when she went off on Monday morning without me I was certain she wasn't. She must have just forgotten cos she came back later and fetched me! I was a bit sad & bothered that the he boss wasn't coming but it was all fine.
This time we went somewhere I've never been before. The she boss called it Castleton and it was very nice except there was no water to paddle in next to the tent. We found some nice walks though.
We walked up a big hill called Mam Tor. There were lots of little people up there who had managed with their little legs. We sat to look at it all for a while half way up and watched some noisy caterpillar things way down at the bottom. Some were red and blue and some green and yellow. When we walked back through the town, a middling size boy person came to give me some fuss while the she boss wasn't looking. He was a nice boy and I didn't growl or bite. It's the first time I've let one of those stroke me without the she boss holding me tight.

Next day we walked through the town and waited at this strange place then one of the noisy caterpillar things came along by us. Before I knew it the she boss had got in it and taken me with her!! We've never done that before. It was a bit shaky but OK. There was another dog in there but he was a bit of a cry baby so I ignored him. We weren't on too long then we had another really long walk. We walked for quite a while with a nice man who was talking to the she boss. Lots of people seemed to like me and kept looking at me and talking about me. It's probably because I was so well behaved over the stiles and things and always waited when the she boss told me to. It was very hot, so when the she boss found some water, I got in. The way all the people laughed, I think I was supposed to just reach in and have a drink really but it was nice and cool on my hot feet.

We went back to the town by the tent on the caterpillar thing again but I knew what to expect this time. When we got back to the tent, the nice lady, Claire, who had lived in the tent next door had gone and there was a new tent there instead. It was nice having her there for the she boss to talk to and she liked me.
We only had little walks the next day. I think the she boss's feet were sore and my legs were still a bit tired. We stayed at the tent mainly but I had a nice surprise later. The friend Peter came to see us and had some dinner with us!! How did he find us all that way? It was nice to see him and he seemed pleased to see me too.
After he had gone, me and the she boss went for a slower walk but still quite a long way. It was getting dark by the time we got back. Then today we came home
It was a nice holiday especially once the sun came out and it got warm. There were alot of Malvern flies on the hills though. I like trying to catch them but they get a bit annoying after a while. There were loads of those white baa-ey things as well which meant that the she boss wouldn't let me off the lead. They were friendly though and came right up to us sometimes to say 'hello'
I'll write more about those boy people sometime and other little people but not today cos I get a bit cross when I think about them and today I'm happy. It was a nice holiday but nice to see the he boss again

Monday 13 August 2007

On my own

I thought they'd all gone back to work today but the he boss came back in the middle so that was OK. It was actually nice to have the house to myself for a bit.
When the she boss came back, I had a good sniff to see where she'd been. For a start she'd seen the Friend Peter and some other people I think. Most interesting was that she'd met another dog. (Grrrr Didn't have me with her) .... let's see ...... another girl, young, some sort of Collie like I've got in me, not all black like me though, eats Pedigree Chum, called something like Lily, Dilly, maybe even Millie!! Bet you didn't know dog's noses were that good!

Sunday 12 August 2007


Yesterday's weather ....

Today's weather .........

So why is the sky a different shade when there's clouds in it? Answer me that eh

Friday 10 August 2007

Fun n games

This weather's fab innit. The really good thing about it is that the he and she boss have been around at home alot but been taking me for some good walks as well. They always seem to be doing something though. Why don't they just chill and play with me? I've got my ways of making sure they do though
Today me and the she boss had real good fun. One of my favourite things in the garden is the swingy hammock but they've been so busy, they only got round to putting it out today and then I thought it was going to be just for show.
Eventually the she boss got in it. She didn't see me coming (hehe) but I came out of nowhere and landed right in the middle of her. It was brilliant. She laughed so loud the neighbours must have wondered what was going on!
I jumped off after a bit and had one of my mad run rounds to celebrate but the hammock was right in the middle of my run so I had to keep having another jump on. What a laugh. You like the pic? That was one of the quieter moments
The other thing that happened today was that they cut all the big grass in the garden over the fence. It was very BIG, as big as me without wellies. All the frogs that must have been living in there tried to come and be my friends and live in our garden. I like frogs but I don't think I want THAT many. I like the way they jump and I can catch them. I don't hurt them but did you know they squeal when they're excited? I suppose they might be a bit frightened of me throwing them when they squeal but I'd like to think they were just excited.
I'm glad I was a whippet cross and not a greyhound but it's a close thing. I think they're really boring. They don't seem to do anything. What do you think?

Tuesday 7 August 2007

Back home and new things

Hey, I forgot to tell you what else has happened since the holiday. Remember the nasty new floor we've got that is shiny and slippy and uncomfortable to lie on? Well, they've been out and bought a nice comfy rug especially for me! It's big and blue and much nicer than the old comfy one. It still smells new though at the moment. I'llhave to do something about that

Monday 6 August 2007

Holiday and Home

OK time to tell you about my travels in Ireland at last:
I was so chuffed when I realised they were going to take me with them and not leave me behind with Sammy who would have been out half the time. We drove a long time then into this big garagey thing which rocked around a bit and made alot of noise and banging at times. It reminded me of that thing that has the big brushes and water but it didn't do that this time and the she and he boss left me on my own. When they came back we did another REALLY long drive but then put up the tent. Yeah! My favourite
We did lots of walking which made up for yesterday. Walked in lots of woods but there were no squirrels or rabbits!
Lots more driving and lots of rain so no good walks
Had some real nice walks even though it rained. We went to a big hole in the ground where we went down loads of really steep steps. The she boss wouldn't let me off the lead cos I think she thought I might fall. Very kind. The picture doesn't really show just how deep it was. There was a river at the bottom.
I did spot a red squirrel though which I pointed out and the bosses were very excited.
Stuck in the car ALL day. BUT on beach tonight for a long time. Fantastic to feel the sand under my feet. Noisy campsite though. I didn't get much sleep
Had 2 walks on the beach within a couple hours of getting up. I love the sea. But then we went on a long journey again. It was raining for most of it so it didn't matter. Do you like the Ladies' View where we stopped to look?
We had a walk on a different beach tonight but there were some really scary cows on the way through. The she boss went to have a look over the gate at them. How can she? Doesn't she remember what they did to us before?

I thought it was about time we wrote some postcards so I sent one to Beth & Ed, Sammy & Candice and Friend Peter. I bet they won't get them from here till after we're home.We had a LOOOOONNNNNGG walk. The sun shone all day. That's what these holidays should be about. I was tired tonight

More travelling yet again but it's always exciting to put the tent up again. We had a nice look at the sea in the evening but there was no beach. The campsite was nice. There were some mini-cats to keep me entertained
Is there anywhere we haven't travelled to yet? It seems to go on for ever. And more waiting around in the car for the bosses to get back. It's a good job we make up for it with good runs after. Especially good when it's on a beach like tonight. I made some friends on this one. I didn't like the campsite though. There were some scary people walking too close to our tent and making me jump.
We went in one of those rocky garagey things again. I knew what to expect this time but it was a bit darker than last time. When the she and he boss came back they were really excited talking about dolphins they had seen. I wish I had.
We had a long drive again but stopped lots of times on beaches and fields. The best bit was that we stopped to give me dinner at my campsite in Kington and had a walk along the river. I do like it there. Then we went home
We brought some shells back with us which I liked. I got told off by the she boss though when she saw me having a taste of one of those star shaped things. It was tasty.

After we got home, I heard the he boss talking on the phone to the place i stay in the country sometimes with my mate Buzz. Apparently he went off and killed 2 lambs! I'm really sad as they had to take him to the doctor and he's in a big sleep now. He was a good friend and good fun to run with. He's been living on a farm all these years and resisted the temptation to chase any silly sheep so what made him do it now I wonder. He could have come and lived with me instead.