Tuesday 29 July 2008

That was the week that was

Well that was a brilliant holiday. I think the he and she boss enjoyed it as much as me. We drove for quite a while to get there but not too bad. It was certainly worth it. We were in a great big field with hardly anyone else so I could look around all I liked. I could see for miles.
I had a bit of a lump on my face which they noticed after we got there. It was a bit sore but I felt OK. I just like to keep them on their toes and it had gone again the next day. Mainly because I heard the V word mentioned. Mind you, it might have been interesting to meet a different one.
When we got up the next morning and looked in my food bag, it had had a visit from a little furry being chewing the corner off. He left most of it for me and I had a good hunt along the bank behind the tent to check out where he and his family lived. I just wanted to be friends but they're pretty quick on their little feet.
We went for a fantastically long walk and ended up on quite a few beaches. Some of them I was allowed on, some of them I wasn't. It was good sitting watching whichever. There were some huge holes over the cliffs which I could nearly fit down and I gave the she boss a bit of a fright. She got her own back by falling down one when she was looking out for what I was up to. Good job I was there to help her up although it was very bouncy grass which helped. It was a really hot day and we found one of those things that the cows drink out of again on the way back so I hopped in. Lovely for the feet.
We all had lamb burgers when we got back. I don't think I was really supposed to be included going by the reaction I got but I'd walked it all too and was an hungry as the next dog. And if they will leave them on muzzle level.
We spent alot of time just round the tent chilling ready to get going for the next walk which suited me as there was plenty to see and smell.

One of the days they made me go on one of those unnatural things that goes on top of the water. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and a nice lady gave me a biscuit. We came back in one of those really big cars though with lots of people and other dogs. That wasn't much fun as I had to sit by a heater and it was all very rattly. I think I preferred the water thing. The highlight of that day was watching a lady make her lunch by the water. I watched carefully to see if she dropped anything but sorry to say, she didn't. The he and she boss were watching as well but pretending not too just because she was so interesting. She had a whole loaf of bread that she was slicing up, lots of different cheeses, a proper pepper mill, fancy salad she was making and plenty more. All out of her picnic bag on a bench! No table! Then someone else came along and brought her a coffee. We were surprised she hadn't got that sorted for herself too. It all made us feel hungry as well so we went and had one of those cream tea things. At least I managed to find some crumbs under the table there.
I had a good surprise that night when we had some visitors. That nice lady Jenny with her big boy Cameron came to see us and brought their he boss with them. It was nice to see them again even though it got a bit cold for us all sitting round the midgy candles. They brought nice biscuits which was good for crumbs again as well as some strawberries. I only managed to get the little green leafy bits of those but that wasn't bad.
We did a lot of going round in the car the next day with lots of stopping of at interesting looking places. It was still hot and the she boss wished she'd got her things for going in water. I don't think the he boss was quite so bothered. We all had paddles. One beach we went to that was a bit of a scramble down to didn't have anyone on it at all. Or that was what we thought until we saw just one person lying in the sun by some rocks. I wanted to go and say hello but they wouldn't let me. Something about having no clothes on but that doesn't bother me. I'll take my collar off with the best of them if it means I keep a bit cooler. Some other people came to say hello to him anyway and kept him company in the sea which I was happy about. I don't like to think of people being lonely. You can see them here if you look carefully.
One beach we went on smelt really bad. I don't know about seaweed, I think it had pood. No wonder they didn't mind dogs going on that one. Giving us the worst of the deal again just because we're on four legs and not two.
We had another really long walk another day although not as far as the first time. It was even hotter this time but there were lots of nice cold bits of water that we all had a paddle in. We didn't see anyone else for miles and the place went on for miles as well. We only saw a little bit of it but we did see lots of ponies who lived there including small ones.
More exploring, more walking, more sunshine. None of it was getting boring though. This time when we went to the beach, the she boss was prepared and went in the sea to cool off. I'm glad she had something to wear like everyone else on that beach or I would have been really embarrassed. I went in a little bit with her as well but wasn't as brave to go up to my neck and more like her. It all whooshes too much. Not like Sutton Park waters. I watched alot from a nice shady spot under some rocks.
We took a long time to come home and kept stopping at places like more beaches, towns and some big old church. They at last noticed that I'd singed my eyebrows on those candles. Honestly, I could lost my tail and they wouldn't notice for days. Too busy enjoying themselves to take notice of how I'm doing. Still it was great but good to be back at home and see Sammy again. I think he was pleased to see me too. And at least they don't forget to feed me on holiday. Mind you, I could have done with a bit more I think with all that walking. I look proper lean now. The same can't be said of the he and she boss. Too many cream teas I think. Perhaps they should make do with the crumbs and give me the real thing.

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