Wednesday 9 February 2011

Scrap! Scrap! Scrap! Scrap!

I got in REAL trouble today. The he boss had taken me for a pretty good walk so he didn't deserve the trouble I gave him. Although it wasn't altogether my fault. I just don't like little dogs and one appeared out of the blue over the rough area we walk so I had a go at him. I couldn't do much cos the he boss had put the cage on my face which I hate.
It was all a bit bad cos the he boss with the little dog fell over and then my he boss fell over him! I wish I had opposable thumbs to work a camera. The he boss got up and picked me up out of the way but would you believe - that snappy little rascal jumped up, bit the he boss, ripped a hole in his trousers and was hanging on to the cage on my nose while the he boss was swinging him round on the end of my nose trying to get him off. I was glad for once that I had got the cage on else he would have really hurt me. I didn't know it was meant for that.
I have got a pawly poor out of it all though. The she boss has given me some sympathy tonight and had a look at where it's sore. I'm doing plenty of limping to make sure she doesn't forget. I'm pretty stiff. I'm not as young as I was at the last good one. 

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