Monday 30 August 2010

Holiday home

I've cottoned at last that our house is other people's holiday home. Not the flappy kind but a real house one like we go on holiday to sometimes. It must be to do with my nice garden and field and what a good welcome I give everyone.
That Beth and Sam with Ed and Abimaro come for holidays pretty often and we've just had the friendPeter living here for days and days. I think he must have really liked it. It's been nice having him here especially as he keeps me company if the he and she boss go out without me and when they go to bed cos he stays downstairs for lots of the night. I've been out as well though with him and the he and she boss. I took him to the park today and he must have liked it cos he took lots of photos.
He took lots another time too when I took him and the she boss to one of my favourite places to see a very nice lady and her pretty birds.
He doesn't half sleep a lot though and drink LOADS of tea and coffee. He plays some good games with me too when I might be getting bored, not that I do that much.
It looks like he's gone back to his own house now. I'm going to miss him. I hope he comes again soon or the she boss takes me to see him at his house.

Monday 23 August 2010

Party food n fun

EVERYONE came to my house yesterday and played on my field. See what I mean? It really was everyone. Although I can think of some people who were missing.

I stayed in the car outside for a lot of it cos I find it a bit much with this amount of people so I didn't really mind. A lot of my friends said hello to me when they were on their way in and out anyway. I could hear them all having lots of fun and I did go on the field with them all later. They left lots of food on the grass for me to find and I've been having some nice leftovers with my dinner. I bet those mice wish they still lived here. After they were all tired from the running around and shouting, they did some painting with the he boss and listened to music. That was a good opportunity for me to help the she boss and a new friend Ryan to clear up round the garden. And the sun shone for a change! A lovely time had by all. Sigh
Ooo I just remembered. I must be careful what I eat off the barbecue this time. I had a real bad tummy after scraping over what was left where the fire had been last time.

Friday 20 August 2010

Extra flappy

This was the view from our flappy house this week. It was a nice view but VERY flappy at times. It's a good job that the she boss has had lots of practice at putting it up safely. It was even very flappy while she was putting it up. It was a nice view and nice people but too many lorries whizzing up the road too near. We've already found where we're going to go next time. There'll be LOADS of really nice walks for us there.
It was nice to be just the 2 of us cos there seem to be lots of people coming and going at my house lately although theFriendPeter came to see me and take me a ride in his car while we were there. I don't like his as much as mine and the she boss's but it was OK for a little while. I don't know how he finds us in our flappy house.
And no sign of any mice when we came home :-)

Friday 13 August 2010

Dead mice

Me and the she boss are STILL catching meeces. I got one last night and the she boss caught 2 this week before she went off for a holiday with her friend Jane. It would have been nice to have gone with her but I quite understand that I was needed here in the circumstances. Lots of meeces are dying as well. I don't think they like the food the she boss has been putting out for them in little boxes. I hope I don't die if I eat her cooking.

Sunday 8 August 2010

All ruined

I was going to write about the fantastic weekend I've had. That Beth and Sammy came here to live again. They keep coming back but I don't mind. This time was one of those with lots of things in paper and that's always good fun. They've eaten LOADS of cake as well. They haven't given me any but I got some good leftovers from the dinner to go with the paper. That Beth got one of the cakes from someone who I sort of remember called Tessa. If you look at her pictures, it was the one with all the strawberries. I like strawberries but I like raspberries best, especially ones off Aunty Linda's bushes in her holiday garden.
This all sounds great doesn't it and it was until they all left again and the he and she boss took me for a walk. Couldn't they hear that the sky was making noises? I know it wasn't loud and right on top of us but it was out there somewhere. I didn't really want to go then, when we were walking, I definitely heard some somewhere so I tried to go back to the car. Only trouble was, the he and she boss just kept going without me and I forgot where it was. Some kind people saw me being very scared under the bridge and told them about me. I was glad to get home again and don't want to go out anywhere again in a hurry.
Me and the she boss did take another little meece for a ride in the car tonight. I did try and catch him when she let him out of the box but the she boss wouldn't let me. She didn't want him back for some reason.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Blogging families

It's catching. I'm slowly getting all the family blogging. That Beth has been doing it for ages. Nearly as long as me even. Now Abimaro has joined in. Just Sammy, the he boss and Ed to join in now

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Expert mice catching

Hey! We're getting clever! We caught 2 mice in one trap last night. One of us is getting expert or the mice are getting stupid. It was the he boss's turn to take them for a trip this time cos the she boss went out very early. She said she was going all the way to an even bigger city to see Sammy.
She's told me all about it now she's back and especially that she saw mice running around in the tunnels where the trains go underground. If it was a bit nearer, we could take all ours there. They'd have some new friends.
Nathan's been to see us as while the she boss was out to bring some real serious bad food for the mice too but we'd really like best to catch them and take them somewhere else.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Holiday home

Well that was a different couple of days. This time we've had theFriendPeter living at our house for some nights. I think he came for a holiday. I suppose it makes sense seeing as we've just been to Aunty Linda's house for a holiday that people could go to anyone's house for a holiday if they let them. Or even if they didn't sometimes maybe. In fact, that could save a lot of money if everyone just moved into someone else's house for a week every year for their holiday all in the same week. As long as it didn't end up with just moving next door. The she boss says there is an industrial fortnight when everyone goes on holiday so everyone could do it in that time. I think I might write to Mr's Cameron and Clegg with my idea. It's about time I started thinking politically again.
Anyway, it was nice having theFriendPeter here even if he did come home VERY late at night but he did take me a walk down the garden when he came back. No mice seemed to have kept him awake in the bedroom judging by how long he seemed to sleep.
The he and she boss spent ages cleaning and scrubbing out all the garage for me so I can see where the mice go. In fact they were left with nowhere much to go. I wonder what they'll do now? It smells nice in there now, or as nice as a garage can I suppose.