Friday 30 April 2010

Mouse food

The she boss is still being kind to the meeces and feeding them pretty blue food and they still keep clearing the plate. It's in the garage where I can't go cos the door's always shut but the he boss left it open today so I went to have a look. The mice hadn't left me much but I had a taste. I don't know if it was that but my tummy's felt pretty strange tonight and I've eaten a lot of grass. The he boss was in trouble for leaving the door open. Hope I sleep alright.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Black dog fears

If I'm honest with myself, I'm not really that brave for a fast, black dog with a good bark. There's quite a few things I'm not too sure about. For starters, I'm never sure what to do when I see someone in my family with one of the other animals around the house on their lap and cuddling them instead of me. I usually go and hide behind someone until the coast is clear as it confuses me. This is the latest little fella that Sammy brought home all wrapped up in delicious paper one day. Shame about what was in side.

Something else I'm not too keen on is Chinese people. I have to say that quietly as I don't want to seem racist but I have heard they think dogs are tasty. And I don't mean to look at either. The he boss knows my feelings about this and keeps turning into a Chinese man!! I don't know how he does it but one minute he's being him sounding like he always does and the next he's talking just like a Chinese. It gives me the willies and I go and hide behind the she boss to get looked after. He's started doing it whenever anyone goes out cos that makes me cry abit. It soon shuts me up cos I don't know which is worse - losing someone out of the house or the he boss turning Chinese.

I am getting better. I used to be scared when the she boss drove us in the car through that big box that makes loud swishy noises and has scary blue things trying to get in the windows. She always gives me a bit of paper now while we're in there and eating that takes my mind off it. And the blue things have never got me yet so perhaps they never will.

Thursday 22 April 2010

TV watching

I've found something on that box with the talking moving pictures that the he boss looks at that we all like looking at. It was on last night and was all about a dog like me. I watched it from the carpet first as you can see here then snuggled up with the she boss so we could watch it and plan together. We need a holiday

Monday 19 April 2010

Cannon Hill

The he and she boss have just taken me for a lovely walk with lots of new friends. I even quite liked the little person who was going fast on one of those 2 wheeley things. I think she wanted to try me on my lead but I wasn't so sure about that. There would have been a picture of everyone with me but it was a bit dark tonight. They really were very nice people and I do like that Cannon Hill park in the bits I'm allowed a good run. One day perhaps we'll do that really long walk again when we join up all 3 parks and end up at the nice coffee shop where we can sit outside.

Sunday 18 April 2010


(Contented sigh) That's been a real nice couple of days. I've seen lots of friends - dogs and people, taken some for walks including a baby on a lady's back, helped the he and she boss in the garden particularly checking the land for frogs and done a lot of chilling in the garden. There's still no noisy things except birds in the sky and life's good for me.

Saturday 17 April 2010

Peace and quiet

It's suddenly stopped having noisy grey things flying over our house for the last couple of days. There must be no one going on big holidays. And there's no stripy clouds in the sky either. None at all!! In fact no clouds of any kind today that I can see. Maybe it's summer and we've nearly missed spring out.
That she boss really is very kind. Not only does she give me good food and the mice blue food but she gives the birds lots of food too in special bottles. They like it very much. I like it too when they drop some. The squirrel's like it but I soon see them off. It's getting hard to see out of the window though where I jump up to tell them to clear off.
I don't like the big birds and chase them off my garden but I do like all the little brown and blue birds that sing nice. We get some really pretty birds as well that have lots of colours on them just like this:
One day perhaps we'll manage to get a picture of our own ones

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Mouse food

Those mice are still there but I think they've decided to live in our garage. I think the she boss must like them there cos she's been putting out some food especially for them. It's bright blue! I wouldn't eat it. All those colourings. I'm hyper enough as I am. They seem to like it anyway as it keeps disappearing. We've decided there's either an army or a whole city of mice living behind all the boxes.
We went back to the same place we had our sort of holiday today but didn't stay to sleep and visited down the road at a very nice lady in her garden. She liked me and I had a nice run about. I had to be careful of the big noisy birds she had though. They had the biggest tails I've ever seen and were very blue but I know they weren't kingfishers. They definitely couldn't sing as nicely as the little blue birds in my garden. It was a funny place and we did lots of exploring.

Thursday 8 April 2010


I think I've just had a holiday. I can't be sure cos it was all a bit strange but the he and she boss took me to a place we've been before where there's a good field to run around in. The bad thing is, there were big cows there today but I told them what I thought and they all ran through the gate to the next field. I think I may have a job if I go there again. I'm glad they listened to my common sense and didn't run my way. This is where we stayed:
That wooden house with all the windows in has a big bath in it and the she boss went in there for hours in the dark. I stayed on watch and helped wash her feet cos they were what needed it most especially as we'd been out for walks on nice hills:

The reason I say it wasn't much of a holiday is cos we didn't seem to walk very far at all and I had to be on the lead all the time cos there were lots of sheep around including some sweet little baahy baby ones. The she boss ended up walking slow and funny again and the he boss didn't seem to be up to much either. The night after we'd been on a pretty good walk, he didn't go to sleep at all and spent all the time going in the little room by the bedroom where the deep water bowl is. I usually like a drink in there but wasn't too sure after he'd been in. I think we were supposed to be there longer cos we seemed to leave in a bit of a hurry and the he boss has been asleep ever since we came back. Do you see what I mean about not being sure if it was really a holiday? We did see some very pretty flowers around though.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Friends at last

It's been real nice here. Sammy's been back and he brought Abimaro with him. She likes me. I don't think she was too sure but she's been giving me lots of strokes and talking to me. Then Sammy took her somewhere last night and came back without her. I wonder if he was jealous and decided enough was enough. I don't want to fall out with anyone

Saturday 3 April 2010

More words

"I spose I better take that dog out" I definitely understand that one. Must be about 50 by now

Thursday 1 April 2010


Just look what's happened to Bill! With all the snow and ice we had for ages, he's lost half of his head down the back and, you can't really see, but he's shrunk a lot from the top too. Still, he's still good for me to drink from. I wonder if the he boss will make him a friend?
Then look at what the she boss has done! I think she's hoping for some chickens. I'm sure John and Tricia over the road didn't get their
chickens like that. I nee to tell them that, just like babies don't come from under gooseberry bushes, chickens don't grow on trees. I does look pretty though with the flowers too