Friday 30 December 2011

Christmas time

We had the paper parcel day. In fact, it's all be happening all at once. We've had EVERYONE living here and the house was really full. I liked it very much cos I saw alot of my other favourite people as well - theFriendPeter, Nan and Grandad G, Uncle Ted and Aunty Joy and all my other aunty and uncles took me for a good walk. Well, sort of good. There was a lot of banging going on somewhere so I wasn't too happy.
I had to spend some time in the car as well hiding from little people who came to my house. I don't mind and would rather be there than worrying about what they're going to get up to next.
We took Sam and Abimaro all the way back to London just to make sure they really went. I like it there and had a bit of a snooze on their carpet.
Just when I thought it was all going quiet again that Beth turned up here and slept in one of our beds. I think she's gone again now even though she left her socks behind. Always something left here.
Maybe now I can have peace and quiet to recover from it all.
I didn't eat too much paper as my tummy was a bit iffy on the day it all came. I have had some very nice left over bits of meat though and they're still happening

Friday 23 December 2011

Paper parcels

Sam and Abimaro have come here to live. It's nice and there's lots of music. I like her singing and she brought me some special songs although none of them were called MillieDog.
I can feel a paper day coming on. There's been lots of secret rustling and there's a lot of parcels under the tree picture that the she boss put up. I hope there's one for me. I haven't noticed my name on anything yet. And yes, I can read.
I think they must have forgotten that we shut all the rooms at night and they left the room open with all the parcels. I know I'm not supposed to go in there at night and CERTAINLY not supposed to go on the comfy furniture. It was really tempting and I was scared I'd give in so I went upstairs and slept by the he boss for a little while. I went to tell him the door was open but he was snoring so didn't hear me. I went to my bed after a while as I knew I could be in just as much trouble if he found me there as I would have been if I was found on the best comfy settee.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Winter coat

It's gone very cold. So cold, the she boss dug my coat out. Such an embarrassment. As you can see, I'm not happy. There were other dogs around when I went out looking like this. I know they were staring at me and having a snigger. I must admit I was warmer with this when I'm on the lead and can't run fast to keep warm. When I got let off later, I went and had a word with the other dogs and explained. They were very understanding. If I'm going to wear something to keep me warm, I could really do with some sleeves as well. There's not much on my legs to keep them warm - fur or fat.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Good walk?

Me and the she boss have just been for what should have been a lovely walk over my favourite hills. You can feel a 'but' there can't you?
BUT 1. It was REALLY windy which I'm not too keen on, 2. I kept hearing bangs which scared me, 3. I'd hoped we'd meet some friends there so I went right to the top where I took them before but there was no one there, and 4. I got REALLY cold and shivery while the she boss sat with her hot drink all wrapped up in her layers of clothes because it was so windy and because she didn't listen to me when I said I might need my coat.
You can see how cold, windy and lonely it was in the picture. The she boss thought it felt like the sort of wind that brings snow to the mountains we could see in the distance and I wouldn't be surprised myself.
Even the sheep had big woolly coats on. We passed them in a truck on our way home and I thought they might turn up here knowing how nice and warm the house is but there's no sign of them yet.

Friday 25 November 2011

Bad dog

Her words not mine. I must admit though, I have been pretty bad today. First the she boss found an unmentionable something on the decking that I'd should no way have put there. I tried to tell her that it was because I'd been too scared to go down the garden by myself in the dark with all the flashy bangy things. Besides which, it was raining.
Next was what is in the picture. The she boss brought this back all the way from Swaziland when she went with that Beth a while back. I don't know why I decided to see what it was made of today and not ages ago. She said it didn't cost much but she brought it back especially for the he boss cos she knew he'd like it.
Just to finish it all off, I found something really nice smelling in the garden so I used it for my perfume. I really don't understand what the fuss is about except it was a bit gooey on my nice shiny coat. What is it with these people? I think it had something to do with the she boss being about to take me out in the car. She was pretty rough with me when she scrubbed it off so I kept away from her for a while.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Even more fireworks

There are STILL flashy bangy things happening whenever I go out on my field. I just can't believe it. I can't. The she boss dragged me (literally - very undignified) out there tonight and I told here it would happen and it did. She gave in when we were as far away from home as I could get and let me off. I got my own back cos she thought she'd lost me and went walking all around again on her own looking for me. It helped that it was VERY dark tonight and she couldn't see me. I kept very still so she couldn't hear my collar either. I don't think she'll try that again.

Friday 18 November 2011


What an amazing evening. ALL my favourite people in one go including Uncle John, Uncle Ted and thefriendPeter. Aaa How lovely

Thursday 17 November 2011


Pretty good day. I went with the she boss in one of those really big cars that fits loads of people. I'm not over keen but it's quite interesting and we didn't stay on for too long. The she boss says that next time we'll go on for longer and she'll let me go upstairs at the front and pretend to be the driver.
We went to Sutton Park on it which was good but I'm still scared that the flashy bangy things will start. I had to stay on the lead cos whenever I was allowed off to chase squirrels, I decided I'd try and go home again. Silly Millie Me. Never mind, it was real nice and the sun shone lots.

Wednesday 16 November 2011


I like birds. Mainly only the little ones though cos the big ones nick the pears that the tree drops for ME. I like these birds too. We've got one that lives in our house. He's very well behaved. Causes no trouble and doesn't make a mess.

Sunday 13 November 2011


Flipping things. I hate them. They spoil everything for me. I have to hide under the table all the time. Every time I think they'll have finished, they start up again. We go for what should be a nice walk and it gets ruined. I go out and then can't wait to get back under my table again.
We've just been over my field again now and I knew, I just knew that there was going to be a whoosh or a flash or a big bang. Once we were out in the open, I told the she boss we needed to get back but she just kept right on going. I couldn't believe it. Doesn't she know what danger she's putting us in. Who knows where one of those flashes or bangs will be next. I waited and waited but there was no way she was coming back to look after me so I thought I better go and look after her instead. Just in case. There's safety in numbers.
It was all OK. This time. But I was still glad to get back under my table. Cos you just never know.

Sunday 6 November 2011

Different home

I did have a holiday and it was fab. Not too much but just enough walking. I am getting older you know. We got a bit wet sometimes but it was all OK cos we had a nice warm fire in our house which I remember going to before. We had a nice field to walk around when we wanted to leave time to do other stuff like sitting, watching chickens and keeping guard.
There was one big downside. The cat from next door seemed to think he owned our house as well and kept coming and making himself very much at home. He even went on MY blanket, MY she boss's shoulders and in MY water bowl.
One thing I'm a bit confused about now I'm home. We left thefriendPeter to look after our house at home while we were gone but now we're back and he's disappeared along with everything he brought to live here. It's a bit strange without him. I hope he's found somewhere else nice to live.

Saturday 29 October 2011

All change

Sammy and Abimaro must have found thefriendPeter and told him to come back cos we fetched him off the train last night. It looks like we might be going off and leaving him to live in our house though cos the she boss has been filling up lots of bags with all our stuff including my holiday bag. I hope it's somewhere nice. I can't see the flappy house anywhere so I think it might be in a real house. Even more holidays!  Aren't I a lucky dog?

Wednesday 26 October 2011

My house

ThefriendPeter came here to live with me. I think he's still living here really cos all his stuff is here like he's living and his car's outside but I can't see him anywhere.
I took him to the place with the trains and I know he went for a ride but I think he might have got lost.
Me and the she boss went for some quiet chill time over my park and had a sit together in our thinking spot. It was real nice.
While thefriendPeter has been missing, Sammy and Abimaro have been sleeping in his bed. That's been fun too. I took them to see my hills in the sunshine and, as you can see, they were really embarrassing. I'm not sure I'll take them again.

I like it when they come cos Abimaro does lots of singing and she likes me. They've gone off for a ride in the train now. I wonder if they'll find thefriendPeter?

It keeps been nice and sunny so I'm having lots of runnings around on my field as well as the long walks in nicer places.

Sunday 16 October 2011


Just when I thought my field was getting boring the spiders got to work and made me a glittery carpet all over it. It looked really pretty in the sun

Sunday 9 October 2011

Hoppity hop

It's that time of year again and I like it. These are growing all over the place and they're a really tasty between meal snack. I saw the she boss looking at them thinking about cutting them off for something but I'm hoping to persuade her to leave them all for me for sustenance in the cold weather coming

Saturday 8 October 2011


I know the she boss has come back after all that time and I should be grateful but I would have thought I would have had more attention than I have. Hasn't she missed me as much as I've missed her? It's all been a bit quiet all week co they keep going out and leaving me. At least it's cooler to go for walks now. I'd like a real good one sometime soon, I'm getting a bit bored with my field.
This is the new friend I told you about that needed his ears mending. He doesn't look too bad now. She's been looking at lots of pictures as well that she took with that Beth. It looks like they worked hard as well as some fun. And I thought they'd had a holiday without me. Not sure about all those little people anyway.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Home again

They're back! Somehow they managed to bring only one big bag back instead of the 2 bigs one they took with them so I don't know who they were hiding in there. It's been a long time and theFriendPeter has been and gone again in that time.
I know they've been to see the lady Jane and her dogs as I could smell them on the she boss and that Beth. I really do think they could have taken me as well. Never mind. Maybe next time.
They've brought a lot of interesting things back including a big tall spotty friend for me. I'll show you a picture soon but at the moment, it looks like he needs his ears mending.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Bad news

I was right. The worst thing possible has happened. The she boss has gone off with that Beth and all their bags. I know cos I went in the car to the place where all the noisy flying planes go to bed and they got out and we left them there. It was very sad and the he boss had wet eyes too.
The only good thing is that it seems that theFriendPeter has swapped with them and come here to live instead. At least he'll remember to feed me even if he is sleeping a lot so far.
I've got a feeling this is going to last a long time

Thursday 15 September 2011

Happy days

YOU might not remember but I do - all those wonderful days of my youth that I used to spend what felt like whole days at the garden down the road where the she boss grew lots of things that we took home with us to make dinner with. Well today, I went to somewhere like that again with both the he and she boss. We had to drive a long way in the he boss's rattly car but it was worth it. I had a great time exploring and chasing mice in the long grass. I'd like to think I could go there again. Lots.
It took my mind off the disturbing things happening at home. It looks suspiciously to me that that Beth has come to take the she boss away from me for ages. They've got really big bags packed with EVERYTHING (not a sink though) and I heard talk about plane tickets. I don't like it at all

Sunday 11 September 2011

Back to the old routine

Sooo nice to be back in my field. Could do with a bit of beach and a few rabbits to chase to make it complete. Will have to make do with the squirrels and the bit of sand I find

Friday 9 September 2011

Different type of holiday

I think I've just been on holiday again. The reason I'm not sure is because we stayed in a type of house, not a flappy one and it wasn't anyone I've been in before or any place I've been before and it was very posh.
I went with the he and she boss and we had lots of really good walks.
I nearly got into trouble, cos as usual when I go away, I was moulting and both me and the she boss forgot our brushes. It's a good job it was really windy to blow all the loose stuff out when we walked by the seaside.
This is a selection of pictures from our many walks but some of them are a bit posed. Not by me of course

I did lots of weeing on seaweed cos that's what I do and discovered I rather like the taste of the black musselly shells stuck on the rocks. It's just a shame they're stuck on so hard

I had one day of some peace and quiet to myself in the car while the he and she boss looked around some boring shops. We went in some very nice food shops as well where I attracted a lot of attention while everyone dranks cups of tea and ate cakes with jam and cream.

Me and the she boss both got a bit scared cos we thought these were big cows waiting to leap up and get us. But they didn't move. And we got closer and closer. And then they weren't scary cows at all

You can't really see this but it says I was there. On that beach. With the he and she boss. So I'm famous cos everyone could see it from all the way up on Pembroke coastal footpath. Except the sea came and washed it all away

On our way home, we saw a donkey for sale. The she boss said I hadn't got enough pocket money left for it. I'm not sure what I spent it all on. Maybe extra nice biscuits

Saturday 3 September 2011

Full house

This house is bedlam. Everyone's come here to live. I don't know where we're going to put them all but I'm definitely not sharing my bed with any of them. Bring back the peaceful life

Friday 26 August 2011

Missed opportunities

The she boss came home today saying she'd been to see some of my favourite friends and not taken me! She'd seen the favourite Uncle John as well as Aunty Olly, Uncle Ted and Aunty Joy. She'd also seen little person Martha who had a new friend called Twitch. The she boss thought he'd like to come and have a sleepover in my bed while little Martha was having a sleepover with her Nan and Grandad. He liked it in her bag but Martha wasn't too sure about that happening.
I wish she hadn't told me all this. All the things that nearly happen to me but not quite enough. I'd have made space for him despite the ribbon.

Monday 22 August 2011

The ups and downs of a dog's life

It's been all or nothing for the last few days. First of all, thefriendPeter came to live her which was an up. But he seems to have gone again now so that's not so good.
After he came here, I went for a big day out with him, the she boss and my old friend Ian. I took Ian and the she boss for a real long walk although I did keep thefriendPeter company in the car for some of it when the road got hot under my paws.
This was Ian on top of the last big hill. I'm a bit sad I didn't go up that one with them but I'd been getting very scared of the big bangs that were around and seeing as I thought thefriendPeter might be a bit scared as well, I stayed with him in my car to look after him.
So that was the real good up day. The next one was a recovery day when people went out and left me to have a rest.
Then yesterday we had LOADS of people, big and little in my garden so I went out of the way of it all in the car. I wouldn't have minded too much but I was in there for a long time. I had a bit of a walk round my field and saw them all playing games but then went back in the car while they carried on cooking nice stuff on the fire. That was the not so good down day.
Today wasn't bad as I had a chance to pick through all the tasty meat that had fallen in the fire. I jus hope I don't get tummy ache like last time.

Thursday 11 August 2011

One of my favourite foods

I like melon 

Monday 8 August 2011


We've had one of those days here again when loads of people come and they light fires in my garden and cook some nice things. I always get put in the car out of the way when it happens which doesn't seem very fair when people keep dropping nice bits on the grass that I could help clear up.
I don't altogether mind cos there were a lot of people and it's all a bit much really. There were also some very little people as well as middling little people. I saw some of them later when it had all gone quieter and I was let in to eat the leftovers and my dinner.
My garden did look pretty good with flappy houses and flags.

Friday 5 August 2011

Better watch out

Ooeer I better not get too near to those big ones down the garden. I thought they were looking at me funny.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Trips away

The she boss went off and left me. I know she went to see Sammy and Abz cos I could smell their house. I thought she'd gone for good cos she was gone all day one day, all night then all day the next day but the he boss went out for a while late when it was very dark and fetched her back. She said she'd had a nice time (without me) and saw some of these who behaved a bit like me and even lay down like me although they look like tiger loaves she said.  Sammy thought one of them was going to run into him but he went straight past instead. Scary but not as scary as the she boss going off for days and leaving me.

Saturday 30 July 2011

Summer weather

Today has been very, very hot for me so I've spent a lot of time down the garden under the tree watching nextdoorTerry. He's made a big hole in our fence and in his fence onto the field. It's quite interesting to watch and sometimes when he's not looking, I go through the gaps and have a look in his garden. It looks a good place to get some chickens or something.
The she boss has gone a bit mad today in the sunshine and turned our garden into a laundry place. At least she didn't wash me as well.

Friday 29 July 2011


Life's not been too exciting since my flappy house holiday with both she and he boss. Quite a few friends have been to see me but they've come and gone quite quickly. I did go and see Uncle John with the she boss and had a rummage round his garden and did a poo for him in case he's forgotten that's what dog's do since Bobby left him.
Nathan's been to see us as well. He told all the wasps to go away, puffed some magic smoke and they did! I must try that myself next time. Save him a trip.
Today's been pretty good cos I went for a long, long walk over my favourite hills with the he and she boss. It's been really summery lately but today it was cloudy and mizzly. I got very wet but we didn't get too hot. There were LOADS of spider webs and they looked very pretty although we didn't see any spiders

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Sat Dog

Now here's an idea ....    Must show the she boss. They think there's a rat in our garden. I know there is but if I had camera with me AND caught it, this could be my heroic moment, my half hour of fame, my lucky break.
They better hurry up. The she boss put some stuff out today for the rat to eat to make it die. Safe away from my scrounging of course. My pal Nathan came and killed all the nasty wapsies as well so I'll be able to drink from Bill again.

Saturday 16 July 2011

And the he boss came too

Chilling by the river
 We did it! We went back to the place I lived with the she boss in the flappy house and took the he boss with us. He loved it too. We showed him all the nice walks and some more and did a lot of chilling as well.
Now the he boss has seen how nice it is in the flappy house I think he'll want to come again especially if we go there again.
I was expecting theFriendPeter to come and see us again but he didn't which was very disappointing but we weren't there as many nights this time.
Flea's eye view of Chee Dale
This time we had LOADS of sunshine but today, now we're back at home the clouds have been bucketing down on me so I stayed in when the he and she boss went out. What a surprise I had when Sammy and Abimaro turned up at home. I can't say I was too happy as I wanted the she and he boss back. I was missing them after being with them all the time for 3 days. I told Sammy and Abimaro I wasn't happy but I'm not sure they understood. They just thought I'd fallen out with them.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

In pain

We've got a whole load of wapsies come and live right by where I like to go and get a drink from Bill. They're real nasty and don't like sharing the water so tonight they bit me or something. Whatever it was, it hurt real bad. The she boss put some smelly stuff on me which helped but I was glad to have a carry and a cuddle cos I didn't want to walk on my poorly foot and I didn't like people looking at my nose. It would happen when there were some of my friends here as well just when I was showing them everything in my garden.

It was nice having a cuddle for a long time and I feel a bit better now. It's a good job. I was really looking forward to showing the he boss the long walk we like when we went to the flappy house before.

Good ears

We're going camping AGAIN already. I distinctly heard the she boss telling someone. It was a nice surprise for me and her as she didn't know I understood that word as well. I seem to remember telling you all a long time back just how many words I know. They're going to have to start spelling things if they don't want me to know what they're saying until I've learnt how to read and write as well. Even if I am getting old, I reckon I could learn a thing or two

Friday 8 July 2011


I don't know why people made such a fuss about this: 
It's like the way people were looking at me as though it was something unusual when I went for a walk round where Sammy and Abz live. You'd think no one had ever seen a dog on the street. So what's the big deal? If they want to explore, what's wrong with that?

Thursday 7 July 2011

Yearly checkup

I've just been to see my doctor. He's a very nice man but I'm not too sure that I let him know that until I know I'm safe and past any nasty surprises he might pull.
He told me I was lovely, healthy, slim,  amazing for my age, fit (all the better for chasing),  great teeth (all the better for biting), shame about the eyes starting to fail a bit. It's not really a worry to me. The he boss has so many pairs of specs around these days he won't notice if I borrow a pair when I want to read the paper.
The she boss was telling my doctor that I have no problem taking my twice yearly tablets as she just pretends she's dropped some food, then when I nick it, she chases me to make sure I eat it as I think (so she thinks) she wants it back so I swallow it. Does she think I'm stupid. She might as well just give it to me. I know what's good for me but it's good fun making her go through all the routine.
The she boss said I cost her a lot of money today but I think I'm worth it. Cheap at half the price.
I haven't yet got away with this when I'm watching the floor around the he boss eating but I'm building up to it.......

Friday 1 July 2011

Flappy house holiday again

I've just had a lovely holiday with the she boss in our flappy house. This was the refugee camp where we stayed. She was better organised than it looks and she looked after us very well.
We saw lots of baby animals. I think they must all arrive overdue up there cos it's so cold as some of them were very new born and cute while some of them were big enough to make a good Sunday dinner or 2. The big woolly mummy sheep all had different types of faces and some looked very scruffy. I wouldn't like a new coat made out of their wool. Some of them were very bold and didn't run away when we walked by them. They even looked like they might chase me instead of me them.

It's a shame these sort of big animals aren't so cute when they grow up.
These ones were very very sweet and even came out of the water to say hello to me. It was very exciting and if the she boss hadn't got me tight, I might have got carried away with the excitement! She gave them (and me) some bread but the big fish jumped up and ate most of it.
This was the view from our flappy house which would have been  very nice if the she boss didn't put her finger in the way. I was happy to look at it for a long time
We had some very nice skies to look at as well but there were a lot of grey ones too that dropped rain on us. We didn't mind when we were cosy in our flappy house. Not that it flapped much in all the wind cos we were behind a big hedge watching the pretty birds. It's a good job we were cosy cos it was very cold outside and the she boss had to spread her blanket over me one night cos I was shivering.

The friend Peter came to see me one day and we took him to see a big lake, the nice countryside and a coffee shop that didn't mind me going inside too and even sold some biscuits especially for me. This was one of my gingerbread men. The she boss tried one but her teeth aren't as strong as mine.

Next time maybe we'll take the he boss as well to see all the nice views and good walks up the rivers.

Sunday 26 June 2011

Holiday time

I'm going on holiday; I know it, I know it. I suspected yesterday when I saw the she boss putting flappy house things in my garage ready by the door and now she's bagged up plenty of food and treats for me so it's really happening. What an exciting day. I've had that Beth and Edward here, been taken on my field to watch the cricket stuff, long lost friend Jane has been here and now a holiday! Life doesn't get much better than that. I wonder where I'll take the she boss this time.
Only down side was that that Beth was very quiet. I don't think she was very well and I hope she's better soon. I don't like it when people are poorly

Saturday 25 June 2011

Best mate Snoopy

I can relate to this

Thursday 23 June 2011

Canal trip for some

The she and he boss have left me all day today to catch up with sleep after all yesterday's walking. What I didn't know was that they were going to spend the day with another dog (grrr). Archie apparently. "A lovely little dog". I have to admit he smelled OK. They met him on his boat and he let them go all day on it up and down the canal. Not sure that I'd have been too bothered if I'd have been there

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Day out at last

I've had a fab day out. About time too. I've not taken the he and she boss out anywhere good in ages but nagged them into going to some old favourites today. We went to a very nice garden and it didn't rain on us even though it said it was supposed to be a water garden. It rained last time I was there with the she boss. Me and the he boss climbed up the mountain for a picture. I think I must have worn him out as they left me in the car then while they went in the shop for a cuppa and cake.

We went to check out that one of my holiday places was still there but we didn't take the flappy house this time. I hope we do soon. We did have a paddle in the river though. Well I did but the he boss had his best wedding shoes on so that wasn't a lot of good.

We went then for a brilliant walk and a stop to enjoy the view of silly sheep. I think I look pretty noble here.

The bestest bit of all was when we got home and the she boss decided to measure out what she always feeds me. She's found out that she's been underfeeding me! Starving me more like if you ask me. I'm glad the he boss feeds me sometimes instead cos he always knows I want more. Things are looking up :-)

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Lost at sea

I'd get lost as well if it wasn't for the she boss. I think this guy needs one of his own

Tuesday 14 June 2011


The she boss says I've caught dogrophobia and that's why I don't like going out anywhere any more. I'm not sure where I'd have caught it as I haven't been anywhere. Maybe one of my friends who's been round brought it with them although that means they'd have been out to have come here so maybe it's not them unless it doesn't count getting in the car and driving here. I don't mind being in the car myself. It feels nice and safe especially when the she boss drives me :-) Or even just sitting in it outside when there's too many visitors in my house.
I think she might have to drive me to my doctor sometime to see if they can give me some magic medicine that tastes nice. 

Tuesday 7 June 2011

More about baths

I've managed to get rid of the bathday smell. Mr Fox had a poo in my garden the other night so that was a good smell to roll around in. I don't think the she boss is too keen and she gave me wet scrub but at least it wasn't the full wet thing.
She never keeps still and is always doing something. That's something the he boss says about me but she isn't much better. She's been chopping down all my bamBOO which is a bit of a shame. I was hoping a friendly panda would come by to check it out. They look fun

Saturday 4 June 2011

Nice n clean

It's my bathday! I knew it as soon as I saw the she boss put her apron on. I'm an unwilling but obedient participant and have to admit that I feel a lot better for it. I found a nice smelly bit on the grass afterwards to put some of my own smells back in. Here's a before and after or during and after .....

All nice and fluffy

Thursday 2 June 2011


Sometimes I can be so thick for someone so intelligent. I ran out of the door windows from the room tonight to chase the fox off from the garden but then forgot the windows were open and was asking the she boss to let me in the back door. Doh! At least she wasn't stupid enough to let me in that way.
I made up for it by catching a spider running across the floor. It was pretty tasty. Mmmm
I went with the she boss on the field to help her get some flowers off the trees. I'm not too sure why we were doing it but she needed my help anyway. She's been putting them in lots of buckets and bowls. They smell nice and I think they're going to end up in the big bottles that bubble and boil out the top

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Samz n Abz

I know where Sammy and Abimaro live now cos the he and she boss took me in the car. It's a real long way but I don't mind travelling too much as long as we have a break some times to stretch my tail and legs. It's very nice there even though they only seem to live upstairs. Normally I'm not really allowed up but there wasn't a lot of choice really. Abimaro blogs like me too and she was doing it while we were there. I showed her how to put links in like this. We went to a big park with lots of space but with lots of scary things too so I was glad to get back to the car for some peace and quiet while everyone else went for a cup of tea.
A picture to show how well I behaved. I hate to say it but I look a bit cross eyed here

Saturday 28 May 2011

Dodgy belly

All better now. Phew!

Thursday 26 May 2011


I've had a poorly tummy. I don't know where it came from but it's been doing some very embarrassing things. Especially when the he boss was foolish enough to leave me in his new car for a couple of hours. If he'd got a dodgy bum, would he be able to sit without being able to get to a toilet for 2 hours? So it wasn't my fault.
I think it's getting better now and I haven't had that urgent feeling hardly at all today. The she boss was beginning to get worried that it was going to cost money I think

Thursday 19 May 2011


We don't get all this trouble when the she boss takes me on the bus or train. Maybe she doesn't pay cos I don't like it on there very much and usually hide under her seat

Sunday 15 May 2011

Too busy

I'm a bit fed up this week cos the she boss is never here for me. She's been coming and going at all times with different bags and coming home with different smells that I don't recognise. I thought last week, just for a moment, that we were having a holiday in the flappy house but then she gave it to theFriendPeter with the mat she sleeps on in it and he took it away with him. He might taken me on his holiday if he really was a kind person. It would have been better than being here wondering what was going on although it has been very cold. I remember last year I was shivering at night time and the she boss had to wrap me up in a blanket when we were away.
Sammy came home for a couple of nights. I didn't see much of him either but it was a nice surprise when he came through the door in the middle of the night. I told him how happy I was to see him but he didn't play with me much while he was here.
I'm still getting plenty of walks in my field with the he boss but I wish life was a bit more exciting and someone would pay a bit more attention to me. I wonder how green the grass is next door at Terry's. I hear he might be getting some chickens. At least that would be company. Or I could go over the road to Tricia and John's. They like me and they've already got chickens so I wouldn't be on my own when they went out.

Saturday 7 May 2011

Funny video

I've been having loads of friends coming and going. It's brilliant. Shame about the noises that keep scaring me enough to make me run back home whenever I go on my nice field. I'm fast going off it.
Me and the she boss saw this and thought you might like it. I think we appreciated it for different reasons. She found it really funny but I felt real sorry for the poor dog.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Baby birds

 We had 2 little birds moved into the house on our house. They seem to like it there as they have decided to marry and raise their family. We haven't seen their babies yet but they must be growing the amount of yellow caterpillars they're eating. That Mum and Dad must be worn out all that flying backwards and forwards.
I wonder if the babies get sick of the same food all the time or are like me and quite happy as long as something different gets thrown in occasionally.

These aren't very brilliant pictures but the grown up is sitting on top of the house on one and you can see his/her bum disappearing inside on the other. They do fit honest.
Maybe there are 2 families in there even