Sunday 15 May 2011

Too busy

I'm a bit fed up this week cos the she boss is never here for me. She's been coming and going at all times with different bags and coming home with different smells that I don't recognise. I thought last week, just for a moment, that we were having a holiday in the flappy house but then she gave it to theFriendPeter with the mat she sleeps on in it and he took it away with him. He might taken me on his holiday if he really was a kind person. It would have been better than being here wondering what was going on although it has been very cold. I remember last year I was shivering at night time and the she boss had to wrap me up in a blanket when we were away.
Sammy came home for a couple of nights. I didn't see much of him either but it was a nice surprise when he came through the door in the middle of the night. I told him how happy I was to see him but he didn't play with me much while he was here.
I'm still getting plenty of walks in my field with the he boss but I wish life was a bit more exciting and someone would pay a bit more attention to me. I wonder how green the grass is next door at Terry's. I hear he might be getting some chickens. At least that would be company. Or I could go over the road to Tricia and John's. They like me and they've already got chickens so I wouldn't be on my own when they went out.

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