Wednesday 22 June 2011

Day out at last

I've had a fab day out. About time too. I've not taken the he and she boss out anywhere good in ages but nagged them into going to some old favourites today. We went to a very nice garden and it didn't rain on us even though it said it was supposed to be a water garden. It rained last time I was there with the she boss. Me and the he boss climbed up the mountain for a picture. I think I must have worn him out as they left me in the car then while they went in the shop for a cuppa and cake.

We went to check out that one of my holiday places was still there but we didn't take the flappy house this time. I hope we do soon. We did have a paddle in the river though. Well I did but the he boss had his best wedding shoes on so that wasn't a lot of good.

We went then for a brilliant walk and a stop to enjoy the view of silly sheep. I think I look pretty noble here.

The bestest bit of all was when we got home and the she boss decided to measure out what she always feeds me. She's found out that she's been underfeeding me! Starving me more like if you ask me. I'm glad the he boss feeds me sometimes instead cos he always knows I want more. Things are looking up :-)

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